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I was in the mood for a wish fulfillment story when this crossed my bow I don t regret it, precisely, but I have to admit it reminds me of what s common in this space This kind of story already has a lot of disbelief to suspend, so I wish authors would take some care with all the rest Emily Evans seems to take that as well, as long as their disbelief is already suspended I suppose it s fortunate that at least Ashley, as a character, holds up or I d have abandoned the story pretty early on She s sweet and grounded and was fun to spend some time with She doesn t have any great expectations of her summer internship and comes across as someone doing her best with whatever she has been given.That s not much to hang a novel on, but that s really all I had The plot was beyond stupid, none of the secondary characters made any sense, and sometimes physics didn t seem to be all that certain, either.Caspian, Caz, was hit or miss Which is to say that he s mostly okay, but he has moments of irrationality or where the plot bends him in weird ways At times, he s nice At times commanding At times too willing to be pushed around It felt like there was an attractive vulnerability there and that might be what Evans was going for, but it never really gelled for me into something I cared about Mostly I was with Ashley and could take or leave Caz according to what would make her happy.Also, someone needs to find a copy writer because the cover copy was misleading and kind of dumb.Anyway, this was a two and a half star read, pretty much throughout Ashley was entertaining enough to flirt with three stars but never quite able to get there all by herself. Very cute story Clean for the most part. I love celebrity romances Especially where the guy is the famous one and the girls is the normal of the two I love the fairy tale aspect of it all When I read the blurb for The Accidental Movie Star, I didn t want to get my hopes to high I had just abandoned another celebrity type romance book, and was disheartened, so I learnt my lesson in expectationsBut I have to admit that this story was quite enjoyable and fortunately, I was not disappointed at all I was hooked into it right away, and didn t want to put it down until I finished I like books like that.I liked Ashley She s a likeable character and it s a plus when I don t roll my eyes when she interacts with the male lead She s strong and doesn t come out as a simpering fool I hate when that happens She has standards and can stick to her guns when needed Caz was also a character that is flawed but likeable He can be arrogant, but can be sweet Stoic, but vulnerable He knows when he s wrong and although it takes a while , mans up and admits to it I d recommend this for those who wants a quick read, enjoy a sweet romance with a celebrity flavour You can read this review and on my blog 3.5This a fun quick read I recommend it.It s the summer before Ashley enters her senior year of high school and she wants a job to put on her college resume So what does she do Her dad, who is part of the in crowd in Hollywood I don t actually know what he is Maybe some record dude or whatever gets her an unpaid summer internship on a movie set with one of the hottest actors in Hollywood, the British dreamy sigh actor, Caspian Thay, commonly known as Caz.First time Ashley meets Caz is in his limo on their way out of the airport She got into his limo by accident instead of hers Go figure.Exasperated Caz come on He was mobbed by a huge crowd of girls thinks that Ashley is a fan who snuck into his limo, so he grabs her wrist and signs it without her asking him to Ashley s like Oh come on Then he finds out she is an intern As a production assistant on set, Ashley runs any kinds of errands necessary Actor needs a coffee Call Ashley Makeup lady needs help If Ashley is there, call Ashley Caz needs to learn how to kiss better I ll get to that in a secondwink wink Caz is the main male character in the film There are two main female characters the hot vixen and Caz s character s long dead true love.Hot vixen lady is played by an egocentric actress named Petra True love is supposed to be played by an actress named Lorene who shows up weeks late into the filming More on that later.So this Petra woman was talking to her production assistant Olive her name is Olive And I don t even know how such a lowly person became Petra s PA but whatevah Anyways she was talking to Olive in her movie star trailer while Ashley was going to drop off a script update when she heard the following conversation Olive Of course, you ll make headlines for just being here, but imagine if something exciting happened, like if you were to get pregnant with Caspian s baby.Petra If I show up pregnant with Caspian s baby Why would I want that I d be so fat.Olive Imagine the press.Petra The coverage would be amazing, and everyone is getting pregnant or adopting right now, so we could go maternity shopping, me and all the other big stars I ve worked with Caspian before, but we ve never, you know What if he doesn t want a kid right now He s only like eighteen.Olive No guy can resist you How hard is it to get preggers Punch a hole in a condom.Petra Then I could lose the baby tragically, or he s loaded so I could keep the baby I would look stunning in maternity clothes Ans my child would be such a pretty baby because Caspian and I are both so good looking, and I could dress her up like me.As you can see, Petra is very self centered and is obsessed with publicity So Ashley overhears this conversation and guess what she does She goes to the drug store and buys condoms to deliver to Caspian so they are not sabotaged without him knowing it was her Of course she ends up in his trailer with him and the package and she accidentally drops it When Caz asks Ashley why the lovely present, she tells him she heard something, but won t tell him who said it or what they said The very curious Caz thinks she fancies him and he keeps calling her in particular to do him intern favors like bring him a coffee He keeps asking her what she heard but she won t tell him I don t understand why she won t tell him It s not like Petra is a mass murderer she should be worried about Also Petra didn t even know that Ashley was eavesdropping I guess it was just to make the relationship between Ashley and Caz interesting.So the Caz calls on Ashley to help him with whatever, they slowly become friends with with a spark of something just beneath the surface When does that spark become a flame Let me tell you Caz was just performing a kissing scene with Petra and the director was asking opinions when The director looked at Ashley You re part of our target audience Opinion Ashley tilted her head and assessed the image again Well, Caz looks great with his shirt off, so it d be a shame to lose that scene, but that kiss was not so hot The director nodded PA, go to Research and ask them for some romantic DVDs Mark the scenes and get them to Caspian tomorrow The director turned to Caz Watch the DVDs and we ll reshoot Thursday I ll make a decision them The PA will help me research the scene Caz said, in a way that wasn t really a question Yes Turning to Ashley, the director commanded, Show Caspian how to kiss ALSO Remember how not too long ago I mentioned that the actress who was supposed to play Caz s character s true love, Lorene So she was late Studio decides Ashley can film the stunts since there isn t a face close up instead of Lorene Lorene showed up weeks late and she showed up drunk And she was fatter and no longer fit into the costume.Ashley what size are you Ashley fits into the dress So Ashley acts instead of Lorene in the scenes that don t really involve close ups of the face.including the beginning of a wedding night scene.you get the idea And this is after Caz and Ashley practiced kissing in Caz s trailer.Despite loving this book, I only gave it 3.5 stars because I feel like there s something missing I think it s the physical characterization mainly I like that we really get a feel for who each character is because there is an abundance of dialogue the dialogue was really amazing by the way But we don t know much about what each character really looks like What do we actually know Ashley is blond and has I forgot what color eyes.Caz if buff and hot duhhh , has blue green eyes, and chin length streaked blond hair.Okay Caz isn t too bad.Some of the other characters have striking physical features, like Boomer s biceps and Powder s look in general but some others need some image.Petra is really annoying and Olive is worse.All the set people are awesome Cutter s OCD is really funny but I think Powder is my favorite To clear up the confusion, the crew are nicknamed based on their jobs Powder is the makeup girl, Cutter is the costume guy..etc Ashley is called PA Production assistant.Caz What can I say A picture is worth a thousand words A gif is worth even.We don t see much of Ashley s parents, but we know they are divorced and are still in love The only reason they divorced was because of very different life styles In fact, Ashley s mom is pregnant by the end of the book.I love Ashley s snarky remarks and dialogue.This book mentions the kissing pentagon several times, but it s never actually explained We sort of see step one in action but that s it Am I just in the dark about this and it s something we should all know about I don t know what to think about Garrett Campbell by the way he is the love interest in the next book squeals It s great that he and Caz are friends again Speaking of friends, I love Ashley s relationship with her best friend back in Texas who works at a restaurant called the Fry Hut, Marissa Even though we never meet her, we get an idea of what she is like because of the dialogue, or in this case, text messages between her and Ashley She is the protagonist of the next book Since Caz has been working with the movie industry and celebrity life for a long time, he should have known that Ashley would be telling the truth and not the people who are all about appearances That was dumb on his part And then firing her Months later, he realized what a stupid idea that was and crashed her school winter dance.Okay well not exactly, but before the dance he comes and tells her that he wants to talk to her about all that happened and she s like I don t have time now because of the dance and he s like Fine then Caz is coming with.They mend their relationship She goes to the movie premiere, and commence awkwardness Remember how I said she had to film some parts with Caz, including the beginning of a wedding night scene Yeah, her father was also at the premiere and boy was he pissed at the end He basically freaked out Ashley what the hell have you been doing all summer Fun.I really enjoyed this book Read it because awesome This was a nice fun read, I enjoyed it, but it could have been a lot better The plot was pretty straightforward and even though I did actually enjoy it I had a problem with the characters, specifically the relationship between the characters None of them felt real to me Ash and Caz were supposed to love each other but I didn t really feel that, it was like I was just reading about it, that I just being told that they loved each, because I didn t actually see it Half the time I wasn t even sure if Ash actually liked Caz at all with the way she was acting Also how she kept talking about Marissa seemed a bit strange to me I get she was trying to fill up the silence which I don t agree with, but that s ok, cause that s just me, but it was like Marissa this and Marissa that, and she wouldn t shut up about Marissa, and the way she brought her up in the conversation was strange to me as well I don t know if that was just me but yeah that s what I got out of it,but even with it s flaws I still enjoyed it. You can read this review and on my blog How Did Ashley Spend Her Summer Vacation Imagine The Hottest Guy In Hollywood Do You See The Girl Next To Him, The One Handing Him A Cup Of Coffee Yeah That S HerInterning On A Major Motion Picture Is Not All Bad She Gets To Watch Some Of The Scenes And Even Offer Her Opinion That Kiss Looked Lame Laughably Weak There S No Chance At An MTV Award With That Kiss LOL Until The Director Says, Hey, Intern Yeah, You Ashley You Re Right So, Teach Caspian How To Kiss Oh, And Get In Front Of The Camera We Re Going To Need You In This Next Shot OMG This book was cute and better than I expected Ashley our heroine is visiting her father for the summer before her senior year while also interning as a production assistant on a film at her father studio Her father forgets to pick her up at the airport and sends a limo instead She gets in the limo when suddenly someone slips in beside her That someone is Hollywood s it boy Caspian, Caz, and he is curious why she is in his limo They end up sharing a ride to avoid his crowd of fans Irony sakes she ends up working on his new film She overhears another PA talking with a star, Petra, about getting pregnant accidentally by Caz so she tries to help by bringing him condoms so that cannot happen He thinks she is hitting on him so he tries to keep her close and only accepting her help They become friends and he is flirting with her constantly but she continues to refuse his advances because her father dated actress before and their priories are never straight Because she is near the height of one of the stars she becomes her stand in The star is not in a good place so she does a lot of filming thinking most if not all with be cut The relationship grows but people sabotage their progress by feeding him lies and because he is big on trust he gets her fired off the film A few months later he starts to realize maybe she was telling him the truth He talks to her and found out it was other people giving out the info not her She ends up going to the premiere with her father when she sees Caz and he is not letting her slip away He fires his agent for telling the press where he was and working him to much They see that the scenes that she helped film all of them made it into the film She is shocked to she herself on film and when her father sees it he wonders what she did on set especially after seeing her with Caz The crew she works with see them talking and realize she is one of the top execs daughter and all of the sudden want to treat her better An earthquake happens and Caz protects her and saves her and tells everyone about her being his girlfriend The father wants to call the mother to tell her they are okay and Caz says that s good because less stress is good for her pregnancy The father realizes that the mother is pregnant and it is his because the parents still love each other and still sleep together It ends nicely with her at UCLA close to her parents and her boyfriend who will be going there next semester doing one on one off thing The book was well written and kept me reading cover to cover I can t wait to read from this author. I found this book by luck, and because I m obsessed with checking my recommendations I don t think I ve ever been happy about my crazy tendencies.This book is AMAZING.We start with Ashley standing alone at LAX waiting for her dad a hot shot guy in the movie business in Hollywood to come pick her up so she can start her summer with him and her internship on the set of a new major motion picture Only her dad doesn t show.He sends a limo to pick her up, and as soon as she gets in the car she finds out she will be sharing the ride, and not just with any person No She ll be sharing the car ride with the hottest guy in Hollywood who will be shooting the movie in which she ll be working on as a PA Caspian Thay.After an incident with beer and orange juice, then another one with a box of condoms, Caz starts seeking Ash s attention by generally turning her into his personal assistant and stealing her tea.I love how Ashley isn t this starstruck teenage girl, and is not in any way impressed with the movie set or its people She treats everyone the same way, and she s not terrified of paparazzi and reporters or any other thing that comes along with being famous I think maybe that s why Caz likes her so much, because she doesn t expect to get anything from him she s there as an intern to learn about the movie set structure because she wants to be an architect, and that s it.I didn t expect to love this book so much, but I did The characters are hilarious Powder , and so are some of the situations we find them in teaching Caz how to kiss , and it s really great to read about Ash and Caz together, because she doesn t take any of his shit This is an amazing book, and I definitely recommend it to everyone to immerse themselves in this story and have tons of fun while doing it