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World Fantasy Award Winning Author Of The Onion GirlThe City Of Newford Could Be Any Contemporary North American Cityexcept That Magic Lurks In Its Music, In Its Art, In The Shadows Of Its Grittiest Streets, Where Mythic Beings Walk Disguised And Its People Are Like You And Me, Each Looking For A Bit Of Magic To Shape Their Lives And Transform Their FateHere Are A Bluesman Hiding From The Devil A Buffalo Man At The Edge Of Death A Murderous Ghost Looking For Revenge A Wolf Man On His First Blind Date And Many We Re Reunited With Jilly, Geordie, Sophie, The Crow Girls, And Other Characters Whose Lives Have Become Part Of The Great Newford Myth And Beyond Newford S Streets, De Lint Takes Us To The Pastoral Hills North Of The City, Where Magic And Music Have A Flavor Different But Powerful Still what i love about Charles de Lint s books are 1 how the world is recognizably ours but with magic just sort of off to the side where you re not looking 2 how people are generally good not perfect, sometimes total screwups, but always having a decent core 3 how it inspires you to appreciate your own life, whatever it is, without being all preachy about it I m pretty sure this could be a decent intro to the Newford series it definitely helps to have met some of the characters before, but wouldn t be necessary i don t think. Another good collection of short stories set in Newford and the hills nearby I love De Lint, he s one of my favourite writers and this collection reminds me of that fact.World The world is utterly fantastic and magical It s magical realism, it s the people that fall through the cracks in society and the magic that they find there I love the nonchalant nature of it and the diverse cast and the setting and the beings that inhabit Newford I love the tone the book sets, the beautiful in the mundane that De Lint is able to pull out, the artistry in the simple I love Newford.Story A collection of beautiful tales of magic, characters and lives I won t get into each and every story here but they are beautiful, they are tied together with some central characters and themes in the book but each of them is beautiful and different in their own right There is a long story in the end which feels almost like a novella and that one is a beautiful thing to read I can t really describe why I love De Lint so much, maybe it s the prose which is beautiful, maybe it s the tone and the pacing which makes it magical, maybe it s the ability he has to give voice to those people we don t think about in society and showing us how beautiful they are This collection is that, it s a mosaic of stories of lives and emotions and I love every single page of it.Characters There are a lot of characters here and they are all wonderfully beautiful and magical Of course being Newford there are some familiar faces here such as Jilly the best , the new characters and old are handled well and with depth and respect and I love that, they are not perfect and are real and flawed beings that have stories to share with us.I love De Lint and this collection is another magnificent reason why.Onward to the next book Me favorite Charles De Lint bookif I had to pick just one 3 and a half star, liked some of the storiesthan others Review pending book club discussion. FYI I originally reviewed this book on Bookbub a few days ago I just realized that this is the ninth Newford book but it was the first one I read Like I say below, you can jump in anywhere and take a trip to Newford I m going to gush a little now Charles de Lint liked my review on Bookbub When I saw that in my notifications I squealed and wriggled like a teenager meeting Justin Bieber, ran upstairs and interrupted my husband who introduced me to de Lint s work , squealed the news somewhile doing a combo happy dance jump up and down, and then told everyone I know on Facebook about it with a first line to my post of holy shit, holy shit, holy shit If you ever read this, Mr de Lint, that Like made my year I ve just finished my first novel, post apocalyptic fiction with zombies search Love in an Undead Age if you re interested, folks I really want to write urban fantasy some day but first I have to figure out how to do it without being a de Lint knock off Because if you have a choice between the real thing and a knock off, it s a no brainer The Review Charles de Lint is one of my favorite authors His fictional city of Newford somewhere in North America, I always envision it in Canada is such a fully formed universe and there s alwaysto discover You can read any of his books and jump right in, regardless of what else you have or have not read I guarantee you that you will want to read , know , and theyou learn of his worlds, and especially of Newford, theyou want His writing is that good This book has perhaps my favorite short story of all time Pixel Pixies Which isn t truly about pixies at all, but the sweetest little house hob in the world When my mother was in the hospital at the beginning of her cancer journey, which ended in her passing 6 months later, I read Pixel Pixies to she and my father When I read the last paragraph I literally could barely do so for wanting to cry Not because the story is sad, but because it s so beautiful, so hopeful, so abso freaking lutely WONDERFUL I still get teary thinking about that evening, reading that story to my mom and dad That is what Charles de Lint does transports you not only to a world, but indelibly marks the feelings that go with those times and those places, and the people you shared them with if you shared them, so that you will never forget them And they always touch you Take a trip to Newford You will want to stay and meet everyone, especially the Crow Girls Of this I am 1000% sure. What a great collection Rereading Trading Hearts at the Half Kaffe Cafe got me thinking that Adrian Paul the actor who did Highlander the tv show would be perfect as Lyle the shy investment counselor werewolf and I never do that Making a Noise in This World reminded me of something Sherman Alexie would write and maybe film Embracing the Mystery and Pixel Pixies are both about the used bookseller Holly Rue The Witching Hour is about Geordie and Christie s brother who only did the right thing at the very end of his life Seven Wild Sisters is a wonderful 144 page novella set in the same universe as de Lint s story about a West Virginia mountain girl who finds a painting box In Seven Wild Sisters she s an old woman with another teenager learning from her I could only wish that Sarah Jane finished high school. I love visiting the town of Newford and it s environs The people you meet plus those who are not people in the strictest sense always make for great stories They are not always easy stories, but they awake a sense of wonder and a desire to look beyond the world that can be seen to that which may only be sensed.