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Can Love Survive When Life Gets Reckless When The Band Hits It Big, Kiera And Kellan Must Ask Themselves Can Their Love For Each Other Survive The Constant Pressures Of Superstardom The Friendships They Ve Formed, The New Family They Ve Found, And The History They Ve Forged Will All Play A Part In Helping Them Navigate The Turbulent Waters Of The Band S Exploding Popularity A Greedy Executive Hell Bent On Success, A Declining Pop Star Looking For An Edge, And A Media Circus That Twists Lies Into Truths Are Just Some Of The Obstacles The Lovers Will Have To Overcome If They Are Going To Remain Together Fame Comes With A Price But Will It Cost Kiera And Kellan Everything

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    FULL SPOILER FREE REVIEW IS UP NOW And, first off, I am officially casting this guy as Kellan Kyle 6 HUGE STARS WOW I can t breathe Can t think Reckless just blew me away It was BRILLIANT An utterly delicious, addictive, angst filled, heart felt EPIC rockstar romance I swooned, I laughed, cried tears of happiness and tears of angst, my heart raced, was tied up in knots and, at times, just stopped entirely I truly can t say enough good about it.I could NOT put this book down I read it in one sitting staying up through the night until I finished around 7AM I couldn t flip the pages fast enough It was completely engaging I felt like I didn t even want to blink Literally my world ceased to exist for the duration of the read.Just as with the first two books, SC Stephens smooth flowing, utterly addictive writing style reaches right into your heart and wraps you up in the story I was 150% invested in EVERYTHING that happened Every single part of my heart was completely involved in the story I was there Right THERE From the first page till the last and even now I can t let go yet I m still there Given the happy ending of Effortless, this book starts off with a blissfully peaceful, almost dreamy feel to it After all the roller coaster they d been through, it was so wonderful to see Kellan and Kiera have a moment to enjoy the happiness they so well deserved.But the life of a Rockstar is neither smooth nor private and the road ahead of them was rocky and bumpy as the band skyrocketed to fame and got sucked into the scrutiny of the spotlight and the uglier side of the industry Making an album, going on tour am I making a mistake All I want is a quiet life with you, he continued What I just signed up for isn t exactly a quiet life Wondering how to comfort him when I often thought the same thing I reached up Kellan, your life will never be quiet, no matter what you do I placed a hand on his chest and looked him square in the eye You belong on a stage Its what you were born to do I have to say that I ve always understood where Kiera was coming from in book 1 even though I found it frustrating I felt that she grew as a person in book 2, but it was in this book where I really felt her maturity hit home Some of her decisions and actions were just SO self less that I honestly found myself even thinking at time that, if I was in her shoes, I probably wouldn t have been able to be as self less and understanding as she was.Kellan well, Kellan Kyle was just perfect Sex on a Stick, God s Gift to Women and also just one of those most lovable and swooniest guys you ll ever read about whose back story and desire to be loved just made my heart ache for him He is easily one of the best book heroes EVER written As a couple, they still had their issues but they had gotten SO much stronger They had been tested, they had made their mistakes, and they had learned their lessons But now their new found strength was put to the very ultimate test as the pressures of fame and stardom came at them from every side They had a lot working against them but love conquers all, right I have to say though that, for me, the ANGST in this book topped both Thoughtless Effortless No Freaking Joke There was this one particular issue that spanned from about 29 37% that just made my heart sink, drop, stop. seriously, I could BARELY handle it Holy freaking fuck It made me cry tears of angst No book has EVER made me cry tears of angst before I ve cried tears of sadness, heartbreak, betrayal and but crying just cuz the angst was so strong that I could barely handle it was definitely a first But, to offset the heart wrenching angst, the romance was also back in full swoony force On than one occasion, Kellan s words and actions made my heart clench and just brought tears to my eyes The depth of his love for Kiera just rolls right off the page You feel it so strongly And you know Kiera felt the same way.Never once did I doubt their commitment to each other no matter what they were put through I love you too, Kiera Just you You re my always This book really makes you consider the price of fame At what point do you say no Where does the line get drawn There were so many time where truly I was just ready to say fuck fame it just wasn t worth this all The plot honestly pushed me to the very edge of my comfort limits and even a bit beyond But I loved that they didn t make the same mistakes twice Lessons were learned And that s life, right I really have to commend Kiera on her whole attitude towards Kellan s fame though Seriously, she couldn t possibly have been supportive, understanding And my heart went right out to Kellan for trying with all of his heart to keep his girl s heart safe while still following his dreams I will always love you, Kellan Your heart is safe with me Kellan pulled me into a hug and let out a long, shaky breath as he held me Promise he whispered.I squeezed him just a little bit tighter I promise To soothe your worried hearts, I ll say that I honestly never once actually worried for their relationship It was what they had to go through that gutted me This book is not about cheating or separation Keira and Kellan spend the majority of it physically together in fact What this book is about is testing the strength of their bond and the struggles of maintaining a relationship while under the spotlight Never again I don t care what s at stake I don t care who I have to let down I won t ever do that to you again You or me I m done playing their game I loved that this book took the time to also focus on the other relationships Anna and Griffin get their fair share of page time as do the other band mates, but my favorite side story line was the one between Kellan and Denny I don t want to say anything specific about it cuz those interactions are ones you should experience for yourself but twice they brought me to tears I was SO impressed and happy with where SC Stephens took their story Seriously, touched my heart right to the very core.She also took the story to places I never thought she would. I mean she took Kellan Kyle and she gah ok lips are sealed But seriously, around 80% I just had this huge Holy shit That did NOT just happen moment Still like I said, I loved every minute of it even the moments that made my heart stop.But I did read the final 15% with my heart just filled to bursting with happiness, and I this huge perpetual smile on my face with happy tears in my eyes I love you I would do it all over again if I needed to I d go back to the beginning for you By the end, I felt elated I was emotional but my heart was completely satisfied and I can assure you that the ending is just PERFECT And I officially have the world s biggest book hang over EVER.There are so many INCREDIBLE moment, lines, and scenes from this book that will be forever imprinted on my mind I was thinking about mentioning some here but instead I m going to just encourage you all to go read this amazing story and discover them for yourself I ve been re reading a few of them while putting this review together and now have tears in my eyes Seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE this book, this journey, these characters this story raises the bar and is one that will stay in my heart forever.I don t pull out the 6 star rating very often but this whole series truly deserves it Any story that can take over my life so completely and make me fall in love with the characters so strongly needs that extra star Above and beyond That s where this book went These 2 banners are from SC Stephen s facebook wall How I see Kellan and Keira God I really love this series For of my reviews, come visit my book blog at come join my FB group at

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    SPOILER FREE REVIEW mature content reader discretion is advised.5 STARS out of 5Genre Contemporary RomanceSIDENOTE Do not read if you have not read books 12Whether you loved it or felt it came up short there is one thing you cannot deny The magnetic panty melting sexiness that is Kellan Kyle.Kellan My Casting IShitI don t even know where to begin I ll just talk about what I loved One of the most highly anticipated books of 2013 had it s highs and lows for the characters we have grown to love. And I enjoyed every second of it Maybe it s just me but I love how relationships are captured in this book.Kiera and KellanThese two ripped out my heart, lungs, liver and all other vital organs throughout this whole series.In ThoughtlessI loved him and hated herIn EffortlessI loved him and slowly started to like herIn RecklessI loved him and I totally have a girl crush on her shrugs What can I say, she grew on me Yeah, she made some bad judgement calls but overall my girl held it DOWN for her man And that put a smile on my face She went to bat for her relationship when all arrows pointed to failuresville Yeah, I made that word up shrugs my heart was anchored to Kellan Being apart from him stretched my soul in opposite directions It was painful No, it was torture He was everything to me, and I didn t want to miss a moment of his journey just because parts of it were unpleasant I take it alllll back. I considered Kiera weak for some of the things that happened in Thoughtless but in Reckless she proved that she is no weakling She had to bare some things I don t think I would have endured Which goes to show you really should never judge a person I don t want to hurt you And I don t see how any of this won t hurt you Pulling back from him, I said, And I don t want you to give up on your dream because of me Kellan and KieraKiera and Kellan are a team whatever they face they always faced it together head on and I think that is the ONLY reason they have survived.I love and appreciated how S.C Stephens highlighted all the characters and of course there is always one who stands out Griffin Griffin had impregnated my sister He really was family now Lord help me KieraGriffin and AnnaIn all his male egotistical driven macho raunchy glory Griffin stole the show We really get a glimpse at the man behind the over the top raunchy comments While I still question Griffin s capability to be a father because honestly should this guy be allowed to teach another human being anything Exactly I no longer question his love for Anna He admitted out of his own potty mouth You re in love with me Every head shifted to the open hotel room door that Anna was leaning against The energy in the air shifted again as Griffin locked eyes with her Matt and Evan released him as he whispered, Yes Other relationships are briefly shown with the other two band mates But the relationship that really really did a number on me was the one between Kellan, Kiera and Denny The mutual love and respect tugged at my heartstrings.And I won t dwell on it since I don t want to spoil it, however I will say that I LOVE ME SOME DENNY Now as I previously mentioned I enjoyed these characters but there were a few rotten apples in the bunch Sienna and Nick In fact I have a special message for Sienna check it out It s not cool to mess with peoples lives the way she did. Under any circumstances PERIOD That BITCH can eat dirt.Favorites Scenes and or lines that made laugh out love Did you just fuck him into submission He held his knuckles up to me Nice Griffin to Kiera No, let s make this interesting If I win, we have sex backstage tonight If you win, we have sex backstage tonight Kellan to Kiera Oh my God I married Ron Jeremy Kiera to Kellan Griff This is starting to really fucking hurt Griffin ran his hands back through his hair Okay, no problem We ll get you to a hospital, and they ll knock you out My ThoughtsThis book was full of OH SHIT WHAT THE FUCK OH HELL NO moments It was tender, emotional and sexy Anything involving Kellan is sexy I LOVED IT My RatingsCharacters Lovable, hug able fuck ableWriting Style GOODPlot Storyline GOODSteam Factor High Very SteamyOverall I LOVED IT Now go forth and read Then come tell us about it on Goodreads For reviews got to

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    I love you I would do it all over again if I needed to I d go back to the beginning for you Kellan Reckless read like one enormous epilogue to me and I thought that it was ABSOLUTE PERFECTION Does this book have an excess amount of angst or drama No, but it gives KK lovers their happily ever after and I ve been on book hangover ever since S.C Stephens engrossing writing completely captured me from the first book of the series to the last line of Reckless A reader can t help falling in love with Kellan Kyle There is no way of getting around it nor would a reader look for onejust see my name above.I didn t agree with how Kiera handled her situation in Thoughtless I loved how she grew through the sequel Effortless and by the time I finished Reckless, I was so pleased how she grew from a girl into the woman that I knew she could be I d always hoped that the man I married would love me beyond reason but Kellan loved me beyond anything Kiera P.S I m anxiously awaiting the release of Irresistible Can I get an advanced reading copy of her future books Reckless brought great success for the D Bags Kiera was supportive of Kellan and the boys throughout this book Some tried to break them up or capitalize on Kellan but the couple stuck together and they only got stronger NO ONE could stand between them or break them up and believe me Siera Sexton and Joey tried.Kellan Kyle is the best book male character of all time PERIOD He s sex on a stick Cowboy KellanHOT he will sing you to sleep, he will write you love notes and he will love you so fiercely and completely that everything else in the word pales in comparison Us against the world That sounds like wonderful odds Kellan All of the characters, Denny, Abby, Griffin, Anna, Evan, Matt, Jenny and Rachel grow throughout this series It happens before our eyes I really feel like they are my friends too Time heals all wounds and thankfully, the love triangle of Thoughtless has moved past the betrayal and hurt to a good place We all laughed, and I marveled at how far we d all come We were so different from the people we were when we d all started living together stronger, confident, secure in ourselves And yet, we were still exactly the same We cared about each other We supported each other We looked out for each other And now that the sting of betrayal and guilt was only a dull ache in the background, the three of us were what I d always hoped we would be the best of friends Kiera To all those romance fans this series had it all Looking back at the journey, I m so happy how the story played out, but I m sad that it s ended Thankfully, a reread will do the trick Passion, friendship, love, loyalty, trustif you found the right personyou really could have it all Kiera I truly believe that somewhere out there in Seattle, sitting at their table at Pete s Bar, the gang is getting together to reminisce over a beer Save a seat for me

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    4 1 2 Shining Stars OKAY, I m eating humble pie I wasn t planning to read this book because I was disappointed in the last one however, my curiosity got the better me, and what a surprisethis book was TERRIFIC Unlike the second book, this one, for me, made sense I felt Kellan and Kiera were true to their characters, to their past experiences, and to their relationship This plot was true to life and it was refreshing to see two characters already in love working together to keep and maintain their relationship against real world challenges My heart broke for them as they battled the insidious environment of the music industry and the injustices heaped upon them My heart rejoiced for them, however, as they fought tooth and nail to preserve their relationship and their love for each other In this book Keira s strength of character shined brilliantly, and KellanwaswellKellanswoon worthy and perfectly delectable What can I sayI just loved them I m so glad I read this book Humble pie never tasted so great September 9, 2012 original post Can someone please tell me how a book that isn t due for release UNTIL March 5, 2013, and is still currently being written, already has 175 ratings From what S.C Stephen s September 3rd, 2012 Facebook update says, she is STILL currently writing this book You wouldn t know that, however, by the amount of readers who have already rated this unfinished book Unbelievable As of today, September 9, 2012, there are 5 star ratings 137 4 star ratings 203 star ratings 42 star ratings 21 star ratings 6

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    Anyone else worried about the title of the book..Reckless I am not sure if I can handle a disappointment, I want to believe in their story but he is going on tour again with all those girls I think my stomach hurts right now I wouldn t be as worried if I never read the original endng to Thoughtless but after reading it I know the author has it in her for a sad outcome Keeping my fingers crossed cause I really like these two characters, well I like Keira but LOVE Kellan Here s the link to the original ending of Thoughtless m so sad, I can t believe it s over and their story is done I love Kellan so much it is borderline crazy I loved how these characters grew in the trilogy In Thoughtless I wanted to smack Kierra at times even though I could relate to her I still wanted to slap her probably because I love Kellan so In Effortless it was painful at times reading their pain and having trust issues There were times I thought maybe they could never fully trust But Reckless they are both stronger in their relationship That s why it was painful to read I could feel their pain at the choices the label was making and Sienna..well she s a bitch troll The angst was there and my stomach hurt from the beginning I did think the story dipped a little about 40% in, but it did recover Remembering the original ending to Thoughtless I was holding my breath at times nearing the last 1 3 of the story In the end, I was proud of Kellan and Kierra, their relationship evolved and I m glad I got to witness the transformation In fact all the D Bags and company grew up and I was happy for them Especially Griffin This has been one of my favorite series Thank you SC Stephens for this story I felt so juvenile at times being so worried about a book hence the above review before Rekless was released That just goes to show what a great story these books were Seriously though, can Kellan Kyle be any perfect and sweet.did I mention how much I love him..well it s worth mentioning again KELLAN KYLE IS A ROCK GOD

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    Life in the spotlight proves challenging than expected for Kelly and Kiera Will love survive or will fame tear them apart Oh my god you guys I think that for the first time that the last book in a series may just be my favourite Reckless was just SO good Any new book release has yet to make me so excited that I was for Reckless Right in that moment, I felt that Reckless was the book I ve been waiting my entire life to read Reckless continues right where Effortless ended Kellan and Kiera are now married in spirit and they have never been happier or been in a better place in their relationship But drama awaits them tight around the corner in form of Kellans ex roommate Joey and a sex tape Soon it s also time for Kiera to join Kellan on tour, something not without its challenges Now when D bags finally has hit it big, everyone seems to want a piece of the cake And Kellan Poor Kiera, it s not always easy to be married to the worlds sexiest rockstar and be hated by all female population.Needless to say that I loved this book over and beyond It s been years since the release and I can t tell you how many times I reread it Seriously, I can t I ve said it before and I m saying it again THIS SERIES HAS TAKEN OVER MY WORD Every time I read these books something magical happens it s like a vacation from the world and nothing no longer exists, except for Kellan Kellan and Kiera really is two awesome characters that never get old I could read about them forefeet OMG especially Kellan Who isn t madly in love with him Raise a hand He s completely irresistible Reckless continues to be one of my very favourite books ever and the biggest reason is and always will be KELLAN But let s not forget all the other AWESOME characters every member in D bags, Denny, Kiera s sister Anna, Denny and of course Kiera herself I would read a book about each character but Kellan is definitely the shiny star everyone wants to read about The locations for this book took my breath away and into my own, personal reading heaven Los Angeles and a filthy rich, luxuries lifestyle and on the tour bus with Kellan, Griff co LOVE Three books aren t enough, I need of my Kellan fix, I m already going through serious withdrawals Kellan and Kiera will forever be one of my top couples, if not my number one top couple And Kellanyou ll always be the love of my life 4.5 stars Hero 5 Angst Medium focus Heroine 5 Romance High focus Sexual tension 5 Suspense Low focus Storytelling 5 Humour Medium focus Plot 5 Darkness Low focus Story ending 5

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    2.5 stars I ll keep this short and sweet I m sad to say this book just did not work for me As I was reading it, I felt like this ship had sailed and think for me this series should ve ended with book 2 It could be that too much time passed between books 2 3 Maybe I hyped it up in my head too much I don t know It saddens me because I was really looking forward to it That being said I still look forward to future books from this author.

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    Oh my God I feel like I ve waited so long for this book and it did not disappoint I read Thoughtless and Effortless before I ever started blogging, so I m a little nervous to write this review here s whyI could read about Kellan and Kiera forever In fact, I wish it were a never ending book soap opera that was drip fed to us week by week so that I could keep up with their lives I feel like I know them so well and it makes my heart ache when I remind myself These are not real people I want to know how many beautiful babies they make I want to know how the D Bags career pans out I want to know what they do for the holidays Every Single Year I don t want their story to ever end And now it has And now I m sad and feeling a little lost Everyone eventually falls for the two of you together You re meant to be No review I write is going to do this story justice The Thoughtless series changed reading for me Fifty Shades got me back into reading it reminded me that I needed to make the time to read again And I thought that I d never recover from Christian Grey I went on to read Love Unrehearsed, and fell in love with Ryan I read Beautiful Disaster and fell in love with Travis And then there was Thoughtless And Kellan Kyle Kellan Kyle, you are the love of my life You have my heart from now until the end of forever And nothing will ever top him I can t tell you what it is about S.C Stephens characters that have me hook, line and sinker There are a whole host of hot, sexy, badass, gorgeous book boyfriends out there but Kellan has my heart over all of them and I think he always will Whatever happens from here on out, I want you to know that I don t regret anything Being with you, loving you, experiencing this with you it s all been worth it, and we ll get through this together We re a team It s us against the world Us against the world That sounds like wonderful odds It s better than no odds at all I feel a little in mourning right now, knowing that this series has finally come to an end, after so much waiting, so much hype and so much adoration But for me, it will always be the series that reminds me just why I love reading It captures me and it pulls me into another world I adore every single character, even Kiera, who made me so mad in the beginning And even Griffin, who completely grossed me out.I want to be friends with Anna, Jenny, Rachel and Kate I want my man to be friends with the D Bags I want a rock like Denny in my life I knew going into this that a story about us was also going to be a story about the two of you And it should be He was a big part of your life, and I m okay with your history It made you who you are And I happen to be in love with who you are And I don t think I even need to mention the fact that I want to date live with kiss lick have babies with marry Kellan Friggin Kyle Our lives are crazy When moments to remember happen, you have to pause a second to appreciate them Otherwise none of this is worth it And getting married to you is definitely a moment to remember Errr and can I just mention there is an incredibly sexy scene with a stripping half naked cowboy fans self Oh My God I need me one of those As for my casting pictures there is only one person that I could ever cast as Kellan I know everybody has their own ideas, but the Efron has always been my KK Has been since the first image of him singing on stage with those gorgeous blue eyes and that sexy brown bed hair I didn t think it was possible, but I m pretty sure I love you even How you see me I never thought anyone would ever That s because you don t see yourself as clearly as I see you I m not going to write too much a I think I ve gushed enough and b I don t want to spoil anything for anybody I know that Thoughtless isn t everybodies cup of tea I know some people hate the cheating element But, I ll say it again, this series stole my heart I ate up every word and then read at snails pace towards the end of Reckless, trying to stop it from ending So, if you haven t read this yet firstly, have you been hiding under a rock and secondly, I strongly suggest you jump to it already And if you hate it and wish I d never recommended it to you please don t tell me It d be like insulting my best friend or my child I love it that much and I won t be held responsible for my actions.Right, I m going to go now I m going to go and dream about Kellan and wallow in the tragedy that KK doesn t actually exist God, it s worse than knowing Santa isn t real S.C Stephens, I hope you know, you are responsible for many a forlorn woman and many a too high expectation You ll never know how incredible you are to me, how desperately I love you I would do it all over again if I needed to I d go back to the beginning for you To read reviews go to my Book Blog me on Twitter me on Pinterest in the chat on Facebook

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    INFINITE STARS My KellanWith KeiraWords cannot describe how much I LOVE this series I ve waited for months for this book, and it was than I ever expected, I was dying to find out what happened but I never wanted it to end S.C Stephans did us ALL proud and I will forever be grateful to her for bringing Kellen Kyle into my lifeMy Heart is Broken that this is over But then I thinkIn the first two books we joined Keira and Kellan in their incredible Journey finding love and successWe lived through themLaughed with themHad fun with them..Felt their pain..Felt their weakness Felt their passion..And last shared their happiness. Tangling my hands through his hair, I gazed at him until I thought my heart might burst He unwaveringly met my eyes I love you too, Kiera Just you You re my always This book is the ultimate test on the love of Keira and Kellan and picks up from Effortless..The D Bags are on their tour and Keira is joining Kellan soon in LA to go touring with him..When she finally gets there, Kellan proposes to her in a room filled with Rose petals. Once on tour they are introduced to extremely famous Sienna Sexton she is beautiful and sexy and also a singer.Kellan and his band are given an offer to do a collaboration with her.Sienna basically puts Kellans name out there with their song and speculation that Kellan and Sienna are a couple His greedy executive pushes him to do all the things his not happy with.They have to make a music video together. A sexy video Kellan Kyle My boyfriend the Rock Star D WELL DONE Keira YOU MADE ME SO PROUD Keira has grown soooo much from Thoughtless Effortless. She is not whiney or irritating or doubting herself She never holds Kellan back in his career Always encouraging him to do things even if its not comfortable for her. Kellan is a star and he was always meant to shineStirring false rumors Sienna causes a frenzy with their relationship then a sex video emerges and people claim it s Sienna with Kellan Throughout all of this Keira stands by him. In their secret bubble they can be aloneI Lovvvve all the details in this book, it was the first time in a long time I didn t think the story was rushed The love and passion between these two is amazing Kellan throws a surprise bachelorette party for Keira I love how he always does the sweetest things. Our lives are crazy When moments to remember happen, you have to pause a second to appreciate them Otherwise none of this he indicted the bus is worth it And getting married to you is definitely a moment to remember Again their love is tested. Paparazzi see Kellan and Keira together. This throws the media into another crazy frenzy Fans think his cheating on Sienna.They make a vow to each other Whatever happens from here on out, I want you to know that I don t regret anything Being with you, loving you, experiencing this with you it s all been worth it, and we ll get through this together I smiled We re a team It s us against the world They come clean to the world. On national radio. People ridicule Keira as she is the other woman Kellan wants the truth out there The truth will set them free Unfortunately tragedy happens and the press fans and photographers hound Kellan and Keira.Keira is pushed to the street where a truck is going to hit her but Kellan runs and pulls her away but gets badly hurt in the process I WAS LIKE.In hospital family and friends come Kellan sees his fans praying for him view spoiler Kellen and Keira get married In hospital. And it s soo perfect Kiera Michelle Allen, my life was empty before you stepped into it I thought I had everything I needed, but only because I didn t let myself want anything And then I saw you, and you burned a hole straight through me I have never wanted anything in my life And I have never been terrified in all my life In all my life, he repeated And then, beyond some miracle that I ll never understand, I got to keep you, and now I m only just beginning to understand what it means to truly want something Because I want so much now I want to make you happy I want to give you the world I want you to be proud of me I want to comfort you I want you to comfort me I want to hold you when you re scared I want you to hold me when I m scared I want to make you laugh I want to make you blush Leaning in, he whispered, I want to make you scream I want to give you a home I want to fill it with children I want to take care of you I want to grow old with you I want you by my side, every day Folding his hand over mine once my ring was in place, he shrugged and shook his head I just want you Do you want me too Kellan I never thought of myself as anything but plain and ordinary until you came along The way you look at me, the way you see me you pull something out of me When I want to hide, you urge me forward When I think I m not good enough, you make me believe I am When I feel anything but pretty, you convince me I m beautiful Just being around you makes me feel special You don t think you re good at loving people, but you are Your friends, your family the level of love that you have for people astounds me You don t think people love you back, but they do They fiercely love you I fiercely love you I ve never met anyone as passionate as you, as kindhearted as you as amazing as you You love with every fiber of your soul You inspire me every day And if you ll agree to be my husband, I ll do my best to make you proud of me, to inspire you Keira hide spoiler

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    5 Kellan loving stars Reckless exceeded all my expectations Absolutely loved it You ll never know how incredible you are to me , how desperately I love you I would do it all over again if I needed to I d go back to the beginning for you. KELLAN KYLE Sex on a stick KIERA ALLEN KELLAN 3 KIERA Everyone eventually falls for the two of you together You re meant to be I would always be first in his eyes We were a good match A perfect match Soul mates. Reckless picked up right where Effortless left off The D bags got a record deal and they are going on tour Kiera and Kellan are together and stronger than ever Completely committed to one another Kiera has just graduated college and is going on tour with the boys There is a lot of pressure coming in all directions, many obstacles are thrown there way, will their love be able to withstand it all I will ALWAYS love Kellan Kyle He is near perfect to me If it is possible, he may have been even MORE perfect in this book swoon There were points where I had been whiny, clingy, petty, wishy washy downright annoying. Yes Kiera, you were but a very pleasant surprise Kiera didn t annoy me in this book at all Yay I like Kiera, but in the first two books, there were times she drove me crazy Glad she had it together in this one Sienna I have a few choice words for that one And reading the music video scene made me sick to my stomach I actually had to stop reading for a few minutes Ugh Griffin was as hilarious as ever I loved how he evolved in this book, but still managed to stay his crazy self My favorite Griffin quote You should have heard him complaining in wardrobe Oh, poor me, I have to go make out with a hot superstar Woman fawn over me where ever I go I have fucktastic hair and an eight pack Boo hoo And Denny I have always been Team Kellan 100% But I still have a soft spot for Denny, always have There was one part of the book with him that really touched me, had me it tears view spoiler At the hospital when he tells Kellan I know we ve put the past behind us, and I know we re friends, but I want you to know, without a doubt in your head, that we re still brothers You understand me hide spoiler