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Book In Reading Order Of Events In Book Series, Per AuthorThere Are Things In Bassist Jace Seymour S Past That He Is Unwilling To Share With Anyone To Cover His Guilt And Anguish, He Seeks Dominatrix Mistress V Aggie To Temporarily Placate His Inner TurmoilAggie Doesn T Have Much Use For Men Besides The Power Rush She Gets When They Re Begging For Mercy At Her Feet But Jace Isn T Like Her Usual Clients His Cool Defiance And Unexpected Dominance In The Bedroom Drives Her To Distraction And Quickly Steals Her HeartWhen Circumstances Threaten Jace S Position In Sinners, Aggie Must Help Him Regain His Rightful Place In The Band While Showing Him That Time And Love Can Heal All Wounds

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    Adult review for erotic content Hurt me Take the pain away Hurt me 4.25 stars The Sinners have come a long way What started out back in book 1 as a fun romp between Brian and Myrna has now spiraled into a story of heavy burdens and skeletons begging to be let out of their closet.For as much as I found the early feel of the series to be a lot of fluffy fun, I think there s something about where everyone is now that speaks to me Getting to see inside the heads of every band member and feeling their anguish has been an emotional journey For as close as these band members are, even to the point of considering themselves family, each individual is struggling to find their place in the world Long buried secrets are now coming to the surface He d been with them for almost three years and they felt like strangers Jace s story surprised me I never had much of a feel for him before I guess that was the author s intention He was the little man in the band shorter in stature, with the face of an angel and a chip on his shoulder Who would have known that the band s hermit was good looking, full of sensitivity, and could pack a mean punch I fell in love with Jace It s no wonder that Aggie wanted to get past the surface to the heart of what was torturing him I m not sure if therapy through domination is the best idea, but I had less of an issue with it than I have when seeing the same scenario played out in other books For some, this is a sensitive topic BDSM has taken a lot of flack lately People want to see it showcased in a normal and healthy spotlight, and not as some sort of tool to prove that anyone engaging in the lifestyle is screwed up in the head Any time a book comes along in which a person seeks out physical pain in order to deal with internal issues, it makes people antsy and afraid of misrepresentation However, I felt like it was handled in this book in a way that was less about BDSM itself as a lifestyle, and about one person doing whatever he needed to do in order to keep his demons at bay Jace wasn t a submissive at heart He just needed someone to replace his inner pain with outer pain, and Aggie was there to provide it You re not unwanted I want you, Jace This was truly a story about letting the past go and learning to trust I was moved by Aggie s unwavering devotion to Jace and how she wasn t the typical book heroine who let misunderstandings put a dividing wedge between her and the man that she loved What did love look like anyway What did it feel like Nowonto the sex It was hot Ms Cunning can write an entertaining sex scene There was less sex in this book than in previous books, but when it was there, it was ON And boy, was IT ON Phew If words could jump off the page and seduce you, then these would be the words to do it.Do I buy that Jace being as well hung as he is was able to plunge into her backdoor that quickly Probably not But whatever The getting was good, so I won t complain.Plus, any book that mentions using gloves during playtime a certain obsession of mine and MOTHEREFFING FLYING ELVISES watch the movie Honeymoon in Vegas and you ll get to check them out is a winner, winner Las Vegas chicken dinner image error

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    Hot Ticket did not disappoint, but I didn t expect it to Olivia Cunning has this subgenre down to a science Her greatest strength is her ability to write the hottest sex scenes I ve ever read while keeping them versatile, plentiful, and still manage to not have them take away from the plot That takes a hell of an imagination and talent The way she writes the friendships between the guys is just as perfect They are an incredible group of musicians and human beings I ve also loved every female that gets added to the friend group I actually haven t been able to pick a favorite character, because I am so in love with all of them.This installment focuses on Jace and Aggie These two together are the opposite of boring, and they compliment each other perfectly I adore Jace, his sweet face, humble nature, and love of kink Aggie is a sassy dominatrix with a heart of gold and such a great character Basically, I m head over heels for this couple, this group of characters, and this entire fucking series I recommend this book to anyone that s read the previous books in the series Don t hesitate to one click this one It s just as amazing as it s predecessors If you haven t read this series yet, and you love rockstar romance, tons of steam, and a good time, go grab the first book in the series, Backstage Pass asap Hot Ticket is one of my favorite books of the year, and The Sinners on Tour is my absolute favorite rockstar romance series of all time

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    5 hurt me stars Your beauty steals my breath, he murmured Your kiss steals mine Jace a.k.a Tripod A hell s angel, heavy on the angel Mistress V a.k.a Aggie She was all powerful in total control A goddess A demon An angel Jace has some serious demons he s fighting, and being on tour doesn t help him at alltrapped inside the tour bus with the rest of the Sinners, he hides in the shadows, wishing he could just disappear He s the youngest of the bunch, the brunt of all the jokes and pranks, he doesn t need to fuel their ball busting with his kink There is only one solution, Mistress V, who he finds her dancing at the strip clubshe specializes in corporal punishment This is usually the part where the woman calls me a sick bastard, grabs her clothes, and runs out of the room naked without a backwards glance I m not running Mistress V likes what she sees in this cute dark angel, the look in his eyes should make her scared, but it s the look beneath that she wants to help Having been trained by a true Domme, being a Mistress helps keep extra cash in her pocket When you have a mom that blows in with the wind, anything extra is a blessing Jace is the first client to test her control as a Mistress, this stubborn man is no submissive than she is, he truly needs pain to survive She s not one to bow down from a challenge, knowing she can give him everything he wants and This way the Mistress and Aggie both get what they want I told you, your session is over If you want to fuck Mistress V, she s off duty, but if you want to fuck Aggie, she s willing With the Sinners on tour, they are working double time trying to make it up to the fans at the same time recording their new album This is the first time that Jace is invited to participate in the creating process of their music, he has a few ideas but not so sure how well the guys will embrace his style The guys are convinced the album is cursed, one mishap after another, with the latest leaving Jace unable to play he needs a nurse and Aggie is than willing to be there for him I hate you for making me feel like this, she said She shoved him down on his back This needy, stupid, totally mixed up weakling is not me, Jace Showing Aggie just how good it is to pass the control over to someone else, and have them be in charge of your pleasure is just what he needs Fueling his own desires, to be wanted and needed by someone, helps him heal, even if he doesn t realize it yet Blinded by his demons, he feels alone and doesn t know whats right in front of his face a dysfunctional band of brothers, who think of him as a little brother You re trapped by your past I m afraid of my future Hot Ticket is the third book in the Sinner s series, featuring their bass guitarist Jace Seymour and Aggie a.k.a Mistress V Jace was such a tortured tragic quiet cutie, that you want to care for and do whatever it takes to put a smile on his face But don t let the cuteness fool you, you know what they say, it s the quiet ones you have to watch out forthey don t call him Tripod for nothing There was no bullshit between them, just complete honesty and the need to be there for one another Aggie was a strong sassy Mistress, one that knew when to crack her whip and when to kneel They were a perfect compliment to each other Each book in the Sinner s series has taken me on a different ride, in the magical tour bus where your dirtiest fantasies come to life I thoroughly enjoyed Jace s book, it was a perfect mix of kink, steam, laughs and drama In this book we got to catch up with the other Sinner s like Brian and Sed, watch Trey still long for Brian and get to know Eric a little bit better, which is perfect because his book is next, he needed someone in his corner rooting for him too.

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    3 starsI liked this book but didn t love it I think my love affair with this series has come to an end It was a fun ride while it lasted, but I think it s time I move on

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    Tortured rock star plus a Dominatrix equals Erotica with a splash of BDSM equals two lost souls coming together and finding what they need from each other If that s what you like, this is the book for you.Jace sees Aggie in a strip club during Brian s bachelor party and knows he must have her especially after seeing her wield her whip so expertly Wanting from her, she gives him her business card but before he can make an appointment, he and the rest of the band members are thrown out of the club and in a fight with the bouncers.I have to be upfront and say that I wasn t really excited about Jace s book He never really interested me until I read Trey s book, Double Time, and found out some things about him and Aggie I was no way prepared for his story and all his heartache and his yumminessand I loved every minute of it Right from the start you know Jace has some problems when all he wants is to be hurt especially when he finally gets to Aggie s dungeon I liked how we got little insights into what happened to him slowly throughout the story and I really enjoyed all his connections to the other band members I found myself almost being like Aggie and waiting to hear Jace laugh and to read about his smile And when I found out about Brownie, I definitely fell for him Aggie is the right girl for Jacenot that she is a dominatrix but that she doesn t back down when he shuts himself off, pushes her away or is hurtful I liked that she stuck by him and pushed him to open up even though it was hard to do since her past is not the best either I really enjoyed both of them together I loved how Aggie proved she would be there for Jace no matter what and I loved seeing Jace s wall crumbling down It was great seeing them finally be themselves with each other I loved what happened at the piano Shhh, Aggie murmured It s okay I know you don t know how to respond I understand I won t ever abandon you I ll be here whenever you need me One thing I really enjoyed about this book is a lot of the other guy s stories are running concurrently with this one There s a bit of Brian and Myrna s, a good chunk of Sed and Jessica s and a touch of Trey s The only one that is missing is Eric s but we did get a lot of him in this book and it made me even curious about him and how OC will handle his unique sexual quirk There s also some parts with the old bass player, Jon There s a lot of drama and a lot of action and I was really happy that the story had a good plot and wasn t all sex That doesn t mean that there s isn t a whole lotta sex because there sure is but it seemed balanced There was some instances with Eric that I didn t really care for and I m guessing it was for the buildup of his story than anything else One thing is for sure, it definitely got me interested in his story Favorite quotes Hello, C note Mama needs a new pair of boots Sometime in the long moments that he held her, she realized she needed this as much as he did He gave her something no one else ever had He gave her a reason to live a future to look forward to and someone to love With everything she was or dared hope to be.

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    Hot Cover FUCKING Hot Boy Sexy Babe Steamy Sex the woot woot kind Drama Angst, Dark Past, Secrets swoon In short, this book was AMAZING Had it all..You fall in LOVE with Jace I think Jace ties with Brain as my favorite Sinner and so does this book tie with Backstage Pass for me I reallyyyyy liked Aggie She is the only Dominatrix I ve read about after Nora and I throughly enjoyed her story line and character Your beauty steals my breath, he murmured Your kiss steals mine Jace and Aggie were PREFECT I devoured their story, it was just brilliant Amazing, connecting and full of dept Jace, Little man. fuck. he is gorgeous So much pain on those shoulders sighs I loved knowing about him, His past, how he got into the band, how he decided he wanted to play and . why he likes the pain etc..I totally fell in love with him. he s got so much bottled up inside of him, he s built walls so high that he cannot see the people trying to break them and get to him. Sinners are such an amazing family Eric poked a bruise with one finger Just as I thought Dude, if you want someone to hit you, just ask I d love to knock you around Trey laughed Careful You ll give him a boner, Eric O Canada O Canada How friggin cold are thee O Canada O Canada A population of twenty three O Canada O Canada At least you have some trees Have you ever had blue balls Eric asked She grinned and flipped her gaze to the ceiling Well They re not just for Smurfs Eric too wins you over with him brainless humor I cannot wait to fall in love with him, can t wait for his book DAll 5 of them and their humour banter makes you chock on your own laughter The author has a wicked sense of humor There was barely any Myran, like she was there for one bloody scene So I didn t like that part, appart from that I LOVED everything else about this book.The second last scene according to me wasn t needed but maybe it will help to form something for the 4th book, hence it was included.Do read this book, laugh, snicker, get emotional and fall in love with Jace

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    Buddy read with Iva cupava.mala Oh, my God this was so HOT Dear Jace and Eric, I have few things to tell you

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    Is it sad that I now like Jace than Trey Yeah..This book is giving me back the need to kiss the land at this author s feet 3

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    BEST SINNERS BOOK YET I Can t say enough.Jace and Aggie are wonderful She is what he needs to get over his tragic past and realize how much love there is in his life They really are the perfect couple.The relationship is phenomenal The sex is smoking hot All the sinners we love are moving along with their lives in supporting roles.Olivia Cunning nailed this book Jace is everything than I thought LOVED If you re a Sinners fanwhat are you waiting for

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    Men I Can t Instantly Label And a review I simply cannot write that will express the love I have for Jace and Aggie s story I thought this was a beautiful piece of work from the Queen of rocker erotica, Olivia Cunning I have been a fan girl for a while and have read everything Olivia has written Backstage Pass broke my rocker erotica bubble a year ago and holds a special place in my heart, mind and you know where else Jace, that shy little man with such self confidence issues can only feel when he hurts The reasons for this pain fetish are so heartbreaking But Aggie, an accomplished Domme has a way to make Jace feel and express himself and possibly love.Not only do we get a fantastic storyline of Jace and Aggie, but it was great how all of the Sinners stories intertwined in this book So, for as harsh and depressing Jace s story was, we also get a light hearted fun loving play with all of the guys Really liked the scenes with Eric and Jace and especially enjoyed Eric s desire to watch and participate I know other readers didn t care for the threesome stuff, but I thought it worked very well and was some of the hottest sex I have read She d never felt anything like it fingers and lips and tongues Here There Jace is my new favorite Sinner for now We will see how Eric ranks when his story comes out