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What you really want to do is give up trying Lay your head down on the steering wheel and quit sneezing quit breathing quit tryingThe problem is you can't Just quit that is When people want to quit they have to choose Make a decision Take action

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    You enjoy this book because it is written in the second person although you feel that the character of Heather could have been developed so much and maybe even turned out to be less of a flake than she was when she started You think the author wrote well and gave a good sense of the feeling of teenage depression and sexuality although you could have done without the frequent references to Heather's butt

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    I was surprised by how well the second person narrative fit this novel considering I'd never really seen it done well before The book tells the story of a high school senior struggling with depression and his relationship with a girl whose father has committed suicide While the main character Austin was well written and Jenkins's portrayal of depression was both heart rending and acurate I felt that essentially Heather the girl he dates was abandoned both by the other characters and by the author Austin ends up tossing some comment about her being in control of her life and his best friend Curtis's evaluation of Heather as nothing but a shallow and manipulative girl is actually reinforced by Austin and the author at the end This despite the lengths to which Jenkins goes to show that depression is something Austin does not want and is not his fault There is a strange dichotomy in the way his mental illness is portrayed versus the way that Heather's is his is pitiable hers is repulsive Never mind that Austin's use of Heather to make himself feel better is not so different from Heather's attempts to manipulate her world to make herself feel better The real difference is that in the end Austin has someone he can turn to while Heather is unable to do so Still one of the best depictions of depression I've ever seen in a YA novel

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    In the book Damage by AM Jenkins there is this kid in high school that is depressed His Name is Austin Austin plays football on the high school team and has two friends on the team named Curtis and Dobie Austin had a hard life in his point of view One day Austin attempted suicide by cutting himself There was this girl named Heather that helped Austin get through this hard time in his life

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    Wow This book was wow Okay let me try to gather my thoughts I just finished reading “Damage” by AM Jenkins I picked this book to read because well it was a “boy” book and I am trying to balance my reading this summer between “boy” and “girl” books I didn’t really expect to like it much it’s a boy book and the main character plays football – my LEAST favorite sport But this book caught me by surprise It was interesting moving and about so much than footballAustin Reid is the main character in “Damage” He is a tall good looking lady killing football star He is “The Pride of the Panthers” He is the guy every girl wishes she could date But Austin hasn’t been feeling like himself lately It’s hard to get out of bed in the morning He has to force himself to go through the motions of getting ready and “click a smile into place” when he goes out into the world And football his lifelong love just isn’t fun any Austin feels tired and heavy and squeezed and on edge all of the time What is going on? But then Heather comes into his life Heather seems to have a similar past similar problems When he is around Heather things seem a little solid a little better a little like normal But how will Heather respond when Austin really opens up and lets her in? Will the ground beneath him stay solid or will everything slip away again?I can’t begin to put into words how important and powerful I think this book could be for young men The topic of this book is depression I think this is a topic that we don’t like to discuss with teens in general we don’t want to give them ideas but especially gets left undiscussed with boys Boys are expected to be rough and tumble largely devoid of feelings other than happy and mad This book brings to light the fact that young adult males get depressed too It provides validation for young men who may be feeling this way – others feel it too It also to some degree gives some helpful advice about the right way to go about dealing with the problemAlso I was really impressed with the author’s portrayal of living with depression in the book – how the character thought and felt how people around him acted and reacted I have had some personal experience with depression a family member and a close friend and the thoughts feelings actions and reactions of characters in the book all rang very true Nothing felt sugar coated or dramatized everything felt very real I appreciated thatThe one thing about this book that well was strange I guess was the fact that it was written in the second person using “you” instead of “I” or “heshe” for the narrator For the life of me I cannot figure out WHY the author chose to write this book in second person I don’t know if the author is trying to make the point that depression is ubiquitous and we all have felt that way or know someone who has I don’t know if the author was trying to show that the main character was kind of having an out of body experience always feeling like he was outside himself watching what was happening to him I just don’t know It seems like such a strange choice And it was confusing Each time I would pick the book up again after taking a break from it I would find myself reading and re reading sentences befuddled by the use of “you” – trying to figure out why the author was talking to me I would be jarred and have to re adjust each time I didn’t like itThe second person point of view aside I would highly recommend this book to junior high and high school males It can get a little “touchy feely” at times but I think guys will enjoy the rest of it enough to overlook those few brief moments I would also recommend this book to female young adults The main character IS male but the second person POV makes it easy to put yourself into the book into Austin’s shoes and forget you’re looking through the eyes of a boy This book deals with an important issue and is quite moving Everyone should read it

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    I went into reading this very skeptical A football book? Why would I ever want to read a football book? and several other sites recommended it though so I did get it and read it It started out a little flat I was still reeling over the whole football thing The first person narration was a little off putting Things weren't great Typical jock typical girl typical story blahblahblah Oryou know not I started getting interested upon getting a better explanation about Curtis a surprisingly sensitive football player I still had my doubts mentally ranting about how stupid it was that society forced football players to put on a perfect image still feeling that these boys were pathetically weak for not showing their emotions This actually was the one thought that stayed through the entire book The rest were all disproven Going into the second half things aren't as perfect as they seem The facade is lifted and everyone's lives have been damaged It was Austin's conversation with his mom that really won me over leading in to one of the best endings I've ever had the pleasure of reading The emphasis on football died down and and of the book focused on the characters' lives and emotions the interesting stuff Simply amazing As Austin's interest in life fades the intensity of the book grows Damage is really one of those books that everyone should take the time to read Biggest shocker? AM Jenkins is a woman

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    The book Damage by AM Jenkins was a text I could relate to because of the topic The events and relationships throughout the book mirrored the life of an average high school student It’s a great novel that will keep you wondering and asking yourself what is nextI personally loved the book I thought it was very similar to the things I’m going through in my high school years I liked it when the main character would talk about the bond with his friends a how that bond would never break Another point I liked about the book was when it would discuss how the characters would hang out That reminded me of the times my friends and I just hang out with each other One of the things I would have changed about the book was when Austin got a girlfriend it bothered me to see the friends drift apart Another thing I would have changed would have been when he was thinking about committing suicide even though he was going through some rough times “He’s my best friend” pg98 this quote shows how Austin cares for his friends when his girlfriend heather talks bad about them He’s been friends with them for a long time and he’s not going to end it for a girl

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    Since I'm not a very huge fan of reading I normally don't get into many books However I really enjoyed reading this book One reason I believe that I got into this book is because it was about football and the main character Austin going through a lot of problems throughout the book To me the conflicts and theme of this book could not have been better implemented I feel a lot of teens would like this book and could relate due to the relationship and friendship problems that occurred throughout this story

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    Damage is written in the second person point of view and takes you into the life of a teenage boy that is depressed Because of the second person point of view the story makes you feel like you are in the book and you end up forming sympathy and empathy for the main character This book is well written and will be an easy enjoyable read

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    This was a good book but was sad throughout it and had a good thought and message to it

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    In the novel damage by AM Jenkins the author's craft made the book enjoyable Jenkins would describe the feelings the characters have In one scene after a football game You’re sitting there attacked by the usual day after a game soreness Your muscles are stiff your shoulders acheand the back of your thighs” Jenkins 49 This helps me understand how the characters feel because they play high school football and after a game the author expresses how the players feel sore and aches and pains after their games Another example of Jenkins describing the characters feelings “You can’t wait for practice to be over because most days she waits for you Sometimes you go to the Dairy Queen where Heather orders a Diet Coke what you get a jumbo ice water or sprite Sometimes you even order fries because it seems like you’re hungry Ire often these days” Jenkins 96 This shows how Jenkins is being descriptive because she says “you can’t wait for practice to be over” and that showstopper are excited for what you are going to do after practice She also says what you get at dairy queen and how you have been ordering a fries lately because you have been hungrier My last example of the author being descriptive “He did it after my mom old him she wanted a divorce He was living in the garage apartment out back Whenever I went to see him he was just mostly sitting in his armchair staring into space He didn’t care if I was there or not Sort of like the way you’re behaving right now”Jenkins 140 This is an example of the author vexing descriptive because she said when “I went to go and visit my dad in the garage he was mostly sitting in his armchair staring into space” she didn’t need to say where he was sitting and she could just say he was staring into space She compared how her dad acted when she would go and and see him to Heather's boyfriend She said “ Sort of like the way you’re behaving right now” she just conspired him to her father In conclusion the authors craft helped me understand the novel because the author explained thing