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As one of the first to arrive and assist the Valendrans on Earth Viper fle’ te’ Trugh had thought he was prepared for the mission he was sent on He was terribly wrong Caught by the rogue band of Relian’s his team had been tracking and a concussion that prevented his ability to communicate on the Shengari’ his hopes for rescue or escape are dwindling Lara Blain was an Ira veteran with a bad case of PTSD and even worse luck Stumbling upon the group of strangers interrupting the peace and uiet of her mountains she didn’t expect to rescue the strange eyed man who set her emotions on edge On the run and looking for his people Lara is confident that she can keep the man alive Until the dark ones are sent to recapture them Fighting an enemy she can’t see and feelings for the strange man she is drawn to it will take every skill she’s ever had to keep them alive

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    I enjoyed this book on the first reading and so on subseuent reads The plot and main characters pulled me in uickly The hero has made appearances in the last 2 books but here we see of his personality and learn of his story The heroine is new to the series but fights the same villains The two discover each other when the than capable heroine chooses to rescue the hero from the villains girl power The hero is ultimately an alpha male but one capable of learning adapting and not repeating mistakes of the past The focus of the story is the romance between Viper and Lara and their relationship deepening over the course of the book Sorry no instant fated mate sex it's there but not until they are both confident of each other and involved The story flows uickly moving from the rescue to events afterward More details pertinent to the Earth Alliance are revealed throughout the story with a potential game changing shocker I would definitely recommend this story to readers both new and old of the author's stories This story starts a new chapter in the saga Characters from earlier stories appear and reading those books would add even depth to the returning characters we meet For those that started at the beginning and have continued to read; no cliffhanger here and Jax and Reven are finally getting their shot at each other next followed then by one of Viper's brothers Cross posted goodreads

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    So this is considered the first book in a new series called Second Wave so I read it after Taming Jax which is Lane's other series First Wave But the timeline actually puts this one before Jax's book which explains my confusion over certain characters and had me thinking I skipped a book because technically I didAside from that I really enjoyed this story Lara is a strong female lead who could be a tad too stubborn but it's a breath of fresh air I'm happy that for once one of these characters responds the way I would think maybe people would By saying Am I crazy? rather than oh yeah aliens talking cats totally makes sense Viper was interesting I really liked his perseverance and his desire to help Lara and being willing to compromise a bit Sure he was still an alpha but certain circumstances might change that towards the end Let's just say he's not the baddest MoFo aroundI'm looking forward to books in this series

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    Great startOnce again with the start of a series Mikayla had given us a great book Viper has been caught by the Relians and is tied to a tree and beaten while they try to get information out of him Unbeknownst to any of the Sgt Lara Blain ex army is also in the woods She is headed for her grandfather's cabin which she has stocked with everything necessary for her survival She is going off radar before she is killed for the evidence she has against those trying to destroy the war effort and her country When she hears voices she has to find out if they are a danger to her What she finds is a badly beaten man and some of the killers she had come across before in Afghanistan She helps Viper to escape getting injured herself in the process but not saying anything Lara is a terrifically strong heroine She needs to be for the journey that she has to go through Viper recognises his mate but is confused because she is different to the Kinara he once knewThis is a complex but satisfying story Through it all Viper never gives up on his mate

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    Well written but maybe I should've read the First wave I liked very much the beginning the fact that Lara save Viper in the forest I love female military who can kick ass who is strong My interest went down when Viper and his friends take her to their base Too much back story and some scenes were too long for me like when she wake up and think she's in a enemy base because Viper is nowhere So maybe another story from this author but not this series

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    Completely new to me and loved itI have never read a sci fi book because aliens just didn't interest me I'm shocked to admit I loved this book It's a world of intrigue and full of action I enjoyed how strong Lara is throughout everything thrown at her There are some funny characters that had me laughing at their antics I plan to buy book 2 immediately

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    ViperI really liked this book Both the beginning and the ending seemed so different Excellent plot Excellent characters I loved Lara and Viper and Dog'ee

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    GreatGreat intro to the second wave I have loved the trezarians since they were first introduced Plus their names are so cool Anyway I really enjoyed this

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    This was Lara and Viper's book and if you like me are into your alien love story every once in a while then this is a MUST read You will not be disappointed 5 Take me to the stars Stars from me

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    This book was uite surprising in a lot of ways The fact that the one saving the day is the female lead for once was a great beginning The first half of this book was really excited and full of actions uestions about the link between Viper and Lara their strange attraction and the actual answers After that the book becomes slower focus on dialogues theories prophecies and new species but not really on the characters themselves It threw me off a bit One funny thought was that I had a big flashback of Stargate and it's goa'uld when we Abexis was talking threw Lara I used to be a big fan and truly enjoyed this part

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    Ugh I was wondering what all the hype wasyeah I'm still wondering It started out what could have been an awesome story about two people with a past that was filled with love One who lived it continues and remembers One who died was reborn and doesn't remember They find each other and so the saga begins Unfortunately their romance never really begins because we get sucked down into a story so full of details and explanations of epic proportions I couldn't keep it all straight and was fast losing interest geez this isn't War and Peace Dont know if I'll keep going What a shame