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Kid Loki's all grown up and the God of Mischief is stronger smarter sexier and just plain sneakier than ever before As Asgardia's one man secret service he's ready to lie cheat steal bluff and snog his way through the twistiest turniest and most treacherous missions the All Mother can throw at himstarting with a heart stopping heist on Avengers Tower And that's just the beginning as Loki takes on Lorelei in Monte Carlo's casinos and heads back to the dawn of Asgard to join its greatest heroes on a uest for a certain magical sword But when Loki puts together a crew to crack the deepest dungeons of Asgardia itself there may be one plot twist too many for even Loki to handleCOLLECTING LOKI AGENT OF ASGARD 1 5 ALL NEW MARVEL NOW POINT ONE LOKI AGENT OF ASGARD STORY

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    I'm not really a fan of Hiddleston as a sex symbol but I know a lot of you ladies are soYou're welcomeAs far as this title went I thoroughly enjoyed it It mixes up the god of Mischief with a James Bond esue con man and spits out a fun tongue in cheek heist caperLoki has steadily grown in popularity with the mainstream audiences since his appearances in the Marvel movies so we're now seeing this translate into comic book titles Sometimes a move like this can backfire and alienate the hardcore readersBut Marvel seems to have the golden touch right now and with the popularity of titles like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 Cosmic Avengers making both movie and comic fans relatively happy it appears they are reading the pulse of both new and old fans uite wellThe character of Loki in this one might be somewhat confusing if you haven't managed to read all of the tie in books I'm currently digging around to find the source material for all the changes to this guy but even without all the pertinent information this one was still a lot of funBasically you need to know that the old Loki died was resurrected as a child Kid Loki was overtaken by a somewhat bad version of himself and is now a twentysomething trying to maybe? atone for his evil ways There may be to the story but that's what I've got so farAs of right now he's working as an agent for All Mother in the service for Asgard with each completed mission erasing some of his past sins from recorded historyHowever there's a snag in the plan A big oneToo bad for you I'm not handing out spoilers in this reviewThe parts of this volume that had Loki running around in present day conning gods and mortals? Excellent stuff But the parts that were set in the past with all of the olden tale adventures?Well I'm going to have to agree with Sam's review and say that that part was less interestingI did however enjoy when the stories finally collided And the story with Sigurd and 'Kaluu' was laugh out loud funny on so many levels that I'd almost recommend this title for that part of the issue aloneI think fans of the new Loki are gonna love this oneI know I'll certainly be coming back for

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    Tom Hiddleston – what a dreamboat right ladies? Hubba hubba At least I assume that’s what his many fans think of him Nevertheless he’s made Loki enormously popular and well known with his performances in the Marvel movies so it makes sense to give the character his own series Kid Loki from Kieron Gillen’s Young Avengers series is “dead” – long live the Harry Styles lookalike Loki alike? Loki a twentysomething hunk who goes on James Bond esue missions for the All Mother After stealing a magic sword he breaks into Avengers Tower goes speed dating takes part in a Charlie’s Angels type heist in Monte Carlo and breaks into the deepest darkest dungeon in Asgard Why put himself through all of this? He’s actually trying to be of a good guy having the most evil parts of his past erased by the All Mother in exchange for successful missions Al Ewing writes Loki well getting that balance of charm and wickedness down pat while slipping in enough trickery to make him the consummate anti hero After Gillen’s wonderful Young Avengers series I wasn’t sure if Ewing would be able to measure up to the characterisation but he did a great job It starts really well with Loki breaking into Avengers Tower and totally playing the Avengers superbly I won’t give away big moments in that episode but I loved the small scene between Hawkeye and Black Widow as Natasha watches Clint play a video game remarking that he’s got the army and international assassins after him he’s got zero health – and it’s a bass fishing simulator Clint exasperated says something like “These things just happen to me Nat” The tone of the series is perfect – light comedic witty throughout So why didn’t I love this? Have you read Tolkien? Probably given his massive cultural impact I struggled through Lord of the Rings when I was in high school and then for some reason immediately picked up the Silmarillion Ever read that one? This is how I remember it going “Blah was the son of Blug who was the son of Blog who was the son of Blogblug who was the son of Blarh The Fingle Fangles lived in the Flarflar Forest where the Jigjags lived alongside them A mighty Plod was forged in the caves of Glag where the sons of Blig fought the Chuwungawungas’ ancestors the Showaddywaddies for control of the Wallywiggle Kawingawingas” Insert two pages of coma inducing elf songs I made it to page 20 after a year of trying and gave up That was 15 years ago I’ve never returned to Tolkien since That’s how parts of this book read to me When things get a bit too mythological that droning style of narration with bizarre repetitive names my eyes start to glaze over and my mind starts to wander When did I last defrost my freezer? Is that a spider? Why haven’t I seen that childhood sweet I used to have all the time in so long? Etc It’s completely my problem because the book is well written but fantasymythology and the like don’t really appeal to me and uite a bit of this book is made up of that stuff If you’re a fan of that kinda material you’ll get along with Loki Agent of Asgard a lot but if you’re not parts of the book will test your attention span It doesn’t help that the plot itself isn’t particularly interesting or fast moving either Lee Garbett’s art is fantastic – it’s really beautiful throughout with wonderful character designs and some excellent scenes like a character morphing into a dragon or Mephisto appearing It’s the best work I’ve seen from Garbett so far and he’s always been a great artist so the comic looks really good Loki Agent of Asgard is well written Loki’s character is nicely captured and it has some lovely art but the story failed to engage me fully and I was bored at least half the time It has its moments though and the fantasy crowd will get out of this than I did

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    Fantastic And here I was worried Gillen has just done such a fantastic job with Loki's journey to this point that I wasn't sure about another writer getting his hands on the character I shouldn't have been Ewing has nailed virtually every aspect of this book Loki's voice fits perfectly with the Loki that we last saw in Young Avengers He's smart he's snarky and he runs his own agenda I like that by and large each issue stands on its own while adding to an overarching story It's kind of nice to have a beginning a middle and an end all in one issue you know?Obviously I loved this collection and I can't wait for the next one If you've been following Loki's story from Journey into Mystery this will definitely hit the spot for you

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    Bullet ReviewWhat the?Good art neat characters funny linersbut WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?? And why is another comic Mighty Avengers Thor Avengers etc is being advertised???Maybe if I followed every single Marvel line along with Loki's massive backstory I'd be able to follow this but I'm just a newbieBut there WERE some good one liners so there was that

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    Well damn I finally found a Loki story I actually like After Journey into Mystery I didn't think I'd ever read this I kind of had it on the backlog but just never thought to really check it out However I picked this up and figured fuck it I'll try it Glad I did though Loki is a new man He's working for the all mother and trying to be a well agent of Asgard In doing so of course comes a lot of backstabbing and lying but that's part of who Loki is The best part is the reveal of who Loki's main enemy is and by the end of the volume it really ramps up the oh shit moments Good The art is great However it's the dialog and playful banter between everyone that jives real well I've never been a HUGE Al Ewing fan but here Lok is plenty funny and so are most of the side characters Also the villain is great I won't spoil it but damn it's good Bad Some backstory and lore gets in the way of the pacing in the middle Overall really fun enjoyable colorful and exciting adventure I'll be reading of this for sure A 4 out of 5

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    Back in the day comics Loki is an ugly piece of shit villain who is also an eternal prankster and an exponentially talented liar whom you will damn well assume never gets invited to family reunions but is probably there for the really dangerous parties Thanks to the lovely British actor Tom Hiddleston making his mark with the cinematic role version I could never look at this comic book character in any way shape or form that doesn't portray him anything less than hunky and a tad bit emo tastic Like a good uarter of the Tumblr population I may or may not have fantasized Hiddleston as the Norse trickster god Loki every time I take hot showers I also may or may not have gotten so fed up one day that I was forced to get myself acuainted with him in comics just so he'll appear less in my dreams at night I needed SO BADLY to read Loki in the medium he came from because I'm steadily losing grip of my mental faculties the I delay this But I want to read him not as the shriveled serpentine bastard he had been portrayed as for as long as the Thor stories have been around So I picked yet another recent depiction of him here in 2014's LOKI Agent of Asgard Now this Loki is pop punk rock pretty Aesthetically speaking and in a shallow sense I guess one could say that I consider him as my own Justine Bieber if this comparison also means I get irrationally turned on just looking at him in the pages of this comic bookwhich I DON'T most of the time But if the comics Loki everyone is used to is a skinny vile untrustworthy grand deceiver of a character though he was even a woman at one point? then how do we explain the appearance of this teenage looking Loki in this continuity? Well that's the beauty and the disadvantage of reading LOKI Agent of Asgard for the first timeEvery issue does provide a summary of events just so new readers like me can get the context and gist of what happened in the previous titles related to this 2014 one but it's pretty much going in blindfolded as you eagerly expect to sample the wonders of the highly anticipated orgy party you've recklessly invited yourself into MY MIND GOES TO VARIOUS SEXUAL PLACES WHEN I TALK ABOUT LOKI I'M SORRY Let me start over EHEMReading Loki Agent of Asgard without getting acuainted first with any other publication before it can get confusing at various times but in a fun way If you are reading Loki here for the first time and nowhere else in the meantime then a struggle to understand contexts in between issues is unavoidable See about sixty percent of the time I had to piece things together by myself with limited knowledge of the old storylines being referenced but the rest is still easily enjoyable because there is a charm and humor to the way Al Ewing writes Loki as a titular hero as we follow him on his uest to redemption Artist Lee Garbett also illustrates him in the scrumptious ways that make me tingle The first volume issues #1 5 makes him likable and dynamic enough for readers to stay interested By now if the strongest association you have of Loki is his movie version then this Loki will be reasonably pleasant enough It's really hard to get into the meat and bones of the actual storyline for this series without probably alienating anyone reading this review but I'll tryFirst off DON'T READ THIS THE WAY I JUST DID Say you don't share my itchy lust to get to know Loki because of Tom Hiddleston this could be either a good thing or a bad thing If you do like Loki as a character in the movies as I do then you will find the smallest things about this comic book worth experiencing; it'll serve as enough motivation for you to try and understand the rather complicated and helplessly ambiguous and layered storytelling of the issues as a whole because you already like Loki Now if you're not primarily interested him as a character foremost then Agent of Asgard is not going to be a casual read It can get very self referential and at times and rather excessively narrative oriented I'M TALKING VOLUME 2 WHICH I WILL GET INTO Your attention span may not handle it well if you don't latch onto Loki as a character you want to know and see grow throughout the story If that is the case then maybe you shouldn't read this series not until you follow the next instructions belowLEARN OR READ MORE ABOUT KID LOKI Who is Kid Loki? To save you the trouble from looking up Loki's exhaustive comics profile and history in Wikipedia I'll just keep this brief Some time during the Thorverse old grumpy and deceitful Loki allows himself to die debatable and gets reborn as a boy to wipe his slate clean Kid Loki is his second chance at redemption There are various hints and vague flashbacks in Agent of Asgard that touch upon this thread but it won't be enough which is why you need to actually read said issues to understand it I've personally tracked them down and were able to read them so I might just re read the second volume of this series before posting a review for that since I can finally properly contextualize the events after reading these key issues Journey Into Mystery Fear Itself issues #622 6226 Thor #17 his originA complete listing of all Kid Loki issues are found hereNow these issues serve as some kind of preuel to the ultimate plot relevance of Kid Loki in Ewing's own 2014 series as well as the implications of the sort of retcon that occurs in the second volume concerning Kid Loki I don't want to post that spoiler here because you're not going to get it or be grateful in any way especially when you are intrigued to pick up this series one day I still think you should Loki Agent of Asgard can be fun and endearing in a lot of ways but only if you visit those key issues I've suggested before thoroughly browsing this series I think I'm going to have to post reviews for Journey to Into Mystery issues that are Kid Loki centric this week before my final review for the second volume Those are guaranteed to be filled with spoilers because I plan to analyse Loki there as a character and his relationship with his brother Thor which is something I really enjoy watching in the movies unfold Overall put this series on your TO READ list and keep it there in the meantime If you like Loki and even intensely desire him as far as you can want a fictional character then this comic book may be for youRECOMMENDED 810DO READ MY REVIEWS AT

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    Loki is trying to change his fate and rewrite his story but it won't be easyTrust Me missed the mark for me on all points It's not clever funny action packed or insightfulIt attempts to be cute but it simply isn't cute I don't see anything appealing to the story

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    Well that was delicious

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    I think I needed of Journey into Mystery and general Thor comics to really understand what's going on here but it's a fun ride anyway It continues the kidLoki storyline except he's all grown up now thanks to Billy Kaplan of the Young Avengers So we get to see Loki living in Midgard with a fancy apartment and an unfortunate resemblance to Harry Styles We get to see a bit of the new Loki interacting with Thor and the continuing saga of many Lokis that is the whole plot with Loki dying and then kidLoki but it's not really kidLoki and Yeah it's confusing But Loki's capers are fun and no doubt it's going somewhere brain twisty and fun I like youngLoki a lot and along with all the Hiddleston fangirls just want to see that he's been misunderstood and twisted into his role And than that I hope Loki's still playing with my head I don't really think we ever can or should get some kind of solid answer about where Loki stands on the moral continuum He's wildfire unpredictable; the comics do take that aspect of the trickster Loki from Norse myth and play with it most excellently

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    Loki was a pleasant surprise Loki has been reborn as a much younger version of himself Apparently he wants to be the god of Mischief and not the god of Evil But the old Loki is still aroundThe story starts with the All Mother WTF? Seriously? sigh has decided to turn the new Loki into an agent of Asgard and he performs missions for them The story has good humor and tells an interesting story If there was an irritating thingit would have to be the SJW Sigurd He's Black Talk about cultural appropriation But liberals rarely understand irony So the black Norseman Sigurd are there any white Wakandans? Just curious joins up with Loki after trying to get his sword back and faces Mephisto The Mephisto bit was uite well done and amusing I won't spoil too much of this interesting story With the ending I will be forced to find the next volume of this series The artwork is also uite good A nice new comic that is actually worth reading