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Jack Gregory the CIA’s top assassin went rogue after a mission gone wrong When a confrontation leaves him bleeding out on death’s doorstep he is faced with an offer from a dark figure named Anchanchu If Jack is willing to act as a human host for Anchanchu the entity will revive him and give him another shot at life Jack takes the dealbut he must now face the conseuences of having the same dark creature in his head as some of history’s greatest villains Struggling with desires and memories that are not his own Jack is not the man he once was One year later he is known internationally as The Ripper fixer for hire and is faced with having to wrest control of his dark compulsions while preventing a nuclear attack on the United States From the bestselling author of the Rho Agenda trilogy comes a globe spanning thriller with a twist unlike anything you’ve ever seen

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    Ok so this is about our hero Jack Gregory that managed to get himself killed and was offered his life back IF he would let Anchanchu a mind worm tag along in Jack’s brain Now Anchanchu is a blood thirsty killing machine so Jack has to control that part of his brain or he’d be killing anyone and everyone around him Although Jack does kill a lot of people all of them deserved it except one old man who asked to be killed because his wife just died and he didn’t want to go on without her So Jack shot him in the head There was a lot of killing and torture in this book I mean what Vlad did to that guy that failed him was really really bad Bloody enough so he could put the killing on the internet What’a guy But I do wish I would have counted how many Jack killed in this book because it was a lotIt was a good book but it was way too long 448 pages AND 124 chapters It wasn’t repetitive or anything like that It just kept putting Jack into one situation after another So it could have just gone on foreverSo you have the bad guy in the CIA Jacob Knox the killer and torturer and Russian mob who are all killers and torturers too The NSA and the good guys and you know what I found so unreal? I think the word “shit” was used 2 or 3 times and maybe goddammit a time or two Really? Like the Russian mob wouldn’t be throwing around the F bomb every other word I would have enjoyed this book if the people would have sworn like in real life But that’s just meThis is a 3 books series and all 3 are free read and free listenAs to the narration MacLeod Andrews did an amazing job on everyone voice and his emotions were great He laughed yelled whispered groaned in pain screamed like a girl when one of the bad guys were blinded He did everything the book asked for

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    This was a NetGalley read that I selected based on the cover I really wanted to like this book The blurb sounds pretty darn cool and the opening prologue kind of reminds me of a Robert Ludlum novel Unfortunately I stumbled a lot over the writing and ended up setting it aside as a DNF I feel like an otherwise interesting plot is bogged down by a tendency to tell the reader at great length what is happening in a scene rather than showing it That and lots of clunky paragraphs such as this oneRemoving his laptop from his case Jack woke it from sleep mode plugged it into his seat's power receptacle typed in his twenty character password and launched the wipe utility that would perform the multi pass digital shredding of all data on the encrypted hard drive It's exhausting to read that and that's just one example of the chunky paragraphs that pepper the pages not to mention the tech speak again telling not showing Elsewhere the detailed physical descriptions of people keep jarring me away from the action so I can focus on how a character has short spiked blond hair or a Pilates tightened ass There are times when focusing on a physical detail is important to the character itself but this just feels fluffy and distracting kind of like reading one of those YA novels where everyone's clothing choices are described in detailSpeaking of characters I have to say that jumping through multiple POVs is fine and all a good way to keep the energy moving in a story; but when you're jumping through several different ones in the space of a handful of chapters it starts to make one wonder a little bit is it really necessary to have the POV of these minor characters? Especially when they fill up the pages with their telling not showing?I'm sure some people will like this book and to be fair if you can get past the clunky writing the plot is definitely interesting I haven't read the original Rho trilogy to which this is a preuel so I can't say how well the two stories mesh together But I think that if you're a fan of Ludlum's spy novels or similar books with a slightly supernatural twist you might enjoy this It just didn't hold my interest enough to finish it out

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    All through The Rho Agenda I was intrigued by the characters of Jack Gregory and Janet Price What was their story? Why did Jack’s eyes sometimes seem to have a red glint? In this first of three preuels we get to learn much about Jack and Janet and what makes them who they areJack a CIA agent on the trail of his brother’s killer finds himself facing Carlton ‘Priest’ Williams and a gang of knife wielding thugs in a Calcutta alley After a bloody fight Jack well outnumbered and badly wounded is found by a nun Taken to a basic clinic and unable to be saved Jack is pronounced dead Until that is he’s visited by the demon Anchanchu Jack has an unimaginable decision to makeJack has been freelance since his revival and it’s his latest client who inadvertently involves him and Janet in a plot masterminded by an accomplished scientist the Russian mafia and corrupt members of the CIA which threatens the safety and security of the United States Once again the integrity of intelligence agencies and governments and the way they operate at the highest levels is called into uestionI love the supernatural twist in the story and how it relates to Jack and his deadly skills Richard Phillips has created a fascinating and compelling protagonist fulfilling the promise which began in the Rho Agenda The narrative pulled me into the story totally and as always MacLeod Andrews gives a superbly delivered performance whilst actually raising the bar As each chapter comes from a different point of view so the narration reflects that person’s characterisation It works really well Significant character development and an extremely fast moving plot kept me hooked until the end This was well worth the wait

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    Once Dead catapults Richard Phillips into serious thriller writer status It's fast moving The hero Jack Gregory is conflicted in an interesting fashion and he's good at getting himself out of serious scrapes In the opening scene Gregory gets jumped in an alley Return of the Dragon style But he's not Bruce Lee He's about as good though and gives worse than he gets But Gregory is near death He gets sewn up by a couple of helpful people but it's not enough Yet Gregory pulls through He dreams that some demon entered his system and gave him enough of a jolt to get out of the poor man's clinic and back into circulation Gregory is an assassin but he's not working for the CIA any They think he's dead He starts working for a model married to a brilliant billionaire and finds himself involved in a massive scheme to depopulate the earth Nobody figures it out by him and a new and beautiful sidekick I can't wait to read the next one Oh and it's better than his other stuff At least I think so

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    47 North Publishing Date August 2014 ISBN 9781477824108 Genre Fantasy Rating 365Publisher Description Gregory once the CIA’s top assassin went rogue after a mission gone wrong When a confrontation leaves him bleeding out on death’s doorstep he’s faced with an offer from a dark figureIf Jack is willing to act as its human host the entity will revive him and give him another shot at life Review Wow that is one of the worst covers ever as it doesn’t even closely relate to anything in the novel SoJack a CIA operative is attempting to kill a special forces dude in an alley in Calcutta India surrounded by 6 or so knife wielding and I mean knives attached to pike poles in a fight to the death As Jack slowly dismantles SF dude whom killed his brother the Indian gang starts cutting him Jack Jiu Jitsu fu’s his way past all the bad guys by disarming disemboweling and just plane dissing all over the sitch An old leathery nun finds him and Jack is eventually pronounced dead Later they find Jack gone the nun cowering in a corner with a half mumbled phrase on her lips”JACK THE RIPPER IS BACK” Huh? How the fug would a nun in Calcutta India in the 21 Century know that Jack the Ripper had taken up residence in well Jack? Besides the lame fight scenes and why a gang in Calcutta would stage a fight to the death between two sworn enemies in a dark alley which makes even less sense now that I write it down and a nun’s discernment of all things ethereal and other worldly this was a pretty good read Jack eventually becomes a kind of hit man I say “kind of” because if an assassin works for the side of good is he really an assassinhit man? I guess it is a matter of perspective as in “One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter” The torture scenes are pretty graphic I think this helps the reader to build up a full steam of righteous indignation where we can’t wait to see the bad guys done in by an almost super human assasserhit maervigilante Do vigilante’s get paid? There is super hottie spy chick Janet who is the only one to beat Jack’s 1000 meter sniper record and the only girl to ever pass the dreaded Special Forces Training only no one can ever know about it or her but she moves like a dancer and is built for speed if you know what I meanYAWN Jack can hold his breath for 6 minutes and uickly get his heart rate to 60bpm while killing bad guysYAAAAAAAWN In one scene Jack is in the shower and the bad guys bust in Jack takes off into the woods and kills everyone My uestion is does the guy shower with his clothes on because all of a sudden Jack has his clothes and his killing knife but has no shoes Ah well artistic license and all that I still don’t know how Jack got the “Ripper” nickname Besides a nun who said it to herself and is now an addled insane hunchback there is no one that would ascribe that moniker to Jack But somehow the legend of the RIPPER is fluent at all levels of spy dom I still don’t know how to rate this one I loved it but at times it was so fugging stoopid Jack and Janet are pretty believable at times then in others its the old suspension of disbelief I am going to go with pure entertainment value and look past the glaring errorsmostly

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    Years ago when the first Indiana Jones movie came out Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark I read many favorable reviews A LOT of favorable reviews; almost to the point where I was uestioning just how good the movie actually was Well the first time I saw that movie I KNEW the reviewers were right I loved all the cliff hanger action scenes and the never say die attitude of Indiana Nothing could stop him he was drivenNow fast forward to the end of Aug 2014 I came across Once Dead the book description caught my attention Oh yeah this sounds like a book I would like to read A preuel to the Rho Agenda books which I had read reviews of but had not read at this point So I checked out the Once Dead reviews I saw something like 27 out of 27 five star reviews Oh crud they can't ALL love the book this much This must be another case of where the author's friends and fellow authors most of whom have never rated than a book or two got together and handed out five star reviews DarnI really wanted to read it So once I signed up for Kindle Unlimited I put the book down on my TBR list I got to it last week and darn if those reviewers didn't get it right I would go with 45 stars if I could but I will go with a solid 4 stars I liked this story Plenty of Jason Bourne style action and a James Bond the ole style Bond You Only Live Twice threat to the world all rolled into one storyIf you have read the book's description you'll know that Jack Gregory dies early in the book and then comes back after a mysterious dark entity offers him life but he has to co exist with the entity Okay a little off beat aspect to the story but I'll go with it Despite a few interesting flashbacks in history the story did not really deal with this too much I was expecting a little development in this part of the plot As far as I am concerned it did not really add too much to the overall plot Jack is a kick butt action character either by himself or co existing with this entity Same for his action co star JanetAs I mentioned I have not read the Rho Agenda books yet but I will now starting with The Second Ship In the reviews I had read for the Rho Agenda trilogy it appears that the trilogy is aimed a bit at young adults No problem as I like some YA stories Steelheart But if Rho Agenda is YA PG 13 then Once Dead is definitely rated R Lots of European style action ala Jason Bourne I thought it was a well written thriller and besides reading the Rho Agenda books I am looking forward to the next book in this series Bane's Dominion

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    If you haven't read any of Phillips books do yourself a favor and start nowI don't believe I've connected with an author of this type and caliber since I picked up 'Hunt For Red October' and didn't stop until I read everything Tom Clancy had in print or has put in print since Do yourself a favor pick up one of Richard Phillips books and start reading You will be opening the door to a world of breathtaking action espionage black ops and plausible deniability Governments hang by a thread Assassination is common and the government office that sends you out to do the job will deny your existence if it's in their best interest And Phillips never slows down

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    Wow I LOVED THIS BOOK Saying that doesn't do it justice Everything about the book was extremely goodfrom the storyline to the pace Once I started reading it I could barely bring myself to put it down

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    ARC from NetgalleyThoroughly enjoyed this book the story was excellentLoved the dark passenger who resided in JackRipperBrilliantly written and very uick paced storyHopefully there will be from Jack

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    Entertaining thriller with great characters realistic intrigue and a touch of fantasy to keep me happy Already downloaded the second book in the series; looking forward to seeing how these characters evolve