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Based on a true story Jeegareh Ma is a testament to the power of love in the face of struggle and hardship Ghulam and Firishta a wealthy couple move to Kabul Afghanistan to begin a new chapter in their lives Firishta is diagnosed with meningitis and passes away leaving their six young children motherless Moving back to Herat Ghulam and his family discover that their motherland is no longer the same the Soviet Union has invaded causing them to seek refuge in Iran In Iran Ali an impoverished dark skinned and plumpish man asks for Maryam's hand in marriage As Afghans living in Iran Ali and his family are denied identity worth and value Ali's prayers are answered when he and his family are accepted by Canada as refugees Jeegareh Ma is a story of courage where love family and God are put to the test

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    I brought this book with me on a bus ride to Seattle and while I usually end up falling asleep while reading in transit I was completely immersed in the story and the characters and their intense emotional journeys The author narrator inserts herself with a uniue and personable voice I felt as if I was she was telling me this story in person raw and unfiltered The story itself covering the move of Rahela's family from Afghanistan and Iran to Pakistan then Canada eventually ends in tragedy but also brings to light the precious bond of family What I believe the author does best is not only develop an authentic voice but also develops her characters with great detail and attention Following each chapter I found myself falling in love with them especially with the free spirited and mischievous Rahela I also learned a lot about Afghani culture and appreciated the author's efforts to help me understand life in other countries All in all I am so glad I was able to read Rahela's story and look forward to her next book Definitely a must read

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    I really enjoyed reading this book As a woman from Afghanistan I can relate to the struggles the characters have faced This is a very touching story about an Afghan family and I am so glad to have read this work

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    This book is an autobiographical novel about three generations of an Afghan family who begin upper class in Herat but slip into poverty and move to Iran Pakistan India and Canada constantly seeking a better life Ultimately succumbing to a family tragedy the book highlights a range of realities and emotions for family members throughout the yearsAlthough the narrative is disjointed in places and the writing is that of a beginning author the passion and emotion of family life and circumstances come throughI learned about Afghan culture food traditions and realities in this book which was very insightful as well as understanding how tragedies and circumstances often turn families' lives upside down

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    I started reading the book prior to my exam so half way I had to pause to study I finished the other half in 2 hours I couldn't put it down First of all I want to to say that you are amazing and I loved your book You have put everything in words so beautifully that I pictured everything as I was reading your book I laughed out loud reading certain areas of the book My mom walked in my room thinking I had gone mad It was really heart breaking reading Chapter 11 Central Park I could not control myself from crying and sobbing It broke my heart Amazing job on your book Wishing you great success and looking forwards to your next book

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    As a father reading about another father's struggle to fight for his family I can say that I can completely relate to the father and the other characters in the book The book is about the power of family and love This is an immigrant story that shares the story of many immigrants It is an important read Powerful and beautifully written I recommend it to immigrants and non immigrants

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    Parts of this novel made me cry smile andor burst out in laughter This is one of the best novels I have ever read It talks about a family living in Canada while maintaining their original culture and adopting new Canadian cultures The author paints a vivid picture of the characters their personalities shining through each word I highly recommend this one a good read for all ages

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    So much is packed in a 159 pages I can hear the author's voice and the emotions of each character are strongly heard as well Character development was also well done This book is rich in Afghan culture and customs which does not occur too often when reading books about the people of Afghanistan I learned a lot about their customs values and beliefs Learning about such things brings the world closer and allows us to understand one another I especially enjoyed the final chapter that was written by the author about her struggles and the journey she went through when writing her text I highly recommend this text and I cannot wait for the author's next work

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    After reading this book I'm going to have to say this was probably the most interesting novels I've read in a long time I especially admired how the author chose the setting to be in Afghanistan which were not use to see in most novels Although it was a sad story and it was unfortunate how Firishta is diagnosed with meningitis and then passes away I did appreciate how there was some mention of the Islamic culture and learning a bit about Afghan culture I won't reveal what happens at the end but i'd leave it to you guys to read it

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    I feel very attached to this book it really touched my heart The story is so touching but at the same time very intriguing that it only took me one day to read it The characters have been so inspiring to me they gave me the chance to think over the importance of being a united family especially when facing troubles I feel like all the time I devoted to reading this book wasn't wasted at all and I strongly recommend it to anyone who's looking for a noteworthy story

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    I was looking forward to reading this book as the notion of the book excited me What a disappointment Poorly written chaotic no character development this book was a mish mash of words on pages I found grammatical errors and spelling mistakes throughout this book Where was the editor? I am surprised the author found a publisher What a waste of time