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WELL HERE IT IS The book I have been anxiously awaiting.THE MIGHTY STORM by SAMANTHA TOWLE I was a little excited when I received an advanced copy of The Mighty Storm.ok so I was A LOT excited ok ok OK So I may have screamed like a total girl jumped up down whilst clapping my hands so sue me LOL Its been a while for me between Rock Star books Rock Star books are my crack I for 1 was very desperate for a good fix.OOOOHHHH BOY DID I GET MY FIX OK so I don t do spoiler reviews In fact I hate spoilers in reviews but I m going to give u as much as I can because to be honest I AM FREAKING DYING TO TALK ABOUT THIS BOOK This book gripped me had me emotionally invested in both the characters the story within the first few chapters Not only did I want MORE of the uber sexy tattooed rock god JAKE WETHERS I know hot tattooed rock god ummm SOLD RIGHT LOL but I also found TRUDY BENNETT or Tru as Jake calls her extremely relatable , Likable an all round awesome chick Tru is a smart, sexy music journalist She is also the beautiful girl next door literally She grew up next door to Jake after years of being best friends she lost him when his moved with his family to America at the age of 14 This broke Tru s heart geeeez as a 14yr old girl all full of hormones we all know how devastated she would have been SNIFF oh I need chocolate just thinking about it Anyway.after a short time of being apart they lost contact Tru never saw or heard from Jake again.Until 12 years later when her boss Vicky landed her the interview of her career with the lead singer of 1 of the biggest rock bands in the world..u gest it THE MIGHTY STORM s JAKE WETHERS INSERT GIRLY SQUEEL HERE EEEEEEEEKKKKKKK Now that you are a little excited let me tell you a bit about JAKE hot as hell WETHERS Ok so u get that he is an Uber sexy tattooed rock god we covered that already lol Just has that larger than life Rock Star persona I want sooo much in a fictional character He is a self made success, building not only a chart topping rock band but also his own record label.He works hard but PLAYS even harder He likes his alcohol, drugs, cigarettes he is a habitual lady s man..hmmm no that s not right lady s man sounds to tame let s say he usually turns his sexy smile fuck me eyes on a girl they drop to their knees, magically losing their panties on the way down yep that s a better way to describe our Jake Ok this would be the guys queue to squeal..or grunt punch each other in the arm or whatever it is u man type people do lolJake only knows how to play to win He is in control at all times.until Tru that is YAY TRU I say Score 1 for team vagina woop woop he has never wanted something he can t have this frustrates Jake He is not use to not getting what he wants his reaction to some of those situations made me want to poke him in the eye with something pointy Now don t get me wrong Jake is not all spoilt bad boy He is romantic warm sensitive watching him suffer broke my heart into itty bitty pieces..sniff sniff But its not just Jake who broke me.ohhhhhh no Tru my poor beautiful Tru see Tru has a situation of her own to deal with I m calling it the situation coz I don t want to give too much away I want you to experience FEEL IT like I did From the moment she fell back into Jakes life some might say she had a choice to make play it safe or risk it all but I believe she never had a choice Jake is her heart This book has EVERYTHING a great contemporary romance needs An unforgettable romance between two incredibly relatable characters that was beautiful There were catch your breath moments of angst drama that made me cry scream want to detach emotionally to save myself the pain of suffering with them But it was impossible I was in way too deep for that There was a cast of minor characters that gave humour extra life to the story.OHHHH there were what I like to call induced 1 handed reading moments..You know when you have to hold your kindle in 1 hand coz your other hand is busy.you know lol.well you get the idea Teehee..What I m trying to say is the steamy adult scenes are hotter than a BBQ plate left in the sun on an Aussie summers day to top it off it has a hot gay man that can dance up a storm I want him to be my BFF who saved me Tru from losing my mind stopped my hiccuppy sob fests on than 1 occasion.oh bless you Stuart for being there for us To say that this book affected me emotionally is a gross understatement I found myself selfishly not wanting release day to come so I didn t have to share Jake Tru with the rest of the world LOL Its sort of like that awkward moment when you find out that someone else thinks of your BFF as their BFF too ummmm what NOOO IM NOT SHARING LOL I want to clutch TMS to my chest growl at anyone who comes near wanting to take a peak ALAS I must loosen my whits knuckle death grip let my baby s go my girls always say sharing is caring Sali lol So this is me letting go sharing one of the most wonderful books I have read ENJOY ALL MY BOOK WHORE AWESOME MATES OUT THERE ROCK ON BITCHES OWWW 1 MORE THING..MAKE SURE U DON T MISS THE SPECIAL LITTLE BONUS AT THE END ITS FUCKING AWESOME if u really want to get the most out of this awesome new release come over to TOTALLYBOOKED Facebook page on release day Friday 24th of August We are doing a big group read of THE MIGHTY STORM It s an amazing way to share your reading experience with other like minded readers There will also be lots of other special surprises posted about the book the talented Author SAMMANTHA TOWLE Sam will also be there to chat with her Looking forward to seeing u all there Oh, and another thingsorry, I ll finish in a minute I ve noticed a couple of comments on here referring to this book as being just like Thoughtless and I want to make a call on that right now It isn t It has Jake, lead singer of a band and a love triangle and that s where the similarities end This book is totally different in feel and execution Read it and see for yourself LOL OK I PROMISE IM DONE NOW.now go get ready for a read a thon party with us on friday 5 SMOKING HOT JAKETASTIC STARS STOP WHAT YOU RE READING AND READ THIS NOWThis book was so much than a 5 Star Book In fact I don t think there s a rating high enough for it YES It was that freaking good Lets start somewhere absolutely delicious I m talking about Rock God extraordinaire, Jake freaking Wethers He s the quintessential bad boy, tattoo s, lean body, cocky, sexy, the whole damn package He s the type of bad boy that immediately gives you flutters in your tummy and I m not talking little pitter patters, I m talking FULL BLOWN FLUTTERS Your girly parts will never be the sameWell, when we re talking sex and you, baby, my clothes just disintegrate, he shrugs, grinning Jake Yes my friends that is a Jake quote I know totally bad boy hot right Jake and Trudy grew up together in the Uk and were best friends They were separated because Jakes family landed up moving to the US when he was 14 And of course they run into each other again when Trudy Bennett aka Tru who is a music journalist, comes and interview s Jake for a column at the magazine she is working at The chemistry between these two is palpable and intense And after they run into each other the story just takes off This book had everything in it, one minute you are happy and dancing around and the next you are anxious and tense and then thirty seconds after that you are in tears and are crying like a baby It was a rainbow of emotions and was so good to read Samantha s book are always such a journey and roller coaster ride and this one was no different Jake wins you over immediately and worms his way into your heart and you fall in love with Tru even with all the stupid decisions she makes If you re looking for something sexy, angsty and just plain EPIC Then you ve found the perfect book and need to pick this up now It s got everything in a love story you need and I m positive it will become a favorite of yours Samantha Towle has never disappointed me I m eagerly awaiting book two in this series Jake and Tru image error It S Been Twelve Years Since Tru Bennett Last Saw Jake Wethers, Her Former Best Friend And Boy She Once LovedJake Wethers, Sexy, Tattooed And Deliciously Bad Lead Singer, And Brains Behind The Mighty Storm, One Of The Biggest Bands In The World, Left Tru With A Broken Heart When He Moved From England To America With His Family When They Were Both FourteenSent To Interview Jake For Her Music Column By The Magazine She Works For, They Are Both Unprepared For The Sparks That Fly The Instant They Reconnect Only, There S A Complication To Their Instant Feelings For One Another Will, Tru S Boyfriend Of Two Years Then Jake Makes Tru A Job Offer She Can T Refuse Travelling The World With Him And His Band But Taking The Job Means Leaving Will Behind, And Being On The Road With The Band Means Spending An Inordinate Amount Of Time With Jake Is Tru Strong Enough To Resist The Delectable Bad Boy Who Once Held Her Heart So Completely, Or Will She Willingly Risk It All For One Night With The World S Most Notorious Womanizer 5 You re my June StarsIt s always been you I loved you from the moment I knew how to loveChoosing The Mighty Storm as my next read was definitely the BEST decision that I ve made because this is now officially added to my list of favorites At first, I thought the book was just like any other rock star romances that portray typical plots about a famous guy falling in love with an ordinary girl Well, there were certainly clich s thrown in places in this book but I could say they were designed in a gripping, enticing way One you couldn t say no to The story centers around the characters Jake Wethers and Trudy Tru Bennett Jake, the lead singer and founder of one of the biggest rock bands known as The Mighty Storm, is dubbed as the ultimate bad boy and a prolific womanizing rock star He was Tru s best friend and first love when they were still kids but after he moved to the US with his mom and stepdad, their communication stopped After 12 years of separation, their paths crossed again when Tru interviewed Jake for a magazine scoop Now a music journalist, Tru did not expect her feelings for Jake to reawaken after seeing him again.The romance was intoxicating and the angst was so good I devoured it all up There were a lot of scenes that made me feel anxious and totally on edge while waiting for what s about to happen between Tru and Jake There were also parts that made me feel furious because of Tru s stupid decisions I have to admit that Tru got on my nerves most of the time Surprisingly though, her annoying qualities didn t diminish my overall enjoyment because I just loved how the story was beautifully rendered Call me shallow, but one of the things that I also loved about this book was Jake Wethers Book boyfriend alert, ladies and gentlemen If you fancy bad boy and possessive in a good way heroes, I don t think you will ever dislike Jake I loved how his character was portrayed here He s this kind of guy that s too good to be true despite his flaws and imperfectionsI love you beyond any lyrics I could ever write, or any words I could ever sayWhat an emotional journey The Mighty Storm has been I just love Tru and Jake together I wish to read books like this, books that will make me feel like I am reading a romance book for the very first time You know that feeling UghhhTo me Jake was and is music, it s what glued us together The Mighty Storm was recommended to me by my book girlfriends Thank you ladies for recommending this book to me ages ago Their raves piqued my curiosity and finally dived into my first Samantha Towle novel.Music journalist Trudy Bennett crossed paths again with her childhood best friend and lead vocalist of a famous rock band The Mighty Storm, Jake Wethers as she gets a chance to exclusively interview him for the Etiquette Magazine the company Trudy works for They haven t seen each other for twelve years since he migrated to United States She s been in love with him for a longtime but at some point they lost their communication Now that he returns in her life, the chemistry between them intensified.What a roller coaster of events between Tru and Jake It s full of angst, tension and scorching hot romance There are several moments I m frustrated with Tru for all her wrong decisions and I want to shake her so badly If only she s been honest with view spoiler Will, who s her current boyfriend I know she doesn t love him as much as Jake, I think she should have break up with him earlier before she had an affair with Jake It s horrible and I feel so bad for him He s a good man and he deserves better cries hide spoiler Enjoyed this book The writing was direct and fairly simple, but the story was engaging and I really loved the characters The book had a sweet, fun start that slowly evolved into a in depth, emotional read.When music journalist Trudy Bennett gets hired to interview one of the world s most famous and sexy rock stars, Jake Wethers , she is extremely surprised and reluctant Jake was Tru s first love They were childhood best friends until life separated them at the age of fourteen, leaving Tru alone and heartbroken I don t think I need to tell you how the sexy sparks fly when these two reunite It seems all those years apart have not diffused their connection, and a deeper attraction ignites There is just one problem Tru has a boyfriend, to whom she is determined on remaining faithful Even as she agrees to go on tour with Jake and his band to cover his biography, she refuses to betray her boyfriend Will.I cannot tell you how many times I forgot about poor Will throughout this story I even considered trying this little remembering Will tactic just so he wouldn t slip my mind again I m sorry Will You were really sweetI think the fact that Tru s boyfriend wasn t constantly present in this story made the love triangle pill a little easier to swallow I sort of felt less guilty as a reader rooting for the other man in the absence of her current one Speaking of guilt, I adored Tru, but I do wish her actions didn t so quickly and completely betray her thoughts She struggled internally with the idea of hurting Will, but literally JUMPED on the first chance that arose Fortunately, I was able to be understanding when I considered the history she and Jake shared A steamy read with a lot of fantastic references to music Jake was a sexy, romantic, possessive, intensely tormented hero and I fully enjoyed his journey to redemption Looking forward to the second book of this seriesI ll never be good enough for you, I know that But I m no good without you, and if that makes me a selfish bastard for wanting you as badly as I do then so be it because I can t live a life that doesn t have you in itBook Stats Genre Category Contemporary Romance Steam Caliber Maximum steam Romance Complicated, extreme, and sexy Characters Bad boy, alpha, rocker hero Frustrating, but strong heroine Plot Centers on childhood friends reuniting into an intense, passionate, but unsteady relationship Writing Fun, smooth, and lively POV 1st Person Heroine Cliffhanger None Next Installment Follow up Continuing story 3.5 starsMy cherry has been popped I am no longer a Samantha Towle virgin This little minx is definitely someone I d do again I was touched in all the right places and teased with an assortment of intense emotions So if the sex was so good, why not stars Because I wasn t turned on right away The book didn t really start for me until the tour when things really started to happen, but then it gave it to me way too fast The second half was so effin amazing I definitely wanted of that It got so good, but then it ended way too quickly Pacing issues aside though, this was a great read WARNING You will need to hydrate yourself before you read The Mighty Storm You are going to sweat from the sweltering heat between Tru Jake, the physical intimacy will leave you damp and dripping, the emotional heart ache will have you in tears Nothing compares to the gut wrenching emotions a reader experiences when the hero breaks your heart You can t breathe it leaves you feeling physically ill I haven t hurt like this since Modern Love Story or The Opportunist You want to believe that Jake is prince charming, a tattooed, mischievous, and somewhat naughty prince charming one with a really bigbut still a prince charming I hurt right along with Tru I healed right along with Tru, I forgave right along with Tru, and I came right along with Tru This book didn t find my g spot right away, but it did eventually find it It found it, played with it a bit, and left me wanting READ ON Also reviewed at I loved the first 100 pages or so, and felt the book had promise to be great After that, it sort of fell apart for me There is soooooooooooooooo much unnecessary drama that could have been avoided had either of these two had stopped being self involved enough to think through their situation rationally I didn t dislike either of them, but I think I just expected a mature relationship This one felt like a high school love affair with adult situations and sex Basically, it wasn t a bad book The British slant of writing was kind of cool, because you don t often get a writer who won t cave in and write American I m sure there is a technical term for it, but you get my drift Though I m glad I don t have to read it all of the time, because it did interrupt the flow What is a vest in the UK Is it a tank top I also think that there were some editing issues, but not enough for me to care all that much about.So for the first 100 150 pages, I give it five stars After that, not so much I think this is one that you really need to be in the mood for Prepare for angst and drama, drama, drama I can see the appeal, but I read it at a time that I needed something a little toned down. I love you I ve only ever loved one girl, Tru and that s you It s always been you I ve loved you from the moment I knew how to loveSQUEEEEE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING ROCKSTAR ROMANCE WOW I am totally in LOVE with this book Freaking Thrilling Read.A well written, beautiful story that put me through a deliciously emotional angsty ringer, made my heart race and flutter and had me swooning like crazy over Jake Wethers.I loved the writing style right from the start It was vivid, clean, and got you right into Tru s head This book made me laugh, cry, squee, cheer, gasp, sigh, swoon, melt, fan myself, take deep calming breaths in order to move on, gave me goosbumps, made my breath hitch, made me read with misty eyes for like the whole final 15%, it just TOTALLY affected me My emotions were all over the place and all of them were INTENSE My heart the author s yo yo I utterly LOVED IT Tru and Jake were the best of childhood friends They did everything together And although they were too young to really understand it, they did fall in love Everything was perfect until his family suddenly uprouted to a different country when they were 14 and they lost touch.Now, twelve years later, Jake has become the world famous ultimate bad boy of rock living a life full of booze, parties, drugs and women , while Tru has become a music journalist Even though he s hugely popular, she s never told anyone that she knew him, wanting to keep that part of her memories private So now, when her boss signs her up to interview and write an article on him, she absolutely terrified she knows he s changed from the boy she knew will he remember her What will they say She knows about a dark part of his past that the world does t now about Maybe he won t want to see her And yet at the same time, she s utterly excited out of her mindJake Wethers, the man who used to be the boy I lovedOoooooohhmigosh, when they meet for the first time again, my heart was racing I was smiling, grinning, and my heart was pounding It was AMAZING I love books that affect me so strongly and I have to say that from the moment I met Jake, I fell in instant love with him INSTANT.And its clear from the start that the spark between them has never died And he asks her to go on tour with them as the official biographer of his tour and then oh how the fun begins as Jake, subtly at first, and later not so subtly, works hard to rekindle the romance and show Tru the depths of the feelings he s always had for herIt s always been you, Tru Alwaysmelt Now, here s the hiccup, Tru has a boyfriend, Will a wonderful, sweet, gorgeous, loving boyfriend And dispite her feelings towards Jake, she isn t quite sure how he feels towards her She has a lot of insecurities, but I found them to be understandable annoying perhaps at times because of how badly I just wanted them to get together, but they were not ridiculous I think its easy for people on the outside to judge her initial reaction, but honestly, in her shoes, I d prolly be having a lot of the same thoughts myself.There IS a little bit of a love triangle going on for a part of the book, and yes, when Jake and Tru first get physical, there IS cheating But, and here s the big BUT, it did not bother me gasp and I m the person who utterly HATES any cheating in books Why did it not bother me Because it wasn t long and drawn out The cheating was understandable Here are two people CLEARLY meant to be together who have honestly LOVED each other since they were kids, in a sitation where one of them is attached It sucks And they gave what they had between them a go and ended up telling Will within a few days of starting so there wasn t this huge big long cheating time Yes, it was messy My heart was in utter turmoil Yes, my heart hurt for Will But there was just no denying how right Jake and True felt together They were truely each other s soul matesYou re mine, Tru I m not sharing you with him anyAnd this isn t a book about cheating Its a story about a childhood love that never truely went away throughout years of separation, and how, once reunited, nothing will be able to keep them apart The cheating thing gets resolved quickly and then after that its just about Jake and Tru.So, now, back to Jake pauses a moment to SWOON Jake Wethers, perhaps the sweetest and hottest rock god to grace this earth I have t had my heart this much a flutter since Kellan and Gideon Let me tell you, I was hyperventilating and swooning to the MAX What is it about rock stars that is just so Freaking THRILLING The chemistry between Jake and Tru oh dear lord fans self , it sizzles You can feel it come right off the page Totally undiable Totally INTENSE From the start, you can just FEEL that its right between them And the intensity between them just slowly builds from their first meeting to the point where it just couldn t be held back any Made you feel for them that much strongly.The book is steamy very steamy, but not erotica steamy Its there, but not overpowering Personally, I thought it was just the right amount for this story.Once Jake and Tru were together, yes, they fought, yes, they had their moments of stupid, but c mon, who doesn t Personally, despite reading some of the scenes and just going FUUUUUUUUCCCKKKKKK , I didn t find that the drama overshadowed the story, but rather brought it a sense of realism They have a lot to deal with paparazi, public image, various things that happen in their private life and so naturally, it affects them But they do work through their issues and them together just utterly melted my heart dreamy sigh The pacing of the book was mostly excellent But if I had to complain, I d say that there were a few scenes that were alluded to, but skipped over in detail that I d really have wished to read in full The time jumps are a little jolting, making you momentarily disconnect from the story line, but it quickly picks up again and didn t take away from my overall reading experience.This book deals with a lot of serious issues drugs, cheating, death, commitment, the effects of fame But its a romance at heart and an abolutely beautiful one at that.The ending was a totally swoony HEA but was a little abrupt I loved it, but I WANT MORE NOW Please Ms Towle, pretty please begs oooo and we are treated at the end of the book to one chapter from Jake s POV Its the scene where they meet for the first time and can I just say that that might actually be the BEST guy POV I ve ever read You got RIGHT into his head Literally every thought It was BRILLIANT The sequel will be out on August 20th, 2013 If you are looking for a rockstar romance that will totally take over your heart, try this one out Also, if you liked this book, you will most likely love Thoughtless, and vice versa if you are a big fan of Thoughtless, RUN out and get yourself this book Cuz just WOW Jake Wethers you are my rock god 3I found a picture of this guy that looks EXACTLY like how Jake was described in the books just add blue contacts and tattoo him up a bit in your minds P What do you guys think Is he HOT or what and how s this for a potential Jake and Tru 2.5 stars.You are only allowed to read this review if one of these three things applies to you 1 You ve read this book.2 You have no plans of reading this book, so spoilers will not be an issue for you.3 You plan on reading the book but don t mind a few spoilers because you want to read my awesome half assed review okay, so the narcissism was unnecessary, but you get my point.I m not going to lie, I was a hair nervous to read this book.I know that a couple of my friends on GR were involved in some of the pre release feedback for The Mighty Storm and I didn t want to piss off anyone if I hated the book because surprise, surprise I actually do like my friends So I had a few complaints, but overall, it wasn t a bad read.I m just going to go conversational on this reviewno bullet points, no picsjust talking it out here Let s address the first 2 3 of the story The first 2 3 of the story felt like a better written version of Thoughtless The writing was polished other than a few typos and there were far less repetitive character quirks and annoying habits Because of this, I was probably less annoyed over the cheating than some people were I d seen it done in a far excessive way in Thoughtless, so it didn t quite grate on me the same way here I still wish that Tru had nipped things in the bud a few chapters sooner, however I say this just about any time I read a story which features cheating as a main plot point it s not the cheating that I have a problem with we re all human and make mistakes , it s when the action continues on and on that I start to get antsy Once or twice is not an issue for me I m fine with a little bit of drama thrown into a storyjust don t drag it out past a point where we start to lose sympathy for the characters I do think cheating as a main plot device is sort of tired by now There are a thousand other ways to write conflict into a story without having to resort to this Unless the author is going to bring it and expand upon the subject and make it something so major and creative that the idea blows everyone s minds, I d rather see this trend be put to rest Overall, I liked Jake and Tru s chemistry. I felt the connection and understood Tru s dilemma In her situation, it was easy to see why she was torn She had the love of a good man for 2 years, but the person she was closest to from her childhood came back It was easy to see why she wrestled with her emotions There were moments between the two of them that were magicalJoder, I whisper.He grabs my hair, kissing me hard on the mouthI really liked Jake He was sexy, funny, cocky, interesting and thoughtful His long standing love and devotion toward Tru was adorable to watch His issues and questionable acts of retaliation didn t really bother me because he had a lot on his plate and Tru didn t always make things easy for him again, I ve seen worse, so I tend to let things slide when some books take the behavior and amp it up way beyond this The sex was nice and the love story was sweet These are the things I actually didn t have a problem with.But yeah, there were a few moments that I could have lived withoutNow I see that Jake is my mighty storm He s fifty shades of fucked up broken and complex, and no one knows him like I do, or ever will He needs meinnocent whistle You didn t see my revision there, right Now let s address the last 1 3 of the story Honestly, I felt like the story should have ended when Jake and Tru got together the first time.Tackling a drug issue during the last 100 pages of the book was just rushed and somewhat sloppy In order to really give the proper amount of focus to this, there should have been time allotted for the second part of the story I would have preferred to have seen this book end at the part where you thought a HEA was going to happen, and the second part of the story broken off into another book Otherwise, I would have preferred to have seen Jake and Tru get together much earlier on and had less focus on Will Perhaps there shouldn t have been a love triangle after all These two could have reconnected, then a focus might have been put on the problems that a fledgling couple thrown into the midst of fame and paparazzi stalking would have gone through Either way, it felt like we had two separate books clashing with each other in one binding Who should read this Fans of high drama books would probably enjoy this story If you liked Thoughtless, then you ll probably find Mighty Storm to be a good fit If you didn t like Thoughtless, but only because of the repetitiveness, then there s still a chance that you ll enjoy Mighty Storm. If you can t handle cheating in any form, then you ll want to skip this one.