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The Baby Boomer generation known as 68ers in Europe pulled out all stops when it came to rebelling against their elders but were treated with kid gloves by the 'pig system' they affected to overthrow What would happen though if a new generation decided to rebel against them? That's exactly what occurs when a group of young Tasmanians embark on an extended campaign of subversion exposing the many hypocrisies of the Boomer establishmentThe Hungry Wolves of Van Diemen's Land is a satire that works on a number of levels It is a book desperately needed by the Zeitgeist of this pivotal eraif you read only one novel this decade you had better make it this one

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    The setting Tasmania previously known as Van Diemen’s Land The Hungry Wolves are predominantly 5 young people who belong to a generation beyond the ‘Baby Boomers’ It is some of these older people they seek to ‘challenge’ to coin the ultimate euphemism This older ruling elite parrot pedal and promote supposedly liberal values internationalist and global at the expense of local values and cultures They will be exposed as hypocrites and false prophets financed by global capitalismThis sounds to be heavy stuff It isn’t It’s an action novel which had me cheering on the kids’ outrageous pranks which exposed the ‘system’ for what it is – empty hypocritical corrupt purveyors of fake news par excellence It made me think of the Lindsay Anderson film 'If' 1968 with the fledgeling Malcolm Mcdowell as the leader of the pack of disaffected public school boys who wreak havoc on their Alma mater All this of course will come at a cost to our young heroes who are vilified as nazis and fascistsAn enjoyable if at times depressing how do they get away with it? read 4