books pdf At Dawn We Slept: The Untold Story of Pearl Harbor By Gordon W. Prange –

This is excellent It holds your interest despite being HUGE He pulls together the whole story every every point of view I got three big points from this book 1 The US Europe first was our idea I had always those clever Churchill had talked us into it It was one of the top men in the Navy The thinking was to fight Japan we have to cross an ocean To fight Germany we have a base in England If we concentrate on Japan first we might lose our base of England 2 Many US leaders were afraid of a Congressional fault finding hearing into Pearl Harbor They feared having to take the stand and under oath having to reveal ULTRA out code breaking efforts I think that attitude has changed 3 A planned third wave was canceled It was going to bomb the sub pens and fuel storage Nagumo canceled this wave The fuel dumps would have burned for a month and forced the US fleet to re locate to San Diego This was the Japanese goal Basically, Nagumo was still a believer in the battleship and had no faith in the tools of the aircraft carriers with which he had been entrusted. Decades After The Attack That Plunged America Into WWII, At Dawn We Slept Remains The Greatest Account Of Pearl Harbor Ever Written This Gripping Study Scrupulously Reconstructs The Japanese Attack, From Its Conception Less Than A Year Before The Actual Raid To Its Lightning Execution It Reveals The True Reason For The American Debacle The Insurmountable Disbelief In The Japanese Threat That Kept America From Heeding Advance Warnings Caused Leaders To Ignore Evidence Submitted By Our Own Intelligence Sources Based OnYears Of Intense Research Countless Interviews, Incorporating Previously Untranslated Documents, At Dawn We Slept Is History With The Dramatic Sweep Of A Martial Epic As the description indicates, this is an exhaustive account of the Pearl Harbor attack Much attention is paid to the issue of culpability as regards both the US naval and army commands as well as the administration of President Roosevelt itself Prange argues against the Beard Thesis and exonerates FDR. It s not often that I get to use the word, definitive, but it certainly fits At Dawn We Slept This book offers its readers everything they could possibly want with regard to the who, what, when, where, and why of the planning and execution of the raid, as well as the who, what, when, where, and why of how the U S failed to anticipate their actions and protect Pearl Harbor from a likely attack It is filled with the incredible research done by Gordon Prange over almost 40 years, tracing down not only written information in letters, diaries, newspapers, magazines, and government records, but finding and interviewing well over 100 people, both in the U S and Japan I was surprised that I grew to be so interested in some of the major players in this moment in history that I actually felt for them a great deal of sympathy or, in the case, of some, cheered them on Through this very long book they became like family or close friends Of course, I ve lived my entire life knowing much about the Pearl Harbor attack The following are some of the things I learned which were new to me or different than I had come to believe Yamamoto clearly understood that Japan had no hope of ultimate victory over the United States He perceived Pearl Harbor as a knockout punch damage and temporary containment The Japanese gathered mounds of information about Pearl Harbor merely by having one of their agents drive around the area and take notes Security was so lax that the comings and goings of all ships were published in the newspapers every morning Neither Short nor Kimmel were privy to the Honolulu intercepts of Japanese coded transmissions, which were translated daily, and delivered to a very select few The Japanese originally estimated that the Pearl Harbor attack would cost them one third of their task force because they anticipated that the U S would discover them and respond accordingly Ambassador Nomura had no knowledge of the planning of Pearl Harbor He only learned of it after he had returned from his final trip to the U S Ambassador The Japanese government purposely kept him in the dark As early as October 11 Japan chose the date of December 7 Hawaii time for the attack FDR did not know about Pearl Harbor prior to its occurrence He did not intentionally suppress information in order to bring it about The first blood spilt was by a Japanese and first shot fired was by the U S.On a personal note, the book was too inclusive The editors did the reader no favors by putting in all that was gathered Also, I found it very annoying that they used sic so often when the text was grammatically incorrect, especially since Prange misused forms of bring and take. A very thorough telling of the steps Japan took to launch the Pearl Harbor attack I well told history, but often repetitive It was difficult to keep straight all the characters Still, a good read and very informative, particularly if you don t have much knowledge of the Pacific theater during WWII. I just couldn t finish this I was attracted by the promise that the attack doesn t even happen until halfway through the book, as one reviewer said But I would have preferred going further back in history The book started on 1940 I d like to have gone back to the 1920s.You know what finally broke me, though The repetitive way the author introduced EVERY new character I couldn t take another guy with close cropped hair parted on the left, steely eyes, and a determined chin I only got through 11%, so maybe once all the players were introduced it really took off, but I just couldn t stick it out with so many other books to be read I may try this book again in the future the positive reviews make me want to persist. This was an excellent history Very readable, every chapter is bite sized, so one feels brisk progress is being made despite the overall length of the book Many many actors from both Japanese and US sides are engaged, which can be daunting though unnecessary to worry about keeping track of each The major players are evident, and one very quickly identifies those Lots of lessons to be taken away, still applicable in today s world where a plethora of sensors and endless streams of intelligence appear to reduce the potential for surprise, but maybe those advances only lull us into a false sense of security That Kimmel and Short, two very successful professionals, could arrive at these significant positions of responsibility and yet not effectively assess the defense gaps and shortfalls on Oahu, or be prescient enough given the context of US Japanese relations, amazes Pearl Harbor demonstrated one enduring lesson The unexpected can happen and often does Page 279 The navy minister was a full admiral on active duty instead of a civilian holding both whip and check rein Thus, the Japanese Navy, like the Army General Tojo had been made the new premier by Hirohito on 17 Oct 1941 , did not consider itself answerable to the civil government This gave the Navy a large slice of uncontrolled power and helped build up the psychology, prevalent in both armed services, that the country existed to support the military, rather than vice versa Unfortunately Japan also had the bad judgment to employ them the power, the purpose and the plan in a reckless war it could not possibly win. An ambitious, academic work on the causes, reasons, outcomes and aftermaths of the attack on Pearl Harbor Its probably one of the most well known events of WWII, but there was a lot that I never knew Especially on the Japanese side, where the idea came from how and when it was decided to go, and the logistical problems that arose Not the least of which was that they had to completely redesign torpedo bombs, as they would not work in the shallow draft of the harbor On the US side, I was amazed to see that bureaucracy and partisanship is nothing new and existed even during the unifying events of the war In the rear view mirror of history, it is very easy to see where things went wrong and how the attack couldn t have been anticipated or prevented In the book relatively little time is spent on the actual attak itself and the last big section deals with the aftermath, mostly around the many hearings and investigations that were undertaken to assign blame Someone has to be blamed, right To be honest, it was here that I tapped out and put the book down and decided to call it finished The politics and who did what to whom, or who didn t do what to some other whom, didn t really interest me Despite this disappointing finish for me , it is a worthwhile read for any history buff Truth is always stranger andinteresting than fiction, or at least it usually is He stands before the inquisitive historian in taut watchfulness, courteous, painstaking, and inscrutable, forever holding the citadel of his own personality 6 10S 6 26 16 F 10 30 16 127 Days Exhaustively researched and documented account of the planning, execution, and aftermath of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor Very objective approach to the subject The book describes the detailed planning, training and execution of the assault by the Japanese Navy the political conundrum facing the FDR administration the perfect storm of miscommunication, missed communication, and confusion by American military leadership and almost unbelievable good luck of the Japanese forces, that resulted in what we now call Pearl Harbor.Although this book is probably not for the casual reader of military history due to its length and incredible detail, it is well written and will leave you farinformed about the events leading to December 7, 1941, than you could have imagined. if you ever think you might want to be a management mentor, make sure you read this incredible treatise on the debacles leading up to Dec 7, 1947 you can learnabout how not to run a boat reading this book than any other single book.Prange s scholarship is unequaled His writing is easy and brilliant, and his depth of understanding of the events leading to the attack on Pearl Harbor, from both sides of the Atlantic, paint as clear a picture of that day as anyone possibly could truly a masterpiece.