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On the road for the better part of a decade Woodrow Landfair pawned everything he owned in 2006 departing on a secondhand motorcycle to live research and write what would become LAND OF THE FREE Harbinger June 10 A modern American odyssey LAND OF THE FREE is the autobiographical recollection of an affable and often embellishing opportunist who abandons his home and identity in search of a better life Leaving on a used motorcycle LAND OF THE FREE’s unnamed protagonist sleeps outside and sometimes in homeless shelters Talking his way into strangers’ homes he stays on their sofas fibbing his way into odd jobs across the country Regaling anyone within earshot with his own larger than life mythology the road worn laborer turned professional showman works his way up from a carnival work crew to the center stage spotlight – and finally to a national television debut Then trapped within the exaggerated public persona he invented he attempts to flee the life he built only to become a suspected con man and the subject of a coast to coast fugitive chase Along with a young runaway and a disillusioned war veteran LAND OF THE FREE’s elusive hero attempts to discern his identity from years of fabrications at first recalling then re engaging in a forty eight state search for the truth that might set him free

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    I'm definitely an adventure junkie and this book really satisfied that craving It's a journey through the heartland of America and definitely an interesting read I doubt you'll be able to put it down I wasn't able to