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New York Times bestselling author Jacuelyn Frank continues her scorching and sensual new series set in the world of the Nightwalkers where alluring entities known as Bodywalkers are the vanguards against the raging forces of darkness As a mercenary Leo Alvarez has signed on for a lot—but he never signed on for his best friend becoming host to the soul of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh Jackson is now inhabited by a Bodywalker and Leo is forced to grapple with a realm of supernatural beings far dangerous than anything he’s ever encountered But when Jackson is wounded by an attack from a demon god Leo must team up with another supernatural creature—a Night Angel—to save his friend from utter destruction With skin as black as midnight hair as white as snow and a body of pure perfection the Night Angel arouses a burning desire in Leo even as he refuses to be intimidated by her power—or the power of those who would destroy his friend An unusual alliance is forged electrified by sexual temptation and together the two must unite their strengths to bring down a supreme evil

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    I LOVE love love this series but for some reason this book didn't work for me like the previous ones I guess what attracted me here was Egypt and pharaohs and everything all that this book didn't have Plus the way everything went between the main coupleview spoilerI don't like false memories and here there wasn't any falling in love or getting to know each other because it was all stuffed into a dream that made them connect hide spoiler

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    Forsaken is the third book in The World of Nightwalkers by Jacuelyn Frank and in this installment we read about Leo In this uniue story Ms Frank was able to once again create a whole new realm that takes our imagination to another level blending Egyptian history paranormal and the human world I enjoyed that Ms Frank was able to capture the pure raw emotions of Leo throughout the story allowing readers like myself to feel the experiences that Leo tackles in this book Another great addition to the series

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    As the story of the Night Walkers continue this is the story of Leo Alvarez and a Night Angel named Faith She's beautiful mysterious strong and uniueLeo loathes all supernatural beings and is weary of them all including his best friend Jackson and his dearest Docia But certain events forces him to work together with Faith and he can't help but wonder and become attracted to her Leo fights with all his might the attraction he feels for Faith and he realizes that he can't live without her though he is so jaded and feels that he is not good enough for her image error

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    45 Wonderful StarsReview posted at LOVE this series and this book gives me And this book it really gave me Good VibesSince the moment i discovered this series i was fascinated by the world Jacuelyn Frank created and i couldn't get enough of it So when i saw this book of NetGalley i had to have it and i loved it but not as much as the others but it had nothing to do with the book it was just me First of all i am not a big fan of books with angels and this was a first for me But i wanted to read Leo story and i ignored thru the book that Faith was one and get over it From the previous book we know that Leo's best friend Jackson is the host to the Pharaoh Menes and cause of that he has been tortured to death and revived again and again only for the reason the same thing to happen again Leo has a hard time to understand the new world he discovered and to connect with Jackson as he done in the past but when Jackson get's hurt he will do everything in his powers to save him even if he has to work with one of them And that person is Faith a Night Angel who comes in Jackson's aid when he get's hurt Leo dose not like her but something strange happens to him when she is around He hates the fact that he is attracted to her and that she can read him as an open bookFaith has a hard time being around Leo cause she feels attracted to him but she doesn't like his away of thinking about their world and that he thinks everyone is bad cause of what they done to himBut together they must find a way to save Jackson and most important they need to find a way to work together and understand each other Every time i read a book by this author she leaves absolutely gob smacked with her ability of writing Her writing it's so flawless fast paced and not dragged around on and on that you get bored whit the story Overall this was a great book and i am looking forward to read the next one in this series If you love PNR books you def need to give a go the the wonderful new world Jacuelyn Frank has created in her book You wont regret itRecommend it ReadARC courtesy to Random House Publishing Group Ballantine

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    ORIGINAL POST AT MY BLOG FANGS WANDS AND FAIRY DUST Frank’s FORSAKEN is a Richly Detailed Intersection Disclosure E Galley provided by Publisher via NetGalleycom for review purposes No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions expressed herein are my own unless otherwise notedI’ve read several of Jacuelyn Frank’s series now and in my opinion this is the best of what I’ve read I was immediately engaged in this blend of the Bodywalkers’ and Nightwalkers’ series In fact the Bodywalkers’ series takes place in the Nightwalkers’ worldI was captivated by the Night Angel a type of Nightwalker I had not seen before as she steps onto the Bodywalker stage Her physical description is delicious I like it when series intersect like this because it allows an easier suspension of disbelief by creating a larger world It’s like learning a new language and then learning it is spoken in not one but two countriesI don’t know of any other author in the paranormal romance genre who writes such flowing internal monologues for her characters Nor one who writes such emotionally rich internal landscapes The story offers layer on layer of individual emotional travail character interaction and plotIt hasn’t always worked well for me but herein it works fabulously wellThese characters are walking paradoxes confused complicated unsure angry loving hatingThis combined world has depth history and it feels solid in its writer’s hands She can even tell you the differences between a human’s and Night Angel’s vagina Bodywalkers are ancient Egyptians who blend with host bodies and their personalities Nightwalkers are species of supernaturals The all live pretty much on this earth in our history with an unaware human populationIt can be hard to grasp the idea of blended souls; it is for the human characters One thing I don’t like in the blended ancient Egyptians is that the females always seem dependent on the males Here the two couples who have been reunited in blended souls take a backseat to the relationship between the human Leo Alvarez and the Night Angel Faith In that way it is about the Nightwalkers than the Bodywalkers There are other plot points where the series intersect and if you haven’t read any of the Nightwalkers series it may feel the slightest bit esoteric But it’s not too distractingI have to note that Frank unapologetically creates species and powers as they are needed Sometimes this means a problem that seems insolvable is solved by the ubiuitous Deus Ex Machina They serve a purpose in the writer’s arsenal of devices that I have come to accept as part of her styleI really enjoyed the development of the relationship between this new couple Leo is getting over a torture of such magnitude by a Bodywalker that he hates all supernatural beings but he is also intensely loyal to his blended friends Getting him through that is brings the couple together as he works out this intense prejudice Frank really makes the painful emotional journey and his intellectual leaps palpable and powerful This aspect of the story is the most thought provoking I think most humans put up biases against emotionalintellectual turmoil Try as we like it is rare to find someone who doesn’t harbor some kind of bias and assumptionFrank’s prose is often passionately purple enough to make me blush but she really gets it right here especially the kissing scenes I loved this line in particular He Kissed her slow and deep as though he were the chocolate of desire melting into her mouthloc 3956 – Kindle E ARCMy feelings towards Frank’s books have been uneven I really like some and have had trouble with others I really really liked this one Within the series it doesn’t stand on its own so I have to recommend it in context But I do HIGHLY recommend FORSAKEN

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    This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance In Forsaken we have the delectable story of our lovely Leo Now in the previous books he has always been a bit elusive but I have loved his friendship with JacksonMenes But In this book we see how he is torn He has just gone through a terrible ordeal of being tortured over and over again and despises Nightwalkers Now that he is on the road to recovery he has many things he needs to come to terms with including his best friend being a Nightwalker But when Jackson is injured he joins forces with a Night Angel and find a way to save his friends life But he discovers a passionate love with the mysterious and beautiful Faith They go on a journey together of excitement danger and desireI had a blast with this book and the reader goes through a variety of emotions with this one Leo is a hero that just calls out to you You see that the road to healing can be treacherous sometimes and difficult And oh poor Jacksonhe is one of my favorite characters of the series So it broke my heart when you see what happens to him But I adored Leo for having the courage to do what it takes to save his friends life even if he has mixed feelings about him The romance between Leo and Faith was truly wonderful to see unravel At first they have a chemistry but don't act on it till later But I admired the way they come together at the right moment A truly fascinating and thrilling tale to  a fantastic series foogallery id21393

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    The Nightwalkers' world is expanding In this installment a Night Angel finds love in the most unlikely places in the arm of the human Leo Alvarez Jacuelyn Frank writes a wonderfully conflicted character in Leo He loves and is loyal to his friend but still resents and is unsure of the second spirit sharing his body When his friend is seriously injured Leo will pull out all the stops to save himLeo must deal with his prejudices as well as his growing feelings for the beautiful Night Angel that stands by his side in their uest It is a tenuous alliance that slowly grows into sexual chemistry and friendship but will Leo be able to give her his unwavering trusttheir very survival counts on it Forsaken is a fabulous addition to The World of the Nightwalkers It is sure to please any paranormal romance fan With its action intense scenes humorous and witty dialog and ignitable sexual tension Forsaken made for an utterly entertaining readI received this ARC copy of Forsaken from Random House Publishing Group Ballantine Books in exchange for a honest review This book is set for publication January 7 2014Written by Jacuelyn FrankSeries The World of the NightwalkersSeuence in Series 3Page Count 368 pagesPublisher Ballantine Books Publication Date January 7 2014ISBN 10 0345534913ISBN 13 978 0345534910Rating 4 StarsGenre Paranormal Romance FantasyFind this book on | Barnes Noble

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    Shocking and could be traumatic for people sensitive to graphic visual images Yucky parts that made me shiver and pause reading Had to shake nasty images away Felt connected to the main characters though Good chemistry Full of emotion the good the bad and the ugly Really a very good read 4 stars SpoilerNote to Self New MexicoLeo Alvarezmortalex Army Rangermerctorture survivorpalFaithNight AngelRoyal Princesseldest sis311yomessenger reflectorJackson Waverleyolder broPolitic BodywalkerEgyptian Pharaoh Menesex coppalMarissa Anderson Politic BodywalkerEgyptian Pharaoh Hatshepsutex psych Docia Waverleyyounger sisTemplar Bodywalker Tamerinow Politicpal1palRamPolitic BodywalkerEgyptian Pharaoh Ramses IIpalAhnvilGargoylePolitic guardKamen's ex slaveKamenwatiKamenTemplar priest BodywalkerSingSingDjynnpal1MaxmortalPolitic guardAngelina Anderson mortal sisGreyMarid Djynn888yoThe Sultan of Western StatesmatchmakerMysticalPegasusnikDaxyounger broNight Angelrape survivorDesmond822yoher dadleader Night AngelsDahliaher sisNight Angel heirophantmost powerfulBalthazarDax's dadNight Angelher momleader Australian Night AngelsAndyDown Syndrome man

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    Review Forsaken The World of the Nightwalkers Book 3 by Jacuelyn FrankPublication Date January 7 2014Reviewed by Reading in Pajamas DonnaRated 45 Stars Blog post loved this installment of the Nightwalker series Leo vulnerable but with the strength and courage that makes a girl swoon and Faith with a tender caring heart along with the soul of a warrior I am enjoying the Egyptian theme that also combines various other paranormal references It had it all Suspense danger excitement lust humor and of course hot romance I would have scored it a 5 but Leo protected his heart a few pages too long for me Ms Frank knows how to reel a reader in and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next bookARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewBUY LINKS ➢ Kindle 599 | Paperback 719 | BN 799 | Kobo 799 ✦The World of Nightwalkers Series by Jacuelyn Frank Reading Order✦✦Book 1 Forbidden ➢ ✦Book 2 Forever ➢ ✦Book 3 Forsaken ➢ ✦Book 4 Forged Coming April 29 2014 ➢

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    My mistake in this series was skipping the second book I missed a whole chunk of info from the last book so it seemed almost as if starting to watch a show from the middle having to ask the people around you Hey wait When did that happen? Anyway Jacuelyn Franks is an amazing writer with all kinds new lore in this book A dark angel helps Leo find a Djinn who is a high up magical one after an imp who is a male looking like a beautiful woman blasts Jackson's soul apart left unconscious dying Leo has to go through a self realization about his emotions after he was left a helpless victim of an attack by Chatha a Templar whose host is suppressed I'm thinking in the last bookThere is so much going on all the time sometimes it may be hard to keep up I had to go back a few times to reread parts Most people are a host and entity together in one soul I get confused by who is who sometimes Sooo Just don't read it when you can have several distractions you have to pick up where you left off You will get lostJacuelyn Frank is one of those authors who have proven herself She's good worthy of your read I recommend it if you like the Egyptian mythologyGod thing It either is or isn't your thing