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From Rags is a blend of everything I love SMOKING HOT sexual tension that comes from an antagonistic relationship, suspense filled mystery, and a romance stemming from a long time friendship To find such an addicting story from a self published author is gratifying Jaxxon grew up in foster homes when her loser mother overdosed and died when she was eight She had no one but her older sister Leah and Connor McKenzie, another foster care mate Both left her and never came back when they were at legal age First Connor then Leah Left at fourteen, Jaxx learned to build a wall around her heart and never let anyone close They can t hurt you that way, and Jaxx is over being hurt She thought she shared a special and close relationship with Connor, and that he d come back eventually, but the cruel claims by her sister shattered any thoughts in that regard She s since seen Connor splashed across the gossip magazines because he made it big as a race car driver, and is never without a beautiful woman at his side She grew up in a tough world but learned to survive and doesn t wallow in self pity Jaxx has always been a magnet for attention, beautiful and alluring, she s used to attracting unwanted attention But one night her looks and attitude pay off when she attracts the attention of a modeling agent set to find the right girl to launch his new cosmetics line This is when she comes back into Connor s focus Understandably, Jaxx is ticked at Connor How dare he think he can just waltz right back into her life after letting all this time pass without contacting her I was pretty ticked at him as well, but it s better to reserve judgment until you ve heard the whole story I just loved Jaxx She has a no nonsense view of life and didn t take crap from anyone, and trust me, she got a lot of loony tunes Loved this quote And then he made the biggest mistake of his life he attempted to touch Jaxxon Having reached her limit with the randy bastard, Jaxxon leant toward him slighty Do you see this pole If you don t stay out of my face, I m going to rip you another arse hole with it Understand He gulped and nodded before awkwardly skiing awayThat still brings a smile and a laugh The initial hostility and lust between Connor and Jaxx was so much fun, and their relationship was very intense the minute they lay eyes on each other Let me tell you, the sparks fly Massive amounts of sexual tension radiated off the page I ll give you a tastehis lips travelled down to her neck Connor licked it then bit down hard She shuddered No, she wasn t immune to him the way she wished she was, and she hadn t ceased wanting him If anything, her attraction to him was even stronger See still my JaxxAdd to this deliciousness was the mystery of Jaxx s stalker who keeps upping the ante in his her moves Connor is not without baggage and he s got his own stalker of sorts in the form of an ex girlfriend who tries her best to sabotage Jaxx and Connor s relationship Fortunately, Jaxx is one smart cookie and this girl has nothing on her Her reactions and dealings with this nitwit were very satisfying and brought a smile to my face This added excitement and suspense to an already thrilling story and I just lapped it up From Rags was a well crafted story that will keep you glued to the pages and guessing until the end Don t miss out on this self published gem DNFWhat can ruin a strong badass heroine than a wimp coward of a male protagonist, who abandoned her years ago Maybe an abhorrent manwhore, who didn t give a f ck and only wanted her because she was beautiful and became a celebrity Piece of shit and not a man.She could have done much better, so much better Ugh There Has Only Been Three People In Jaxxon Carter S Life Who Truly Mattered To Her Her Mum, Who Committed Suicide Her Sister, Who She Hasn T Seen Since Her Teens And Connor McKenzie, Who Disappeared From Her Life The Same Day He Left Their Foster Home The Hardest Part Of That Was That He Never Completely Left Her Life Because She Was Forever Seeing Him On TV Or In Magazines As A Formula One Driver But Jaxxon Refuses To Live A Woe Is Me Life, Even In Spite Of Living Alone In Her One Roomed Flat And Being Expected To Survive On A Ridiculously Low Income Then One Night She Is Offered A Modelling Job And Before She Knows It She Has Been Catapulted To The Peak Of Success, Gaining Fame, Fortune And Security Oh And A Stalker Connor McKenzie Is Busy Trying To Shake Off His Crazy Ex Girlfriend Another Woman Who Thought She Could Get Around His No Marriage Rule When He Sees Jaxxon On The Cover Of A Magazine Remembering How Close They Had Once Been, He S Shocked When She Doesn T Respond To His Attempts To Contact Her And Then Acts Indifferently To Him When They Meet But Connor Can T Let It Go The Only Reason He Had Kept His Hands Off Her Ten Years Ago Was That She Had Been Younger Than Him Now That They Re Adults, He Isn T Prepared To Allow Anything Not Even Jaxxon To Stop Him From Having Her Warning This Novel Contains A Bitchy Female Who Curses Like A Sailor, A Persistent Alpha Male Who Doesn T Understand The Word No , And Explicit Hot Sex In Some Very Public Places 5 Surprising, In your Face, No Holds Barred, Gutsy Broad Stars Spoiler FreeI don t know about you but I love surprises The idea of something unexpected jumping out and grabbing you either a happy feeling of joy or it can be the shock of thinking you know exactly what will happen and then Bam the story takes you to a whole other place I love all of it And the best type of surprise is meeting an author, not knowing anything about them and falling head over heels in love Suzanne Wright s book, From Rags, did all of that for me I knew nothing about this book except one of my friends either wanted to read it or had read it because it showed up on my feed I was curious enough to read the blurb clicked and I was off and running I mean reading.Oh what a joy Now understand this is not all happy clappy no This opens with our Jaxxon being abandoned again at 14 This time by her sister, Leah Jaxxon our MC and her sister are in foster care It has not been good it has been a series of crappy situations and the only saving grace was this bonding of 4 children, Roland, Connor Leah and Jaxxon Connor, who Jaxxon has always loved, left a while ago he was her best mate but older he looked out for her protected her from the other messed up boys staring at her due to her luscious early curves He was 16, of age to leave promised in a kiss which meant everything to her, he would come back to see her Jaxxon carried that promise in her heart keeping her warm and safe Only Leah, her selfish, bitch of a sister, tore that away from Jaxxon on the day she left saying what a fool she had been thinking Connor cared for her when in reality, she and Connor had been laughing and shagging the whole time Leah was off to join Connor and that was that Roland was gone, so Leah was alone and she could either become bitter, lost, and angry or she could look at these reveals from her sister about Connor and decide to move forward and start fresh She chose to start fresh It fast forwards to Jaxxon at 22 working as a barmaid in a dump The patrons are grabby, crude and sometimes evil She puts up with the garbage but in her own way and that is to be direct, not give a shit, tell the blokes to go fuck themselves or pay the consequences She has no idea of how she is the most sensual creature with eyes that have this look this ability to cause men to go weak Her lush curves are still there only womanly and her chocolate curls just finish the look She is oblivious to all of this to a degree and only knows she doesn t care what others think or say and goes about her business However, that does not mean she isn t aware of the looks and idiots trying to get her attention And today there is this fella watching her checking her out but not like the others she feels like she is under the microscope and he is evaluating her every move At the end of her shift she is called over by the owner and he tells her he has been paid to have her talk with this man she has no choice but to do so.Ricky is a co owner of a cosmetic company he and his partner want a real beauty to be the face of the line not some tried and true model type all puffed up with injections and plastic boobs, no they want an everyday woman who is real through and through He presents this concept to Jaxxon and she just looks at him and then laughs because she tells him, if you are not some con artist and if this is the real deal you are wanting someone who doesn t play someone who doesn t hold back and will tell people what I think I can be crude and I just will not do whatever you want and be bossed around Ricky acknowledges all of that and sets up a meeting with his partnerJaxxon agrees because She wants a way out of her situation and if this is really what has been presented to her why not.The meeting goes just as Ricky knew it would Ollie his partner saw immediately the fire in Jaxxon s eyes how they cause the stirring in anybody, male or female, and the skin which was a smooth pure canvas for their product Photos were taken while Jaxxon had been properly annoyed for it seems when in that mindset her eyes are at their bestand from there her life changes drastically She becomes an overnight sensation She is fortunate though as Ricky and Ollie really do care about her and take on the oversight of her adapting to the high and public life On the other tract of this story there is Connor Connor never forgot Jaxxon he also never was into Leah she lied Connor was always into fast cars and ends up by a twist of fate a Formula 1 Driver famous, rich and quite the catch He was so taken by Jaxxon he never trusted himself around her never wanted anyone else around her and deep in his heart always felt she was his He was remiss in not reaching out yet thought with Leah and Roland around, Jaxxon would be alright Time goes by and Connor is the playboy never giving his heart, doing the casual fuck and letting the girls know it Sometimes they get it sometimes they have difficulty letting go.It is during a ranting by one of the women who is refusing to hear Connor when he has told her repeatedly he was done with her he spies Jaxxon on the cover of a major fashion magazine He can t breathe he is stunned, he must find her and see how she is.That is the set up and from there this book takes off and never stops The coming together of these two characters is beyond great We have learned who they are how they function and all of their demons we know quite a bit of why they will fight any attraction which, of course, will happen We are also given secondary characters which assist in so many ways as to be really perfect in their roles The combustion the chemistry the way these two interact OMGOMGOMGOMG.OMFG The sexual situations, the way they are teased and we are lead to the point of us as readers just dying and the humor with all of it, too perfection There are a few scenes where I was clenching my fist and holding my breath without even realizing it.But speaking of perfection the character Jaxxon she is everything you wish a person could be she is strong and incredibly sure of herself She has overcome unbelievable horrors and still maintained this ability to set things aside and not have that woe is me shit She says and does things in such a way you wish you were her best friend and Connor when he gets with Jaxxon Oh dear God he is confused he is addicted he is in love but doesn t know it This was the best.Here is the deal this book was so good it interfered with my real life I had places to go and things to do but all I wanted was to read this fucking book So as I said, I love surprises and this was a big one I suggest you go and treat yourself and have one, too.For Reviews, Free E books and Giveaways 4.5 stars I knew going in that this was a contemporary romance and not a PNR unlike most of Suzanne s books but I was still so impressed totally gobsmacked at how well she writes in this genre Without the fantasy, I was treated to a funny, sexy and snarky story that I have come to expect from this author but this was also a much deeper, emotional and angsty love story After reading this, I really have to wonder why she hasn t penned stories like this one.I am so glad that I spotted it on KU Standout read for me by one of my favorite authors s all my. Five Bloody Brilliant Stars Okay I need to calm my arse down a little here Normally I would swoon over the Hero, but I must say, I loved the heroine Yes, I would go bi for this cheeky Brit Mother Lord Jaxxon was a fantastic female lead She was not your typical heroine She s beautiful, but she s no where near conceited She s ballsy, curses like a sailor, and not at all intimidated by anyone She tells it how it is and there is no censor on that mouth of hers She s mental and I effin love her God knows I read a ton of books, but Jaxxon is my first ever female crush Alright, with that said, I must also give our hero, Connor, his due It takes a mans man to tame Jaxxon Connor is all Alpha He s sexy, extremely possessive, and can easily kick anyone s arse He doesn t do relationships Because of his star status, he could have his pick of any woman, so why settle Of course there are other reasons why he will never commit, but that s for you to read and find out However, Jaxxon is his Achilles heel He just won t admit it yet Jaxxon and Connor are former foster kids They grew up together with Connor always looking out for Jaxxon She s always had this sort of magnetism that attracts the opposite sex, even the creepers Connor was always there to fight off any bloke who even looked at her funny However, when it was time for Connor to leave the system, he left Jaxxon promising her that he would back Jaxxon has always loved Connor and it devastated her when everyone she loved, especially Connor, left her Fast forward eight years Jaxxon is working as a barmaid working at a shite hole pub fending off creepers She always held her own and no one ever intimidated her Believe it or not, it was at this pub that she was discovered A model scout, looking for the right face for a new line of cosmetics, found her I don t give a shite I can wipe your arse on the floor attitude alluring and automatically knew she was the right girl for the job The pissed off she was, the better she came off on camera Jaxxon couldn t believe she was model She never thought of herself that way She was reluctant, but knowing that it would give her financial security she wants to live on her own terms, she took it.Connor was now a famous Formula One driver He s got a shag em and leave emreputation when it comes to women It was during another break up that he happened to notice Jaxxon on a cover of a magazine He decides to phone her thinking that they could just catch up Jaxxon doesn t even return his call He is frustrated and curious to know why When they unintentionally see each other at a charity event, all hell broke loose Jaxxon wants nothing to do him and Connor will not take no for an answer What do you pair up an Alpha male and an Alpha female A f king great story The chemistry between the two was beyond intense Good God these two were off the bloody charts I bloody loved everything about their story and add the fact that they were both Brits and if you know me, I love everything British and that the story took place in London, how could I not love this story It was fantastic and I m so happy I found this gem HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND FOLLOW ME Blog www.sweetspotbookblog.comFacebook SweetSpotBookBlogTwitter thessamari Check out this and my other reviews at My Blog, Facebook, Google , Twitter and Pinterest Book Basics Genre Contemporary Romance Series Stand Alone Love triangleview spoiler No hide spoiler 2.5 StarsI m a bit perplexed on how to rate this one I liked it, but I didn t LOVE it There wasn t anything wrong with it per se It just felt REALLY LONG Both characters were OK Connor was fine and never looked at another woman after getting back with Jaxxon But it took WAY too long for him to come to terms with his feelings, and then it wasn t even him that figured it out on his own It took a lecture from his best friend to get his ass in gear I kind of think he would probably still be wallowing if it wasn t for Dane Jaxxon was a strong heroine, but sometimes I felt she came across as too in your face I don t like doormat heroines but I do like them to at least come across somewhat vulnerable, and I never felt that with Jaxxon.Unfortunately because we never really get to see the previous history between these two, I never felt that great of a connection between them I m suppose to believe they were both pining away for each other, but in the 8 years Connor never once thought to pick up a phone or anything Then all of a sudden he sees her in a magazine and is all SHE S MINE Nope, sorry, didn t buy it.I think maybe had the author took out some of the filler stuff and maybe gave us a peek at their history this one might have worked better for me I don t knowlike I said, it was OK I did think the side characters were interesting and pretty well developed though TOP 4 WAYS WRIGHT GETS IT RIGHT IN From Rags And 1 way she gets it wrong WRIGHT RIGHT 5 The Hero Is A Man Man He s mentally and emotionally attuned to his heroine and cares about how his actions affect her He treats her like she s special and the only woman he ll ever love He listens to good relationship advice and eventually commits to her body and soul He s playful He s sexy He s imaginativeHe scanned the box Seven different intensities Can be used hands free Interesting He dropped his hand into the bag Batteries Uninteresting, but needed He dug deeper Two bottles of lube to enhance sensitivity Oh, we ll have to try that Last but not least He wiggled the toy in his hand Ankle cuffs CONNOR MCKENZIE IS WRIGHT RIGHT 4 The Heroine Is The Shit She s independent, logical, and practical She wants an Elvis wedding She s a straight shooter She s a total badass She gives as good as she gets McKenzie, you try any freaky shit and I ll shove my new vibrator up your arse No way am I lying here for half an hour while you kiss and bite me from head to toe again She narrowed her eyes No freaky shit JAXXON CARTER IS WRIGHT RIGHT 3 The Story Is Entertaining The snark is epic The characters are charming The chemistry is off the chartsI m curious, what can you do when you re cuffed to my bed I think I might take longer than half an hour now Don t worry, if at any time you can t take any just say please ConnorAND THE SEX WRIGHT RIGHT 2 The Message Is Pragmatic Jaxx doesn t play games to get Connor to love and respect her She accepts what their relationship is, not what she wishes it to be Connor can t commit, so she doesn t put her life on hold for him She doesn t grant him rights he hasn t earned and isn t entitled toI Don t Beg He knew she wouldn t The woman was a walking challenge and he couldn t help but rise to it He licked the crease where hip met groin It s only a word, Jaxx Just one Yeah Well here s two Fuck You He smiled Even restless and gasping for release, she fought him She wouldn t be Jaxx if she didn t Connor JaxxIN OTHER WORDS FINALLYWRIGHT WRONG 1 The Editing Is Haphazard There are some misspelled, misused, and missing words Sentences are sometimes wordy and awkward A few scenes are unnecessary and could be eliminated A good editor would have made this book perfect If you re sick of weak girlmats who are so afraid of being alone they settle for immature boywhores who treat them like cheap hook ups If you re sick of unsatisfying, unbelievable HEAs that leave you feeling angry and upset Check out From Rags everything those other romance authors gets wrong, Suzanne Wright gets right From Rags by Suzanne Wright 4 Wright Gets It Right Stars. Spoiler Free Review Quick Review4.5 STARS out of 5Genre Adult Contemporary RomanceLoved Every Damn Line I read.Jaxx is hands down one of the best female characters I have had the pleasure to read Loves her From Rags is a hilariously sexy story about a young girl that goes from foster care and growing up in the slums To having her face on the cover of magazines and being known worldwide as the face of Allure cosmetics.Jaxxon Carter has not had an easy life, in fact after only having three people in her life she loves and depends on now at twenty two she is all alone Her mother has been dead most of her life, her sister is long gone and the one guy she ever loved made a promise that he did not keep Since fourteen she has been alone and not once did she allow her circumstances define her One night while working in a bar she is approached by a man that offers her an unbelievable deal for her to be the face of his new cosmetics line Formula One driver Conner McKenzie left foster care at sixteen promising Jaxx that he would be back to see her He never went back And now eight years later he is determine to right his wrong But Jaxx will not be easily swayed It s not like the years passed and she never saw his face again It was the opposite she had to see his face plastered on T.V and magazines all the time So of course she chooses to have nothing to do with Conner Problem is, he is VERY determined to have her and so is someone else.Jaxx has a stalker.ThoughtsOMG I loved it The chemistry between these two was palpable and I genuinely enjoyed every second of it Not sure what the deal is with the cover But I amvery sure that this is a goodread And I recommend it to EVERYONE Jaxx Is a give it to you straight whether you like it or not type of girl She was not scared to go toe to toe with anyone Especially Connor When they fought it was like watching a match between a lion and a tiger Who will be the victor All I have to say is never underestimate either one grins Connor Total alpha male Never afraid to say whats on his mind And always willing to throw Jaxx over his shoulders when she does not bend to his will Oh and he is HOT AS HELL Anna Loved her She was Jaxx best mate and also a model She is eighteen and is always starstruck when meeting other famous people at the parties she an Jaxx attend.Anita Connor s crazy ass ex Who just can t seem to let him go And goes to extremes to keep him.Fave linesLike it or not, your business became mine the minute you let me inside your bodyConnorBabe you have no idea how close I am to the edge Believe me when I say that if you keep pushing, my cock is just going to take over and I ll fuck the answer out of youConnorFave question askedIf I put my finger inside you right now It would come out wet, wouldn t itConnorMy RatingsCharacters LovableWriting Style ExcellentPlot Storyline Savory, Hilarious and SuspensefulSteam Factor High Very SteamyOverall I loved it Read it Now go forth and read Then tell us about it on Goodreads