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The Last Boat Begins With A Close Up Account Of The Greatest Maritime Disaster In British History When The British Expeditionary Force Lost Troops In Ten Minutes Than It Had In The Previous Nine Months The News Was So Shocking That Churchill Suppressed It And The Report On The Event Is Sealed Until The Year But This Is Not An Investigation Into This Tragic Event But The Beginning Of A Journey For A Group Of Young People Who Have Gone To Help But Find Themselves Trapped And Fleeing The Nazi Blitzkrieg As It Rampages Through FranceAt The Same Time That The Luftwaffe Is Strafing The Survivors Of Their Bombing Another Shipment, So Important That It Could Have Changed The Outcome Of The War, Is Trying To Escape From France The Tragedy Was The Sinking Of HMT Lancastria On Th June The Shipment Was World S Entire Supply Of DO Or Heavy Water Without Which Research Into Splitting The Atom Would Have Been ImpossiblePrising Apart The Floorboards Of History, The Last Boat Links These Two Events As Jack Renouf And His Friends Try To Escape The Germans And Help This Cargo To Safety But Safety Is An Illusion And The Story Culminates In The Bombing Of Jersey On Th June And Leaves Jack In Desperate Need Of Another Last Boat To EscapeThe Narrative Voice Is Jack Renouf S, Whom Readers Might Have Met In Against The Tide He Is A Year Older But Only A Little Wiser Through The Immediacy Of His First Person Perspective You Are Compelled To Witness Events Which Cannot Leave You Unmoved Muscular Authenticity Was The Verdict Of One Reviewer While Others Have Described Jack S Account As Intense, Exciting, Absorbing And Frightening

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    The Last Boat by John F Hanley is the eagerly awaited sequel to Against the Tide , which ended with the outbreak of WWII.The second book takes us to the evacuation of Dunkirk and Allied troops from Northern France I was amazed at the amount of detail the book was able to supply So much happened in such a short time span at the beginning of the war that few of us can imagine the multitude of factors that came into play for the people of the Channel Islands and Northern France Where to escape to, how to escape and how far exactly the Germans had progressed, to name a few The book gives a rich and realistic impression of the invasion and its progress.Most of the cast from the previous book return and so several personal dramas and issues between the main characters are still to be resolved and these add splendidly to the illustration of the uncertainty of the time.Written in excellent prose and rich in plot the book was hard to put aside, with new turns, dramas and events in nearly every chapter Civilian and military considerations, espionage, some precious cargo and personal tragedies mingle with some historical events, such as the eventual sizing of the Channel Islands and the famous sinking of battle ships.The book is an amazing compilation of data and facts and with its great characters and plot historical fiction at its best It gets to show how much there was to events that in most history books only get a sentence or two, and how much there is to say and feel about them.This is a gripping and compelling read as much as it is informative Highly recommended.

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    Ever since I finished Against the tide , I have been eagerly anticipating the 2nd book in the series The author made me care about the characters so much in his first novel that I couldn t wait to find out what happens nextI certainly wasn t expecting the jaw dropping opening chapters detailing the true events of the demise of the Lancastria This is such a well researched novel, it s the best kind of history lesson because I m following the journeys and adventures of our protagonists yet filling in those gaps in my knowledge about the war Having listened to my grandparents stories they lived through the second world war I thought I knew a fair bit but now I know so much , I especially appreciated the author s notes at the end of the novel to help bridge the storytelling with the true events So come on John F Hanley, bring on novel no 3 asap

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    You really need to have read Against The Tide to know the background of the characters This book just jumps right in This is Jack Renouf s story It is interesting to read history from the perspective of individual experiences He s right in the thick of things Experiencing war from the inside Jack s love life drives me a little crazy He finds himself in dangerous situations but keeps mooning over two different women whom he hasn t even seen in quite some time I suppose it keeps things interesting, but it seems that he can t make up his own mind The story kept me reading, though.

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    The Last Boat is the sequel to Against the Tide and as the reader I was plunged straight back into Jack Renouf and his adventures along with all the other characters met in the first book In all honesty I hadn t realised how much I missed them all The Last Boat brings an extra depth to these characters, Jack himself is a year older, a little wiser but still a young man with a lot to learn about life, love and himself The book starts in France in June 1940, Jack having left his studies due to the war is involved in the rescue of some of the thousands of Allied soldiers from the beaches around Dunkirk This book has switched from swimming to sailing, the timings of the tides become crucial to the various missions that litter the pages as Jack begins to realise what type of man he really is I found myself much involved with the characters, I actually shed a tear before I was halfway through the book as actions and decisions in the past begin to have very real consequences in the present.Living in Jersey and having often thought about the sheer enormousness of the decision the locals had to make to stay and live under German rule or go and leave everything they knew behind, balancing the safety of their loved ones on an uncertain set of scales John Hanley has done a fantastic job of bringing the scenes to life, those when it was clear the islands could not be defended along with the queues to register for evacuation So in conclusion don t read this without reading Against the Tide, the characters you meet there will explain a lot in this story Expect a thoughtful book the Famous Five mad missions, hiding and carrying out daring deeds, are all still there, but this time the magnitude of what is at stake is far apparent I loved it there is something for everyone within the pages of this book, pure history, the story of a young man finding his way in the world along with some boat fixing and various other mechanical skills I never knew I wanted to know John Hanley has provided some useful timelines and notes at the end of this book which I wish I d realised whilst reading as they provide answers to some of the questions I had I was even delighted to discover that there is to be another episode to find out what happens to Jack and the others.I received a free copy of this book from the author in return for this honest review.To read about this story and the effect of the occupation on the Islanders please visit my blog

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    I received the book from the author for an honest review Die man leer net nie, ai tog The man just does not learnsigh Caroline s hold over him was relentless, but yet it shows his softer side In The Last Boat, we met up with a year older Jack, ruthless, determined and adventures as the German invasion becomes real on the island of Jersey With his trustworthy Boadicea that takes him every where he needs to go With twists in this historical, the plot develops with a steady pace as all the old characters were back Some tenacious, some even disappointing but yet it enhanced the story line from scene to scene Still very descriptive you learn about the group as they prepare for war against Germany As low flying warplanes bring tension to the inhabitants, and the general mood changed from tranquil to unbearable tension people change Some fighting for what is theirs others taking advantage of the moment to make a quick buck With Shakespearean quotes that reflect the mood of the particular scene beautifully The author s knowledge and research coming through as you learn about the different boats, engines, swimming and tides of the ocean Each playing a significant role within the plot line Giving you a good idea of what life had to be during those troubled times Suspense full, a love triangle and relationships breaking down or mending, all a sub plot which all plays a role in building the story to an enjoyable read Masterly crafted as the author takes you into the world of his characters and actual events that make this believable and entertaining.

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    I had decided to read Hanley s first book Against the Tide based on ratings on Goodreads and enjoyed it a lot That said, the second in the Jack Renouf series The Last Boat shows that the first installment was really just to introduce the characters and conflicts and set the stage for this book two and beyond The characters each have some caricaturistic tendencies but ultimately overcome them These are good books no the great books some make them out to seem but each one is thoroughly enjoyable If there were half stars on Goodreads, this would be a 3.5 rather than 4.0, but it sets the stage for a very strong look at the human side of World War II in what may be a third or fourth installment s I d recommend the series.

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    Pre publication reviews from YouWriteOn Muscular authenticity Action packed writing and its best This is a gripping example of historical fiction which taught me a great deal I enjoyed this very much All the little details sprinkled throughout the story showed that the author knew his stuff The other thing that really impressed me was the way he seemed to have captured the feel of the time I see a Master and Commander type of series emerging This is intense, exciting and frightening, the action scenes well depicted The momentum and style held me into the story The author has managed a panoramic scene while furthering the character plot I was absorbed.

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    I revived an ARC from NetGalley.com com for a review of this book.This book I want to rate four and half stars It starts sreally well then we get a little further into the book and i,felt it lost its way little but then it all changers and the finish is fantastic I would be happy to re read the story over and over again Great read.

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    Excellent Jersey Occupation novel.