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THE SONG OF DEATH Bannon and Vree brother and sister they are assassins of the highest caliber who have long plied their trade for the Havalkeen army But all their skill and experience cannot save them from a magic sprung trap that will see the two forced to share one body when the very man they've been sent to assassinate steals Bannon's body for himself How long brother and sister can coexist in one body neither can guess And so they set out to catch and defeat this foe who has already bested them onceBut when Bannon and Vree confront this master of a magic beyond their comprehension he offers them a terrible choice to continue their new dual existence forever or to betray the Empire they have served all their lives For it is not control of Bannon's body which is Gyhard's true goal but rather the body and with it the identity and power of the Imperial Prince

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    While set in the same world as Sing the Four uarters it isn't a direct seuel This actually helped a lot because the sort of idealized original setting doesn't have a ton of inherent conflict the Empire was a great place to look at the magic system from an outsider's point of view and introduce some morally gray charactersI didn't totally love both the main sibling characters she's a little too perfect and he's a narcissistic asshole whose sole redeeming uality is that he's pretty And the bad guy is sort of muddy his plan is awfully weak and he goes from appalling to sort of the hero way too uickly to be believable The semi incestuous attraction started out really creepy and turned sort of fascinating which I did not expect and made the whole love triangle work way better for me than it should have And the actual villain was both totally sympathetic and completely repulsive which also worked out nicely Overall a bit choppy but compelling and I am looking forward to the seuel

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    Body swappingSnatching Incest Narcissistic assholes Oh AND ZOMBIES I don't evenAfter the first book this one was so out there I don't even know what to think It takes place off in another kingdom with different characters so there is no real overlap just shared background character and details The incest overtones were spelled out right from the very beginning and were so so creepy even though they were also so very fascinating later in the book The heroineprimary protagonist is obsessed with her younger completely narcissistic brother in seriously unhealthy ways not that there is a healthy way but He also is obsessed with himself so they at least have this in commonThe two are assassins who work together as a team and are unbeatable yada yada On a mission she comes across their target dying Only it is her brother trapped inside the target who body swapped and ran off in her brother's body So her brother jumps in to her and for the rest of the book her head is really crowded and twice as messed up and I uickly wished she would just evict him and move on with her life Seriously She is better off with the body snatcher and that is saying something Then there is the body snatcher who eventually falls in love really twisted with her and she sort of with him making for a bizarre sort of love triangle Though there is also the sex interest she has with the other woman a bard near the end so love suare? AnywayThe zombies in turn are created by a really old 110 years I think madman who is a former lover of the body snatcher who creates said zombies to keep himself company Because what better way to stave off loneliness than reanimated yet still decomposing corpses? Anyway this was like her other books I have read so far this week very enthralling and very nuanced In this case it was also so very completely messed up I have no idea what to do with it or how to rate it

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    The second and third installments in Huff's uarter series take place nearly twenty years after Sing the Four uarters and expands our view of that world Fifth uarter begins with a pair of sibling assassins in the army of the Havakeen Empire When they're sent to take out a target they walk into a situation that takes them away from everything they've known and changes their lives forever a story that doesn't really find a resolution until the end of No uarter I've decided that Tanya Huff writes romance that men can enjoy I say this because my husband introduced me to this series Sure her books are technically labeled fantasy and there is plenty of fighting and magic but messy love triangles and complicated family relationships are the heart of these stories Oh and zombies don't forget the zombies

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    15hilarious summary of the bookhttpbookelfelivejournalcom20965

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    A really cool premise but damn it got repetitive The second half of this book is pretty much the characters having the exact same conversation over and over And over

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    This isn't uite a seuel to Sing the Four uarters since the locale and characters change However the world is the same and the magic is the same though it ends up elaborated a bit hereIt does take place a bit after the first book and over the border in the Empire This means that bardic magic doesn't appear until about halfway through and is never a prominent force However this is the one place where someone who hasn't read the first book might be a little lost Explanations of exactly what the kigh are and bardic commands are possibly a bit lacking The 'fifth uarter' is than just a fourone title though The four uarters are the elemental spirits that bards can command and the fact that bards can also directly affect humans implies that they have a kigh as well This is something that should probably have been seen in universe before now though Shkoder does seem to be a small country that is the only place trains bardic talentWhich brings us to the story which features body swapping and necromancy from singing the fifth uarter It juggles four different plot lines as part of this and pulls that off well by being very focused on one which the others flow towards The main content gets a lot of comment and understandably so After the first book one wonders if this series is all a vehicle for various types non explicit sexytimes with the first book having a fairly sexually liberated society and this one having a bit of incest along with other complicationsI think this book is overall a bit better than the first one; it's paced better it doesn't have a need for a truly over the top ending But in both cases what makes it work is the same the characters are complex They bend against their central core concepts in personal ways that don't feel forced Hmm Except perhaps Karlene the only major character bard who remains a bit flat as a character despite some extensive screen time in the second half of the book perhaps because her role is a bit functional as well as character driven

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    Technically the second book in the series but doesn’t have any of the first book’s charactersVree and Bannon are sister and brother They’re also the best assassins in the Havakeen Empire’s army When the Emperor needs to get rid of rebel leaders or traitors the generals send Vree and Bannon But when they’re sent to kill rebelling Governor Aralt something goes wrong Vree discovers Bannon in an old man’s body – Aralt’s body It seems impossible but Vree knows her brother Aralt is dying and the only way to save Bannon’s spirit is for his consciousness to leap into Vree’s body Vree allows it and together they agree to go after Bannon’s body which is now occupied by Aralt’s spirit Unfortunately that makes them deserters and if someone in the army realizes that Vree and Bannon have “deserted their duty” assassins will be on their tailMeanwhile two bards from Shkoder are invited guests in the capital There are no bards in the Halvakeen and the nature spirits the kigh are alien to them However the two bards realize that kigh are terrified of being captured The bards have no idea what is going on but investigate Also the youngest royal prince has a crush on one the bards Karlene and she tries to convince him that she isn’t the right person for himThe book has an intriguing concept with Vree and Bannon in the same body They’re always been close but uite soon this much closeness becomes too much They’re both determined to get Bannon’s body back but soon they’re forced to work with the body stealer Enemies forced to work together is a troupe I’ve always enjoyed and I really liked it here too However I didn’t care for the romance aspect at all but it didn’t overwhelm the story Also there’s an incestuous vibe with the siblings and I didn’t care for that either Vree is apparently sexually attracted to her brother and Bannon wants to keep Vree dependent on her So not the healthiest relationship to begin withIn this book too Huff uses a lot of uick point of view shifts but they weren’t as disorienting as in the first book Karlene is a bard in her thirties she’s inuisitive like all bards and determined to do her duty We get to know the backstory of the body stealer and I suppose we should sympathize with him But I don’t Because he usually kills the spirit of the person whose body he takes over He left Bannon alive only because his former body was poisoned and dyingWhile Havakeen isn’t the same place culturally as Shkoder bisexuality and same sex partners are just as approved here as in the first book Women in the army or as guards are also completely normal They have several apparently competing religions but we’re not told much about them Bannon and Vree follow the goddess of war Jiir but they aren’t ardent followers out of necessityOnce again we have a lot of point of view characters The actual bad guy is surprisingly sympathetic and at the same time chilling and creepy which was great He and Karlene were my favorites in this bookThe ending isn’t a cliffhanger but it leaves a lot of things open I don’t have the next book though

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    I didn't like this as much as the first in the series which means I really liked it instead of loving it I just didn't understand what Vree sees in Gyhard The other relationships were as complicated and touching as real relationships are but this one just didn't ring true for me

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    I started reading Tanya Huff in an effort to expand my horizons A female fantasy writer who writes characters that aren't all straight white guys? Sign me up But here is the thing about all her romanticsexual relationships They are WEIRD And I do not mean that being gaybipananything else is weird I mean the followingVree is an assassin who really wants to bang her brother also an assassin but doesn't because they are siblings Her brother's consciousness gets pushed out of his body by a target of theirs he tried to kill and the target starts wearing her brother's body Now two consciousnesses are sharing Vree's body they try to push the person wearing brother's body out by having sex with him thus distracting him This means that Vree is gonna bang her brothers body albeit with a different person's soul inside buuuut her brother is sooooo turned on by screwing his own body that he forgets to try to swap his soul The brother in his sister's body also wants to screw basically everyone while in her body because that should really be the first thing on your mind in this situation Also the sister ends up falling in love with the guy wearing her brothers body even though that is a super stupid plot point and she has no reason to even tolerate his existence Also a bard wants to bang her even though her brother's consciousness is inside her body and she knows this because whhhhhy not I guess I liked the first uarters book well enough but this stuff is just not for me like at all

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    Excellent series