The Trashcan Opera Society Kindle Ü The Trashcan

The is the story of Jordan a well educated homeless man who by the result of a violent and unusual accident meets an aging exotic dancer named Hannah with whom he forms an extraordinary relationship Jordan walked away from the practice of law and has slowly slipped away from his prior life He now lives on the streets He has learned to survive using a variety of schemes to make or steal money He lives part of the time in a homeless shelter and other times with HannahJordan developed a love of opera during his time in law school Despite his homelessness he buys annual season tickets to the opera much to the amusement of his friends These tickets allow him to sit with the wealthiest opera fans in the cityHannah reveals a great secret to Jordan and asks him for his promise to fulfill a special wish Together Hannah and Jordan form a team to try to survive Los Angeles This is their opera

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