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DNF 60%Amateurishly written Unlikable characters Dull and cliched rock star plot. ROCKING AWESOME FAN FREAKING TASTIC READ Okay last night I got the ARC of this freaking awesome book and this was me I was seriously stoked, jumping around, couldn t wait to read it, wait, why was I still jumping around I had the book so I calmed my arse down and got down to businessThis is a story of Lanie Noel once high school sweethearts, first loves, first kiss well first everything After high school graduation Lanie decides that Noel s music isn t really gonna go anywhere and she breaks things off and leaves for college Poor Noel, well, maybe poor Lanie because Noel makes it in the music industry and he makes it BIG Oh yeah, Noel is known as a sex god and he is that hot, sexy, bad boy rocker image error For The Last Four Years, Good Girl Lane Has Regretted Breaking Up With Noel Falcon She Thought She Was Sensible When She Told Him His Dreams Of Being A Rock Star Would Get Him Nowhere, But Now That He S A Rock God And Her Career Is Stagnant, She Realizes Just How Wrong She Was When Noel Hires The Marketing Company Where Lane Is An Intern, She S Forced To See Him Again If She Wants To Land Her Dream Job As Executive Within The Company, She Has To Win Him Over And Secure His Account Too Bad Noel Is Still Pissed At Her For Breaking His HeartWhen Lane S Company Flies Her To A Black Falcon Concert To Gain Noel S Attention, Emotions Run High The Moment She Sees Him And Realizes She S Far From Over Him But Noel S Countless Trysts With Groupies And His Cocky Attitude Make Lane Believe He Isn T The Same Guy She Once Loved Now He Seems To Only Want Her Body Then After Lane Discloses She Needs Him To Procure A Job, Noel Proves He S A Changed Man By Forcing Her To Go On The Road With Him In Order To Get ItAfter Lane Reluctantly Takes Noel Up On His Offer, She Becomes Willing To Do Whatever It Takes To Keep Him Satisfied, Even If It Means Succumbing To His Seductive Ways Lane Soon Finds Deception Is A Dangerous Game And She S Not The Only One PlayingJoin Michelle S Facebook Reader Group Valentine Vixens Gotta show love for my own book, right LOLChap One and Two plus Teasers posted here THE HEART is only 0.99 cents to celebrate hitting 33 on New York Times Best Sellers list US and Noble Cover Title 3 out of 5Favorite Line This next song goes out to the girl who shredded my heart without hesitation back in high school It s called Ball Busting Bitch, and Laine this one s for you Favorite Character Riff sigh I swear to fucking god i felt like i had already read this book this week No wait a minute that was The Perfect Game, it totally reminded me of it, i cannot explain how without spoiling both books so i wont I am not saying that either is a copy of either, i am telling you the things that pissed me off from either book are the same it has a very important plot similarity trying to convey my frustrations through a telepathic link to you Noel Oh Noel you asshole There was quite a lot to like about his character charm, charity work, troubled past, rock star, tattoo s piercings the way he chased Lane But there was also some major dislikes He is the reason i gave this a 3 stars instead of less, even though he was an asshat he made the book Noel, Justin is a pussy even he knows the score look here is a message for you, from himLane Man, Lane i saw it coming a mile off and your were right there but missed it how disappointing You are really fucking irritating I do not get girls that are such pushovers, i find it really insulting to the rest of the female population stop bringing us down The story Did they actually forget that she was meant to be working When did she work seriously I felt like quite a few issues were not dealt with but then there were other details included that i felt where pointless I wouldn t really recommend this book as it was so Click here for my book review blog The author had me atAdam Levine is my inspiration for Noel Falcon HELL, YEAH You will never understand how desperate i was before that book For days, i couldn t read a whole book and after all that dissapointmentI thought Why don t i try a rock band book since i have a thing with these kind of stories And thank God, it worked I m so happy right now This book made my day Black Falcon is an absolutely amazing rock band and their leader singer, Noel Falcon, was such a georgeous dude But this story started a little bit strangeLanie is working as an intern in a marketing company who are hired from Noel so she is forced to meet him again after four years You see, Noel was her highschool sweetheart and she broke his heart when he left him because he didn t fit in her perfect plan for the future But even though the time that have pass, she never forgot him and now she is terrified to meet him again and she s kind of right because Noel doesn t seem like the boy she left behind Noel Falcon is a succesfull, cocky, arrogant bastard Everybody thinks that he is a sexy rock God He can have everything he wants All the women thrown themselves in front of him And even though he wants to hurt Lanie, he still feels broken inside of her loss He wants her back and he is determined to get her So, he arranged Lanie to get her dreamy job with the condition to travel with him and the rest of the band for two weeks She will manage to be so close to him for such a long time and stick to strictly proffesional between them or she will embrace her feelings and fall to his charm Well, i really enjoy that story It was fresh and well written The sexual tension between Noel and Lanie was all around from the first moment, even though she denied to fall in his trap I admit that sometimes all this useless resistance was a little bit annoying, but that wasn t a big deal for me And when i was about to say that everything get in their right place, something really awful happened that made me really sad and angry I liked very much Noel s character I know that everybody characterised him as a cocky asshole, but when he was with Lanie we could see a kind and sweet man who was determined to do anything to regain the heart of the woman he loved And his effort was extremely pleasant I liked that he didn t give up so easily on her Oh I don t want to forget the other members of the band They were amazing, but i will talk to you about them to the next books I only tell you that i liked the fact that at the end the things get clear between Noel and Riff They were like brothers and it was such a pity to provoke each other all the time and to react with such malice I can t wait for Riff s book The guy on the cover looks like he is 35 while in the book, the guy is 22.I am sorry, but telling someone not to follow their dream and telling them that their dreams won t come true or are unrealistic is RUBBISH Sorry Lane I would have slapped you hard if you ever fed me that shit.Also, I am sorry, but not being with the love of your life just because of a JOB is horrendous and so fucking stupid They were good together, the whole thing going with them was nice, cute and stuff but it missed romance of some sort The band members were hardly mentioned the whole thing in the end was so bland and not spicy and drama full The whole rockstar thing the author got, but the rest of a few things were missing I feel that the author is somewhat trying to create a part of the whole Sed and Jessica thingie from Rock Hard.The book has a lot of The Perfect Game by J Sterling in a down low as a plot mixed with Roch Hard by Olivia Cunnings Jack and Sed mixture This entire time we could ve been together We ve fought over someone else s lie Seriously woman The entire time It was ONE WEEK Exaggerate much She calls him selfish and hence broke up with him when they were teens, when not once in the book was it ever shows that he was is ever selfish.The whole charity thingie, they barely speak shit about it when thats the main reason he wanted her to work on it because she understood why it ment so much for him I read nothing about it.Nothing about the daddy issues , nothing about the end with the whole Diana Swagger thingie A lot, and I mean A LOT was missing and it made be feel blank towards the end for not having the answers.The story was decent types good, but a whole lot sucked towards the end, many things were left unresolved and the ending was abrupt I don t think the 2nd book is about Lane and Noel so that leaves a few things hanging in the air.There was chemistry in the book, a tad bit of romance but it wasn t an erotica with smoke and sizzle.Overall, I was not disappointed with the book, but I just didn t enjoy it much Something was missing making it bland for me Like an omph factor or something to add the extra mile to it. This review was posted at My Secret RomanceThis next song goes out to the girl who shredded my heart without hesitation back in high school It s called Ball Busting Bitch, and Lanie, this ones for youThose two lines are what sold me I was madly in love after that.Rock the Heart totally rocked MY heart.Cheesy, I know But for real, I lurrrrvvvved this book A few chapters in, I found out this was a rekindled reunited love theme and you know how I feel about that.After Lanie and Noel separated, it hasn t been easy on either of them They ve both moved on as much as they could but there s a feeling inside them that won t go away It wasn t an easy break up by any means They were their first love, first everything, but when they split they took a piece of each others hearts Now It s been four years and Lanie doesn t want to mix business with pleasure But how long can she could only hold out against Noel s soulful voice and his trained fingers Noel is perplexed when he spots Lanie during one of his concerts He s never gotten over how she left him that night long ago She didn t have any faith in him then when he told her about his dreams, but here she is Noel is bitter when it comes to her, yet he cannot fight his attraction one bit and he makes it very clear what his motives are towards Lanie Lanie desperately wants to prove she has what it takes to work it in the Marketing field at her new internship It s her dream job, where her heart is at She ll take any job her boss offers her, that is, until they tell her she s going to be touring with the band Black Falcon No way does she want to do this It s way too personal for her but she wants this job, so she ll do what she needs to Now that she s in such close proximity with Noel, she finds herself in predicaments she says she doesn t want to be in, but her body screams otherwise Things seem to be going as smooth as they can, but a bomb is dropped on Lanie and she wants out To make matters worse, Lanie finds herself in a bind she is legally bound to Noel by contract by her employer and by Black Falcon Now she s stuck with sexy Noel everywhere she looks when she can t stand to look at him after what he did.A declaration of my love for this book and author is needed right now.I do.I really do.I don t even know where I begin Rock the Heart surprised me, yet I had a feeling it was one of those books I just knew I was going to like I was hooked pretty early on with the easy flow of writing and the fun banter between the characters I thoroughly enjoyed this book from the beginning until the last page, where I didn t wanted it to end The way Noel and Lanie found their way back to each other and the obstacles they were faced with was enough for me, but the side stories with all the band mates and friends made it that much better Noel was never able to let go of Lanie, and he made it very clear early on I loved that He wasn t afraid to be in her face with his feelings Though at first, I thought it was all an act I thought he was just being spiteful because she hurt him all those years ago Oh, but did he tease her and lead her on.it was hot I loved that Noel s feelings are genuine, but he isn t just about the band He has problems with his father and his best band mate, Riff I felt so bad to see Noel struggle in those relationships.Being on tour was a difficult challenge for Lanie Noel was the guy that got away but she couldn t allow herself to cave into him Their chemistry was hot from the start Gahhh I loved this book I had so much fun getting to know the band members of Black Falcon Each one of the brought something different and fun to the table with their personalities The twins are a very charismatic duo, easy and fun to be around Riffthat man thought he was God s gift to woman Ugh He drove me nuts in the beginning But as the story progressed, I saw a different side of him and I realized it was all a facade I reallllly liked him and I hope the author does a story for him.To Emily Snow Don t worry, as much as I came to love Riff, Noel is the one for me. DNF at 53 % I will refrain from rating this book It s safe to say that YA NA don t do anything for me, and I would really appreciate it immensely if every author would label their books accurately Rock the Heart is by no means an Adult Romance It s New Adult and if I d ve known it I wouldn t have read it in the first place YA and NA are not my cuppa Then again, I have to wonder why I loved the extremely young couple in Kristen Ashley s Games of the Heart so much Maybe this was another case of KA magic, who knows What I dislikedSadly, Rock the Heart did not rock my heart nor my world The story and its characters have a very young ish feel to it and it s too clich d as well Everything about it is romance lite Don t get me wrong, there s nothing wrong with that However, it just happens that I need something that will really grab my interest As I see it, I could never bond with the characters and there s a lack of chemistry between these two Also, the pace is very slow In fact, I started to read it on Wednesday and today is Friday and it can t hold my attention at all.Noel being a rock sex icon did not resonate well with me I m sorry but a twenty two year old rock singer is by no means a rock sex icon Of course Noel s d ck is so huge that she could barely wrap her hand around him Does she have childlike hands In addition, the sex did not wow me either It was kinda awkward.Further, there was this other lead singer, Striker The author described him as being broad shouldered and wrote that he is a young Steven Tyler But I know for sure that Steven Tyler is a skinny guy nothing s broad about Steven.I have issues but I think it s entirely needless to go into further details here.Overall verdictThis is probably a case of It s not the book it s me Hence, I d like to encourage you to read it I m quite sure that young readers and older readers who love the YA and NA genre will enjoy Rock the Heart.ARC courtesy by Michelle Valentine, author, in exchange for an honest review