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This is the most awesome and complete book about dragons you will ever find Each of the twelve Authors of the short stories has their own aspect and ideas of dragons and the way they should be, look and act This is great for all dragon lovers and a incredible way to try out some new authors that you might otherwise normally miss And after reading this and some of the other Chronicles there are several under Mr Peralta I have found several new authors that I now love and follow and don t want to miss their full length books If I actually wrote about each short this review would be super long, but they were each different, fun and totally cool in their own way, I loved each and every one one although I am still not sure about eating dragon I hope the author and maybe even some new ones will come on board, to keep writting these wonderful Chronicles. This review is for A Divergence In Time by Nina CroftIf like me you were enthralled by the Dark Desires series with its hodgepodge of characters flying through time and space aboard the Blood Hunter you will be keen to read this novella but I have to point out it will leave you wantingAngel , a werewolf and Kronus a dragon stowed away aboard the Blood Hunter and find themselves back on Earth in 2015 having travelled through a wormhole Angel quickly discovers that Kronus has plans of his own that just might see Angel changing the course of history Oh I m so disappointed as this just gets going and all too soon it s over Yet it s still full of everything I loved about this series and I so wish there wasbut wait Yes I do believe the author and her publisher are keen to return to these amazing characters so I will be keenly watching to see if it s true Dragons They Are Than A Memory From An Age Of Wizards And Heroes These Winged, Fire Breathing Beasts Soar Through The Traditions Of Many Lands, And Through Our Dreams In Their Many Guises Western Or Eastern, Reptile Or Lizard Or Serpent, Wyvern, Hydra, Basilisk Dragons Embody Everything That We Humans Call Magic In This Volume Of The Acclaimed Future Chronicles Anthology Series, Twelve Authors Invite You To Journey To Very Different Worlds Lands Of Fire And Fury, Of Legend And Lore But All Worlds Where Dragons Roam Unshackled From Myth, Freed From The Imagination, And Real The Dragon Chronicles Features Stories By Bestselling Authors Elle Casey War Of The Fae , David Adams Ren Of Atikala , KJ Colt Klawdia , Terah Edun Courtlight , And Daniel Arenson Dragonlore Plus Seven Of Today S Most Visionary Authors In Fantasy And Speculative FictionTen Things You Should Know About Dragons Elle Casey If You Re Going To Train To Be A Dragon Rider, You Need To Know The Basics, And Ishmail Windwalker Is The Guy To Teach Them To You In Fact, He S The Only One Left To Teach Anything To Anyone About Dragons, Being The Last Of A Dying Breed Join Him As He Gives A Seminar About Dragons And Their Partners And Keepers, The Dragon Riders Of Sand And Starlight Daniel Arenson Erry Is A Dock Rat, An Orphan, Living On The Boardwalk Of A Crumbling Town, Rummaging Through Trash For Food She S Hurt, Haunted, And The Sea Keeps Calling Her To Sleep Forever In Its Depths Erry Can Also Turn Into A Dragon Her Magic Is Ancient, The Magic That Lets Her People Grow Scales, Breathe Fire, And Rise As Dragons Yet Her Power Is Outlawed A Cruel Emperor Rules Her Land, And Only His Soldiers May Use The Magic Erry Must Choose Her Freedom On The Boardwalk, Hungry And Hurt Or Servitude With A Tyrant, As A Dragon Tasty Dragon Meat KJ Colt Dragon Meat It S For Dinner In The Town Of Bolopsy Lives A Humble Butcher, Nogdo, Who S Quietly Making A Fortune Selling Dragon Meat But When The Town S Children Start Growing Black Dragon Scales, Nogdo Is Horrified The Source Of His New Fortune Is Cursed He Wipes Dragon Meat Off The Menu And Hopes The Problem Goes Away On Its Own It Doesn T Now His Youngest Son Is Growing Scales Poor Nogdo Seeks Guidance From The Dark Magician But The Quest Involves Retrieving Two Dragon Eggsfrom A Very Angry Dragon Mother, And Father, And A Horde Of Barbarians Transparency Alex Albrinck Damir, A Fire Dragon, Must Protect The Underworld From Invasion By The Ice Dragons He S Worked To Dismantle A Growing Complacency Among His Kind, And Counter Growing Movements Claiming That The Ice Dragon Threat And The Surface Are Both Outdated Myths Damir S Dream To Lead His People To The Surface And Reclaim The Land That S Rightfully Theirs But When A Personal Scandal Erupts, Damir Must Confront The Unthinkable That The Greatest Threat To His Invasion Plans Comes Not From The Mortal Enemies Flying Above, But From Those He Trusts Above All Others Sacrifice David Adams Before The Godsdeath We Had Power Dragons Commanded The Arcane And The Divine Equally We Could Have Raised Our Stillborn Eggs To Life Such Things Were Not Unusual For Our Kind, Especially Not Those Who Had Magic Or Motivation I Had Both It S Time To Change Terah Edun Since He Was Little, Vedaris Knew That To Be A Dragon He Needed To Be Able To Shape Shift But What Happens When You Re Born A Freak Without The Ability To Turn And The Natural Magic Of His Dragon Race, Vedaris Is Than Just A Desperate Outcast He S In Mortal Danger Dragon Play Ted Cross All Their Lives The Group Of Young Vikings Had Heard Of Their Clan S Past Glories, But All They Have Known Is The Terror Of Being Relegated To Living Within The Shadow Of A Dragon S Mountain When The Chieftain S Daughter Finds An Ancient Scroll Showing A Hidden Back Entrance To The Dragon S Lair, She And Her Three Friends Decide To Sneak In And Retrieve The Lost Talisman That Held The Luck Of Their Clan A Diversion In Time Nina Croft At Last There Is Peace In The Universe But Some People Just Aren T Interested In Peace, So Once The Dust Has Settled, The Crew Of The Blood Hunter Set Off In Search Of A Little Excitement They Are Heading Back To Earth And Going Back In Time Along For The Ride Are A Couple Of Stowaways Angel, A Young Werewolf In Search Of Adventure, And Kronus, An Ancient Dragon, Seeking To Regain The Power His People Once Wielded But When Things Don T Go Entirely As Planned, Can The Two Overcome Their Differences And Help Each Other Find What They Are Looking For The Book Of Safkhet Kim Wells The Nature Of History, Of The Origins Of Civilization, And Our Own Human Story, May Be Changed Forever By The Discovery Of An Ancient Scroll That Tells The Story Of A Doomsday Device That Threatens Civilization As We Know It The Dragons, Empathic Interstellar Navigators Of Uncertain Origin, May Be Able To Save Some But Where Will The Survivors Go Grey Chris Pourteau When Amanda Stumbles Into A Cave, She Discovers It S The Lair Of An Old Dragon, The Last Of His Kind Not Yet Old Enough To Know She Should Fear The Creature, Amanda Is Quickly Won Over By His Kindness Toward Her Over Time, The Human And The Dragon Whose Respective Races Are Age Old Enemies, Prey And Predator Become Fast Friends When An Army Of Savages Known As The Bane Threatens Her Village, Amanda S People Decide To Flee She Seeks Help From Her Old Friend, But The Dragon Refuses Her When The Bane Attack, What Will Become Of Amanda And The Friendship She Feels Has Been Betrayed By Her Ancient, Erstwhile Friend The Storymaster Vincent Trigili The Era Of Dragons Has Passed But Is Not Forgotten There Will Be At Least This One Last Ride, One Last Battle, Before The Masters Of The Domain Of Air Fade Into History And Become Legend Judgment Monica Enderle Pierce Consequences Are Dire When Vigilantes Falsely Accuse Peregrine Long Of Murder And Horse Theft But Guns And Hanging Aren T The Scariest Things A Cowboy Can Face In The Town Of Bonesteel A Dragon S Opinion And Appetite Are Even Harder To Reckon With, Especially For Men Who Have Trouble Telling The Truth i LOVED this book this collection of short stories about dragons had my attention from the get go i admit, as i get older, i don t read as fast as i used to life gets busy but had i had it my way, i would have finished this book a week after receiving it i loved the worlds the authors created and i want to explore each one further granted, some of the stories was a first for some of the authors about dragons but if they chose to expand their work, then i would gladly jump on board to readwhen i read a collection like this, it has been my experience that at least one of the stories i usually find less to my liking or even somewhat offensive not so with this book these stories were definitely worth the read and i give kudos to every author in this collection for a job well done and for making the magic of each of stories worlds come alive for this humble reader 12 short stories about dragons from the silly to the serious In some of the stories the dragons are friends in others enemies Each story is different and distinctive There are different types of dragons and humans that turn into dragons An enjoyable read and a good introduction of some new to me authors 4 stars. I was given an advanced reading copy of this s my review Review of The Dragon ChroniclesLike a dragon the enigmatic magical creature that exists in a rift between the real, the legendary and the imagined, this anthology is a diverse force of supernatural delights.I am once again impressed by Samuel Peralta s ability to gather together authors that can lend credible and incredible facets of view on the given topic I have read previous chronicles, this impresses me no less I will try not to spoil, so I will give my feelings and impressions about some of these magnificent and intriguing tales.Ten Things You Should Know About Dragons Elle Casey A very wry and sometimes hilarious speech delivered by an instructor in dragon riding In my mind I thought of it as the care and feeding of your dragon be careful not to the object of its feeding The fun way it explains the cantankerous and unpredictable nature of the beasts is bound to make you smile.Of Sand and Starlight Daniel Arenson I m allowed to have favorites in the collection, and this is definitely one that touched me deeply Brilliantly crafted, this tale of forlorn regret and injury and betrayal and hope, all sticking to our bare and bruised feet like blackened sand, is one that you ll not soon shake from you Potential magnificence, fettered by jealous and irrational greed and and cruel judgement, is the thread that runs throughout Do you dare to hope for better Can you, in a world that makes you deny who you are Tasty Dragon Meat K J Colt Kudos to Colt here for creating an entirely new and interesting mythos of dragon lore Almost on the edge of being comedy, but always interesting and captivating I hung on the events as they happened, picked my hero and my hated beings, and then had them brutally switched around on me with no notice This tale kept me on the edge, not knowing ethically whom to root for, but wanting to know who the author wanted me to, and deciding if I agreed This is all about ignorance, greed, stupidity and vengeance, in almost equal measure, cooked into a delicious dragon steak.Transparency Alex Albrinck Dragons spun of beautiful water and ice and looking like glass sculptures pitted against powerful dragons of the earth, marked by strength and cunning A yin and yang of dragons that fear and hate each other over a species defining struggle Who would win who would be betrayed who would learn of the mysteries and the secrets and the hoarded sins of the realm A very heartening read.Sacrifice David Adams What forges the metal of honor between dragons and men Whose spirit, unbending and stalwart, adheres to the oath of the uneasy truce Who is betrayed, and how much of that betrayal is made by our own hearts, yearning to trust when reliance on worthiness is without proof Read this story and remember that ethics which are only convenient are not really standards of the good.It s Time to Change Terah Edun This is a wonderful novel, shrunk down to a short story length It makes me wish to have read it as a novelette, but still that doesn t diminish the epic proportions of the story, the point of decision, the journey and the path to understanding of who Vendaris really is fated to be Dragon Play Ted Cross ok, this is another of my favorites in the group Not only because the characters feel real, and their relationship believable, but the adventure in the cave is heart stopping, and glues your lungs together when the characters hold their own breath You are pulled into these characters, not a yanking of terror sort of way, but you find yourself inhabiting them as naturally as if you are there in the cave with them This is masterfully written, and the feel and tone of Iceland or Scandanavia or wherever its set is so integral it becomes the backbone of the tale Not like some stories that make you feel the location is just a choice from a spun wheel of possibilities, no, this feels rooted and born from the land where it is written Beautiful A Diversion in Time Nina Croft A convoluted, but wonderful tale of travel through time, the capricious personalty of dragons who have their own agendas, in spite of efforts to control them There is love and chance meetings and danger and narrow escapes, and finally a learned lesson about the nature of what messing with time can throw at you I connect with the character of Angel, and his complex relationship with his powerful sister But the errant and headstrong dragon is the real interesting character of the piece.The Book of Safkhet, Chronicler of the Journey, Mistress of the House of Books Kim Wells a story that is inextricably linked with interstellar history, cautions about weapons of mass destruction, the bible, and stellar hopping dragons is what adds to the flavor of this tale.Grey Chris Pourteau Amanda and Grey are the friends of this story, one who mourns the loss of a species, harboring grudges and blood feuds, looking past them with great stretches of will, and the other who carries guilt and regret inside of her Their truce is a brittle one, like the aged and brittle grey scales of the dragon Can one trust the other, even as their friendship hangs in the balance of a desired boon, a requested favor of great cost This is charmingly written, and comfortably played by the emissaries of the two species at the negotiation of desperation.The Storymaster Vincent Trigili This is so real, and heartwarming in its own way, but then out comes the story and you realize there is treachery and danger and the precipice of extinction being laid out in a story for children, were the storyteller holds back things that would make the story different indeed nicely written and the feeling of originality cement my regard for it as one of my favorites.Judgement Monica Enderle Pierce This is so fun I love the mixing of old west and dragon lore Pierce does a great job of putting us in the head of Peregrine Long one of the best names ever found in a story and in his heart and the predicament he is thrown into due to treachery and mayhem and maybe a little bit of coming afoul of two sisters He might have been better off dealing with the dragon. The Dragon Chronicles contains 12 short stories or novellas featuring dragons Since no two dragons are alike no two of the stories are alike either My Favorites so far are Ten Thing You Should Know About Dragons by Elle Casey After reading I don t know why anyone would want to be a dragon rider.Tasty Dragon Meat What happens when you try to undo something bad and how the dragon can help.A Diversion in Time by Nina Croft What happens after the Dark Desires series ends It was great to see the crew of the Blood Hunter again This was a great set up for future stories in a new series.Pick this up for some fun stories about dragons. Dragons Live According to the authors of this anthology, dragons can be funny, mean, wise, greedy, storytellers and loyal friends Each of the writers portrayed dragons in a unique and interesting manner Before reading this collection, my idea of a dragon was fairly narrow After reading this diverse set of stories, I can now imagine a dragon to be muchthan a fire breathing flying lizard.Rather than give you a synopsis of each of the stories, I wanted to quote some of my favorite passages, in no particular order I leave it to you to discover which stories I m quoting from It reminded her of Grey s description of the first dragons, when they climbed from their holes in the earth and became drunk on sunlight Dragons have two and sometimes three rows of razor sharp teeth that need to be brushed weekly Ice dragons argued among themselves as to whether theirs were bodies of air held together by water, or bodies of water held together by air The Dragons had always been experts on traveling the other worlds, the solar system and beyond. Having read other anthologies in the Future Chronicles, I knew that I would open up The Dragon Chronicles and find amazing stories It did not disappoint These anthologies are a fantastic way to introduce yourself to a ton of authors you might miss otherwise, and you would be kicking yourself if you did so This anthology in particular is about dragons, obviously But it sthan that Each author has their own take on how dragons are to be represented, whether that is in the Reign of Fire sense or How to Train Your Dragon From selling and eating dragon meat as a delicacy, only to turn into the creature you digest, to transforming into the winged creatures in order to bring chaos or escape your problems, every story brings you something new and different Definitely make it a priority to pick this book up and, while you re at it, grab the other anthologies in this series You won t regret it. 4.5 stars Foreword by Samuel Peralta, got me in the mood and shifted myself to ancient world of myths where Dragons walk the earth and made me believe in them.I liked the guide about what I should know about dragons in Ten Things You Should Know About Dragons by Elle Casey.Of Sand and Starlight by Daniel Arenson, the main character is strong headed and independent and don t want to get abandoned like her parents did Going through so much hardships and not trusting anybody in fear to get heartbroken and being weary of others, am so going to read the main story and know what happens later in her life.My fav Tasty Dragon Meat by K.J Colt From the title I wasn t sure whether I want to read but damn the story became my fav How the main character is flawed and is selfish but for his child and love what he does is really nice ugh can t find the appropriate word.Transparency by Alex Albrinck, I got little confused in the middle but I liked the story.Another fav is Sacrifice by David Adams it was heart breaking, the whole story was vivid and am looking forward to know about main story of it is prequel of.It s Time to Change by Terah Edun, when I finished I didn t knew I finished the story lol I m intrigued to know what happens with Vedaris, will he be able to harness the magic and what will happen Interesting story.Dragon Play by Ted Cross, okay this is my another fav story Freako I love it It was scary and releaving in the end Felt realistic and was horrifying Had me hold my breath the moment the door closed.A Diversion in Time by Nina Croft, I liked this story, it was cool Dragon tale with a mix of sci fi, awesome The Book of Safkhet by Kim Wells This is an unique story which made me wonder if something like that would may have happened People or sorta coming from different planet or Venus to ours before any evolution on Earth was taken place and being a part it, really cool I liked it Grey by Chris Pourteau, loved it Story of friendship between a dragon and a girl, beautiful And how dragons came into the world The Storymaster by Vincent Trigili, loved it After finishing the story I felt peaceful It was like my grandpa was narrating the story and I was listening and was swept into the story And def on my tbr list silverleaf chronicles.Judgement by Monica Enderle Pierce, I liked it and how all wrapped up Sad about sheriff Totally cool story of Dragons and Cowboys, a different mix but enjoyed it Wow all stories were enjoyable and transported me to world of Dragons which I didn t wanted to escape To be in the book and live among them I love dragons but haven t read many stories but this chronicles was cool with all the awesome Dragon stories wrapped together It was fun to go through all this adventures And this is the first time I m reading an Anthology and it was a great read Definitely a must read.I got the book in exchange of an honest review.