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Johann Sebastian Bach Smith is immensely rich; and very old His mind is still keen so he has surgeons transplant his brain into a new body; the body of his gorgeous recently deceased secretary Eunice But Eunice hasn't completely vacated her body

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    I have often wondered where was the point of no return the line of demarcation when Robert A Heinlein left his brilliant work of the 1960s and began his slow descent into weirdness and dirty old manity I think that line exists in I Will Fear No Evil published in 1970 True there was some creepiness prior to this Stranger in a Strange Land and there is also some fine writing after this segments of Time Enough for Love – Job A Comedy of Justice – and parts of The Cat Who Walks Through Walls but Heinlein never came back to the glory daysHeinlein is one of the all time greats one of my personal favorite writers but I could not bring myself to finish this one Rich old man pays for a uniue way to get a new body What follows is A LOT of internal dialogue about generation gaps differences between the sexes and AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHH I just could not take any

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    Heinleinwtf?what was this I don't evenI don't know where to beginOkay I can forgive Heinlein a lot I forgave him for Friday in which the main character another super hot polysexual Heinleinian wet dream view spoilermarries her rapist hide spoiler

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    I was having dinner with some friends the other night when I was reminded of this book Well this one and several others We were talking about how teens in Singapore these days have so much access to positive representations of gay men and gay life than when we were young It’s not only because of the internet and gay celebrities coming out It’s not even only because at the time I was a teen it was the decade of AIDS and mainstream representation of gay men was singularly stereotypical and derogatory It was also because gay novels and films were not imported into Singapore In addition to a perceived lack of demand there was also the nasty problem of censorship Well evidently the censors only went for the obvious stuff And evidently nobody bothered to check the science fiction novels So my teenage self already an avid fan of fantasy and science fiction discovered—surprise surprise—positive representations of gay men in these novels There was Damon Knight’s The Man in the Tree 1984 Tanith Lee’s The Silver Metal Lover 1981 and my favourite Ellen Kushner’s Swordspoint 1987 But even before I read any of these there was Robert Heinlein His most well known work Stranger in a Strange Land 1961 mentioned gay men but in a slightly derogatory fashion In Glory Road 1963 he was relaxed about it The heroine Star even admonishes the hero for his prejudice against a gay character By I Will Fear No Evil 1970 and Job A Comedy of Justice 1984 it was all systems go I Will Fear No Evil was probably the most explicit about this its plot involves after all the brain of an old man transplanted into the body of a young woman Heinlein examines in detail the constructs of gender and sexuality Man on woman sex woman on woman sex man on man sex it was all about loving and sharing I recall vividly even now a scene where two of the heroine's male bodyguards have sex together It was depicted as loving and caring and very explicitly labelled as such And let me tell you it was ambrosia to my avid teenage brain I’ve never ever particularly felt self hatred for being gay My family was never religious and there was not a lot of open homophobia then – I think a lot of society was simply ignorant about the concept And while I’ll never know how much an influence these books had they must have had some influence on my young mind And I will forever be grateful these were books that didn’t call it a sin that said it was okay to be gay In that sense they made it normal I can imagine now the howls of conservatives convinced it was these “evil” books that made be gay I think rather that it was these books that helped to save me from a life of self hatred It was only a few short years later that books like Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City series started being sold openly on Singapore bookshelves But for me at that crucial period of my life before Maupin’s books were available these books helped to set up the mental structure of my thinking and values a set of values that said “There’s nothing wrong with man on man sex with being gay” So from the bottom of my heart thank you Robert Heinlein

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    I took me about a month to read this sluggish piece of pelican crap Every day I’d pick it up read about 5 pages and immediately become so bored I actually started ‘cutting’ Yea right I may not have started outwardly displaying my inner pain by blading like a distraught high school dork destined to be the next trench coat mafia moron but anyone who liked this book probably shouldHaving read the lauded Heinlein classic Stranger in a Strange Land about a year ago and not enjoying it I really can’t comment on why the hell I’d think this largely ignored and rightfully so work might be some sort of improvement But the resale shop down the street has paperbacks for 50 cents so I guess that was the impetus for buying itI got about 1 percent of that investment back at least I will should I ever be stranded on a frozen tundra and need to burn this for heat It seems Heinlein is unable to write a book without having an integral character that's ancient beyond rich seething with sarcasm unspeakably clever and possessing an unparalleled sexual appetite This time that character is the focus of the book old ass Johann Smith entrepreneurbillionairelife supportee In order to cheat death as he’s cheated the IRS legal system and the masses for years he enlists a controversial Aussie doctor to perform a brain transplant into a fresh young vessel for him giving him another chance to do whatever the hell he wants Alas the transplant takes place but his consciousness is unceremoniously dumped into the body of the ultimate male sexual fantasy; his former secretary Eunice the epitome of male desire and a genuinely decent person to boot While trying to overcome the remorse and guilt that such a beautiful life was lost in order to extend his own wretched timeline Eunice’s body actually retains her ‘essence’ and the two fuse into one in a very cumbersome and unreadable manner And then they start fucking everyone Seriously Absolutely everyone Nurses doctors and orderlies male female or transgendered from the hospital where Johann was housed Johann’s longest tenured friend and lawyer his entire security crew and anyone else able to get their groove on joins in including Eunice’s former husband and his new love interestIs the book a tongue in cheek statement to how sexually repressed American’s have become? Is the wanton promiscuity even remotely interesting? Is the cerebral debating between brain and host body ever close to redeeming over the course of 500 pages? Absolutely not This book has threesomes foursomes and somes but it completely lacks any redeeming substance The same bullsht repeated incessantly about the divergent sexual s and public misconceptions between Eunice’s day and some prehistoric epoch in the dawning Iron Age when Johann could still get it upYou’d expect that there would have been something of interest concerning the social impact of the transplant procedure something involving anyone outside the microcosm of Smith’s immediate group of friends that might take place Nada If it doesn’t involve a sticky climax between awkward relations it didn’t make the cut and that’s the main reason this book doesn’t have anything to offer Sure Heinlein probably realizes that his focus in books is a bit too narrow so he has little introductory recaps of the goings on in the larger world before some chapters This only exposes the reader to the realization of how large a gap this is and detracts from the tale if anything

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    Can Science Fiction Writers Really Predict the Future? part 94Not who's just acuired a new Lenovo ThinkPad has spent the last hour getting familiar with the speech recognition capabilities She's been reading out bits of text looking at what comes up on the screen and editing the mistakes all using nothing but voice commands After a while I realized why it seemed oddly familiar there's a scene early on in this 1970 novel where the hero's sexy PA does exactly the same thing The way she uses the speech enabled word processor is described in considerable detail and is remarkably similar to what I saw just now And if you aren't sufficiently impressed already at Heinlein's skills as a prognosticator the novel is set in 2015 Spooky or what? In fact there's only one important detail he gets wrong Not was fully clothed while Eunice in the book is wearing nothing but a lot of body makeup and an entrancing smile Well it's hard to score 100% on these things

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    So earlier today I was talking with Choupette apropos Houellebec about the fact that men and women have different perceptions of sex As I said there are good biological reasons why it has to be that way If you're potentially capable of producing thousands of offspring with only a few minutes of work invested in each one your mind is just hardwired differently from the way it's going to be if each baby takes nine months of pregnancy followed by a painful and dangerous birth and then years of looking after the child When you consider it it's almost inevitable that women see men as irresponsible and sex obsessedThat discussion reminded me of Heinlein's I Will Fear No Evil a book I loved as a teenager but really haven't thought about in years For people who haven't read it the basic plot is that you have this old billionaire who decides he'll cheat death by having his brain transplanted into someone else's body He has a super hot young PA that he kind of has a very abstract thing with he's no longer in shape for any concrete things Not only is she stunningly gorgeous she's also a really nice person Due to a bizarre series of accidents she gets killed the same evening he's going to have the transplant operation and his brain ends up in her body When he wakes up and finds out what's happened he goes a bit crazy; he's been in love with her and it's too much to handle He starts fantasizing that she's still somehow there and he can talk with her It's never made clear whether this is pure fantasy or not Hethey decide to live histheir life according to his idea of how a hot young 20 something chick ought to live itLooking at other people's reviews here Chris complains that the book contains way way too much sex Denise on the other hand complains that she really shouldn't like this book so much but somehow still does Interesting by the way that the negative review comes from a man and the positive one from a woman I'm inclined to side with Denise I think it's what Orwell called a good bad book; for all its faults the psychology isn't unrealistic A man who somehow ended up in a super hot woman's body probably would spend most of his time having sex with everyone He might honestly believe that that's what the body's original owner would want him to do; it's less obvious she'd agree with him In a way Heinlein's saying some reasonably interesting things about how hard it is for a man to see the world through a woman's eyes even though the situation is set up to give him the best possible chance to do soI was also reminded of a joke I saw a couple of years ago in the British magazine Viz If you haven't seen it it's a strange beast; the humor is ostensibly as crude and stupid as possible but under the surface is often remarkably sensitive and sophisticated The joke came from a fake sex advice column In the letter supposedly from a male reader the guy complains about the fact that his girlfriend sometimes refuses him sex If I were a girl he says I'd be up for it all the time Oral anal you name it She says that if I were a girl I'd want to be treated with respect Which of us is right? The supposedly male advice columnist replies You are right and your girlfriend is wrong It's uite funny when you think about it

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    The Bad Sexism Misogyny? Reading Heinlein's books today any of his books it's hard not to wince at the things that just aren't acceptable by today's standards His sexism is probably the most difficult so reading a book where the main character Johann Sebastian Bach Smith has his brain transplanted into the gorgeous and perfect Eunice Branca effectively becoming a woman is bound to be off putting And it isThe way that Heinlein saw women would make anyone taking a Women's Studies course angry give a Professor of Women's Studies an aneurysm and make most of the rest of us cringe at least Once Johann becomes Eunice or Joanne Eunice as she has everyone call himher we enter Heinlein's vision of what it is to be a woman His concepts of a woman's power and utility are inextricably bound to a woman's sexuality and ability to procreate Through the lens of today it is undeniably sexist and would than likely be considered a misogynist vision of femininity Conflict There isn't any I suppose one could imagine that an ancient man becoming a young beautiful girl is conflict enough but it turns out that's not the case Sure there were a few minor impediments to Joanne Eunice's easy life which occurred every chapter or so and than a few social complications due to hisher surgery but they were so mundane and handled so perfectly by Joanne Eunice as to be non starters No problems in the book made for a big problem in readability The Title Kept waiting for the evil in the title that the characters wouldn't fear and it never came One of Heinlein's worst titles The Weird You might think that the idea of a gender reassignment brain transplant from the seventies would be the weird but that really wasn't all that weird after all What was weird was this The Juxtaposition The bulk of I Will Fear No Evil takes place in the mind of Johann Smith but along with JohannJoanne up in that grey matter is Eunice Branca so what we get is a constant back and forth between the two A sort of half flirtation half support group wherein the two voices navigate their world with one wanting to become the perfect woman and the other making sure he always gets it right so that they can cheer each other on and pat each other on their metaphorical backs They never argue so even the multiple voices fail to generate conflict Joanne Eunice is all harmony And when those two voices are eventually joined by a third voice and still nothing changes other than to add another harmonious voice to the mix well it is one of the weirdest bits of narrative I have ever read and not terribly effective The Good or maybe just The Interesting A Reminder Our western view of sex and sexuality has shifted so much in the decades since I Will Fear No Evil was written that I think many of us who lived through those times forget what the attitudes were and those who didn't live through those times find it difficult to understand just how different the attitudes were from what they now are We take for granted today for instance that there are homophobes out there and that there are people who are belligerent towards the transgendered but we generally see them as kooks or bigots or flat out evil Most of us are accepting and increasingly so of sexuality and gender fluidity and see that acceptance as a no brainer We ask the uestion Why wouldn't we be? and expect that we all know the answer As a bisexual man I am surely pleased with this cultural shift but I have also been very sensitive to the situation over the years and often had it in the forefront of my mind when dealing with the world Similarly and in the other direction we forget that child molestationpaedophilia was seen differently too Today we accept it as a horrible evil but as recently as the Seventies and Eighties our societies saw it as the gateway to the far worse and disgusting crimes of wait for it homosexuality and sex change operations In the city I grew up in everyone I knew from every community in the city had a child molester living somewhere in their suburb Everyone knew his or her name everyone lived calmly with the molester there and everyone was complicit in sweeping the molestation under the rug We were trained to steer clear of the molester and if we didn't it wasn't really a big deal That's the attitude I grew up with It came from home it came from school it came from friends it came from television It came from everyone We don't feel that way any but we did and not just the kooks and bigots or those who were flat out evilI Will Fear No Evil is a good reminder or a primer for anyone who needs one of how society saw sexuality not so long ago I am not entirely sure that this was anywhere in Heinlein's intentions but there it is for all to see His strange little novel of Joanne Eunice is a fascinating moment in sexual time and it is worth a read just for that of course don't take Heinlein's sexual fantasies as part of that snapshot Be careful not to confuse his extreme horniness and rejection of monogamy has part of the reminder although Credit to Heinlein All the sexism misogyny aside who the hell else would write about gender reassignment Marge Piercy but only much later in the seventies but even have all those around the reassigned accept it without even the slightest hint of unease Every man and woman who comes in contact with Joanne Eunice is instantly at ease with the gender and sexuality of the situation If they have any problems at all they are about greed or memory not about gender or sexuality If nothing else is impressive this at least is

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    Oh God I shouldn't love this book as much as I do I really really shouldn'tOkay first off let's get this out of the way This book was written in 1970 and it reads as horribly dated to a modern reader especially with the gender and sexual politics You're going to have a few moments where you look at it and just go I can't believe he just said that This also isn't at all a good introduction to Heinlein for that try The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress or Tunnel In The Sky or even Stranger In A Strange Land and a lot of people consider this book to be the turning point where Heinlein started going off the deep end completelyThat having been said I still love this book A lotuick plot summary Ultra rich mega billionaire Johann Sebastian Bach Smith is dying of old age discovers that a surgeon has successfully transplanted the brains of two chimps into each other and resolves that he will spend his money to have his brain transplanted into a new body; thanks to the fact that he has a rare blood type his potential donor pool is limited and when an accident befalls his beloved young and highly nubile secretary Eunice who has signed up to be a potential donor should she die before he does the transplant is performed Johann wakes up in Eunice's body and discovers that her consciousness and personality is still there for him to talk to Fans of Stargate SG 1 think Tok'raLike Kipling Heinlein must be read in the context of his times and a lot of this book can be taken as a dialog between Heinlein Johann shares a lot of his upbringing and his extrapolation surprisingly accurate of what society would be thirty or forty years from the point the book was written It is absolutely fascinating to watch the progression Again a lot of the gender and sexual politics can be troublesome but in context coming from a man of Heinlein's time they're shockingly progressiveA contemporary treatment of this idea would work out uite differently and I'd love to read it but as it stands this book fascinates me and I love re reading it The ending goes off the deep end and is fairly weak especially for Heinlein who usually manages to produce very satisfying endings but the first 90% of the book is one of my old favorites

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    I read this back in my younger sci fi days and it was so bad I never read another Heinlein book An old bloke becomes a young girl of very good looks and the point is laboured for about a 1000 pages Well that was what it felt like anyway Great cover though that smoking skull Good name for a book too Hey what the heck after having a look around Goodreads it all remind's me of some of the complete trash I once read I Will Fear No Crap Book I Once Read

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    I'm not sure how I feel about this book How can one book be so progressive about sexual identity and so sexist at the same time?? When one thinks about it this is an incredibly forward thinking book Published in 1970 it accepts the idea of multiple labels for sexual desire beyond heterohomo It also takes the idea of not seeing gender but just loving a person to a new height And yet it is probably one of the most sexist books towards women I have ever read To Mr Heinlein sexual freedom for women means sex is all they think about The only female characters are nurse secretary and model and they spend most of the book naked because that is the acceptable dress code for females in the workplace not the men they still seem to wear suits and on their backs Just writing about it makes my blood pressure riseBut this same books identifies six different sexual orientations mind you this was published in 1970 This juxtaposition makes it almost impossible for me to write a justifiable review Here is what I will say on the topic I finished this book I never once considered DNFing it But I'm not sure if I would recommend it to anyone