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An Epic Battle Between Good And EvilBefore He Knew About The Roses,Year Old Jack Lived An Unremarkable Life In The Small Ohio Town Of Trinity Only The Medicine He Has To Take Daily And The Thick Scar Above His Heart Set Him Apart From The Other High Schoolers Then One Day Jack Skips His Medicine Suddenly, He Is Stronger, Fiercer, And Confident Than Ever Before And It Feels Great Until He Loses Control Of His Own Strength And Nearly Kills Another Player During Soccer Team TryoutsSoon, Jack Learns The Startling Truth About Himself He Is Weirlind, Part Of An Underground Society Of Magical People Who Live Among Us At Their Helm Sits The Feuding Houses Of The Red Rose And The White Rose, Whose Power Is Determined By Playing The Game A Magical Tournament In Which Each House Sponsors A Warrior To Fight To The Death The Winning House Rules The WeirAs If His Bizarre Heritage Isn T Enough, Jack Finds Out That He S Not Just Another Member Of Weirlind He S One Of The Last Of The Warriors At A Time When Both Houses Are Scouting For A Player

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    I gave it two stars based on the goodreads ranking of it was ok That sums Warrior Heir up well, not bad enough to recommend against it, but nothing special This author strikes me as someone who grew up reading fantasy and became enad with the idea of creating her own world like the great fantasy writers before her However, this story has nothing approaching of the depth of Middle Earth, Narnia, Hogwarts, or even Sunnydale A couple locations in Trinity, Ohio and Jack s hometown have some detail and, therefore, substance, but places like the battleground and the country of England are indistinct and have no life to them.The characters are a bit bland, too I was warming up to Jack midway through the book, but there s still not a lot of dimension to any of the characters The villains are evil enough to dislike, but not evil enough to inspire much concern for their activities The heroes have some flaws, but are still really good people in their hearts And no one is funny enough or independently interesting enough to make up for the lot of them Probably the most interesting is a relatively minor character, Jack s mother, and soley for the scene when she stands up to her son s brutish kidnappers in a thoroughly lawyerly fashion But that paragraph just isn t enough to elevate the book to good status.These issues could be ignored, maybe, if something else made up for it like the plot or a fascinating insight into anything about our world or really cool superpowers Again, all of these things are too underdeveloped to carry the novel More then once while reading the book, I realized that nothing had happened for far too long other than a laundry list of how the characters were passing the time The only insight the book seemed to offer is that slavery is wrong in a vague sense that doesn t have to be explained because it s already accepted throughout the western world and the book s audience base And the powers might be cool Maybe if I knew about them other than some people secretly have them What do they do Wizard things Or warrior things You read Harry Potter right It s like that, but without wands Sorry, that s how I imagine the pitch will go when the movie rights are optioned.Also, the War of the Roses has a romantic ring, but let it go The English did, so can the 8 14 year old girl inside all of us whose ears perked up the first time she heard that name I know it conjures up amazing imagery without a bit of work for you, but that s the problem, isn t it Think up your own imagery Don t pretend this war was secretly carried on for hundreds of years after it officially ended by a sect of people who are fighting for something that has nothing to do with the actual war I don t care if it sounds pretty, it makes no sense.All that being said, I think the other word to sum the book up is underdeveloped It s some fine preliminary work, now run with it This author needs a good editor who can push her past filler and into specificity And who can say things like, The War of the Roses has been done It ended Try again But maybe she found one, because I hear The Warrior Heir is only worth reading as a set up for the sequel The Wizard Heir It s on my shelf, so we ll see.

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    This was enjoyable but not the best It s hard not to compare this to Chima s other series which is PHENOMENAL and strictly fantasy than a mix of fantasy and urban fantasy I liked the characters but felt like they lacked depth and development Jack did grow and change a bit, but not a ton in the area of character It was also pretty predictable but I kind of expected that I really enjoyed the overall plot it was different than anything I ve ever read and I loved that about it Ultimately I feel like a lot could ve been explored, which it probably is in the other books in the series

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    The Heir Trilogy, which received great reviews, but somehow never entered the national consciousness, is Chima s first published work Another story that really gets me excited with inventive concepts and clear imagery, these are really a great read The Warrior Heir is the first novel of the trio We open on a very dramatic prologue, but let s skip that Now, we meet Jack Hi, Jack Jack is a pretty nice guy Good for Jack But you know there s than that Turns out, our hero has some special secrets secrets that could get him killed, enslaved, or at the very least lose him his girlfriend Starting small scale in a little town, The Warrior Heir quickly lives up to the dramatic title we finish off in an unbelievably intricate world of magic and politics With gladiators, no less It s like Rome, with kilts instead of togas The players come off remarkably well, especially considering the great distance from which Chima is writing about her teenage characters I ve been dying since I read this book, trying to hunt down the sequels as soon as they were released Luckily, my library does a good job at staying current.This books is immensely satisfying it could almost stand alone, without companion books An excellent alternative for those who, like myself, are not fans of the Twilight series So go, give it a shot I liked it, and I m not easy to please.

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    3.5 bumped up to a 4, because goodreads is lame and won t give us half stars.

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    My review is like 3.67 but I ve rounded up because with perspective I have a lot of faith in where this series can go and I m excited to pick up the second book here s my full booktalk discussion

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    I m re reading this series, and while I enjoyed this book, I m not sure how to describe it.It s not that Chima isn t a good writer, it s just that it seems to me that the plot is better than the storytelling.Does that make sense Ok Well, I guess what I mean is that I m invested in seeing what happens in the end than I am in the characters Sure, they re ok, but nothing about the way the dialogue is written reaches out and grabs me It s a cool story, though Jack finds out that he s a wizard who had a warrior stone implanted in his chest Long story.Anyway, it turns out, that is just the beginning of his problems I have to admit, even though I d read this already 6 years ago , I couldn t remember the first thing about what was going to happen next I didn t even remember any of the characters It was like reading a brand new book.What can I say Getting older has its perks Would I recommend this one Ehhhh shrugs I wouldn t not recommend itIf you re looking for a decent young adult urban fantasy, then you could do a lot worse.

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    3.5 stars I liked this book despite reading lots of books that have the same basic plotline Hey I m a teenager I ve just found out that I m a __________ People are after me I better figure out to use my insert cool weapon and or power so I can take down the insert bad guys So, really, the author must ve done a pretty good job of writing a good story and a fast read or I would not like it as much as I did do I will read the next two in the trilogy.

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    4.5 stars

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    This is an urban fantasy YA in which magic is kept secret but the various factions of magic users don t work well together, with wizards generally bullying the rest Sixteen year old Jack was supposed to be a Wizard but ended up a Warrior, which is pretty rare and starts causing problems for him.There are a lot of tropes and cliches here, but I still liked it, if that makes sense I loved the action scenes and was pulled in by the sense of danger But sometimes the in between, character building scenes were dry and bland It s like Chima put them in because they were necessary and spent as little time polishing them as possible.The ending was rather deus ex machina I was hoping for something sneakier But overall I really enjoyed it.Now, a word about the audiobook It s BAD It s not the narrator s fault he was fine I blame the sound engineer You can hear the narrator s breathing It s constant Sometimes I thought I heard pages turning There s a two second pause every other sentence for the narrator to breathe On top of that, there s a deliberate three second break in between each track WTH that is also preceded by a loud deep breath It sounds like he s holding his breath So every 3 4 minutes, you hear deep breath silence and silence in between If the sequels are like this, I m bailing on the audio version.

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    Initial reaction The Warrior Heir was a solid YA fantasy read for me I was engaged in the story from beginning to end, though I ll admit there were a few rough spots and transitions to it It didn t slow my momentum through this book, though I couldn t put it down because much of the rolling action and dynamic had me hooked.Full review The Warrior Heir has the honor of being one of the first galleys I was approved for on NetGalley It was back in 2011, around the time I joined , so it feels surreal that I m backtracking now to review this after finally reading the book Tangent aside holy crud, how did I end up missing this book until now It s a solid fantasy tale that expounds on the life of a boy who was meant to be a wizard, but as a child had a warrior stone placed in his heart and hidden from a destiny that was sure to catch up with him.The prologue begins exciting enough, but it might be confusing for some readers because it s not from the perspective character s POV That sets of the stage for the evil wizards and the establishment of the antagonist through this novel In the meantime, Jack Swift, your typical 16 year old boy trying to survive high school, forgets to take his heart medication one morning, but can t get back home to take it As a result, during soccer tryouts that evening, Jack blazes on the field like no one including himself has ever seen before.And he starts questioning what he needed the medicine for in the first place, especially since he feels fine without it and the incident on the soccer field didn t feel like a fluke.This sets off a chain reaction of events that reveal Jack s medicine wasn t necessarily for his heart, but rather a suppressant for his latent powers to keep him safe from detection Jack is a part of a traditional battle run between the White and Red Rose houses, called The Game Yet, since Jack is one of the last remaining warriors, he s getting pulled from both the White and Red Rose teams for recruitment And nothing s stopping them from using Jack, as well as his loved ones, as bargaining chips to achieve their ultimate goal for Jack to play for their team.I really loved the rolling action sequences in this story they were fluid and engaging It was also a nice little touch to add some historical elements through the story so that not only Jack could trace his lineage, but also incorporating a bit of history about the War of the Roses What kept me from loving this story in the aftermath, however, were a couple of things I thought that the characters could ve used a bit fleshing out than they did I did have to backtrack a few times to keep in mind what character was who among the secondary cast but I knew Jack, Will, Ellen, Aunt Linda, Hastings, etc well enough to follow them I just wish I had a little connectivity to them I thought Aunt Linda was rather kick awesome for her part in the story, probably even so than Jack himself at times who seemed a little too comfortable with his powers for someone who knew nothing about his destiny The other aspect that kept me from enjoying this Some of the turns of the story I saw coming before they hit, so it wasn t that the story surprised me for its progression, but I was hooked on the dynamic and flow of the writing, and that kept me reading the book to see how things would turn out for the characters It s engaging, and certainly well worth picking up for a YA fantasy story, so I m eagerly continuing forward with this series to see how it comes across It s one of the better ones I ve picked up as of late and I hope to read of Chima s work in the future.Overall score 3.5 5 Note I received this as an ARC from NetGalley, from the publisher Disney Hyperion.