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Monsters and ghosts madness and murder fear and suspense this second volume in the 3VIL series features an all new trilogy of original spine tingling horror stories which cover the entire spectrum of darkest evil 1 A distraught mother cannot understand her young daughter’s odd behavior Are her disturbing tales simply born from her precocious imagination or does she speak the truth about a dark and mysterious underworld? 2 A depressed man retreats to his family’s cabin for some loneliness in the middle of nowhere Will he enjoy the company of the odd creature which stalks him from the forest? 3 You meet a stranger at a party who warns you that his next words will curse you with a horrible nightmare You know this odd fellow is bluffing but do you want to hear what he has to say? Each story is crafted with punishing intensity and merciless brutality Few readers will survive the experience unscathed

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    OMG this book has black pages White letters on black pages Totally cool never seen anything like it The horror's just as good as volume 1 but now it has super cool black pages that totally impressed my roommate though my cat didn't care And great original horror too