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1st read or fifth read this book is priceless I love This book I have read it over five times and I am still delighted by it It s humorous, it s romantic and it s magical Madelyn the heroine is one of the quirkiest heroines ever but I loved her And the hero Gabriel is absolutely wonderful I loved watching him fall in love with her There is a ball but it s for his brother who is a nincompoop and it was just in the background The romance took center stage and there was so much passion This is a true romance and the epilogue is charming I love this book and I will read it again And again and again, and again Totally safe and sighworthy Totally recommend. Big tsk tsk on me for not picking up this hidden gem of a read sooner And why Well for two reasons the cover yes I said it the cover looks old fashioned and too stereotypical older style romance I know, don t judge a book by its cover and I ve been burned before for doing just that but I guess I ll never learn lol and the second reason is that it s OOP It s been my experience that OOPs are out of print for a reason they suck but I can t for the life of me understand why this little beauty is no longer in print If you like authors like Julia Quinn or Suzanne Enoch you HAVE to read this book It s great if you re looking for a light read after something heavy or if you just need a good book to unwind and make you feel that happy all is right with the world feeling.Briefly, this story is about Madelyn the bluestocking with a head on her shoulders who s unfortunately somewhat clumsy and gets into than her fare share of social faux pas , and Gabriel Devine, future duke and part of a band of brothers known for their roguish ways The brothers organize a bride ball to find a bride for the second brother Over a two week period the potential brides are invited to their country estate with their parents to basically strut their stuff Now you might be thinking, O M G a meat market story and that s supposed to be goodEver watch the tv show The Bachelor A bit of a guilty pleasure right even if you re mocking all those winners contestants for whatever reason you re still watching it religiously Well this book is the regency version of The Bachelor with the rose ceremony and the whole kit and caboodle There s the back stabbing and the cry babies, the pseudo helpless, the skanks, the ones who think they re a cut above and even the normal It s all just hilarious and totally brilliant on the author s part to have come up with it I thought So back to the overview of the story Maddie wants nothing to do with this ball especially since its being hosted by the notorious brothers Turns out though that she made the cut for the guests but she does everything she can to refuse until she meets Gabriel and the story starts off with a bang without stopping until you get to the end.What I loved most about this book is that the h h were the focus from beginning to end The tension building was there from the get go and didn t falter once right up to the end of the story No silly capers, annoying sub plots or filler characters that add nothing to the story s development That is soooo refreshing Though the novel is light and fun for the most part, there are some heart twisting moments with Maddie s witchy social climbing whore of a stepmother She was so mean and hurtful you just want to gouge her eyes out Maddie though rises above all that and even though she feels hurt she still finds joy in life and laughs at the troubles she manages to get into which was why Gabriel falls for her Then there s Gabriel Oh swoon worthy Gabe D He s a man who knows what he wants and gets it but he s not an annoying jerk or Mr Boss Man He s a great alpha hero who has his reasons for not wanting a relationship and never wanting to get married until he gets to know Madelyn The author does a fantastic job of showing this blossoming love affair There s no left field I love you or eye rolling whatever , not even a gag me with undying love scene even once in this story and that s something in itself There are some parts that if someone described to you you might think it s just plain corny, like when they dance together alone in the ballroom, oh sigh sigh sigh that was just so good D Reminded me of Disney s Beauty and the Beast and god knows I hate the sappy syrupy read It was so well done.The novel is fast paced, well written and very hard to put down mostly because the story flows so well, it s smart and funny, doesn t lag and has a very nice dollop of healthy steam in the unlikeliest of places No shrinking violets here which makes for some great heart stopping catch your breath scenes.I could really go on and on about this book but then we d be getting into spoilers, so just suffice it to say that this book is really damn good So go scour the UBSs and the swap sites or wherever some fool decided to ditch this baby because there s some fine keeper shelf material to be read here people D 5 hilarious stars A delightful read I cant believe I let the cover fool me into letting this book lie on my To read shelf for so longAT THE BRIDE HUNT BALL,is basically the t.v show THE BACHLOER retold completley in victorian style.Olivia parker has successfully combined her writing to be one composing of both Julia quinn s humor and Lisa kyplas serioussness,beautifully The story starts,with 7 young ladies predictably persuading a youngest,rich bachelor Mr.Wolverest Tristan as a potential husband.But plans quickly disrupt when the older and the ravishing brother of the two,GABRIEL,Duke of Wolverest decides to disrupt the society game after falling in love with one of the contestants,Lady MADYLEN,as well.Would I recommend the read Sure This book was a fun and a cliche read,with such unpredictable humor that you ll resent putting the read down without finishing it. Gabriel Devine, Duke of Wolverest has a plan, snare his younger brother a wife to carry on the Devine line, leaving him free to go on about his life in an unwanted marriage, but when social disaster Madelyn Haywood walks in his life, his life is turned upside downOlivia Parker debut is such a fun read, with some slap stick comedy that will have any reader laughing out loud as some of the things that Madelyn gets into Madelyn is pretty klutzy and always ends up in a some sort of disaster or another, wanting to be free and from under her scheming stepmother s thumb, Madelyn is surprised when she s invited to the so called Bride Ball for young brother of the Duke of Wolverset, that she even runs away from accepting the invite hearing tales of the charming rakes of the Devine males, when she runs across a kind strangera Mr.Devine Madelyn still doesn t wish to attend the ball, but when her friend whom has been in love with the young Devine brother is also invited Madelyn knows she can t let her friend go alone to the wolf s den and with her stepmother wanting for Madelyn to caught the Duke s eye, Madelyn is in for a fix when she finds herself drawn the Gabriel Gabriel finds marriage a lifetime prison, so to avoid this outcomes, he s arrange a Bride Hunt Ball for his younger brother so he ll be able to carry on the Devine and Gabriel can go on with his life When Gabriel sees Madelyn running away, he meets up with her to find out her story only to be told he s a wolf and a rake, unknown to her though Gabriel is the Duke whom she talks bad about Gabriel finds her a refreshing and very truthful, that when she arrives at the Bride Hunt Ball, he can t seem to keep away from her and keeping her out of trouble she always seems to land in When the plan goes wary Gabriel finds himself in love and thinking the unthinkable..marriage to Madelyn The Bride Hunt s Ball, was just a light fun read though and through with just enough depth to understand where both Gabriel and Madelyn come from in their thoughts and actions Gabriel saw what a loveless marriage did to his mother and never wanted that for himself or any woman, he loved his freedom, but is floored when he meets Madelyn, everything she does is crazy, but to him she s a breathe of fresh of air Madelyn has been put down by her stepmother for many years, but she s always seem to look on the bright side of things with these things just seeming to happening to her no matter what laughing off falling into a pond or off a crazy wagon ride Gabriel and Madelyn were great foils for one another, and even with a slight misunderstanding toward the end, they were perfect for one another, Gabriel taught Madelyn to believe in herself while Madelyn taught Gabriel to have fun The pace and comedy was fast paced, with all the events taking place at the Bride Ball, and Devine Home There was a few surprises and some great steam scenes between Gabriel and Madelyn that topped it off The secondary characters were also added perfectly to the story, with mousey and BF of Madelyn, Charlotte trying to win the bride hunt ball and have the younger Devine brother notice her, I just loved this book with all s charm Overall charming, light and some very laugh out loud moments, The Bride Hunt s Ball is a real joy with it s it romance and it s HEA for Gabriel and Madelyn. Another great find thanks to Good Reads and Misuzmama s lists Olivia Parker has a great talent for writing physical comedy Even though I predicted a couple of the gags before they actually came to fruition, she still had me laughing out loud.A clumsy heroine, Madelyne Haywood is still a delight She s stubborn and uninterested in the two Devine brothers who are holding a house party in order for the youngest to find a bride The duke himself doesn t wish to ever marry, having seen the damage his parents union did to his mother He d rather have his younger brother be his heir and carry on the line When we enter the story, Madelyne sp and her best friend Charlotte are at a soiree at the duke s London mansion The event s purpose is to choose seven women of the ton to receive invitations to the aforementioned house party Tristan the younger Devine is not involved in the choosing His older brother Gabriel, the duke and his sister Rosalind are doing the choosing Mostly Rosalind Maddie is not at all interested in going to the house party, but her b tchy stepmother guardian, Priscilla, demands she place herself in the running And Charlotte, being in love with Tristan, covets an invitation for herself.The story takes place almost entirely at the house party, but for the most part we spend time with Maddie and Gabriel They often end up separated from the pack and it s wonderful to see them together and watch them fall in love.This is a light story Nothing complex although there were moments when I felt a lump rise in my throat , but an engaging read nonetheless I highly recommend this story as an antidote to stressful times It s fun and funny and romantic and lovely.One thing though I want to know that Priscilla is living UNhappily ever after and Maddy and Gabriel are having NOTHING to do with her Since it s not actually said in the book, I prefer to imagine it that way Enjoy D Don t you love it when you don t have high expectations about a book and it turns out to be a delightful read That s what happened with this book Knowing its premise was similar to the TV show The Bachelor a group of girls gathered in the same house for a period of time with the sole objective of catching the coveted bachelor , I wasn t sure I d enjoy this read Well, I m glad I overcame my initial prejudice because At the Bride Hunt Ball ended up being a very entertaining read.Gabriel Devine, the Duke of Wolverest, has sworn off marriage but he knows he needs to start producing heirs to carry on the title, so he decides his younger brother, Lord Tristan, is to be married and to take care of the heir issue Gabriel s plan is quite simple invite seven young ladies and their chaperones, of course to a house party at his country estate, so his brother can get acquainted with them, evaluate them and, after a fortnight, choose the winner.Madelyn Haywood is one of the seven ladies selected to participate in the contest She doesn t really want to go because she doesn t have any interest in mingling with the rakish Devine brothers, but her stepmother forces her to go Madelyn finds another reason to go when she discovers that her friend Charlotte, who s been in love with Lord Tristan for years, is also one of the selected ladies, and Madelyn vows to protect her too dreamy eyed friend from Lord Tristan s wicked ways.At first, Gabriel plans to make himself scarce during the house party, as he has no interest in getting himself involved in the contest as long as Tristan comes out of it with a bride in tow, but he can t resist Madelyn She isn t like any other woman he s ever met, and he can t help falling in love with her and questioning his decision to never marry On her side, she slowly realizes that he isn t the cad she thought he was, and falls for him too He blunders his marriage proposal but, as this is Romancelandia, it s just a tiny bump in their way to the HEA.As described above, the plot of this story was quite simple and straightforward, with no unexpected twists What made this book so enjoyable was watching Gabriel and Madelyn interact and fall in love with each other I smiled, laughed, sighed and, at one point, even hurt with them Gabriel was a bit arrogant sometimes after all, he was the Duke of Wolverest and he could do anything he wanted but he was completely helpless when it came to Madelyn She was adorable in her clumsiness, and I was very happy to see how Gabriel helped her overcome her insecurities.All in all, I had a great time reading this book, and I recommend it to anyone who likes a light and sweet romantic comedy set in Regency England. I really enjoyed this one, so much so, I was very tempted to give it 5 stars It was fast paced and entertaining and slightly different The characters were likable,believable , and held my attention at a time when that was all but impossible to do There was a tiny inconsistency view spoiler did the step mother know that Madelyn ran from Gabriel in the conservatory or not hide spoiler Love story was great for a historical romance The commitment phobe Duke falls in love with the klutzy, funny girl that can finally make him laugh and smile. We re going on a Bride Hunt but I m pretty sure it s the Duke who s afraid.I m finding it hard to write a review for At The Bride Hunt Ball as I m not sure I could do it justice It was bloody good and had all the things I absolutely adore in my historical romance reads I think the humour was the highlight Then again it could have been the quirky heroine Some might think it s the hero who steals the show with his straight laced rules that get thrown out the window once he meets the heroine We do not have formulaic characters in this story, and while we may see other storylines that are similar, I think the author has an individual voice that would be hard to reproduce and match This is a story that has been out for years, but my first time reading this author Thank you to my fellow Goodreads reading group members for bringing this wonderful story to my attention.All the best laid plans in the world can t stop love or physical attraction To me that is the lesson to be learned in At The Bride Hunt Ball I started reading and almost immediately I had Mr Darcy in mind when picturing Gabriel Devine, The Duke of Wolveston My favourite Mr Darcy is Colin Firth, but in this case, I couldn t help but picture Matthew Macfadyen when I thought of Gabriel The Duke has a stiff upper lip, stern visage, with a sensual side just below the surface Gabriel is a Duke, so, of course, it s his responsibility to marry well and produce an heir to carry on the name BUTGabriel has no desire to marry He hatches a plan to marry off his younger brother so he can produce the heir instead The only problem is, Gabriel doesn t trust his brother s judgement when it comes to picking a wife, so he and their sister come up with the idea of the bride hunt ball Now the process of corralling all these lovely young ladies takes time and dedication Firstly, they must be beautiful Secondly, they must have style and grace The one thing they must not do is attract unwanted attention Well then, how the bloody hell did Madelyn make the cut Madelyn has managed to avoid the marriage noose up till now When she hears about the absurd plan the Devine brothers have thought up, she is quite horrified How dare they make it a game to find a wife Why would any woman with a lick of intelligence want to take part in a game like that Unfortunately, her stepmother couldn t think of anything better than foisting her off on one of those Devine brothers Even though the competition is to find a wife for the younger brother Tristan, Priscilla, Madelyn s stepmother, has her eye on a bigger prize She thinks Madelyn should be aiming her wiles on Gabriel Madelyn thinks Priscilla is crazy to believe she has a chance with either of them, especially considering a number of times she s told she s ugly, impetuous and a laughingstock Madelyn tries to talk some sense into Priscilla with no success and she s unfortunately thrown to the wolves.Madelyn and Gabriel s first meeting, and second for that matter are an absolute crack up Madelyn does a great job of getting Gabriel s attention, but not in an ideal way Funny thing is, Gabriel is fascinated with her and is shocked to find out that Madelyn doesn t see her appeal No one besides family has been able to make him laugh or even smile like she does Someone has convinced her that she is unattractive and it doesn t take long for Gabriel to realise her stepmother is a scheming and nasty woman.I really enjoyed At The Bride Hunt Ball It was sweet, funny and sexy The ending left me with a huge grin on my face and I loved every minute of their journey to happiness Madelyn gets herself into trouble and finds herself in embarrassing situations regularly At first, his Grace is horrified but learns to love her faults and all It was nice to see him realise the gem he had in Madelyn.I will definitely be reading from this author in the future.To purchase At The Bride Hunt Ball from m an Aussie chick who loves to read and review romance, drink coffee, be a Style Setter and stalk David Gandy To see of my reviews, fashion, food and pervathons To Snare A BrideTo Gabriel Devine, Duke Of Wolverest, The Bonds Of Marriage Are Nothing Than Shackles But If He S To Remain A Lifelong Bachelor, That Leaves Only His Younger Brother To Carry On The Family Name Inviting The Ton S Most Eligible Ladies To An Elegant Ball, Gabriel Is Certain Any One Of Them Would Be All Too Eager To Become The Next Duchess And Provide An Heir Leaving Gabriel To Continue His Ecstatic Pursuit Of PleasureTo Catch A RogueHer Social Climbing Stepmother Would Give Anything To Have Madelyn Haywood Betrothed To A Future Duke But Madelyn Believes The Brothers Devine To Be Nothing Than Heartless Rogues Especially Gabriel, Whose Rakish Reputation Precedes Him He Is Nothing Than A Slave To Passion, And She Will Not Be Conquered By His Caresses And Yet His Wicked Ways Tempt Her So