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Sometimes Love Is An AccidentThis Time, It S A StrategyMiss Minerva Lane Is A Quiet, Bespectacled Wallflower, And She Wants To Keep It That Way After All, The Last Time She Was The Center Of Attention, It Ended Badly So Badly That She Changed Her Name To Escape Her Scandalous Past Wallflowers May Not Be The Prettiest Of Blooms, But At Least They Don T Get Trampled So When A Handsome Duke Comes To Town, The Last Thing She Wants Is His Attention But That Is Precisely What She GetsBecause Robert Blaisdell, The Duke Of Clermont, Is Not Fooled When Minnie Figures Out What He S Up To, He Realizes There Is To Her Than Her Spectacles And Her Quiet Ways And He S Determined To Lay Her Every Secret Bare Before She Can Discover His But This Time, One Shy Miss May Prove To Be Than His Match

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    Kindle Freebie Sometimes love is an accident.This time, it s a strategy. The Duchess War is the first full length novel in Courtney Milan s Brothers Sinister series, and a story that I ve been looking forward to Having read The Governess Affair, the prequel to this story, and having read the epilogue that sets up this book, I knew that what was to come would be a wonderful, emotional read, but this it was so much than I had hoped for Cover blurb Miss Minerva Lane is a quiet, bespectacled wallflower, and she wants to keep it that way After all, the last time she was the center of attention, it ended badly so badly that she changed her name to escape her scandalous past Wallflowers may not be the prettiest of blooms, but at least they don t get trampled So when a handsome duke comes to town, the last thing she wants is his attention.But that is precisely what she gets.Because Robert Blaisdell, the Duke of Clermont, is not fooled When Minnie figures out what he s up to, he realizes there is to than her spectacles and her quiet ways And he s determined to lay her every secret bare before she can discover his But this time, one shy miss may prove to be than his match Let me get this said right up front This book is brilliant The way Ms Milan writes historical romances, the way she uses the ridiculous social standards of the times to not only hinder her characters but to make them triumphant yes Brilliant When I first began reading historical romances, I thought things like the ton, peerage, seasons, the need to marry well I thought they were all silly things, a bunch of hogwash made up by authors to flesh out their stories But then, as I did research of this on my own, I discovered that not only was it not hogwash, it was often far worse than historical romance portrays it So when I read books like The Governess Affair and The Duchess War, and knowing that this was a reality of the times, I find I become very emotionally attached to the lessers The Underdogs Those who don t fit and will never fit regardless of the kinds of people they are It doesn t matter how much good they do, how many lives they might save, or how they treat others They would never fit And yet there were those who took up space than they were worth, but were welcomed wherever they went it all seemed so unfair So hopeless But not the way Ms Milan tells the story The Duchess War is a story of right and wrong Of honor and not just honor when it s convenient It s being a person of high integrity, no matter the cost and in this story, the cost is terribly high It s also a beautiful romance And not just about discovering love and holding on to it with every single thing you are importantly, it s about being worthy of that love Robert and Minnie are such compelling characters, and had they been real people, I would truly believe that their chance meeting was destiny giving them a hand They re so very opposite from one another, but alike in the ways that matter Both flawed, emotionally scarred people who recognized that in one another, and that s what drew them together Were they perfect No They were human There were times I was angry with Robert, times I was livid with Minnie, but in the end, I came to adore them both And that s all that matters.The bottom line Courtney Milan never ceases to amaze me with her stories that are witty, clever, intelligent, sexy and so very romantic She s one of very few auto buy authors on my list, one of the few whose stories I am guaranteed to love, and books like those found in The Brothers Sinister series are why.So do yourself a favor and pick up the novella, The Governess Affair and this story, The Duchess War and settle in for two of the most delightful, poignant, lovely romances you ll likely ever read My sincerest thanks to Ms Milan for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for sharing my honest thoughts with you It was a true pleasure, start to finish.

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    I m not sure if I can convey my feelings into words right now but I ll be trying anyway It goes without saying that I ve had extremely high expectations Unfortunately, though, The Duchess War will go down in history as a slight disappointment to put it mildly Some parts I loved, some I liked and some not at all Up until to the 70 % mark I really thought that The Duchess War would work out for me Hope dies last after all With this end in mind I felt totally underwhelmed throughout the next 22 % of the story I m not someone who beats around the bush, it was flat out depressing and a huge disappointment Then we ve had 3 % of happy andthat s it The End at 95 % I completely understand that an author has to use conflicts to develop a story, however, when the already very dry plot is littered with conflicts it becomes utterly oppressive Reading HR emphasis on romance and I mean romance not sex must be a pleasure I want to indulge myself in lush writing, great dialogue and banter, wonderful and charming characters I want to see the sparks fly I want to feel the chemistry Also, I m fine by dealing with a conflict as long as I can see a resolution as well as a continuous happy development of the MCs relationship But instead of offering a resolution once and for all there is another conflict, pain, problems, heartbreak Sadly, reading The Duchess War was not a joy, it was a task The hero was too bland and insecure to charm his way into my heart and the heroine, which I initially really liked a lot, proved me wrong when she allowed herself view spoiler to be bought I thought she would show backbone hide spoiler

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    DNF at 26% OMG my eyes have glazed over This book bored me so bad After reading the first little novella in this series I was excited for this book, but Lord have mercy no matter how hard I tried I couldn t get into this read I was so bored I got up and did dishes, came back tried again got bored went and did my yoga came back tried again I reread the same line like 5 times and still can t tell you what I read I just couldn t connect The main couple have no chemistry together The plot is too slow and boring to hook me and I m just done I have too many books to read to sit here and try to force myself to read a book that is making me want to take a nap.

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    If this was set in modern times, it would be a cool story of a girl who identified as a boy for her first 12 years of life being raised by an older lesbian couple But, this is the ye old days Bigots So, poor Minnie has to act like a good girl and find herself a husband This means that she isn t allowed to do the boy things any, like have an opinion, act smart, or burp the alphabet Okay, I guess the last thing is probably good As a mother of two boys I can attest to the fact that they can be strange and gross little creatures Don t play Scrabble with prepubescent boys.Minnie ends up meeting a Duke named Robert and he sees this other side of her the boy side , and he likes it I m not saying that Robert has homosexual tendencies I m just saying that he likes his women to have the balls guts to speak their opinions.Also, I love Robert You will too He will be your next book boyfriend Sorry, honey 23 years of marriage was a good run on the fidelity thing.Robert is kind of a communist, but I love him anyway Everyone has their flaws Also, he has the most awesome family ever When his brother and cousin decide to throw him a bachelor party There shall be brandy Sebastian stood And we shall even drink it, although Robert will stop after two glasses because he always does There will be food Oliver declaimedSebastian grinned On the eve of your wedding, Robert, we shall offer you the sorts of female delights that you have always lusted after Philosophical tracts upon philosophical tracts, all of them advocating political change that would result in an upheaval of the current social order We shall set forth their essays, and then Then, my friends, we shall argue about them Wow, these guys know how to party Feminist writings, a little brandy, and a rousing political discussion They will feel like hell in the morning Boys Gone WildThis book was witty and cute I loved both of the main characters and all of the side ones There is even a rake who cracks me up, so I just can t wait for his book You all know my weakness for funny rakes.

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    Awww Outstanding It was so romantic There are not enough adjectives to convey how great this book is It is so much than your usual historical romance WORKERS, read the top line in massive capital letters And then, beneath it ORGANIZE, ORGANIZE, ORGANIZE Oh, no , she protested I ve never seen this before And it s really not my sort of thing For one thing, she was fairly certain that any sentences that used exclamation points than words was an abomination.Robert is like no other hero He is a duke, but a radical duke who cares for the people and who wants to abolish the peerage He is a radical And he is breathtakingly beautiful, strong, honorable, protective and so sweet to Minnie His fingers touched hers, and even through their gloves his hand felt overly warm Despite every good sense, Minne could feel herself respond to him Her smile peeked out to match his In her imagination, for just that moment, there were moonlit paths And that silver light painted every bleak facet in her life in magic.Beside her, Mr Charingford swallowed, the sound audible at this distance He is, of course, His Grace, the Duke of Clermont Minne almost yanked her fingers back A duke A bloody duke had found her behind the sofa No No Impossible.Minne is like no other heroine.She makes a wonderful journey throughout this book She is hidden with a new name to escape a great scandal in London ten years earlier Robert is the first one to see something But she is afraid Utterly afraid.This is a book about personal journeys About the strength of love About a true love that survives There is no stupid misunderstandings There are just very real hindrances to work around And it is also a book about the English society in the late 1880 About the enormous differences between the classes About making the world a slightly better place Courtney Milan is a truly remarkable writer After reading The Governess Affair, I expected greatness from this book It surpassed my expectations It is somewhat dark, but we never lose sight of the strike of light It is fun and very engaging The characters are believable The story is complex and enthralling I can t wait to move on the next one Come, Miss Pursling, he said Men wouldn t ask any such thing They d already know what caught my eye He leaned forward and whispered in conspiratorial fashion It s your tits The Duke of Clermont was smiling and cheerful, and he thrown it out there as if it were merely one fact to be recounted The weather is lovely The streets are paced with cobblestone Your tits are magnificent.On a side note I know that some don t want to read this book because the hero is a virgin I can respect that But putting this book aside solely for that reason is missing out big time Yes, there might be a couple of pages of awkwardness But a few pages in a book filled with wonderful, wondrous, amazing pages are absolutely nothing Robert is strong and caring and radical and honorable and broken in all the ways we love our romance heroes And the reason why he has abstained is that his father raped his best friend and bastard brother s mother I respect him for it.

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    5 stars The Duchess War is intelligent, beautiful, romantic, humorous, heartbreaking Excellent This is everything I look for in a historical romance.Full review in December issue of InD Tale Magazine for InD Tale Magazine

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    This probably shouldn t have been my first Milan book I knew going in that a few people didn t like The Duchess War as much as some of her other works but since I d been wanting to try the author and got a galley for book 2 of the series, I figured why not I wasn t a fan I mean, it wasn t bad or anything The book wasn t on the level of asparagus pee bad, but I wasn t feeling it either There was something missing from the equation Without lush historical descriptions or witty banter, I at least hope for there to be something in the story to charm me The story was all so plain and uheh And the sex read almost mechanical It was cute how the man got schooled by his woman but IuhIuhdon t really know what to write The sex just didn t do it for me The plain and scarred heroine lands a Duke No one really wanted her before I think I ve read this story a few times, so I guess I wanted to see something fresh added to the mix Unfortunately, there was nothing new happening here.Wow, I am quite the downer tonight Let s get some good perspective back The writing style was above average and the story was not bad overall I can see the book being fine for anyone who likes to down shots of historical romance like a man after getting off work on Friday hitting the whiskey at a bar The formula was solid enough and would stand up fine alongside other HR books I ll give book 2 a shot since I have it anyway and see if things get better Since this isn t everyone s favorite Milan book, I m hopeful there s still a chance that I might have a positive outlook on take 2 Sorry if there weren t any great quotes or pretty pics but I didn t feel any sort of motivation to have to dig deep for this review But I gave you asparagus pee as a reference, so at least there s that p

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    I am dying to read a good romance, but why is it virtually impossible to find one that at least makes some logical sense Search continues

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    I think this was a case of me not reading the book correctly, because so many of my friends loved this book to pieces and I thought it was good, but nothing exceedingly fascinating In fact, I had to skim at different points with this book I found it slow at first and a bit tedious with all the talk of factories It starts off with the Duke, Robert, coming to the town of Leicester and checking out the factories He s not too into being the duke and accidentally comes upon Minnie while he s hiding at a party She s a shy miss who s also in hiding from an odious wannabe finance Robert is intrigued by her intellect and she s interested in him because he s hot They end up continuously encountering each other because he s writing papers encouraging workers to request better working conditions and wages Minnie isn t happy about this because she has been accused of writing these unionist papers by the local sheriff She sets about to either blackmail or expose Robert into stopping his writings It rather does the opposite since he s very, very interested in Minnie and her sharp intellect now The romance as a whole is cute in that it s based on liking each other for their wit and minds vs just physical attributes Minnie is fun in her stratagems and snappy wit Robert is super sweet and likeable And maybe that s why I didn t love this book, I m used to the male mc s being alpha semi assholes Maybe that s what I m programed to like now, but I so think this book didn t click with me because not a lot happens Minnie is also very insecure in a lot of ways and I didn t enjoy her inner monologue or POV Robert s POV was funny and sweet I can see how he s Jess Bae The secondary characters of Sebastian, Violet, and the half brother were all good and amusing I liked Sebastian and Violet best of all Lydia was interesting due to her past, but she definitely has very poor taste in men The aunts were interesting and could ve been fun if they d been eccentric The book picked up the pace in the middle and continued at a somewhat better clip as it progressed, but I think the author missed an opportunity to make the villain do much worse and the aftermath was over immediately It was all resolved instantly, which is much less drama and much less fun I think this book was too tame for me.