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He Can Seduce With A Single Glance Peering Down At A Sea Of Fans, Rock Star, Mitchell Davies Can T Deny The Innocent Beauty Of A Woman In The Front Row He Ll Stop At Nothing To Get To Know Her When A Public Altercation Leaves Her Weak And Defenseless, He Takes The Opportunity To Be Her SaviorShe S Been Sheltered From The World Alana Shelton Wants To Spread Her Wings And Experience Life Away From Her Restrictive Upbringing But She Isn T Prepared For A Gorgeous Stranger To Sweep Her Off Her Feet While At Her Most VulnerableAttraction Will Bring Them Together, But Their Pasts Will Try To Tear Them Apart He Wants To Teach Her How To Trust, But She Ll Show Him How To Love In A Glamorous World Of Rock And Roll, Only Time Will Tell If They Re Up For The Challenge This is my third book by Eden Summers, but this is the first one I have re read two and a half times I simply love her voice and writing style Not only are her characters infused with a great sense of humor, they re also real and easy to connect with While her debut novella, Sneaking a Peek was full of sexy humor, and Concealed Desire was a little serious with corporate sexiness, Blind Attraction veers off into a emotional and vulnerable type of read.There was never a dull moment with this story Twenty seven year old Alana starts off seemingly shy and shrouded in a sense of fragility When the full force of Mitch s attraction is directed at her, she shakes off her insecurities and decides to live in the moment, out of the shadows of her upbringing Although Alana is visually impaired for the majority of the story, I felt that particular obstacle allowed for Mitch to believe in her interest and her advances After all, the attraction was based solely on a few minutes of eye contact during the concert It also seemed to help her open up without being able to see his expressions.His actions slowly obliterate everything she was taught to believe about men, and seeing her figure that out through making decisions for herself was sweetly satisfying.Mitchell Davies is and isn t the typical rock star hero When we meet him, he s at the point in his life where he has come to loathe the string of easy women who just want to be able to say they had bedded a rock star He s not ready to settle down, or so he thinks, but he longs to feel a connection to a woman who sees him for himself Naturally when Alana doesn t act like the typical crazy fan going all fangirl on him, he intuits that he may be onto something, and that just intrigues him even He has to know this woman When an incident directed at him leaves her temporarily blind, old instincts rise to the forefront, and he just has to take care of her Get to know her And so begins their discovery of self, each other and truth.This story was touching on so many levels Alana makes a startling discovery about her past that threatens to leave her floundering for a sense of self But Mitch is there to support her The warring emotions between Alana and Mitch not just the differences in their background or places of residence, but also the fact that Mitch would be willing to let her go so that she can spread her wings and fly One can t help but feel sorry for him and his misguided good intentions, but the ensuing dialogues between Mitch and his band mates, as well as between him and Alana showed the growth that they had undergone in the short time they were getting acquainted Their bond may have started out as a purely sexual relationship, but through that they discovered so much And let me tell you, each and every encounter was toe curling in its intensity And the ending was a superb conclusion to their struggles to make things work Alana learns empowerment and Mitch learns that he deserves to have it all.A touching plot, great dialogue and humor, and toe curling sex if this was just a taste of what is to come for the rest of the band members, I m all in This was the perfect hot romance for a hopeless romantic like me I will be purchasing a print version in the hopes of getting it signed one day.Favorite moments Meet me backstage later The deep voice whispered along her skin and her body hummed in appreciation She turned her focus to the eyes shaded under the cap Mitchell Davies She wasn t broken and that was all that mattered A tear fell down her cheek, and she wiped it away with a relieved breath Years of brainwashing from her mother hadn t crippled her She d begun to worry that the trauma from being surrounded by abused women had sunk in Mitch stared at where her hand lay on Blake s crotch and appreciated that his friend didn t comment Please tell me I don t have my hand some place inappropriate Alana s voice broke Disclaimer I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review FREE on US today 3 1 2017 Stand alone book 1.FREE can seduce with a single glance.Peering down at a sea of fans, rock star, Mitchell Davies can t deny the innocent beauty of a woman in the front row He ll stop at nothing to get to know her When a public altercation leaves her weak and defenseless, he takes the opportunity to be her savior She s been sheltered from the world.Alana Shelton wants to spread her wings and experience life away from her restrictive upbringing But she isn t prepared for a gorgeous stranger to sweep her off her feet while at her most vulnerable Attraction will bring them together, but their pasts will try to tear them apart.He wants to teach her how to trust, but she ll show him how to love In a glamorous world of rock and roll, only time will tell if they re up for the challenge.FREEBIES are often good for MORE than one day I have gathered all my FREEBIES on a special shelf Kindle freebies currently over 600 books I decided to start this one yesterday as I was heading out to a concert last night and wanted to get the feel for the whole rock band thing It was ok, but nothing out of the ordinary Unlike the concert which totally ROCKED I love you Brandon. 4.5 Entertaining Stars You know what I liked it, I really, really liked this book This book was totally engaging, funny and sweet I liked both the hero and the heroine and I got what I d been looking for A bunch of thrilling emotions and plenty of hot sex Alana Shelton is at her very first rock concert, and she s thrilled Never mind that she barely knows the band and she s surrounded by a crowd of screaming panty throwing women, she s still excited This is the fist step toward her freedom You see she s lived most of her life on a reserve with her mentally fragile mother She s been around men much and she s also very leery of them, which doesn t help the situation.When she sees the lead guitarist of Reckless Beat Mitchell Davies staring down at her from the stage, she literally cannot believe it But her doubts are blown out the water, when he braves screaming fans to ask her to join him for a drink after the show When Mitchell sees the hot brunette with green eyes, he immediately wants her She isn t like the rest of the fans, when she catches him looking at her she doesn t bat her lashes at him or try to reveal are her assets to him Instead she looks away and blushes, Mitch isn t used to this and he immediately wants to know who she is When they finally get to have that drink together, a disgruntled ex employee ruins everything by trying to attack Mitchell but instead hurts Alana Mitchell immediately feels responsible and insists that he ll help her, but he also has ulterior motives This is his chance to have Alana, work her out of his system because he doesn t understand why he s so drawn to her.Because of Alana s injuries she s completely dependent on Mitchell, although she s hesitant at first, she trusts Mitchell He s in no way how her mom told her men were like He s caring, well mannered and she s definitely not scared of him In only a few short days, Alana and Mitchell s feelings grow at a fast pace But that didn t bother me at all Although Alana has had a sheltered upbringing she wasn t scared to tell Mitchell how she felt She wasn t a doormat, if she didn t like something she told him Mitchell is an alpha male, who ll do whatever it takes to get what he wants But he s also thoughtful, caring, sweet and utterly adorable I really enjoyed reading about Alana s life, the secrets her mom kept from her were huge, but understandably so Mitchell s band mate and best friend Blake was hot I hope the next book is about him Read this book