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I just don t understand rubs face in frustration what to saywhat to saynot much It was sweet Yep And well written Yep.But it was so damn predictable Start, Middle End.and I was so bored so bored Even with the frustrating immature parts at the start.And yes, even with the copious amounts of sex.For me, it was just another way too sugary sequel with an equally matching HEA ending that didn t feel different in any kind of way and I had no reactions to anything that happened no feels through any of it even at 80% mark You know which part C mon it was all going to be fine Did you expect anything else It gave me a flat lined effect the entire time.And I m so so sorry to those who adored it..but it was just okay for me Moving on.3 stars 4 StarsThere is no one else for me I begin and end with youI was so freaking nervous while reading the continuation of Jake and Tru s story There were a lot of bumps in the road in the first book so I had to brace myself here, knowing there will be a lot Sure enough, there were things that tested their strength and dedication to make their relationship work and all I did was rooting for their happily ever after Wethering the Storm was written from dual POVs, so we get to hear from both Jake and Tru In this book, Jake and Tru are already preparing for their big day There are rainbows and butterflies at the start but Tru senses Jake s indifference when it comes to planning their future He doesn t want to have kids, afraid that he cannot fill his duties as a father because of what his biological dad did to him and his mom in the past.My heartstrings were pulled and my emotions were stirred in this book There were scenes that made me teary eyed while there were scenes that also made me smile This book was lighter in terms of angst But still, there was angst which was good I loved that despite each of the characters flaws, they were still given a chance at a happy endingYou don t complete me, Tru You make me who I am You make me betterWhat also made this book delightful was the molten hot and intense sexual scenes of Jake and Tru You cannot get enough And Jake being Jake I didn t expect his romantic gestures to go above and beyond I loved his surprises to Tru here Overall, I loved this book a whole lot A little clich d and predictable, yes, but the HEA made me feel happy like no otherThere isn t anything I won t do for you, Tru Nothing I won t do to make you happy What I feel for you it s limitless There is nothing before or after you There is only you 4 Tru love stars Jake Wethers and Trudy Bennett started out as neighbors and best friends as children As they got a little older, Jake had to move and the two lost touch In TMS they reconnected Their relationship was tumultuous at best After all the drama, stress, and ups downs in TMS, Wethering the storm pick up immediately after TMS leaves off Jake and Tru are finally able to be together And they are happy They have a beautiful love I think a love that begins with a friendship is the most special kind There is no one else for me I begin and end with you There is always going to be an adjustment period in any relationship, but when the relationship is in the public eye, its a little difficult Jake has a past A past full of woman and drugs, and woman Living in LA where most of these woman are it s hard on Tru It takes a toll on their relationship Tru loves Jake than anything, but it s hard to cope with all that Plus he drops the bomb on her that he may never want kids But she loves him enough that she deals with it all Tru and Jake truly have a one of a kind relationship Jake is the man he is probably my favorite rock star book boyfriend He is on the right path in this book, the straight and narrow Being in a relationship is new for him, but he loves Tru so much, he will do anything it takes to make it work Jake is really a one of a kind guy He is focusing on his music, staying clean, and keeping Tru happy He is at a place in his life he never thought he d reach, and he intends on staying there Tru thought she could deal with Jake s past, no problem But when she finds it being thrown in her face constantly in LA, its harder than she imagined She is at a new place, not a lot of friends, no family It s not easy to acclimate But she loves Jake enough to try Tru did a few things to work my nerves in this one, but not at all like she did in TMS She was much likable There was a bit of drama here and there, some story line twists and turns There were some definite OMG moments while reading this one There was definitely a ton of hot and sexy moments you won t hear me complaining about that and there was one moment that just touched me to the point of tears view spoiler When Jake met his son for the first time too sweet hide spoiler 4 Made Me Happy Stars Music Journalist Tru Bennett Has Done The Impossible Capture The Heart Of Rock Star Bad Boy Jake Wethers Now They Re Busy Planning A Wedding And Navigating Their New Life Together In The US Of Course Tru Misses London And Her Best Friend, Simone, But Living Happily Ever After With Jake In LA Is Going To Be Great Right Wrong Even The Bright California Sun Can T Whitewash The Dark Side Of Celebrity Coupledom Greedy Music Execs, Merciless Paparazzi, And Jake S Wild Past Are Lurking Around Every Corner Making Matters Worse, Jake Announces He Doesn T Want Kids, Which Just May Be A Deal Breaker Tru Loves Jake Than Anything But When A Devastating Crisis Threatens To Destroy Everything They Ve Fought For, The Couple Must Face The Hard Truth What If, This Time, Love Is Not Enough 5 F cking amazing storming Stars So, this is me in the end of this book and in the beginning and some chapters in the middle Well, Jake it s on one of the first places of my book boyfriend list, so I m probably biased writing this because, well, there s Jake there so it s all good to me Anyway, in this second installment we have Jake and Tru right after being engaged in the end of the first book and spending a vacation in a almost desert tropical island where everything is perfect But soon they have to go back to the real world and things are not so perfect there Jakes past with drugs and women especially women keeps getting in the way and their trust and communication issues are still there, not helping the case To put the cherry on top of the cake Jake says he doesn t want kids, that he has a asshole of a role model growing up and would not know how to be one And Tru well, she really wants kids so this puts them in a very different place when it comes to their future But life has its own sick way of twisting all our plans and change everything we once though, so, when life keeps changing everything around them, Jake and Tru must decide if they are in it for the long haul, or if it just too much for them to be able to overcome If you loved the first book, you will definitely love this Is even better than the first Yes, girls, it IS possible Tru is still a little annoying but she does a lot of growing up in this book, the supportive characters especially Stuart are great as usual I really can t wait for Tom s story And Jake oh, well, Jake Go read it now, people What are you waiting for This book emotes so many feelings in me It s beautiful to read about a love so exquisitely powerful If you ve read The Mighty Storm then you will know and understand the depth of feelings and love Jake and Tru have for one another for me, this second book celebrates these characters with beautiful words and emotions but it also gives us so much It gives a story of love, jealousy, sadness, friendship, grief, letting go and moving on from the past.yes, from the start I could see the probable direction of the book, but I still lived it And loved it There is beauty in the writing and, even though it had some predictability, it still kept me wondering what will happen next With butterflies in my tummyThank you so much Samantha Towle for this incredible world of Storm magic you ve given us I spent a lot of time during the first part of the book smiling and putting my hand on my chest on a sigh just so gorgeous I don t want to say anything about the story I don t want to spoil your reading in any way I just want to give you a flavour share some of my thoughts and sweet love for Wethering The Storm, Tru and most of all my favourite rock starEVERJake Wethers JakeHe s gorgeousHe is everything that means perfect to meIn Tru we have a heroine who can, at times, be annoying and incredibly frustrating with her inner thoughts and her actions, but the truth is Samantha has created a human character with flawsshe doesn t hold back on these flaws just like you or I wouldn t hold back on our inner thoughts why would weI love Tru I guess we make a good pair.the best jealous pair ever Jake I so understand jealousy it s irrational but if you feel it, you feel it it can eat away at you and has the ability to destroyI love everything about their relationship their history and the potential of their future The conversation and banter between Jake Tru s perfectly developed characters is simply joyful.the author writes with such skill and ease They made me smile, they made me laugh out loud, view spoiler I have a huge penis this was hilarious hide spoiler 5 Fan F cking tastic, Beautiful, AH mazing, gushing on Jake Wethers stars Ok I m a die hard Jake Wethers fan so expect some fan girling going on with this review OUR ROCK STAR This is a story about Friendship, love, healing, family and happiness.MY STORYWe start off pretty much where we were left off after The mighty storm where Jake and Tru are having some well deserved rest and time to connect again, they have there time doing nothing but be intimate and talk, they then start there life together in LA this is a much slower book and I suppose predictable but that didn t stop me from loving it any less The mighty storm is a different book and pulled my heart out and I was give me nowww I waited 8 long months to read this and it didn t disappoint, there love for each other seeps through the pages they are crazy for each other, even though there may be troubles some highs along as some lows there love is one thing that is centre of this story There is no one else for me I begin and end with you Jake Jake and Tru have been best of friends since they were kids and in TMS there relationship was full on and heart breaking, when they found each other again it took them time to get past there troubles drug addictions, boyfriends, being a rock star, what I will say in this one without giving anything away there is no drama concerning Jakes Addiction, maybe within himself to learn to stay clean and away from drugs, but throughout Jakes strength I found him to be really honourable, strong and at peace with himself JAKE Jake is his dominating self, always out to protect and look after Tru every step of the way, only wanting her, he s having to learn to be a good boyfriend to Tru and working that with being a famous Rockstar he really can do no wrong Always putting Tru first.TRU Yes Tru is frustrating with her continuation to not communicate but I would also say that I don t think the drama was unnecessary I did understand why she thought or went the way she did Ok so there are some SSSSHHHHHHIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTT moments but yes I enjoyed it all, I stayed up till 4am reading this I have loved reading this story, Samantha can write a fab love story I understood which direction they were going and yes very predictable but it didn t stop me from reading it And yes you can expect a whole lot of this There was some totally laughable times, I cried, smiled, and I a very beautiful ending lots of fab secondary characters so bring on Tom s story can t wait Enjoy You don t complete me, Tru You make me who I am You make me better I d be nothing without you Nothing. I want you to WATCH meMAKE you come This is the second book in THE STORM series This is the love story of gorgeous Jake Wethers and beautiful Tru Bennett Just a recap for those of you who haven t read this story.Jake Tru grew up together, but Jake moved away when he was 14 yrs old and they lost contact for another 12 long years They meet up again when Tru had to interview Jake s band The Mighty Storm for a magazine Tru was the moth drawn to the flame.the flame being Mr Sexy Jake Did i mention Jake is a ROCKSTAR HOT SEXY IRRESISTIBLE EDIBLE TATTOOS I m not saying any without spoiling it.Well..what are you waiting for Go read this will LOVE it I give this book 5 Gazillion stars God, he is BEAUTIFUL I don t know if i ll ever get used to how BREATH STEALING Jake truly is I love it when he talks to me like this DIRTY and DOMINEERING I INTEND to make up that TIME and spend the REST of the day inside YOU, fucking you senseless, until NEITHER of us can walk My hands instantly go to his hard stomach, fingers pressed against his rigid muscle, as I stare up into his beautiful blue eyes Eyes I could spend a lifetime starting into I m struck by the DEPTH of his need for ME, what I can DO to him with my WORDS alone, and the total CONTROL he takes over my BODY And my HEART He OWNS meOh see, you caught a side thatI am care free, let out the cage seeThere s a better me, I wonder why I letThe nerves take hold of me this timeI regret this till I dieWhat you waiting forWho s your secret call I stop to sighI can t denyThat I be missing you ,What you waiting for Who s your secret callI stop to sighI can t deny That I be missing you You have started the beginning of my lifeSo take a moment to decideWhat you thought isYou picked a different sideI m so relieved that side is mineAnd now stay Let s leave the past it s time to get away A better start to help another day I realise the pain that you ve been throughFuck mineJesus please don t cryWhat you waiting for Who s your secret callI stop to sighI can t denyThat I been missing you What you waiting forWho s your secret callI stop to sighI can t deny That I be missing you You have started The beginning of my lifeSo take a moment to decide What you thought isYou picked a different sideI m so relieved that side is mineAnd now she thinks she s clever She tries to pick my brainI m clouded over wetherThese feelings still remainGet out she goesGet out she goesGet out she goesBut I won t goYou have startedThe beginning of my lifeSo take a moment to decide What you thought is You picked a different sideI m so relieved that side is mineYou have startedThe beginning of my lifeSo take a moment to decide What you thought is You picked a different sideI m so relieved that side is mineYou have startedThe beginning of my lifeSo take a moment to decide What you thought is You picked a different sideI m so relieved that side is mine There is NO one else FOR me I BEGIN and END with you. BR with J D Jake