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5 stars Historical Regency RomanceWow I loved this I haven t relished a historical romance this much in quite some time I adored everything about this book Here s a quick summary of what I enjoyed most about it Endearing, unique, lovable heroine Pauline is caring, funny, cheeky, brave, honest, spunky, loyal, and strong yet vulnerable I absolutely adored her Sigh worthy hero Heartwarming, swoonalicious romance This has some of the sweetest, most memorable, delightful romantic moments scenes that I ve read in a long time and the H h are truly magnificent together Reminiscent ofMy Fair Lady , Cinderella , andPretty WomanThe heroine isn t a prostitute like inPretty Womanbut some other aspects of the story reminded me of it Snappy, refreshing dialogue and dazzlingly witty banter Clever humor and laugh out loud moments Touching emotional, dramatic elements I was moved to tears than once Steamy, creative love scenes I m kicking myself in the nuts Why did I ever wait to dig into a Tessa Dare book Hands down, one of the best written and funniest and equally romantic regency romance books I ve ever read listened It was really REALLY good Funny story, a while ago, I travelled to Spain and I actually met with Tessa Dare in person We were both attendants of a summit there But the thing is although I knew her books, I never knew she wrote them In my defense, I haven t read any MF in a couple years and I only do some MF regency romance on audio sometimes But it s quite rare for me to read MF these days LOL, I didn t realize it was her until we parted But luckily, I took some pics with her Anyhow, she has so many books that are highly raved by all my book buddies so it was a real challenge for me to decide which one to pop my TD cherry I went on to audible and listened the samples of all her books out there and Spindle Cove series attracted me the most And this book, this book called to me, like a siren would to a desperate sailor 2 minutes into listening this book and I was already laughing like crazy What an entertaining and enthralling listen And now, let s get onto reviewing Griffin York, the Duke of Halford is the fourth richest man in England and needless to say the most eligible bachelor that all women chase through a season And our Griff was blessed not only with many properties and enormous wealth but also with a wicked, diabolical, headstrong mother Griff is determined to not marry now or ever and his mother is equally determined to get him married off soon and have cute, little, adorable grandchildren whom she can spoil rotten When Griff realized that he was kidnapped by his own devilish mother to the notorious Spindle Cove where wallflowers of England gather and recuperate, he knew it s time to teach a lesson to his mother once and for all She wanted her to choose a bride on spot while standing in a pub full of England s aristocratic spinsters and he chose a barmaid that walked into the pub that very moment Talk about a destiny, huh But who knew, she really was his destiny at that moment Pauline Simms, the barmaid of Bulls and Blossoms caf in Spindle Cove and the elder daughter of the Simms family is not having a good day And to top her misery, she was humiliated by the arrogant Duke of Halford when he chose her out of all women in the caf because she was the most ineligible spouse possible for him But Pauline isn t anything if not determined, brave and optimistic If the Duke of Halford and his mother wanted a disaster coming to their way, they are surely going to get that As one unexpected events after another turned out, Pauline found herself riding in the most luxurious coach she has ever ridden on her way to London to be taught how to be a duchess by none other than the current Duchess of Halford The plan was simple, stay in London for a week, cause the most disastrous ruckus she can ever manage to cause, break the hopes of Duchess wish for grandchildren, take a thousand pounds and return to Spindle Cove to have an amazing life with her younger sister The plan certainly didn t include to fall in love in a week and that s what she managed to accomplish during her stay in London To say Pauline and Griff isn t compatible with each other would be an understatement They are the polar opposite of each other But despite their differences, Griff is inexplicably attracted to feisty, sassy mouthed and determined Pauline The Duke of Halford doesn t have all happiness and cherry in his heart, he has been carrying a dark dark secret for than a year and seems like no one but Pauline seems to get him And Pauline knows better than to fall for an aristocratic rake like Duke of Halford She s only here in London for a week so that Griff can teach a lesson to his mother She knows that she can be a mistress of Griff at best and a forgotten fling at worst But the heart wants what it wants Under the fa ade of an uncaring, rakish and charming duke, she knows there s a man with a broken heart and dark secrets no one knows And Pauline is determined to heal Griff s shattered heart before she has to return to Spindle Cove for good Oh my God Eva Kaminsky narrated the hell out of this book This is my first ever listen of hear narration and I m head over heels in love with her voice and performance I even bought a few other books that she narrated right away She really captured the essence of this story with her stellar performance I m not going to lie, I went into this story thinking this is going to be a hilarious, fluffy and low angst romance After all, the funny aspect of this story is what compelled me to listen in the very beginning and boy, was I wrong This was so much than Tessa Dare s superbly written entertaining banters and a damsel in distress romance This story has a depth, that bittersweet angst and most of all, old yet true principle of all time, that love can conquer anything in the end And talk about the balance of love, smut, funny banters and interesting characters I was truly truly hooked I binge listened this story in 2 days And boy, I know this is going to sound ridiculous to most people but as I m a dedicated lover of MM romance and straight sex weirds me out whenever I read MF these days But it s not the case in this story It was sizzling My my, the palpable sexual tension of our protagonists and that sweet moment when they finally consummated their love Hot, hotter and hottest Tessa Dare made it to my favorite authors list with my very first read of hers And yes, she really is the queen of funny and tasteful banters Yes, this story is not perfection and everything since there are some a bit unrealistic moments and their love was a bit too insta But despite everything, I really loved this book and it was a perfect ending for our two beloved MCs Heartwarming, sweet, hot and so swoon worthy An baby made in heaven by talented Tessa Dare s amazing writing and equally talented Eva Kaminsky s performance Couldn t recommend this book enough Favorite excerpts from the novelYou would A true kiss would stir you in your deepest places It would keep you lying awake in your bed all night long Restless, and beset by He paused, grasping for the female equivalent of an aching cockstand flutterings She d never felt like this, not in all her life So wanted, so desired So needed, and by a man who shouldn t need anything Apparently, after years of seducing every worldly, sophisticated woman in London, an impertinent minx of a serving girl was exactly what he wanted.But Griff vowed to himself then and there.This was one woman he would never have You re lovely You re clever You re turning me inside out, and I don t like it I don t want to care for you I ve suffered enough over females who crawled inside my heart and deserted it after one week But if I don t say these words right now, I m the lowest of the low So here it is You re remarkable Don t fight fair Life isn t fair, especially not life in a place like this If you have a shot, take it There s no call to be sporting about it, not with bullies There s always a pecking order The big will torment the small, and the small will torment the smaller, and on down the line It s the nature of chicks, and it s the nature of children, too Don t dream it will change You ll never be able to pummel every bully, and no amount of prayer or patience will convince them to change their ways Just keep your head up and get what s yours There were few things that gave him satisfaction in life than bringing a woman pleasure In so many ways, it was like solving a puzzle Each woman had the same anatomy But the crucial bits came in all shapes and sizes, fit together in different ways, and each responded to a unique set of strokes and caresses The same techniques might not work from one woman to the next The process of discovery was humbling and intoxicating The surge of emotion he felt it wasn t just the usual triumph of bringing a woman pleasure An unbearable font of tenderness welled in his chest Mingled with protectiveness, fondness The impulse to not just pleasure her, but cherish her, guard her He pressed kiss after kiss to the crown of her head, as if he could expel this painful excess of emotion Griff had never been the fanciful sort, even as a boy When he was with Pauline, the world was different She forced him to see things through fresh eyes Suddenly his library was the eighth wonder of the world, and Corinthian columns merited blasphemy A ferry across the Thames was an epic journey, and a kiss a kiss was everything He just stared down at her, the same way he had that first day in Spindle Cove as though she were the most wonderful, terrible, puzzling, perfect thing he d ever beheld When I heard you cry out it was like a saber to the gut I wanted to die I said no such thing You ran off before I could finish He ran a hand down her body I said I didn t need someone Because you re not just someone to me You re remarkable and stubborn and lovely and too damn brave for your own good How long has it been since you last made love She bit her lip Twenty minutes Right Same for me Give or take thirty seconds Tighter, sleeker, hotter, wetter, sweeter Not dreamlike or perfect, just real When we re alone together, we might be able to forget it But no one else will Forget it You think I forget who you are when we re together Do you believe that I worship every inch of this lithe, delectable body Do you understand that I would take a saber to the kidneys before letting you come to harm I don t forget who you are, he whispered And it s you I want So damned much I can t pretend to understand how love works Pauline sifted her fingers through his hair, smoothing a touch over his brow How many days have I known you Not many And I doubt I ll ever go a day without thinking of you, even if I should live to see ninety I She couldn t help it I love you so And his arse Lord above The world had not seen such a perfectly formed arse since the sixth day of Creation His buttocks were taut, rounded domes of pure muscle As he walked, tantalizing hollows appeared on each cheek, alternating with every step.Right, left, right I d die for her, he said And I d kill for her The rest doesn t concern you right now Devil take me You do love her Radiant Just as you were that first day She laughed I am sure I look nothing like I did that first day You do You sparkled That was the sugar I m not convinced I think it was just you His voice softened to a caress It was always you It s too much You re being too perfect Quickly, say something horrid so I know this isn t a dream Very well I have a creeping skin condition, and I hoot like a barn owl when I reach orgasm I love you, Pauline Simms I ve loved you since the day we met In fact, I suspect some part of my heart loved you long before then There was no woman for me before you, and if you refuse me, there ll be no one after I know I m no prize, but5 You are all spangled with sugar stars The rating for audio 5 stars for the story 5 stars for the narration 5 stars for the performance Over all 10 big stars of eargasms stars from me What S A Duke To Do, When The Girl Who S Perfectly Wrong Becomes The Woman He Can T Live Without Griffin York, The Duke Of Halford, Has No Desire To Wed This Season Or Any Season But His Diabolical Mother Abducts Him To Spinster Cove And Insists He Select A Bride From The Ladies In Residence Griff Decides To Teach Her A Lesson That Will End The Marriage Debate Forever He Chooses The Serving GirlOverworked And Struggling, Pauline Simms Doesn T Dream About Dukes All She Wants Is To Hang Up Her Barmaid Apron And Open A Bookshop That Dream Becomes A Possibility When An Arrogant, Sinfully Attractive Duke Offers Her A Small Fortune For A Week S Employment Her Duties Are Simple Submit To His Mother S Duchess Training And Fail MiserablyBut In London, Pauline Isn T A Miserable Failure She S A Brave, Quick Witted, Beguiling Failure A Woman Who Ignites Griff S Desire And Soothes The Darkness In His Soul Keeping Pauline By His Side Won T Be Easy Even If Society Could Accept A Serving Girl Duchess Can A Roguish Duke Convince A Serving Girl To Trust Him With Her Heart The Duchess of Halford would like grandchildren Tired of her thirty five year old son, Griff s bachelorhood, she takes matters into her own hands She drugs and kidnaps him and takes him to Spindle Cove to choose a young ladyYou choose a girl any girl and I ll polish her myself Who could better prepare the future Duchess of Halford than the current Duchess of Halford Pauline Simms is a farmer s daughter and serving girl at the local tavern Griffin Eliot York, Duke of Halford has his own reasons for not marrying and fathering children Keen to teach his mother a lesson for interfering in his life, he chooses PaulineHer, he said I ll take her But Pauline doesn t have any dreams of being a duchess All she really wants is to own a shop, specifically a circulating library This is yet another wonderful title in a brilliant series Though not quite as good as my favourite, A Week to Be Wicked, Griff certainly gives Colin, hero of book 2, a run for his money as my favourite so far in this series Griff is hiding a secret from his mother and his friends The past year has been difficult for him He has changed, his life has changed These scenes later in the book add some really poignant moments to an otherwise light and funny read.As with the other titles in this series, the pairing of a titled gent with a heroine outside the aristocratic ranks is improbable Put it down to the drinking water or the sea air in Spindle Cove But if you can put that aside, this whole series is incredibly enjoyable and entertaining Any Duchess Will Do is another funny, wonderful, romantic story from the pen of one of the most talented writers currently in historical romance.Steam 3 ARC courtesy of Avon via Edelweiss There are just not enough superlatives to describe this book ANY DUCHESS WILL DO has edged A WEEK TO BE WICKED into second place as my choice for the best book in this series A ginormous feat considering how much I love Colin and Minerva There are so many things I love about this book, it s difficult to know where to start but I ll try.The story blends all the magic of Pygmalion My Fair Ladyand CinderellaThe book is rich in humour and the sparkling dialogue provides so many memorable laugh out loud momentsCor She unleashed her broadest country accent as she tipped her head to admire the curve of his tight, aristocratic arse I ll have great fun with you on the wedding night I love how Ms Dare tempers the lighter moments with moments that are so heart rending When he tried to stand, he couldn t Grief seized like a savage, crippling pain Like an auger drilling on his heart It hollowed him out, left a round aching hole one he knew would never be filled. I adore Griff and Pauline These two are worlds apart but you know they are so right for each other They are two parts of a whole and proof that true love will always find a way Pauline on Griff The intruder was life shattering, heart muddling, oft maddening Griff.Griff on Pauline Lord above She had him enraptured to the point of drooling incoherence, and she had absolutely no idea This book has the most wickedly delicious, sizzlingly sexy, toe curling love scenes ever Chapter 21 should definitely come with a warning READ AT YOUR PERIL HIGHLY COMBUSTIBLE MATERIAL I started out disliking Griff s mother, the Duchess of Halford After all what kind of mother drugs and kidnaps her own son But her weakness for knitting misshapen items totally swayed my opinion but you ll have to read the book to discover why I shed tears along the way I hooted with laughter plenty of times I sighed at the dreamy romantic moments I nearly had to dowse myself with cold water at one point and finally I cheered for Griff and Pauline s dreamy Happy Ever AfterShe turned away burying her face in her apron Griffin Eliot York, the eighth Duke Of Halford, was here, on his knees For her Ring in hand, with the whole village watching.What else can I say about this book other than FABULOUS AMAZING FANTASTIC VERDICT AWESOME IN A CLASS OF ITS OWN RATING STELLAR 5 5 STARSSENSUALITY RATING HOT The Spindle Cove Series click on cover for details This review is also posted on my blog Tessa Dare has been my most surprising wild card of 2014 I went into this year convinced that I could never love historical romance, especially M F historical romance Then Tessa Dare smacked me upside the face with her Spindle Cove series and sent me reeling I loved them.I ve been listening to the series in audiobook format, so I was devastated when saw that the supremely talented narrator from the first three books, Carolyn Morris, was replaced by Eva Kaminsky However, I shouldn t have worried Eva Kaminsky was absolutely fabulous in this role She narrated the crap out of this story, and I didn t want to stop listening for a moment She had a few qualities that I find absolutely essential in a female narrator A wide range of distinct voices, believable, sexy male voices, and excellent timing.I think most readers will complain that the story is so improbable, so impractical, that it is ridiculous I mean, a duke and a servant falling in love and getting hitched And while I logically knew all of that, I honestly didn t care one iota I bought the fantasy, and isn t that what romance is all about This book was less funny and moving than the previous books, though it was just as enjoyable Tessa Dare manages to give a book tension and emotion without resorting to misunderstandings or silly plot devices I could honestly sing Tessa Dare s praises all day This book was sexy, had a strong female MC, a male MC that I could fall in love with, and a great cast of supporting characters.Book hangover, engaged. Miss Simms, his mother said, if you think you can trick me into repeating your vulgarities, you will be disappointed Suffice it to say, slang, blasphemy, and cursing have no place in a lady s vocabulary Much less a duchess s Oh I see So your grace never curses I do not Words like cor bollocks damn devil blast bloody hell She pronounced the words with relish, warming to her task They don t cross a duchess s lips No Never Never Miss Simms s fair brow creased in thought What if a duchess steps on a tack What if a gust of wind steals a duchess s best powdered wig Not even then Not even when an impertinent farm girl provokes a duchess to a simmering rage, she replied evenly A duchess might contemplate all manner of cutting remarks and frustrated oaths But even in the face of extreme annoyance, she sti es any such ejaculations My, Miss Simms said, wide eyed I do hope dukes aren t held to the same standard Can t be healthy for a man, always sti ing his ejaculations I was commuting and I just burst out laughing after reading this All the people around me were looking at me like I was crazy LMAOThis book is full of moments like this, but it s also full of very touching moments that brought tears in my eyesYou see, he said, I brought Miss Simms to London to thwart my mother s matchmaking schemes She was supposed to be a laughable failure A hilarious joke One of the Misses Haughfells began to giggle Her mother smacked her wrist with a folded fan No, no, Griff said Do laugh, please It s most amusing A barmaid, receiving duchess lessons Can you imagine The best part was the diction training My mother was forever drilling Miss Simms on her H s Is that so Lady Haughfell arched a brow I don t suppose she made much progress Oh, but she did Show them, Miss Simms Pauline smiled Hideous Ham faced Hag She looked to Griff There How was that Brilliant He beamed at her Write it down Of course As he scribbled the epithets on Miss Haughfell s dance card, he went on talking But you haven t heard the funniest bit, Lady Haughfell See, I thought I was playing a trick on my mother and all London but it turns out, the joke was on me The matron stiffened Because you have lost what remained of your family s honor and society s good opinion No Because I fell desperately in love with this barmaid and now cannot imagine happiness without her He looked up and shrugged Whoops All three Haughfells stared at him in mute, slack jawed horror Pauline wished she could have a miniature of their expressions to keep in a drawer forever and pull out on dull, rainy days.Griff sharpened the pencil stub with his thumbnail Let s make sure to have that down It s important He spoke the words slowly as he inscribed them Desperately in love Don t forget the whoops, Pauline said, looking over his shoulder That was the best part I loved both Griff and Pauline Both are very special persons Griff has been living his life as a rake until a very tragic death hasn t woke him up Pauline has been awake since she was a little girl while trying to protect her sister.They are just perfect for each other Pauline is a very unusual heroine She s a lower class I hate this definition, but I suppose in that period it was an important issue with people , but very intelligent and very straightforward I loved how she handled the Duchess She had wit and she had heart It was wonderful to have insight in her feelings Griff is wonderful in his own right But his being wonderful does not come out until later in the story And it comes out thanks to Pauline Great The secondary character of the future dowager Duchess with her knitting problems were endearing and very touching too Her love for Griff, her only living child, was evident since the beginning, but it was masked byphlegmLOLLastly, the duchess continued, the most important quality any Duchess of Halford needs is this phlegm Phlegm Pauline echoed, choking down her food It s forbidden to speak of hunger at the dinner table, but it s fine to talk about phlegm She poked at a bit of ham If it s phlegm you want, I can give you that I learned how to spit with the farm boys The trick is to start far back in your throat and The duchess halted, just as she was about to spoon some asparagus soup into her mouth She looked at the rich green broth, then set down her spoon Not that kind of phlegm, Miss Simms I refer to self assurance Un appability Aplomb The ability to remain calm, no matter what occurs Never underestimate the power of phlegm I really hope Ms Dare will continue with this series it s just that WONDERFUL that it would be a shame if this were the last book This is a really cute story about a duke falling for a serving girl, and they were adorable and it was hot and swoony sometimes, but the true star of this book is the duke s mother the current duchess She is dry, sarcastic, bossy, controlling, and has a propensity to knit horrible little things in the hope of someday having a grandchild knitting kitteh is producing better projects than duchess no grandma..Since her son, Griffin, is a total skeezebag in a previous book and doesn t look like he s getting anywhere in her quest for these grandchildren who will be wearing horrible monstrosities of yarn, the duchess takes matters into her own hands By doing the most reasonable and logical thing to get her son to get married, of course She drugs him and hauls his unconscious body into a carriage where he awakens in Spinster Cove She tells him that he will have to pick a bride from there and she will shape the girl into a duchess He retaliates by picking a barmaid who is filthy and swears The barmaid IS his exit strategy Griffin takes the barmaid, Pauline, aside and promises to pay her if she completely fails at all of the duchess lessons and shows his mother, and everyone else, how completely inappropriate she is for his wife Oh, but you know how these stories go Of course she turns out to be a breath of fresh air Of course they find themselves hopelessly attracted to each other Of course, everything backfires All to prove that mother DOES know best Now, I need to go find a village of men to drive my daughter to after she eats the brownies I made her.These guys look like fun I wonder where they live.. Alrighty So Tessa dare once again made me like a book like, not love with a plot I could not have been less interested in Yes, cute Ryan Gosling gif, I enjoyed it despite the fact that I don t care for the Wealthy Duke Falls for the Poor Commoner storyline I know plenty of you guys love that one, but for me Eh Not so much.So Yeah, the characters just won me over Oh, and I loved the Duke s meddling mother When I grow up, I want to be her Seriously.Here s a woman who drugs her adult son, drags him out to the middle of nowhere, and then tries to force him to hurry up and get marriedbecause GRANDBABIES I mean, how could I not love her If you re looking for a good fluffy historical romance, this one will fit the bill. This is one of my all time favorite historical romance novels From the first page to the last, I love the heroine to pieces Her spark, her spirit, sassiness, optimism, can do attitude, loyalty and sense of fairness She really wants to help the Duke achieve his goals She loves his mother too, who s a great character in her own right I just loved every single character in this book Rather than repeat the blurb, I ll talk about my fav scenes, in no particular ranking order 1 Where the Duke awakens to realize that he s been abducted by his own mother, and that the feminine ankle he gropes is actually not that of his mistress 2 Where the h gets sugar powder all over her hair and literally sparkles in front of the Duke when they first meet and mesmerizes himwith the mystery of why her hair is sparkling.sorry, that s what sparkling brings to mind P 3 Where the h is mesmerized by the Duke right back and ogles his scrumptious rear end.This image should be OK for Goodreads I mean, this is art Michaelangelo s David s ass And so too, should the H s ass be a work of art, if the h s impression of him is any indication.And all this happened within the first two chapters or thereabouts I mean, need I go on So, all this is to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and never hesitate to reread and recommend.