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WHEN A MASKED MANTwenty Years Ago Maximus Batten Witnessed The Brutal Murders Of His Parents Now The Autocratic Duke Of Wakefield, He Spends His Days Ruling Parliament But By Night, Disguised As The Ghost Of St Giles, He Prowls The Grim Alleys Of St Giles, Ever On The Hunt For The Murderer One Night He Finds A Fiery Woman Who Meets Him Toe To Toe And Won T Back Down MEETS HIS MATCHArtemis Greaves Toils As A Lady S Companion, But Hiding Beneath The Plain Brown Serge Of Her Dress Is The Heart Of A Huntress When The Ghost Of St Giles Rescues Her From Footpads, She Recognizes A Kindred Spirit And Is Intrigued She S Even Intrigued When She Realizes Who Exactly The Notorious Ghost Is By Day DESIRE IGNITES A DANGEROUS PASSIONArtemis Makes A Bold Move She Demands That Maximus Use His Influence To Free Her Imprisoned Brother Or She Will Expose Him As The Ghost But Blackmailing A Powerful Duke Isn T Without Risks Now That She Has The Tiger By The Tail, Can She Withstand His Ire Or The Temptation Of His Embrace The male lead in this book is a douche But, I knew of his douchiness going into the book It turns out, though, that it didn t really matter because the female lead is so awesome that he pales in comparison She is strong, determined, and cunning She blackmails him into doing what she needs done, and won t let him control her even after he sleeps with her Yeah, no falling under the spell of his magic penis No swooning and letting him take over her world She is always in control Yay Girl power in the ye old timey days She would have totally been at the Women s March yesterday With an awesome sign Well, it was considered important to embroider back then.Artemis is a kickass girl Nobody gets away with grabbing her kitty.So, the story is about the Duke of Wakefield, who is a tool He is going to marry a wealthy heiress, Penelope, even if she is a bitchy, stupid, spoiled little brat It just so happens that she has her cousin as her companion Artemis Artemis is actually the opposite of everything that Penelope is, including the rich part So, Wakefield is completely attracted to her, but has no intention of not marrying the idiot because that is what a duke does marries heiresses It s a good thing that Artemis isn t trying to marry him She just needs his help in getting her brother out of an insane asylum And, she is willing to blackmail Wakefield to convince him to help It was pretty fun watching this nothing girl take down the powerful duke, who has been known to do a little blackmailing himself in past books Ha Never underestimate the power of determined women They are absolutely unstoppable.So, although I never warmed up to the hero The heroine is what makes this book great Totally enjoyed it. Do you want to be mine and only mine, away from this cursed world, in a place inhabited by just we twoI had high hopes for Duke of Midnight, considering that most of my friends enjoyed it so much, and not only did this book not disappoint, it exceeded all my expectations I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful HR story, and it pulled me in right from the beginning and firmly held there until the end It s been a while since I read anything that kept me turning pages like crazy This one was so engaging, so much so that I stayed up all night to finish it.This is the story of Maximus, Duke of Wakefield, and Artemis Greaves.After Artemis lost her parents and her brother had been imprisoned in Bedlam, she had become Lady Penelope s companion At first, I didn t like Artemis because she looked tough and not so feminine But as the story moved on, I gradually understood her better and grew quite fond of her eventually.Maximus is another dark and complex hero He witnessed the murder of his parents when he was only fourteen Since then, he had been haunted by guilt over their death so he d sworn he would get revenge for them And in trying to find the killer, he d become the Ghost of St Giles One night, he saved Artemis and her cousin from the three bad men while these women were wandering the street of St Giles, and it was the first time he started to notice her There was something about Artemis that drew him to her in a way that no other woman could do.In my eyes, these two were a perfect match for each other When they were together, it was like they could be themselves and it looked so natural Their lovemaking was so passionate and scorching Maximus is exactly my kind of hero he s strong, brave, smart, brooding, but so sweet to Artemis My heart completely melted when I saw him this way Just give me Maximus and I will never ask forYou re mine, he said, laying his cheek against hers Mine and no one else s Just the memory of watching her dive into the Thames made his throat close up When he spoke again, his voice was rough Do not think to ever do that to me again, Diana Had you not lived I would ve joined you at the bottom of the Thames I cannot survive without youAll in all, this is a great addition to Maiden Lane series It was a remarkable and fun read which I will re read it all over again and again for certain Oh, I couldn t praise this book Loved it 4.5 Stars.Oh, Maximus, Maximus, Maximus Would you come to your senses and see the treasure that was straight in front of you Would you turn your nose up at society and do what was in your heart I really enjoyed this one I think of the reasons was that Artemis was not of his station but she stood up to him and he didn t know what to make of her.Maximus is a Duke and he must marry a noblewoman It would be unheard of for him to marry beneath his station But he wants Artemis, his goddess, his Diana He pulled back, his chest heaving, and looked at her angrily Don t start something you mean to stop She met his gaze squarely I don t mean to stop His eyes narrowed I cannot give you marriage She d known She d never thought he could she would ve sworn so had she been asked a minute earlier but his blunt words were an arrow of pain piercing her heart nonetheless She bared her teeth in a smile Have I asked you to No And I never shall, she vowed Overhead the moon guided him, his fair mistress, his unattainable lover When you ve tired of me, she said softly, precisely, Apollo will still be my brother Will still be there for me I ll never tire of you, he said, knowing with every thread of his soul that he spoke the absolute truth Then prove it He knew what she asked with such an open and vulnerable face Something within him shriveled and died he d been on the rack too long for a penance he wasn t sure he could ever entirely pay You know His voice was hoarse, the croaking of a dying man He licked his lips You know why I cannot Not really sure I am that interested in reading about Apollo We shall see. Normally in a romance novel especially a HR one I can forgive the Hero almost anything and I often do But for some I ll mention it later reason I just never got there with him I spent the majority of the book mad at him and wondering when Artemis was going to figure out that she could do so much better for herself.The SkinnyMaximus is in the market for a wife and wants a perfect Duchess by his side Pretty much his only criteria is that she is beautiful, a virgin and from a wealthy family He doesn t even care that his best prospect Penelope is known as not being particularly smart and something of a ninny Artemis is master of survival Her brother is in an insane asylum for false reasons and she has nothing going for her except that she is from the gentry She is Penelope s slave ladies companion and honestly I don t know how she put up with that spoiled brat But it is the price she has to pay since no one would even think to marry her since insanity runs in her family However she has figured out that Maximus is The Ghost of St Giles and she is determined to use that knowledge as leverage to help get her brother out of the asylum.What was Great Artemis is fantastic She has been dealt a certain hand in life and she doesn t mope about it she just carries on and deals with it the best she can She has a never give up never surrender attitude and keeps looking for a way to save her brother even when everyone else in the world is trying to make her act like she never even had one.Artemis is a kind and caring person You see it in the way that she chose to wear the same sent all the time so that Phoebe who is practically blind could tell who she was easily It is also apparent in the love that she has for her brother and the lengths she is willing to go to save him She is willing to take on and play games with a Duke in order to find an ally to get him out of the hell he is in.The banter between Maximus and Artemis is pretty great and I felt like she came out ahead in most of it She was smart and daring and never just gave into him like so many others had all of his lifeShe couldn t very well get up and leave him without causing a scene, but she dearly wanted to Well, then, in the interests of fairness, perhaps you ought to know, Your Grace, that I have no intention of yielding the field to you Beside her he inclined his head a fraction of an inch Then en garde, Miss GreavesThe other notable things are Apollo I m very interesting in reading his story and we finally learn what Asa has been up to all these years he has been semi estranged from his family.Why Maximus Never Grew on MeHe is an ass Okay it is than that I was already holding a grudge against him from book 2 when he was going to still make Hero marry Thomas even after Thomas had hit her extenuating circumstances but still not okay Then we come into this book and he has the stupidest criteria for a wife and even while he is trying to court Penelope you can tell that he isn t really into it at all and could care less about her.But this is where I get so mad at him He has taken Artemis as a lover and he was very clear beforehand that he wasn t going to offer her marriage so at least there is that But then the entire time he is sleeping with her and thinking how he never wants to give her up he is still planning to marry Penelope even if he hasn t asked her yet throws hands in the air the idiotIt would be the height of idiocy for the Duke of Wakefield to pursue the cousin of the woman he wanted as wife And yet, for the first time in his life, Maximus wanted to let the man rule him instead of the titleI hated how he treated Apollo too He didn t trust Artemis to know her brotherThis is my brother we re talking about, Maximus You ll take his part before mine Oh, he knew it was a mistake even before the words left his lips.Her shoulders squared If I must We shared a womb We re flesh and blood, tied together forever, both physically and spiritually I love my brother As you don t me She stopped, her chemise in her hands before her For a moment her shoulders slumped and then she raised her head His goddess His Diana When you ve tired of me, she said softly, precisely, Apollo will still be my brother Will still be there for me I ll never tire of you, he said, knowing with every thread of his soul that he spoke the absolute truthThere are so many moments when he has thoughts similar to this one but his plan is to still marry someone else and have Artemis on the side all of his life smacks Maximus upside the head what the hell is he thinking I guess I just thought that he d figure it out sooner than he did and while it all works out in the end and he pulls his head out I still am holding a grudge even if Atremis isn t.OverallAfter loving the last two books this was a little of a letdown in the Hero department for me But Artemis makes the book well worth reading and she is my favorite Heroine of the series thus far. 3.85 A buddy read with the MacHalo Freaks Because we are romantic like that I have to admit it I am a complete sucker for Historical Romance I am not sure why, is it the clothing, is it the societal norms of the time, is it the idea of the gentleman hero But I love it all This series has been reviving around the seedy part of London in the 18th century and the legendary Ghosts of St Giles It is a bit repetitive, this being the sixth book in the series, but the truth is, there aren t very many variations when it comes to this genre, and I think that reliability is what keeps many of us coming back to it over and over again Our Duke is a very proper, strict, and aloof aristocrat who happens to dawn on a cape and chase bad guys at night Our Lady Artemis, is an impoverished relation to a very pretty but none too bright rich socialite, who is gunning for the Duke Maximus finds the rich socialite perfect for a wife, but something about Artemis keeps stealing his attention Sparks fly, hormones rule Also, Artemis s brother gets some page time and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know him There were moments when I wanted to shake the Duke and beat some sense into his thick scull, but overall he was OK Artemis was quite wonderful The butler was very cool and I liked him better than his boss most of the time And as always, the little cameos from our previous couples were very pleasant Overall, it was not the best book in the series, but it was not the worst either This series is perfect for the fans of the HR genre I wish you all Happy Reading and many wonderful books to come I m always in the height of anticipation when it comes to Hoyt s newest book When I found out it was to be Maximus Batten, Duke of Wakefield book, I couldn t wait to see how Hoyt would make him eat his harsh words toward a kind lady s companion and what made him tick The thing was he was out shined by IMO the best heroine of the series so far Artemis Greaves Artemis has had some really crappy hands dealt to her in life and the last blow was her very sane twin brother Apollo thrown into Bedlam for a crime he didn t commit Artemis is almost at her wit s end in how to get her brother outta there, when the Ghost of St.Giles drops in to save her and her dim witted cousin and leaves a clue to who he is behind the mask Driven by revenge and guilt Maximus haunts St.Giles to track down the murder of his parents as one of the Ghosts of St.Giles When he saves two women from footpads, he meets his match in Artemis who was ready to go toe to toe with the footpads if need be In a moment he reached for her hand to help he he lost his family ring That small action will haunt him when that ring leads Artemis back to him and a battle of blackmail and wills will turn into something even fiercer love Artemis was such an amazing character, she didn t back down and fought with everything she had She grabbed onto what happiness she could and it only brought her out stronger then before She truly overtook the spotlight from Maxiums whom at times was to narrowed minded in his views that was expected from someone of his rank, but he hung onto the belief longer then I thought was needed or wanted I don t know if this was a nod to or what but Maxiums in his alter ego and his actions of being in a cave to work out, rich bachelor, man servant who knows everything sounds very much like Batman Which I kept humming the 1960 s theme song through out reading the novel through Even when Artemis had to go to blackmail in order to save her twin, she never lost her spark I found the relationship between the two was refreshing as they become friends rivals enemies before they became lovers They had a good footing between them to understand where the other stood before they made the move into something The tension was amazing as I feel many HRs tend to lack sexual tension now of days There s always room for appetizers before the main course The thing was I felt the leap to that something made the romance lack that punch that other Hoyt books have The build up started to focus on getting Apollo out of that hellhole and Maxiums getting closer to the murderer of his parents This left some very hot scenes between Artemis and Maxiums and the angst and inner struggle both must go through to be with one another This is where Maxiums became human to me instead of the ice duke When he begged Artemis to stay with him even knowing he should marry her because he loves her and it was the right path to take plus he takes his sweet time getting married to her It was sweet and heartbreaking to see him released from the chains that binded him to the past in order to move forward Along with Artemis who always came across strong and only became stronger Duke of Midnight gives us some amazing side characters like Phoebe the almost blind sister of Maxiums and Apollo who I can t wait to read about their own stories Hoyt also leaves us with a treat, a tease for the future Maiden Lane books and with this series it only ever gets better with each book The Duke of Midnight was a wonderful addition to this series and only makes a fan of this series of it hunger for and wait with anticipation for the next book It s about time Loved this I ve waited forever for the story of Maximus Batten, Duke of Wakefield I was pleasantly surprised that I loved the heroine than the guy I ve had my eye on Maximus since Notorious PleasuresMister I can do no wrong is surely put to the test here He s used to giving orders and getting what he wants But in this story, his station in life is the one thing that is keeping him from his true desire.The mystery of the Ghost of St Giles continues We all know that Maximus is the ghost He is looking for the culprit who murdered his parents He needs to avenge their deaths to truly feel free.However in his search, his path crosses Artemis And his life is no longer the same.28 year old Artemis is a smart gal who s been dealt a crummy life Her aristocratic father was deemed a lunatic and her mother died of illness Her twin brother Apollo is her only family, but he s locked up in Bedlam, labeled a madman, convicted in a murderous crime He is falsely imprisoned, wrongly accused, but no one will believe Artemis She tries to blackmail the ghost aka Maximus to free her brother, but she gets than she bargained for.Artemis is a FANTASTIC heroine She has been reduced to nothing when it comes to social rank Given her background, this heroine is not weak She has a backbone of steel and a reader can feel nothing but admiration for her fictional spirit.I enjoyed her history and her obstacles The interaction between the pair I thought was fantastic.Artemis is able to get by as a ladies companion to her rich, beautiful cousin Penelope.Penelope has set her sights on the rich and powerful 33 year old Duke of Wakefield Artemis tries to help Penelope make the match, but her heart is unexpectedly caught by the wicked and powerful man.Some reviewers have stated that there wasn t enough romance in this storyUmmm what Are we reading the same book This was utterly romantic.The only thing I did not like were view spoiler 1 I needed some closure with Penelope and Artemis How can it end like that I absolutely want to know whatever happened to Penny.2 I don t understand why Maximus called Artemis his Diana Please explain my historical fanatics That part was a wee bit cheesy for me hide spoiler 10 15 2013 So I got up at midnight to read this because of course I did Even with a wondrous thing like Thief of Shadows, I do always feel a little letdown with this series, but I think it s because I am looking forward to each release so much that I m bound to feel that way.In this case, though, there is a pretty basic element that I think is a real problem, and here it is view spoiler It is the end of the book 83% before we get Wakefield s POV during any sexual contact with Artemis, including kissing The first kiss scene and three sex scenes have gone on previously, all from Artemis s POV I like Artemis, but I needed to be in his head earlier I mean, I m a girl, I ve lost my virginity and had all the various forms of hetero coupling, so really, it s the dude s POV I require from this sort of thing, and I did not get it, and it actually made me pissy and irritated with Artemis, which is irrational Hah.Another thing is this three months, Wakefield Artemis is publicly ruined Penelope slapped her and called her a whore in front of half of London If any situation ever called for a special license it s this, man THREE DAYS is too much TOMORROW is a bit late How do you know she isn t pregnant THREE MONTHS I figure this is because their wedding will be a set piece during Apollo s book, but still, I do not think there is any way Wakefield would think he can drag this particular situation out three months Plus is he going to rely upon his hand all that time or is he going to keep her on premises I mean seriously, how disrespectful Honestly Maximus, it s moments like this when I remember that one time you tried to marry off your sister to a dude that just punched her in the face How can I forgive you for that if you don t prove to me you ve changed and grown Also not thrilled with what is probably Apollo s heroine Really tired of breeches parts heroine masquerading as her male twin I mean I m assuming , but importantly, this series has spoiled me wrt prior acquaintance with H h, i.e now I expect it So this is me with this heroine hide spoiler Five Glittering Stars I think I am running out of words to describe just how much I LOVE this series Time and again, Ms Hoyt enthrals me with her unforgettable characters, compelling plots and sensual romances This was not a man to be swayed by gentleness, beauty, or sweet words He would bend assuming he was even capable of bending only for reasons of his own.I didn t particularly like Maximus in the previous books but there was just something about him that intrigued me I wanted to know what shaped him into this cold, exacting man, so resolute when it came to carrying out his ducal duties It soon becomes clear that the traumatic events of the night he witnessed his parents brutal murder in the back streets of St Giles had a far reaching effect on the fourteen year old boy Haunted by feelings of guilt, he believes he owes it to his parents to be the best duke possible Sworn to bring their murderer to justice, he roams the streets of St Giles nightly in the guise of the Ghost of St Giles she was merely the companion She was there to fade into the background, which she did with admirable skill, even if she did say so herself.Just as Maximus wears a mask, so does Artemis On the surface, she is the prim and proper, spinster companion but, beneath that drab exterior, is a strong, intelligent and passionate woman just waiting to break free I so admired her total devotion to her brother, Apollo, who has been wrongly accused of murder and incarcerated in Bedlam She will do anything to see him set free, even blackmail the formidable Maximus.The chemistry between these two is a heady mixture of raw, emotional intensity and all consuming passion I loved that Artemis finally sheds her drab existence, willing to take what she wants even knowing that the affair with Maximus could destroy her reputationHave you no care for your reputation She stepped toward him until she was so close he fancied he breathed the same air as she and when she tilted her face up to look at him he saw that she wasn t nearly as calm as he d imagined No, she murmured, her voice a siren s song, none at all I got than a little frustrated with Maximus for his stubborn insistence on putting his ducal responsibilities first rather than following his heart I did love him in his guise as the Ghost of St Giles we get a glimpse of the real man rather than the austere duke I couldn t imagine the duke rifling through Artemis chemises as the Ghost did There are so many wonderful secondary characters just begging for their own books Maximus s visually impaired sister, Phoebe Artemis s tormented brother, Apollo the honourable Captain Trevillion the enigmatic Asa Makepiece the rakish Viscount D Arque the mysterious Hippolyta Royale.The mystery surrounding the murder of Maximus s parents provided an exciting backdrop to the romance and Ms Hoyt evokes the unsavoury atmosphere of St Giles perfectly the scenes in Bedlam were particularly chilling in their realismThere were those who compared Bedlam to hell a writhing purgatory of torture and insanity.The Maiden Lane series is a MUST READ for all lovers of powerful, sensual and exciting historical romances It is a series that should definitely be read in order, not only because of the interweaving plotlines, but every book is a fantastic read REVIEW RATING 5 5 STARS SENSUALITY RATING HOT The Maiden Lane series so far click on the book cover for details This review is also posted on my blog