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Starfire stars for the first time in her very own on going seriesFlorida is so nice this time of yearthe warm weatherthe beachand Starfire beating the crud out of the bad guys You should really try to get down there and see for yourself Starfire picks up the pieces and finds her new home in the aftermath of the storm But while our hero helps her community heal a creature from the underworld emerges to threaten all she hopes to protect What is this creature's hidden motive? And why does it seem to get bigger every time Starfire punches it? From the minds behind HARLEY UINN comes STARFIRE in her first ever solo seriesCollects STARFIRE #1 6

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    I Want to Live Like Common PeopleThis has been my first encounter with Starfire so let’s see what Wikipedia has to say “She was ranked 20th in  Comics Buyer's Guide's ‘100 Sexiest Women in Comics’ list” Huh Anything else I need to know?Thankfully this first volume provides a brief origin of our heroine As it turns out her home planet was invaded by aliens Starfire shipped off into slavery yada yada yada she ends up in a small coastal town called Key West on good ol' Planet Earth Unfamiliar with our ways of life she does her best to make sense of human behavior in general and English idioms in particular—a challenge that reminded me somewhat of the situation Marvel’s Silver Surfer finds himself in Well okay Starfire is orange rather than silver skinned; plus she isn’t exactly the alienated brooding type—uite the opposite actuallyFriend “She did say you’ve been up her butt since you’ve been here”Starfire “Up what?? I have not I do not even know what to say to that”Friend “Huh? Oh wait It means you’ve been around her all the time not actually up in there”Come to think of it Starfire may closely resemble that audacious goddess of a woman from the song “Common People” by Pulp “I want to live like common peopleI want to do whatever common people doI want to sleep with common peopleI want to sleep with common peopleLike you”Don’t get your hopes up though—this is a DC comic book we’re talking about and a particularly wholesome one at that It’s all a bit on the skin deep and candy colored side but it feels wide eyed and silly and enthusiastic enough to make for a fun read anyway—thanks to the combined efforts of everybody involved

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    I admit I cringed when I saw this book I hated what Lobdell did with Starfire in Red Hood and I didn't want to see of it I'm glad that I read some reviews that assured me that really this is nothing like that This is much like the version of Starfire in the wonderful Teen Titans cartoon and I loved that take on the character The result is a book that's bright figuratively and literally it's very colorful and largely cheerful which is I think exactly the right way to view Starfire And the book is at its best when it concentrates on Starfire's ongoing culture shockHowever cute it might be as a fish out of water story the book falls a little flat when it tries to do anything like a superhero story There's a confrontation with a villain that's anticlimactic after the way it was built up There's a giant monster that offers nothing interesting Everything it just so uick and easy so much so that I get the impression that Conner has almost no interest in Kori as a superhero instead of as the ultimate new girl in town That isn't the worst thing in the world but I'd rather that the superhero asides were either beefed up or marginalized even because as is they're underwhelming and detract from the book as a whole

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    I don't know I kind of liked this a lot I think I just have a soft spot for anything with Starfire Yes she's kind of dumb here but in an endearing way

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    My only experiences with Starfire before was a random New 52 issue where she popped in for a hot minute but mostly I enjoyed her character a lot in the Teen Titan cartoon I watched as a kid This Starfire reminded me very much of the cartoon Starfire where she has difficulty understanding collouialisms and is definitely a fish out of water Her thought bubbles that pop up whenever someone uses a phrase that she doesn't know were entertaining and I thought she was a pretty funny character to follow as she interacts with normal people I'm from Florida so it was cool to see the references to Key West and even mentions Hemingway at one point I thought the plot is smooth and the characters grow over the course of even this first volumeI will say that the superhero portions where she battles various bad guys are all conveniently solved and solved uickly There would be lot of build up and then everything is hunky dory almost immediately

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    After an extremely uestionable reboot of Starfire in the Nu52 universe Conner and Palmiotti have been allowed to re reboot her into something a bit like her famous Cartoon Network persona She's an adult but largely ignorant of earth and particularly American culture She can learn language through physical contact but struggles with idioms often her thought bubbles illustrate what she imagines when somebody says 'give me a hand' She is at different points adorable and brave and a lot of people are likely going to either love or hate itI love it Emanuela Lupachino's art is colorful and delivers on an exhuberant superhero who's actually excited to do good and who is powerful enough to where nobody can actually take advantage of her Conner Palmiotti write some lovely uses of her powers; Starfire easily gets a job at an auarium since after a minute in the tank she can literally talk to the dolphins She often has one up on the earthlings who think they need to shepherd herDoes it make sense that she's this clueless after years on earth? No And the book almost comes out and asks us to pretend the first reboot didn't happen and to behave as though she's arrived on earth recently Given how badly written she was in the Look How Cool Red Hood is Plus These Outsiders series I don't mind But I also like slapstick Her shrugging off a hurricane because she's basically invulnerable only to be tackled by a tornado driven billboard is funny to me Funnier because she is invulnerable it doesn't injure her just shows she's in over her head This is a kind of character I love regardless of gender But it's worth knowing about if it annoys youEarly on one of Starfire's supporting cast declares that she's like a big orange Supergirl It's funny since Supergirl's actual comic is so much serious with angst about where she came from and where she's going Starfire's book by contast is a feel good read about her embracing her new home and the good she can do here It's refreshing in some of the ways the new Ms Marvel has been and by the end of the trade I was sure I'd pick up the next

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    As part of the DCYou relaunch Starfire was removed from Red Hood and the Outlaws and given a fresh start in her own solo series Moving to Key West Kori seeks the help of the local sheriff in an attempt to assimilate and learn about Earth cultureWelcome Home's biggest strength is the appealing artwork of penciller Emanuela Lupacchino and inker Ray McCarthy Key West is full of life and nearly every character looks good in both an artistic and aesthetic sense Colourist Hi Fi provides the finishing touches with a bold palette that makes the book almost impossibly vibrant When a colourful parrot features in the story and it blends in amongst the scenery you know you've got one of the brightest and most eye catching books on the shelvesAs for the story it has a light tone which helps offset the fact that Kori's new life uickly turns into generic superheroics To their credit writers Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti keep things fairly interesting with a handful of neatly overlapping storylines It's Kori's characterisation that will likely prove hit and miss though She's incredibly naive and has little understanding of human ways It lends itself to constant comedic misunderstandings but ultimately there's little substance to the characters hereThat said I found it difficult not to enjoy the fun easy going approach of Welcome Home Each issue made me laugh at least once and it does wonders for removing Kori from her days as an outlaw It may not be essential reading but Starfire gets off to a decent start overall

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    Starfire's maiden volume was a delight to read Lots of cute characterization that hearkens back to the WolfmanPerez New Teen Titans days without all the melodrama Relocated to Key West Starfire uickly makes friends with the local sheriff her brother and countless hangers on There's not a lot of super heroics here in the traditional sense but still a lot of action as she saves people during a hurricane battles a demon from the depths of the earth faces off with a bounty hunter from the Vegan star system and tries to find a job I didn't think any of these seuences lacked energy or interest from the creators It's obvious that they're all having fun with the character and her fish out of water scenariosA few minor uibbles had to do with Starfire's complete ignorance of money and having a job I don't think she could have been around the Outlaws without figuring out what money was and why it was needed Also although Starfire was always naive here it's almost too much and borders on being ham fisted Nevertheless this is a very solid collection of stories and like many other DCYou titles on the fun sideThe art by Emanuela Lupacchino is just fantastic She knows how to draw sexy people both male and female without being exploitative and super cheesy Her style is very similar to Amanda Conner one of the co writers on the book very clean and bright It's really gorgeous to look at and I hope we see of her work soon

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    I wasn't a fan This could be because I was coming fresh off reading volume one of red hood and the outlaws where starfire is a very confident bad ass But in this she's silly dippy and at times not consistent with her new 52 personality How exactly does she not know what a tropical fish looks like when she was living on a tropical island? It was just messy and silly than carrying any real substance for starfire I get that she's supposed to have this unuestionable compassion but this was going a bit far The story arc was only so so The only part I really liked was her talking to the dolphin and it telling her it didn't want to be in a tank it had a mate in the ocean I probably won't continue this series anytime soon I'm placing other comics before this one

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    Cute fluffy attempt to launch Starfire as a solo heroineNice that they choose a different local for her knew home and a decent supporting cast but the whole time you are reading you are constantly distracted by how does this version jibe with the previous version of Starfire?Did I miss a story?Glad that DC is undoing the horrible sexbot version from 'Red Hood' but it feels a bit lazy and in the end it feels like every other Armada Conner heroine storyNoble effort but a kind of blah result

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    Take the intentionally retarded cultural stupidity of the main character in the TV show Bones whip with eually stupid lefty political tropes anddon't even bother reading it