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Ebulon, The Last Human City, Is Under Attack By The Largest Confederation Of Orcs Ever Assembled Against This Monstrous Force, There S Little Hope Of Surviving Save That Their King Has A Most Unique Ability Knowing That His Brave Troops Cannot Protect His City On Their Own, He Calls For Aid Across All Worlds, Desperately Hoping That His Pleas For Help Don T Fall On Deaf Ears Answering The Call, Heroes From Other Worlds Rally To Offer Their Aid But Even With Their Help, Victory Is Far From Assured As The Drums Of War Haunt The Air The Battle Is About To BeginAuthors Bring Characters From Their Collective Works Together In This Epic Crossover Anthology, Creating Incredible Stories Of Heroism, Selflessness And Bravery

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    A free eBook full of crossover adventures Wow Thanks I see where many have criticized the typos Yes, the first story is riddled with them which I found puzzling since it s author s idea to begin with but the story itself was quite imaginative Actually, though many do need some good editing, I found them all quite imaginative with a handful being so entertaining, I ve added several new authors and books to my growing horde of, well, authors and books The stars are given for how much I liked the concept, general story line and characters Found all of them to have something I liked, just some than others That s the best part of opinions, it s all about MINE here P 1 Features a character or characters from How Gods Bleed by Shane Porteous Think I need to look into this book when I find it 2 Features a character or characters from The Bone Sword by Walter Rhein Just all around my kind of adventure story and now I have the Kindle version and am thoroughly enjoying it so far 3 Features a character or characters from Anniversary of the Veil Series by Vanna Smythe Interesting characters, it s now on my to read shelf 4 Features characters or characters from The Kinnon Gate by Neil Shooter now another book for the to read shelf 5 Features a character or characters from Ellandra by R.M McDaniel can t really find anything on this one, but the characters were different and fun to read 6 Features a character or characters from WOKEN by Kaine Andrews Nice and creepy with one of my fave characters Did I mention he s creepy The character, not the author p 7 Features a character or characters from The PureLights of Ohm Totem Book 1 of the PureLights Series by Brandon Ellis Going to have to look into this series soon, was quite fun indeed 8 Features a character or characters from DISCIPLE Series by L Blankenship Interesting concept, and is now on my to read shelf 9 Features a character or characters from Minstrel s Song series by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt King s Warrior and Second Son Yup, dragons Of course she s now on my to read shelf 10 Features a character or characters from Veil of the Dragon by Tom Barczak Yay, dragons again Must read 11 Features a character or characters from The Rift by SKN Hammerstone Now on the to read shelf.12 Features a character or characters from The Mortal Realm Witch series by Jennifer Priester Not my type of adventure, maybe when I was in elementary school could I have gotten into it But I did like the mean old sorcerer being kept as a goldfish 13 Kate Porteous This is an original story written specifically for the Anthology Though the writer hopes to expand on the foundation she has placed here I encourage you to do so 14 Features a character or characters from Warrior of Urbema Trilogy by Wayne Borean This lead me to yet another to read What Scares the Boogeyman 15 This entry point is an original story written specifically for this anthology It also marks the writer s first published work of fiction This was incredibly different and quite humorous Please, sir, may we have some Epilogue Over all an enjoyable read with so many interesting and fantastic ideas Thanks again to all authors who contributed I appreciate the chance to read and judge you, and recommend this fun fan fiction to anyone who enjoys things a bit different.

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    The concept was pretty cool A group of fantasy heroes from various different worlds stories being called to come defend a world on the brink of annihilation.However, the serious lack of professionalism in that many of the chapters were rife with typos, incorrect words used, and ghastly punctuation errors made this very difficult for me to enjoy.Some of the chapters authors were much better than others.Some of the stories were just ridiculous.Some included content that would be objectionable for the under 17 crowd.A few were exceptional.Again, the idea was interesting but most of the authors really should have made use of a good editor.

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    The theme of this anthology is a crossover event , characters from other fantasy series writing short stories about a crisis in a different world This is an interesting endeavor and it works well The idea deserves additional entries.At the same time, this is a free ebook with no editor or proofreader The elements of a short story are entirely in the hands of each author plot, character development, logic, world building, a beginning middle and end, grammar and spelling Three of these authors handle those elements professionally, and two are very close Entry Point 2 Walter Rhein Entry Point 6 Kaine Andrews Entry Point 7 Brandon Ellis Entry Point 8 L Blankenship Entry Point 14 Wayne BorianThese stories are interesting, well crafted, and typos are very rare Five out of 15 good stories is a reasonable ratio and makes the anthology worth reading Links to other self publications and web sites are included You might find an author you really like.Most of the other episodes present an author who needs practice in at least one of the elements listed above Some are quite promising and will hopefully keep at it.

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    My favorites, of the stories 2 by Walter Rhein 6 by Kaine Andrews 10 by Tom Barczakand 15 by Matt Taylor gets a special mention for being well, read it and see Full disclosure I wrote 8.