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It S JulyAnd Even Though Poland Is Trapped Between Adolph Hitler And Uncle Joe Stalin, Everyone Hopes War Can Be Avoided On The Island Of Jersey,Year Old Jack Renouf Is Forbidden From Associating With His Own Uncle Fred Because Of His Dangerous Communist Views And Salacious Liaison With His Spanish Mistress Caught In His Own Velvet Trap Between Outrageous Caroline And Secretive Rachel, Jack Doesn T Pay Too Much Attention To International Affairs Especially During This Glorious Summer When, Despite The Darkening Horizon, Everyone Is In Holiday Mood In His Final Days At School, Jack Is Focused On Breaking The One Minute Barrier For TheYards Freestyle So That He Can Get Into The British Swimming Team For TheHelsinki Olympics Desperate For Those Last Few Seconds, He Listens To Miko, An Enigmatic Jewish Refugee Who Works As A Waiter In A Local Hotel But Claims To Have Trained The Romanian Water Polo Team For The Berlin Olympics He Persuades Jack To Try Some New Techniques, Which He Promises Will Bring Him Success But Everyone Else At The Swimming Club Is Suspicious Of Miko An Arrogant Dutchman On Holiday In The Island Bullies Jack During A Water Polo Match And His Carefully Constructed Sang Froid Boils Away As He Retaliates Viciously And Has To Suffer The Disciplinary Consequences Suddenly, Jack Is In Conflict With Everyone And His Well Ordered Life Spins Away As He Is Sucked Into A Conspiracy Involving The Island S Government, Smuggled Industrial Diamonds, And Two Ruthless Mercenaries Seeking To Retrieve Them At Any Cost

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    Against The Tide by John F Hanley is an amazing piece of literature that was my reading highlight of some time.Set on the small island of Jersey between France and Britain in 1939 it paints an authentic and amazing picture of Europe and the World before the outbreak of the war.Jewish refugees from Romania, a Dutch businessman, people with communist leanings, British fascists and a lot characters crowd this story and make it a colourful and engaging read.Jack, our protagonist, is part of a water polo team where he clashes with Dutchman Rudi Kohler, who seems to catch the eye of Jack s girlfriend Caroline Jack toys with the idea of going with Rachel instead Besides this personal rivalry there are political and economical uncertainties that create further tension in the powder box that is Jersey Torn between the horrors of Franco and Stalin all of the characters have their own ideas and agendas communists, Jews, Fascists, businessmen and bankers.The balance between historical facts and personal tragedy is well kept and ensures we never lose interest, the times bring out the best or the worst in everyone while the world seems to hang in balance waiting to spin of its axis.I have read my share of books set in the times and I found Against The Tide particularly well crafted in its portrayal of the times and its characterisation This is as close to six stars as you can get Very well done and highly recommended.

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    In Against the Tide we are transported to the island of Jersey, between England and France, just before the start of WWII, where we meet 18 year old Jack Renauf We see Jack play water polo, get into trouble at school, his mess of a love life, his relationship with his family, and the dangers of getting involved with his Communist uncle There is just such a mix in this book Sports, politics, relationships, emotions, secrets, action, danger I am interested to see where this series goes from here I stopped by John F Hanley s website and there are some great pictures of various locations in the book Read this if you like an exciting book with wonderfully drawn characters An interest in Shakespeare is a plus.

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    I m not bold enough to review my own book but here s one that I think sums it up rather neatly and was posted on USA with a five star rating This book is a rich souffl of young love, war, sport, greed and friendship On the outside it s a thriller with races, boat chases, shootings, spies, and a roller coaster ride ending.On the inside it s a touching coming of age story that has resonated with me days after finishing this book Wow Made me remember what it was like to be young in the summer and made me want to buy a motorcycle What an ending by W.Kent Sligh

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    Is this really how it feels to be a young man Goodness, I m glad I never had to go through it The narrative opens with a foul in a game of water polo that will literally bring tears to the eyes of any male reading and the spirit of competition, in various guises sex, sport, rivalry, war never really lets up from then on in.Against the Tide is a rare example of an action filled narrative that also has really solid characterisation the spitefully bitter local butcher Phillips, John s appalling girlfriend Caroline and Red Fred, Jack s Communist uncle were my favourites, but everyone is well drawn, well rounded.This is, in part, a mystery tale of smuggled diamonds, derrring do and stiff upper lips that often made me wonder when they were going to bring out the ginger beer and sandwiches , and another, far darker tale, of growing up in a particular time and place with the threat of war and invasion hanging very low indeed over a young man s life, as he struggles to cope with growing up in a very small world and all that that entails.War, sport, competitive chaps and Nazis I freely admit, this is not my usual reading fodder, but I enjoyed it hugely despite, rather than because, of its subject matter The action literally never stops and with ten books apparently in the pipeline, there s plenty coming to enjoy.

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    Having spent several years in Jersey in the 1960s and 70s, I initially ordered this for a tale set in the island I love, having seen a review in the local Jersey paper Then getting impatient for the book to arrive in Australia, I downloaded the Kindle version From the start this was obviously going to be a really meaty story with a wealth of diverse characters that would take time to get to know Ten books sound just about right With the introduction in a polo pool and the characters coming at you thick and fast, I found there was not one page that I could afford to gloss over There is no waffle, and every page a delight as the scene is meticulously set during the build up to the biggest upheaval in the history of the island For those who know Jersey the landmarks are recognisable and authentic for those who don t, they are not overwhelmed with blatant in island knowledge.Jack Renouf s impulsive and late teens, risk taking behaviour makes for very fast moving action You feel every embarrassment as he deals with his emotional turmoil with the two young girls in his life, yet at the same time being surprised at how capable, daring and brave this 18 year old can be This journey is going to be fun Hardly a book to get bored with and one which will be undoubtedly be read a few times in preparation of each new book of what I hope will be the series of ten, planned by author John Hanley taking us from 1939 to the end of WW11 and beyond I look forward to seeing how Jack Renouf copes with life and grows to adulthood in an island under the severe constrictions of German occupation This first offering is definitely a 5 star rating book to be savoured.

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    This is not a book I would normally choose to read but I was intrigued by the setting as I live in Jersey in the Channel Islands It is rare to read a book set in such detail in Jersey and even rarer to find one that doesn t focus on the German Occupation of the island during the II World War.Against the tide is set in July 1939, a couple of months before war was declared but the effects of Hitler were already being felt in the mixed nationalities inhabiting the island.The story is partly a coming of age story Jack Renouf has taken his A levels and becomes torn between two girls At the same time he is trying to discover his family s secrets, in particular why his communist uncle is so hated by his father The other part of the story is pure action thriller with Jack getting embroiled in a trying to stop smuggling, all of which made me feel like I was reading a grown up version of the Famous Five with boats and guns rather than secret passages and ginger beer.The writing is great and the story moves along at quite a pace to reflect the dangers both personal and physical that Jack finds himself in although I did begin to find the endless Shakespeare references detratracted rather than added to the story at times, while I appreciated the cleverness of the links it began to feel a little like showing off which of course was what Jack and his friend Saul were doing I would recommend this to anyone wanting a unique take on coming of age with well researched historical detail and writing that engages with the reader I received the book through Vine

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    From the very first words written this book had me gripped although thankfully not in the same sort of grip as that suffered by the main character Jack I love the development of the characters particularly for our protagonist who gets caught in a love triangle with two fantastically strong yet beguiling young women I m rooting for Rachel this book has got it all love, passion, history, spies, smuggling, conspiracies, all told amidst the backdrop of the beautiful island of Jersey I found the verbal sparring between Jack and his best friend very entertaining the references to Shakespeare had me intrigued to the point of ordering my own copy of The Merchant of Venice It s been a while since A level English so it was a pleasure to return to The Bard Following the 2012 Olympic diving with interest this summer Tom Daley anyone I thoroughly enjoyed the diving scenes played out by the aforementioned women factual but exhilarating to read, and whilst on the subject of exhilarating those last few chapters were thrillingly intense Can t recommend this book highly enough Desperate to start reading the next one publish it ASAP John F Hanley

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    Against The Tide is a coming of age novel set in the months immediately preceding WW II, in Jersey School is almost over for Jack Renouf, a very strong swimmer who has his sights set on qualifying for the next Olympic games His focus is broken by a series of events which lead to his growing up and finally discovering who he is as a person, and what he stands for.The plot is beautifully developed, and for those afraid of a potential history lesson, let me assure you that you will understand the action perfectly, without noticing the merest trace of preaching There are secondary plots, too, masterfully blended into the main This is a the you read the you want to read kind of book.J F Hanley s descriptions paint a perfect picture I ve never visited Jersey, but I felt like I knew it well Excellent account of water polo, swimming competitions and sailing The characterization is very good Jack, Caroline and Rachel sound exactly like any youths in 1939 should The love triangle developing between them is built up so smoothly, and poor Jack is so clueless, it was heart warming to read.We are being introduced to a whole host of secondary characters, the most prominent being Uncle Fred, who is an undesirable member of Jack s family Often laughed at and never taken seriously, Red Fred s words are the catalyst Jack needs in order to start behaving like an adult.This is a work of fiction, but it could easily have been a slice out of any young man s life Despite the ambitious diamond deal plot, which Jack and his friends managed to foil, it seems real There is no flaw in the logic, no hiccup in the storyline, the dialogue flows naturally and is peppered with French words and Shakespeare references a very easy to read book.What really did make it a lovely experience for me was the fine sense of humour the author managed to sneak even within the tense, action packed scenes I loved that Perhaps it takes being British to get some of it, but even if you re not, you will enjoy it.Without doubt, Against The Tide is one of the best written books I ve read this year I wholeheartedly recommend it It gets five shiny gold stars from me.

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    I received this book from the author for an honest review.Against the Tide, a fitting name to this well written Historical Fiction The coming of age novel will intrigue you, provide you with lots of action, and with a good dose of an interesting love triangle.Young Jack was tested to the limits as he discovered secrets and spies around every bend as the plot unravels with a good support system that keeps it exciting till the end.The Shakespearean quotes thoughtfully embedded to give you a real feel of what he is experiencing, the intellectual conversations as he learned about life and the ugly side of it His disconnection with his father leads him to connect with his uncle, a colorful character that would keep you guessing.I loved the South African character Saul, with his abrupt speech so evident of the Afrikaner men in my country The lively conversations descriptive as the story unfolds that gives you a real feeling of what the people of Jersey experienced just before the Second World War In between life went on as strive and competitions in and out of the pool, keep you wondering where it all would lead The easy story telling making this book an easy fast paced book but yet filled with adventure and drama for the most avid reader A book I can recommend since it is well researched and the author s love for swimming comes into play throughout the pages of the book.Caroline was too arrogant and manipulative for my taste, and Jack struggled with his feelings for her as she uses him for her own schemes, and Rachel, soft spoken, pretty but with a class that sets her apart from Caroline Drawn to each without making a decision to whom his heart belong The rest of the supporting characters enhanced the story both in the scenes and their personas fitting to the time.Overall a great read and I really liked the cover since it says than just what you see with the naked eye.