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Meet Harry Dresden Chicago's first and only Wizard PI Turns out the 'everyday' world isfull of strange and magical things and most of them don't play well with humans That's where Harry comes inLuckily however he's not alone Although most people don't believe in magic the Chicago PD has a Special Investigations department headed by his good friend Karrin Murphy They deal with the stranger cases It's down to Karrin that Harry sneaks into Graceland Cemetery to meet a vampire named Mavra Mavra has evidence that would destroy Karrin's career and her demands are simple She wants the Word of Kemmler and all the power that comes with it But first Harry's keen to know what he'd be handing over Before long he's racing against time and six necromancers to get the Word And to prevent a Halloween that would truly wake the deadMagic it can get a guy killed

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    Polka will never die

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    455 starsWe human don’t deserve dogs but how about Tyrannosaurus? “Time after time history demonstrates that when people don't want to believe something they have enormous skills of ignoring it altogether” Dead Beat the seventh book in The Dresden Files series revolves around the race to attain the Word of Kemmler The case was given by a killer vampire that threatens to destroy Karrin Murphy’s reputation unless Harry Dresden recovers the Word of Kemmler and all the power that comes with it back Unfortunately six powerful necromancers are trying to get the Word of Kemmler as well and Harry will have to win the race to find the Word before Chicago is engulfed with the rising of the dead in the upcoming Halloween I don’t think it will be possible for me to stop reading this series now every new installment I read feels like the series keeps on hitting a new stride and I can always count on The Dresden Files to have a uick fast paced and entertaining read To make things even better I did feel that the discussion surrounding death and fear in this book to be incredibly resonating and thought provoking “As advanced as mankind likes to think it is we all have that age old primal undeniable dread of darkness Of being unable to see danger coming We don’t like to think that we’re afraid of the dark any but if that’s true then why do we work so hard to make sure our cities are constantly lit? We cloak ourselves in so much light that we can barely see the stars at night” Maybe it’s also owed to the fact that I have gotten attached to the characters now that I felt that way but I must also say I kept being surprised by how much depth and character development were put into this series I mean c’mon Butters? I certainly didn’t expect him to ever receive great characterizations and development I thought he would be a passing character that occasionally meets Harry that’s it At the pace the series is going it seems like every side character—no matter how minor their role was—would end up becoming important to the overall series Also I love Mouse so much It has been a year since Harry first found him and he’s already one of the best side characters of the series; he’s one of the goodest boy “Mouse might not have been the smartest creature on earth but he was steady kind loyal and was possessed of the uncanny wisdom of beasts for knowing whom to trust I might not have been a superhero but Mouse thought that I was pretty darned cool That meant something It would have to be enough” The action packed nature of the series also returns and I think the action seuences are my favorite in the series so far Not gonna lie the climax seuences of Dead Beat was large scale and most importantly paced wonderfully; the pacing of the action scenes were the minor issue I had with the previous installments of this series and I think this is the first time I actually enjoyed every part of it The dead may threaten to ruin Harry Dresden’s life and the city of Chicago but Polka will never die And there’s Sue No one messes with Sue “I know how you feel I said You run into something you totally don't get and it's scary as hell But once you learn something about it it gets easier to handle Knowledge counters fear It always has” My rating speaks for itself regarding my enjoyment; Dead Beat is the first book in the series to break the 4 stars barrier the previous three books have This means that the series consistently and gradually provide entertaining reading experience and I’m sure another 45 stars and eventually 5 stars rating will be coming in the seuels We live in a harsh society and it’s worth remembering to unleash our Zen soul so we can achieve peace in our state of mind like Mouse “Mouse like going places in the car That the place had happened to be a clandestine meeting in a freaking graveyard didn’t seem to spoil anything for him It was all about the journey not the destination A very Zen soul was Mouse” Picture Dead Beat by Vincent ChongYou can order the book from Book Depository Free shippingYou can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions Special thanks to my Patrons on Patreon for giving me extra support towards my passion for reading and reviewingMy Patrons Alfred Devin Hamad Jimmy Nutts Joie Mike Miracle Nicholas

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    Book Twenty five Dead Beat by Jim ButcherHell's Bells count 13While I was on my long commute to work not so bad as it affords me reading time I wondered what the Harry Dresden from Storm Front would have made of the Harry Dresden from this book I imagine he probably would have been scared And to be honest I don't think I would be able to blame himThere's necromancy afoot in Chicago and as much as he doesn't want to be Harry is in the middle of all of it He's been charged by one of the most dangerous vampires in the world Mavra of the Black Court to find the missing volume of a series written by one of the most notorious necromancers in human history When the necromancer Kemmler was alive it took nearly the entire fighting force of the White Council of Wizards to stop him Now his disciples are all hunting for the book trying to be the first one to kill everyone in Chicago and become a godIt's a mission he can't refuse If he should do so Mavra has evidence in her possession that would destroy the career of one of the people closest to Harry Lt Karrin Murphy of the Chicago Police Department In the previous book Murphy helped Harry take out a nest of Black Court vampires killing several humans who had been enthralled to the vamps These Renfields were human only by technicality but a photograph of Murphy blowing one's head off would still be damning evidence Should Harry not do what Mavra wants the pictures would be released and the one things that Murphy truly loves would be goneThe point of this book broadly is Harry discovering that past actions still have present conseuences and that the choices he has to make are not always good ones While Harry does save the day he does so at a costHarry has become legitimately scary by this book His friends and his allies aren't sure about him any either his motives or his sanity The people who have stood steadfastly by him now find themselves afraid of him and what he might do And for good reason really Harry's been through a lot in the last few books He's lost the woman he loves to the Red Court vampires he very nearly lost his hand fighting Mavra and he's now absolutely terrified of using fire magic as a result On top of all that he's discovered that being someone's brother doesn't automatically mean you get to understand them Or like them Or be able to live with themSo yeah Harry's had it rough With most humans it's hard to see change from the inside and I'm sure Harry doesn't think he's changed all that much He knows he's gotten a little angrier maybe a little solitary but from his point of view it's a logical progression For people who aren't with him all the time Billy the Werewolf Mac the World's Best Tavern Owner for example the changes are drastic And truly frightening Harry's still a good guy don't worry about thatHe's just not a nice guyThis book is awash in general awesomeness and introduces a lot of good new characters both on the good and bad sides My favorite is Waldo Butters the Medical Examiner for the Chicago PD He goes from being a slightly uirky ME who kind of believes in the weird and unusual he spent 90 days under psychiatric evaluation when he refused to classify vampire remains as human By the end of the book he becomes positively heroic and is a very good avatar for The Reader We all like to believe that we would take the world of the supernatural if it existed in stride but we probably would have reacted just like Butters did when he first saw things he was not prepared for denial disbelief and then abject terror He comes around though as I'm sure all of us wouldWe also get to meet a few of the remaining Wardens of the White Council The war has gone very hard on their numbers and there are very very few available to fight a group of mad necromancers in Chicago The Red Court has dealt them such heavy blows that it's not unreasonable to think that there's a mole in the White Council somewhere Who it is though will have to wait for another book Their numbers have been slashed and they need every able bodied magic user they can get The deal they offer Harry for their assistance is a surprising one but makes perfect sense And it will play heavily into the books that followThere's also one genuine Holy Shit moment in this book I won't tell you what it is because that would just spoil the whole thing All I can say is that it's at the end of chapter 38 You can't miss itFrom here on out this is going to be a very different series Bigger darker as if that were possible building on the foundation of the previous books to make something far elaborate and interesting I can't wait to see what it ends up being Polka will never die Waldo Butters Dead Beat

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    Dr Peter Venkman Dr Egon Spengler Dr Ray Stantz Winston Zeddnire and Dana Barrett all sit watching The Big Lebowski and discussing Jim Butcher’s 2005 Harry Dresden novel Dead Beat – the seventh novel in the seriesVenkman We have to drink every time we hear an F BombAll drinkEgon Butcher has done another outstanding job explaining and expounding upon his paranormal universe this time returning to many of the themes he explored in his third Dresden novel Grave Peril involving ghosts and the undeadDana Also interesting was the turn that Harry’s relationship with Karrin Murphy took did not see that comingWinston Neither did HarryAll drinkRay OK so let’s break it down – Storm Front was about wizardry in general setting up the storyline; Fool Moon was about lycanthropy Grave Peril was ghosts Summer Knight was about fairies Death Masks was with vampires; Blood Rites vampires especially the succubae white court and now we’re back to ghostsDana Though all of the novels have been liberally interspersed with mention of the arcane building the Dresden universe Winston And they’re just fun to readAll drinkVenkman Was it me or did this one have a greater than normal Lovecraftian influence? And how cool is it to have a character called the Corpsetaker??Egon You’re correct Peter the old ones or a variation on that theme was brought upAll drinkWinston Anyway another very entertaining visit to the Dresden files and the storyline just keeps getting betterAll drink

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    Harry Dresden fans do you know you can get special Dresden character tea blends like this Butters one?? Just food er drink for thoughtWonder what he tastes like Corpses?? I'm 100% in love with the audiobooks for this series James Marsters gets better and better with each book and I'm addicted to listening to him narrate His character vocal differentiation is improving with each story and his inflections are spot on He is amazing really amazing In terms of plot this one was pretty freaking convoluted There were dozens of bad guys and insurmountable odds but Jim Butcher pulled it off in the end It wasn't my favorite of the series thus far but I had an excellent time listening The storyline was unlike any that I've heard before and it was somewhat brilliant in it's level of complexity Bring on Harry Dresden and polka please

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    45 starsThe best book in the series so far and this is saying a lot given that necromancy is not one of my favourite UF themes Butcher managed to make necromancy fascinating than usual by bringing in mysterious dark lore into the story Moreover he upped his character work yet again both in Harry and a new favourite supporting character Waldo Butters I also loved that Mouse got a lot screen time in this instalment The climactic action scene here was also one of the longest and most intense to date but at the same time peppered with just enough humour that have worked so well in these books

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    The one where it really starts to get good Has several priceless scenes especially in the last third that had me re reading this book Best dinosaur scene ever

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    This entry in The Dresden Files has wizard Harry Dresden fighting necromancers to protect his friends and contemplating his own mortality We also get to hang out with a few side characters and see a fascinating new side of Bob who just happens to be one of my favorite characters in the whole series Because that Kemmler was a certifiable nightmare Bob said That got my attention Bob the skull was an air spirit a being that existed in a world of knowledge without morality He was fairly fuzzy on the whole good evil conflict pg 39 ebookThere's some ridiculousness and danger to the story but mainly Harry angst and the perpetual struggle against darkness And despite every religious faith the testimony of near death eyewitnesses and the imaginations of storytellers throughout history death remains the ultimate mystery No one truly definitely knows what happens after pg 30 ebookAnd a few old enemies of course She laughed harder and the sound of it spooked the hell out of me There was no warmth in it no humanity no kindness no joy It was like Mavra herself pg 33 ebookHarry is still dealing with his disabled hand which he burnt the heck out of in the last book I had a responsibility to keep that destructive strength in check; to use it to help people to protect them It didn't matter that I still felt terrified It didn't matter that my hand was screaming with pain pg 65 ebookAlso some of Harry's previous decisions about vampires and the Wizard Counsel have some serious conseuences But anybody who's been reading this series for awhile knew that that was only a matter of timeAnd there's the small matter of a certain silver coin that Harry picked up a few books ago and buried under the concrete in his lab But whatever is in the coin can't get out of the circle he put it in right? I just keep getting wounded and tired I'm not some kind of superhero I'm just me And I didn't want any of this pg 131 ebookIf you haven't read this series I highly recommend you start with the first book The stories build on each other and become uite satisfying in my opinionThe ending of this one contains some ridiculousness that I was not prepared for but after some thought about the series I've decided that it doesn't matterThere is very little Jim Butcher could write in here that I wouldn't like Somewhere along the line I've become uite a fan of The Dresden FilesI didn't expect it But that's the truth

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    “Normals looked at me like I was insane when I told people I was a wizard People who were in the know didn’t look at me like I was insane They looked at me like I was insanely dangerous” Harry Dresden is set again to hit the streets of Chicago in this seventh installment of The Dresden Files It’s amazing to me how Jim Butcher manages to make each story in this series just as fun much as all the previous stories sometimes even so In Dead Beat Harry is set with the task of taking on some nasty necromancers known as the Heirs of Kemmler Harry is one hell of a detective and no slouch when it comes to a magical battle But he’s up against enemies with some definite magical horsepower Luckily he has the help of his dog Mouse the polka music playing mortician Butters and several members of the white council along the way “When you do something stupid and die it’s pathetic” I said “When you do something stupid and survive it then you get to call it impressive or heroic” One of my favorite aspects of this series is you never know who is going to be Harry’s sidekick from book to book You learn a lot about these characters as the story unfolds Then you sit down to read the next book and the same character may only have a short scene It plays out a bit like a sitcom with characters ebbing and flowing as the story progresses and a main reason this series is so addictive It makes you want to know what has been going on with these characters since they last showed up in the story If Harry is the heart of the series then the side characters are the life blood that keeps the heart of the series pumpingAfter 7 books in The Dresden Files I am almost halfway through all the published books not counting the short story collections Coming back to these books after being away for a few weeks always give me a nostalgic feeling I tend to read 3 at a time and then take a small break before reading 3 But it’s getting harder to leave each time I do this I may have to read the final 5 or 6 books in a row to finish up the remainder of this series I’m not sure how many books Butcher intends to write but it’s going to be a damn sad day when I close the last page on the last book Some books or series leave a lasting impression on the reader and I have a strong feeling this is one of those for me “there is a single hard cold fact that faces everyone on earth One day it’s going to be over One day the sun will rise the world will turn people will go about their daily routines – only you won’t be in it You’ll be still And cold” Actual Rating 45 stars