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Strong start and then NothingIn the beginning Luke and Natalie were totally swoon worthy Luke is a famous actor and Natalie is a freelance photographer I was hooked after the first chapter Luke assumes Natalie is taking his picture and attacks her for her camera I really loved how Luke and Natalie met and fell in love.Sadly the rest of the story lacked drama and excitement They fell in love, have lots of hot sex, got engaged, pregnant and got married Nothing really spectacular happened at all I keep reading anticipating something major coming but the story stayed its course.I loved Luke s coffee deliveries in the mornings though, so sweet FOUR STARS BR with Mel I have had this book on my TBR since 2012 and decided to read it since I ll be meeting Ms Proby at a book signing in NYC next weekend When I started this, I thought the dialog was a little corny and that it was not going to be a hit with me In the end, I truly ended up enjoying this one so much Natalie is a photographer and Luke was once a Major Hollywood actor He hasn t acted in several years and loves his life of seclusion in Seattle When the two meet, they don t hit it off instantly, as Luke mistakes Natalie for a Paparazzi and tries to confiscate her camera In her line of work she takes sexy boudoir pictures of couples and she also just takes pictures of the local scenery She s not into movies so she has no clue that Luke was once a box office draw This, of course, intrigues and captivates him.This story is very predictable At times I compared it to Love Unscripted , although I wouldn t put them in the same caliber I knew exactly what was going to happen when it did happen But, funny enough, I really freaking enjoyed this story than I ever thought possible I loved Luke and his sexy, possessive and alpha ways There was plenty of steamy sex And I really liked some of the secondary characters I am looking forward to reading Jules book some time soon.If you are in need for something light with plenty of steamy sex and some lovable characters, I would definitely recommend this to you An Alternate Cover Edition Can Be Found HereBeing Confronted On The Beach By A Sexy Stranger Wasn T Part Of Natalie Conner S Plans For A Peaceful Morning Taking Photos And Why On Earth Would He Think She S Taking Pictures Of Him, Anyway Who Is He One Thing S For Sure, He S Hot, And Incredibly Romantic, Feeding Natalie S Wounded SoulLuke Williams Just Wants The World To Give Him A Break, So Seeing Yet Another Camera Aimed At His Face Has Him Ready To Pounce On The Beauty Behind The Lens When He Finds Out She Has No Idea Who He Is, He S Intrigued And Than A Little Tempted By Her Natalie Has A Body Made For Sex, A Sassy Mouth And Luke Can T Get Enough Of Her, But He S Not Ready To Tell Her Who He Really HisNatalie Is A No Nonsense Girl Who Doesn T Do Well With Lies And Secrets What Will Happen To This New Relationship When She Discovers What Luke S Hiding HOLY FREAKING SWOON Looking for a steamy, no angst, pure swoon fest Look no further I still can t believe this was a debut novel The flow, the writing style, the feel of the story, the characters, everything just instantly hooked me from the first scene Seriously, I read most of this book with this happy little smile on my face and my heart a fluttering.On a beautiful quiet morning, Natalie is out on the beach taking photos of the scenery when she is suddenly confronted by a gorgeous man enraged that she was taking his picture and demanding that she turn over her camera Clearly surprised that she actually wasn t, and even shocked and thrilled that she doesn t know who he is, and he apologizes profusely and asks her out to breakfast hoping to smooth over their rough start.And so begins their relationship Luke loves that Natalie doesn t recognize him and that her feelings for him are based purely on what he s shown her of himself, and Natalie can t get enough of this amazing, charming man who stepped into her life But Natalie is a up front, honest girl and when she eventually finds out what he s hiding, the sparks flyAre you having doubts Hell, no, I just want to make sure this is what you want, baby If you say no, that s fine, but please, God, don t say noLuke Oh my god Luke freaking Williams I have a new book boyfriend shhh, don t tell the others He was butterflies in my belly, set my heart a flutter, clutch my chest and fan myself swoony He cooked, opened doors, gave foot rubs, bought flowers by the truckload , planed surprises, spoiled his girl and best of all, was completely devoted to and in love with Natalie Over all, pretty much just pure fantasy man materialIs there anyone else Why is that any of your business Because you re the first woman I ve brought into my home and all I can think about is getting your beautiful body naked and fucking you senseless I need to know if there is any competition I don t share, Natalie Saying that you don t want to share implies that I m already yours, Luke Aren t you he whispers Their relationship was very romantic, very quick to develop remember, this book is pure swoon fest , and very functional They each had their insecurities but I really liked how they compromised in each situation Neither of them would just roll over and give in but would each listen to the other s perspective and make a decision that respected their feelings.This book has no external drama or bad guy No cheating, major stupidity, long separations or anything will make you threaten bodily harm to your eReader Its solely focused on the romance between Luke and Natalie And oh my Lord are there ever boat loads of steamy sex scenes Seriously, these guys can t stop doing it Everywhere The wall, the bed, the bathroom, the shower, the limo, the airplane, the desk, the car, the beach I m sure I m missing a few but this book basically goes from swoon to sex to swoon to sex to swoon and sex mostly vanilla but all hottt The book is told in first person perspective from Natalie s POV for the whole story up until the very sweet epilogue which is from Luke The writing style was vaguely reminiscent of EL James in places I kind of wavered on whether or not that was a good thing but overall, I guess the fact that I honestly smiled my way through most of the book meant that I really liked it I love the style and it worked well for this storyI ve fallen in love with a beautiful, sexy, sweet, jealous control freak.Shit So given all the boat loads of swoon and steam, what made it 4 stars instead of 5 There were a few small things, nothing huge, though but there were a few moments that made me give the page the squinty skeptical eye and go hrmmmm but nothing lingering, just kind of a moment that I got over quickly I also found there was a bit too much focus on body image talk at first it was fine, but it was mentioned several times over the course of the book and eventually got to be a little much for me And while the heroine was definitely not what I d call annoying, she did have a few luckily, very short moments that made me roll my eyes And lastly, and this might sound weird, but some parts of the story just felt a little too perfect at times Too many endearments, too many perfect scenes But still, I mean, for a pure swoon fest, that s kind of what you want, right DThis book left me completely satisfied with Luke and Natalie s story There is a HEA no cliffhanger and I m very much looking forward to from this author And she just told me we have a LOT to look forward to Book 2 Fight With Me which will follow Jules the best friend s and Nate s story and is scheduled for release on Jan 4, 2013 Then Will s story, Play With Me comes out in March oh, and we get an Isaac Stacy novella this December too Seriously, Kristen Proby sure knows how to keep her readers happy DIf you love steamy romance without excess drama, then definitely add this book to your TBRsThank you to the author Kristen Proby for providing me with an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest reviewCASTING above and below For of my reviews, visit Aestas Book BlogAnd come join the Aestas Book Blog Facebook Page Holy Hotness Batman This is a stunningly sexy, super steamy contemporary romance and I adore the gorgeous, enticing cover.Natalie, a professional photographer, and Luke have very inauspicious beginnings on the beach early one morning when she is out taking photographs He sees red and accuses her of taking pictures of him when she is, in fact, taking landscape shots Luke has reasons to want to protect his privacy but Nat just thinks he s a mugger trying to steal her camera It s a case of beautiful mugger meets beautiful artist.After apologising profusely for his actions when he realises his mistake, Luke relishes Nat s ignorance of who he is and, as their relationship develops, he loves that she is coming to care for him, the real Luke as a person without pre conceived ideas Of course, he s lying to her by omission and you can expect sparks to fly when she eventually finds out.Luke is a hero to die for he s attentive, romantic, pretty nifty between the sheets and really quite devoted to Nat He s a beautiful, sexy, sweet, jealous control freak Nat has known her share of heartbreak and is slow to trust but she soon opens up to Luke and shares her darkest secrets with him and she is a worthy heroine fiery, loyal and tenacious She s not going to take any crap from anyone, however rich they are and certainly puts Luke through his paces.Their story is incredibly steamy and this is an erotic romance that has sex scenes than you can shake a stick at Nat has a collection of script tattoos all over her body in places that are hidden by her clothes and the scene where Luke slowly discovers them all is quite the sensual voyage of discovery Their story is stunning two wounded souls finding salvation together, healing one another Despite being very sexy, it s also a beautiful romance and the epilogue is absolutely to die for as it s told from Luke s POV, after the whole novel is told from Nat s.This is highly recommended for all you erotic romanceaholics out there You know who you are Nat Luke There s a great host of richly, crafted secondary characters who add great depth and detail to the story and I m seriously hoping that Nat s best friend, Jules will star in a sequel with Nate With thanks to the lovely Kristen Proby for providing me with an ARC of this novelFor reviews, please visit Sinfully Sexy Book ReviewsCome Away With Me goes on sale Friday November 9th 2012 FREE on US today 6 1 2015 Stand alone book 1.BLURB Being confronted on the beach by a sexy stranger wasn t part of Natalie Conner s plans for a peaceful morning taking photos And why on earth would he think she s taking pictures of him, anyway Who is he One thing s for sure, he s hot, and incredibly romantic, feeding Natalie s wounded soul.Luke Williams just wants the world to give him a break, so seeing yet another camera aimed at his face has him ready to pounce on the beauty behind the lens When he finds out she has no idea who he is, he s intrigued and than a little tempted by her Natalie has a body made for sex, a sassy mouth and Luke can t get enough of her, but he s not ready to tell her who he really his.Natalie is a no nonsense girl who doesn t do well with lies and secrets What will happen to this new relationship when she discovers what Luke s hiding http www Come Away Me Se FREEBIES are often good for MORE than one day, I have gathered all my FREEBIES on a special shelf Kindle freebies currently over 430 books DNF This book irritated me It was awful The reviews I saw were all good and I was excited But this was a real let down I am only 22% in I don t even know anything about Luke yet and I don t care to keep reading to find out I hate how they just keep on going on about each others looks, gah Yes, yes, yes I am sure you are both amazingly beautiful and don t even know it Sure It just all seemed so over the top Sickly sweet, I think my teeth may be rotton and everything they said just seemed like something they should say, not what those characters would say Am I making any sense on this crazy awful review rant Anyway I am sad,I had such high hopes. This book was a 2.5 star read for me.I have to say I was really looking forward to reading this book with my fellow readers on our blog The hype surrounding it had been immense and from what I had heard everyone was loving it I was sent an arc for an honest review by the Author a while back but I decided to wait and read it with everyone else as is normally the case with BOFF reads which I love.Unfortunately I didn t love it, and I hate when that happens because I know how much an Author puts into their story However, there are so many amazing books out there and I have my integrity and always endeavour to leave an honest review no matter how much it pains me to do so like in this case.So yeah, this one didn t work for me I was enjoying the start and thought this is going to be good, then I lost it and I have to admit to skim reading through the middle until the last bit where it picked up again So overall, I guess I could stretch to saying it was just okay.To me, and this is my opinion, it was gratuitous sex with no real story to balance it out Like a mediocre badly dubbed porn flick where the words baby and beautiful lost all meaning Do I love my sexy steamy books, absolutely 100% yes, however I need a story too, I need the emotions, the angst, the connection with the characters and I just didn t get that I wanted to love this story so much, as everyone else seems to but on no reflection on the Author, it just wasn t for me.I really liked how Luke and Natalie met, and I really did think Natalie was a lovely character whereas Luke blew hot and cold for me but I just couldn t connect to either characters I will say that I did enjoy the ending and I thought the Author pulled it back in, on way to redeeming it somewhat for me, but it was just that little bit to late I m going to call this a marmite book you either love it or you don t. I don t even have to think twice what was one of the worst books I read this year..Come Away with Me, the 1st book in Kristen Proby s With me in Seattle Series.After seeing all those 4 and 5 star ratings.I asked myself.is this the same book I read I gave up halfway.and that s saying something about me.because I do not like DNF reading a book But seriously, I could not turn another page and read about how beautiful Natalie Conner is and how beautiful..Oops, sorry, the hero in this story is not Edward Cullen I just got a bit confused with the hero, whose name is Luke Williams, who happens to be an ex super movie star who acted in 3 blockbuster movies about vampires..apologies for the mistake Okay, let me start again Natalie is taking fotos on the beach early one morning when she s suddenly confronted by the most BEAUTIFUL man who wants to rip her camera from her and demands why she s taking fotos of him Of course, she s taken no photos of the guy even though he s beyond beautiful.So, everything is sorted out eventually and Luke Williams, hiding his famous identity from Natalie, is suddenly struck with lust for the sexy Natalie..Natalie is just as struck with lust for Luke..he s beautiful, he s gorgeous, he s beautifulClearly, Mr Beautiful Blue Eyes and Sexy Greek God Face is a loony tune Hell, Luke Williams is doing something to me..never mind to poor old Natalie, with all her body issues She can t believe this Greek god thinks she s beautiful A guy like himI ve fallen in love with a beautiful, sexy, sweet, jealous control freak.Shit My head is spinning.Luke Williams is causing me some problems..Right, insta love occurs These two people are beyond besotted with their beautiful partners..Sorry, am I repeating myself Just want to make it very clear that these are extraordinary BEAUTIFUL people, who are so in love..a real LOVE STORY here By now it should be clear how the word BEAUTIFUL applies to EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE in this story.the hero heroine are beautiful, the heroine s bff is beautiful, the hero s mother, father, sister are beautiful.in fact, these people are totally superficial and so not deep but never mind because All the drama, all the jealousy hell, never mind having my fingers in my mouth half way through this story it was of something like this.This is the 1st book I read by this author.am I going to read any other by her Not sure But what I am sure is that I don t think I will continue with this series.Of course, there are so many other readers who loved this book and I totally understand that it works for some for me.it did not A Nice, Predictable RomanceAs far as sweet, heartwarming romances go, this was a pretty good choice It was predictable, but enjoyable I listened to the Audible version and found the narration to be well done as well.Natalie meets Luke when she is taking pictures early one morning She is a photographer and he mistakenly thinks that she is photographing him He tries to get her camera from her, only to find out that he had misjudged the situation.There is plenty of attraction between the two and a whirlwind romance ensues Yet, before they can even establish their relationship, they are having problems After only a day or two together, they re having their first big fight From that point forward there is drama, drama, drama Now, I love stories with a large helping of conflict and plenty of angst However, you really can get too much of a good thing The deeper into this story I got, the I wondered if there was any cliche that hadn t been covered It felt like the author just started throwing in every over used plot twist that could be thought of, indiscriminately One or two is manageable, but this was out of hand Despite all of that, I did mostly enjoy this story It was good, even if I spent a fair amount of time rolling my eyes In fact, the first half was easily a 4 star read for me Somewhere along the way, it fumbled.I won t be rereading this one, but it was alright for a one time listen Could ve been better, but it could ve been a lot worse also This one landed firmly in the middle of the road territory for me.