kindle Where Embers Glow A Fire Burns (Elements Incarnate, #1) By Timothy E. Forck –

First Book In The Element Incarnate Series Appearing On The Earth With No Recollection Of His Past, Athar Fights To Get A Grip On His Life S Purpose Through The Teachings Of A Mysterious Old Man Named Nemoserko, Who Visits Him In His Dreams, He Learns Of His Identity As The Elemental Incarnation Of Air Using His Amazing Abilities To Control The Wind And Transform Into A Mighty Dragon, Our Hero Must Traverse The Realm In Search Of His Three Companions Born Of Earth, Fire, And Water Through His Ties To The Creator Himself, Athar Comes To Realize That A Being Of Darkness Named Xhenidrix Has Entered The World Through The Meddling Of A Tribe Of Cannibalistic Natives It Is Now Up To Athar To Locate His Team Of Elemental Brethren And Thwart Their Demonic Opponent Along With His Army Of The Undead Before They Achieve Their Aspirations Will Athar Be Able Find The Others And Become One With The Intricate Workings Of His Atmospheric Powers In Time To Resist Or Will The Denizens Of The Planet Fall Into The Terrifying Grasp Of The Bloodthirsty Creature From Hell Also Available In Paperback

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    Highly descriptive and full of adventure Definitely a dark arts book,lots of imagery and an overall sense of forebodance.Worth the read for lovers of magic, dragons, dark arts and fantasy in general