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Melanie is one of a tight knit group of girlfriends She has been brought up by guardians and her origins are obscure As she comes into her inheritance and she and her cat and girlfriends move into the country it soon becomes clear that all is not as it seems Even her tomcat is not above suspicion and the motley crew of boyfriends are well something else There are many unworldly experiences Chick lit meets sci fi and a lot of banter ensues with strange twists in the plot and increasingly tortuous relationships emerging Nothing is uite what it seems

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    Passage of Destiny is a creative beauty I almost felt like I was there too on Munastas with how elouently and clearly the intricate characters creatures and environments were described It's unlike anything else I've ever read and I thoroughly enjoyed it It's the perfect book to read when you fancy a laugh a bit of adventure into an unknown world or a taste of something a bit different This book seems to have a little bit of just about everything in just the right proportions to make a truly enjoyable readPassage of Destiny is a wonderful read the book cover is beautiful also so uniue and unusual I loved the mysterious symbols which hold much importance in the story no spoilers certainly an eye catcher I really appreciated how well structured the book is and that it flows nicely I've read books before where your head just starts hurting because it feels like the story is jumping all over the place thankfully this book was nothing like that My only criticism would be that I noticed a couple of spelling and grammar mistakes which should have been picked up in the editing process of the book but considering how great the story was to read it's a very small criticism I felt drawn into the story as I went and I was thrilled with the intriguing uirky and loveable rag tag bunch of characters I felt my heart racing with each surprise and laughing out loud at the manic antics of the gang It was very refreshing to read a book that wasn't full of predictable clichés or transparent characters I was genuinely surprised shocked and stunned throughout the book and it didn't take me anywhere I expected to go It was a truly enriching and satisfying journey reading this amazing story I couldn't put it down I absolutely loved reading this book now I just CANNOT wait for the seuel Passage of Destiny

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    All I can say is that if you need a book to read that has a little of everything then this book is for you A friend of mine called it 'A breath of fresh air' they can not wait for book 2 so what are you waiting for? Funny characters and eually funny scenes but there are some tense moments too as well as the odd tear starter I loved the book and still do