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Diane and Stacey like to wander the city in pursuit of excitement They flirt with danger meet new guys and accept rides from strangers Harmless fun Or so they thinkMarti Rose international bestselling author and amateur crime solver returns to Regina Saskatchewan Canada to visit her family and present at a fundraiser Upon arrival the Chief of Police enlists Marti’s help to solve the murder of a fifteen year old girlMarti questions potential suspects and friends of the victim Diane Through her involvement with groups focused on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Marti becomes involved in a second murder caseAs a mother and writer Marti questions why teenage girls flirt with danger Is there a deeper reason for the killings? Are girls being murdered because they’re Indigenous or are the murders unrelated? Why have the shadows of evil invaded the safe haven of suburbia?Stolen Spirits a contemporary Canadian young adult murder mystery with Indigenous characters and voices provides a unique twist on murder as it addresses the untroubled reckless attitude of youth Spirits tricksters ghosts and forces from beyond provide false hope scattered clues and jumbled nightmares as Marti and the police rush to solve the murders before the killer or killers strike again

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    I loved “Stolen Spirits” I’m Canadian and the issue of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls is in the media all the time I’ve glanced at some of the articles but sadly admit I’ve barely read anything about this So when a friend of mine mentioned this book I bought it I’m so glad I didThe author Penny Ross explains the issue in the form of a fictional murder mystery I felt like the first victim Diane could have been me when I was fifteen The only difference is I’m not an Aboriginal girl I was kind of wild though like Diane and I liked to party with guys I barely knew That was her only fault and she died because of itI like how the author wrote the book from the perspective of the main character Marti Rose The author didn’t stop there though Ms Ross made me feel empathy for Diane through the viewpoint of her teen friends I ached for Stacey Diane’s best friend when she couldn’t acknowledge her friends’ death Stacey was in shock and bewildered throughout the novel That made the death of her friend Diane real to meMarti Rose reminded me of a famous character from TV Marti is like that guy “Castle” In “Stolen Spirits” she’s a well known author and amateur crime fighter just like Rick Castle on TV I don’t know if the author Ms Ross wrote Marti as a tongue in cheek character but I like to think she did People fawned over Marti and treated her like a celebrity but she was just a normal older woman like in her thirties or forties I’d guess since she had a teenage daughter as well I especially liked how Diane comes back as a ghost Hope this isn’t a spoiler alert but shivers ran up my spine every time there was a scene with Diane in it I felt her pain and since I’m a fan of the occult I thought that added another great layer to the story If you want to read a kick ass murder mystery that’s fast paced with real characters check out “Stolen Spirits” It was a bonus the author explains the current topic of missing and murdered Aboriginal women in a non preachy interesting manner I highly recommend this book