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This was a re read or in this case, I listened to it the second time aroundSeries IndeedSexy times Seriously, some of the best HR sexy times ever Should win awards in my most humble of opinions Plan on reading by the author Hell yes Synopsis Isolde ends up penniless and hungry at the door of a castle where Duke Cranky Pants catches her when she faints He takes her inside and treats her with love, adoration and perfect manners, NOT Whereupon she finds out she is now the owner of said castle and Cranky is all hell no and she convinces him to let her stay so she can help him work out his correspondence and obvs problems with his solicitors Along comes her enterouge of followers not followers, who are really folks totally into re enacting her father s stories See her daddio wrote a series of stories about a Knight, a Lady and adventures And they all star Isolde in a manner Anyhoo, here they come in armor and carrying banners and all the stuff And they basically invade, not invade Duke Cranky Pants inner sanctum See, it turns out someone is doing him wrong and they just wanna help him straighten life out.So will CP ever get over himself and find love with Miss Goodnight Or will he continue through life staring blindly into the sun Damn, that was one hell of a crappy synopsis Time for another glass of wine because apparently I have not had enough Heroine Izzy Goodnight Awesome With a head of hair that resembles an octopus to a partially blind man She s tough As in she s got backbone tough And she s not taking any of Cranky s crank without dishing it right back God, I loved this woman Hero Ransom Duke Cranky Pants Hotty hotty hotterson Ok, he probably was not that hot, but those aforementioned sex scenes must have done it for me Why it did or didn t work for me I adored this book the first time I read it I super adored it the second time around It s just plain damn fun and all of the characters were delightful and enjoyable Did I mention the sexy times I have no idea why Ms Dare gets my number when it comes to fun times, but she does All around Signed, Waiting for my own Duke Cranky Pants Please be quick about it 4.5 Goodnight Stars Romancing the Duke is my first Tessa Dare book and I loved it I really enjoyed her writing style Her hero Ransom was a foul mouth, damaged, sexy, asshole The heroine Izzy was a funny, spunky, outgoing woman that I couldn t help but love and root for Ransom and Izzy had a cute romance and the smexy time was hot I laughed a lot while reading this book I love any book that can make me laugh I loved the plot and I loved the ending I am so glad I give this book a change and I can t wait to read books by Tessa Dare In The First In Tessa Dare S Captivating Castles Ever After Series, A Mysterious Fortress Is The Setting For An Unlikely LoveAs The Daughter Of A Famed Author, Isolde Ophelia Goodnight Grew Up On Tales Of Brave Knights And Fair Maidens She Never Doubted Romance Would Be In Her Future, Too The Storybooks Offered Endless PossibilitiesAnd As She Grew Older, Izzy Crossed Them Off One By One By OneUgly Duckling Turned Swan Abducted By Handsome Highwayman Rescued From Drudgery By Charming Prince No, No, And HehNow Izzy S Given Up Yearning For Romance She Ll Settle For A Roof Over Her Head What Fairy Tales Are Left Over For An Impoverished Twenty Six Year Old Woman Who S Never Even Been Kissed This One Wanna read a story about a moody blind guy who pushes everyone away from him Scarred heroes aren t my thing They tend to be angry pricks, and I m just not turned on by mopey and or dark dudes Guess I m just funny like thatHowever, humorous historical romances with plucky heroines are my thing, and that s what made Romancing the Duke a big win for me This story Well, it s filled to the brim with stuff that I hate.Handsome blind hero and plain ugly duckling woman Hero is physically emotionally scarred.Hero is calloused and mean Each of those are things that make me want to askHow many fingers I m holding up Now, I know a lot of you love the stuff I mentioned, and even actively seek those sort of books out, but I m soooo glad I didn t know about them until I already had the book in my hot little hands.BECAUSE IT WAS SO CUTE No, really Izzy was just so spunky, and funny, and cute Her life has been less than amazing, but she just never gives up Ever.Every time Ransom that s the guy tries to get rid of her because she s inherited his family s castle , she just ignores his dismissal and pretends he s kidding.Which, naturally, drives him nuts.Of course, he tries to scare her off by threatening to ravish her with kisses As men do snort But she turns the tables on him by being REALLY open to the suggestion.So, yeah He s sorta gotta put up or shut up.And then there s this whole storyline about Izzy being the daughter of a famous children s story writer and the basically cosplayers who follow her around I m totally serious.Sounds crazy, but Tessa Dare makes it work.This may not be my favoritest story ever, but if you re looking for a cute romance to pass the time, you should check this out 4.5 stars I will always credit Tessa Dare as the author who got me hooked on historical romance If it wasn t for her Spindle Cove series, I might have gone the rest of my life thinking that historical romances were not for me How VERY wrong I was I listened to this book on audio, and I shelled out big bucks for it, something I rarely do However, I listened to all of the Spindle Cove books and feel totally in LOVE and so I didn t want to ruin a good trend The narrator of this book was Carmen Rose, which was a big change from Carolyn Morris, who was a PRO narrating the Spindle Cove books It took me a little while to appreciate Carmen Rose s narrating style While she did nice voices and had great range, something about the cadence or reading abilities felt forced to me However, the narration grew on me as I listened on and on, and I ended up really enjoying it I plan on paying big bucks grumbles to continue the series in audio As for the plot just wonderful I have a STRONG weakness for a hero with a disability, especially a grouchy hero, and I simply adored Ransom Ransom and Izzy were a great match, and I loved how their relationship changed and grew over time But what I love best is how Tessa Dare keeps me on my toes She keeps the plot going with some twists and turns that I wouldn t have guessed, and with engaging, extremely witty dialogue It was an excellent story, and though it was a touch on the long side, I enjoyed every minute of listening Another Tessa Dare success. melts into a puddle on the floor smutathon is off to a GREAT start 07 01 LAST WEEK OF THE YEAR In need of laughs smiles swoon Reread of Izzie s story Verdict EVEN BETTER Still 4.5 stars but I round up at 5 After reading a crappy romance anti stalker effect guaranteed Meet Ransom the hilarious grinch instead p For God s sake Don t do that Don t do what Smile How do you know I m smiling I can hear it Hell, I can feel it It s all warm and sweet and He scowled Bah BAHAHAHAHA I loved him even the second time around He is FAR from perfect, can be such an infuriating jerk, and I might be tolerant because it s HR But I Don t Care Yum Love him Before deciding that all romance MC are boring Izzie can read in voices yes, it s important , says what she thinks, all the time, really, isn t afraid to stand for herself and says cock Before swearing you ll never read an historical romance because Just because Before During After vacations whenever really RIGHT NOW Why must this be so mortifying Oh, that s right Because it s my life ORIGINAL REVIEW 4.5 stars You know I m not an historical romance girl And yet, Color me surprised That was all kind of adorable and I fell in love with this story.Sometimes we love characters because they aren t like us see Penryn for example did I need to remind you how much I wouldn t survive in the world afterNope, I don t think so and other times, we come across some personality traits which remind us so much of ourselves that we can t help but relate to the character That s what happened to me with some sides of Izzie Not everything, but enough She s spontaneous, that is to say, happens to say everything she has in mind when she s stressed Yeah, I know the feeling She knows what she wants and isn t afraid to ask for it Personal story time you can skip it if you don t care.When I was a kid, sometimes I was grounded I know, shocking The fact is, I used to wait a bit like, half an hour and after this I always went to my dad to ask him if I could go out Sometimes he said yes, other times he said no Whatever It depended on the stupidity I d done, I guess Well, all of that is this to say that I asked what I wanted, contrary to my sister who waited that my parents told her to go out.Why am I telling this to you To point out that I was a spoiled brat Hmm No Maybe I don t know Not the point Actually I m telling this because here s what I learnt and remembered In life, if you want something, you re going to have to ask for it, because people aren t going to guess for you.And that s what annoys me the most in heroines and makes me often want to shake them that s a rule I apply in my life, and it s pretty simple if you ask for the opposite of what you want, you ll probably obtain the opposite of what you want If you don t know what you want maybe you have to think about it before asking And finally, if you want something, go for it and ask Of course that s not because you ask that you will obtain what you want, OF COURSE But you re increasing your chances here That s why I loved Izzie She knows what she wants and she isn t afraid to fight to obtain it In her straightforward way, she s freaking courageous and her bluntness is incredibly enjoyable She s a woman, not a spoiled brat Romanced since her childhood by her writer of a father, she doesn t believe in fairies tales and her only and true goal is to be noticed To be seen entirely Even if she s inexperienced as hell, she doesn t shy away and just asks for what she wants How exhilarating is that And we have Ransom Ah, Ransom What a perfect broody hero you are Let me tell you his inner monologues full of venom were hilarious that s simple, he s always trying to get rid of someone, in one way or another And wow, how badly he takes people intrusion That was precious Like here How did one get rid of these girls They were like fanned away horseflies They just kept coming back Or here Certainly you can It s bad enough that they pester you with letters and questions Draw a line, Goodnight Go out there and tell them you re a grown woman who can sling about the word cock with the ease of a courtesan, and you don t appreciate unannounced visits Then invite them to sod off, the bunch of clanking idiots If you won t, I ll do it Moreover he s protective and so fucking hot And above all that, he s a broken man who doesn t believe in love and who s incredibly afraid to open his mind and his heart to feelings and yet he craves for them Literally Damn, that s safe to say that he stole my heart completely I loved everything his grumpiness, his struggle to love, his hotness, and he earned his batch of Awwwwwwwww from me What was he coming to, when a woman sat in his lap, he gave her a stern what for and then ten seconds later, oopsy daisy and la di dah, he went and twirled a finger in her hair That was not ducal behavior It certainly wasn t normal behavior for him Their banter was wonderful, full of repartee and yet never filled with disrespect This brings me to the absolutely delicious conversations between Izzie and Ransom man, that was hilarious Between their comments and the awkward situations they re put into the Army guys Precious I ll let you discover it , I couldn t help but laugh out loud like a total fool That was fucking great Moreover, the story takes place in a castle which is awesome but in a wrecked castle which is evenawesome Since his accident, Ransom never had the occasion and never wanted to make a home of this castle and guess what A lot of things will change with Izzie s arrival, much to Ransom s despair Finally, as a not so fond of historical romance girl, what I often despise when I read a book like this is the writing and the pacing Truth being told, I end bored often than most and have a hard time enjoying the My Lady and other Your Grace Good news Here s I never felt overwhelmed by an heavy writing, that s quite the opposite I was captivated from the beginning to the end Bravo I cheered at the end I CHEERED I don t know what else I can tell you to convince you Edit To you specialists of historical,I have a request If you know others books like this, aka, without too many stereotypical sayings and great characters, please, tell me I m like a kid who s discovered ice cream right now For of my reviews, please visit I think this is somewhere between 3 and 4 stars for me, but it got 4 because it has some yummy steamy stuff in it If you are intrigued by the idea of a period romance with LARPers in it This could be your jam We read this for Vaginal Fantasy and it was overall really enjoyed by all 4.5 starsI honestly don t even know if I can be trusted to seriously rate historical romances Mostly because where certain trends and tropes seriously piss me off in EVERY SINGLE OTHER GENRE, in HRIn fact, I actually look forward to certain HR tropes They re like mental check boxes, and the of them are checked off, the higher I m likely to rate the book Take this book It had witty banter, hilarious moments, a disheveled duke, a virginal yet non prudish female lead, hate to love relationship, hawt schmex, insta lust, goddamn near insta love, a drafty castle, and a plot I can hardly remember even though I just finished it Do you know what that translates to CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Release the ermine Isolde Izzy Ophelia Goodnight Motherless Fatherless Homeless Penniless Friendless Plain, twenty six year old Izzy, who has never been kissed let alone courted, inherits Gostley Castle With her pet ermine and little else, she travels to Northumberland to seize inherit the castle.When she arrives she s surprised to find Ransom, Duke of Rothbury and former owner still in residence Seven months ago, thirty year old Ransom was injured in the face in a duel and has been hiding out in his declining castle ever since.Ms Dare really does have one of the very best voices of humorous historical romances Here she cleverly weaves in the fairy tale theme with her heroine s father, a writer of fictional tales, the hero albeit a brooding knight in shining armour, the plain, penniless but quick witted and resourceful heroine, and the setting in a castle There s also a very funny, re enactment society, fans of Izzy s father s stories.This is your very typical Tessa Dare historical Well written, well plotted, funny And historically inaccurate Which doesn t usually bother me But this time it seemed the characters attitudes were just a little too modern Insert two twenty first century characters into a gown and breeches and you d have Izzy who was just too keen to often jump the Duke s bones and Ransom, who specialised in toe curling, dirty talking sex At least they were well matched I guess I debated between 3.5 and 4 stars as I was a bit disappointed in the anachronistic values and s, especially of the leads But decided on 4 stars, since it is well written, funny and entertaining, with two really likable, charming highly sexed protagonists Not Ms Dare s best in my opinion, but a whole lot better and enjoyable than most historical romances, and written with a quality of humour almost second to none in romance Steam 3 ARC courtesy of Avon via NetGalley