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He First Spies Her In The Shadows Outside A London Theatre, A Ravishing Creature Forced To Barter Her Body To Survive To The Woman Known Simply As Fleur, The Well Dressed Gentleman With The Mesmerizing Eyes Is An Unlikely Savior And When She Takes The Stranger To Her Bed, She Never Expects To See Him Again But Then Fleur Accepts A Position As Governess To A Young Girl And Is Stunned To Discover That Her Midnight Lover Is A Powerful Nobleman As Two Wary Hearts Ignite And The Threat Of Scandal Hovers Over Them One Question Remains Will She Be Mistress Or Wife

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    I know.I am evil.I am saying this book was not good hides from angry mob It just thatit was so goody goody two shoes Ughh.The hero made me want to rip my hair out He had sex with the heroine Oh no He cheated on his wife He is evil At least he thinks he is wicked,wicked,wicked.Even thou his wife will not touch him,his marriage is not consummated and his kid is actually his brothers bastard.So what ever.And even thou he is in love with the heroine,he tells her how he could not divorce Because of his kid The kid would be crushed because she loves her mother Wait,stop Why does she love her mother The mother rarely pays her any heed.And she is a really crappy mother in general.While the heroine is one of his daughters favorite people in the world.No matterif he had to choose he would pick his kid even thou we have no idea what the kid has to do with the separation And the heroine tells him she is not mad No He loves him for being so good.Goody two shoes as I said He was just so good you wanted to hurl from all the angst.He goes back to his wife She is ill No She can not be ill He will make her better She must live Because she is unhappy Oh noo What ever.His wife is a selfish bitch.Let her die.And she does.Not for a second thinking about her kid AGAIN.Now he will not ho straight to the heroine.No.He will take the year of mourning.Because he and his kid deserve it.What for The bitch is dead Long live the bitch I mean she fu.king killed herself because her ex lover,THAT LEFT AND DISCARDED HER was killed in a drunken brawl.OMG Right Right After this he,you know,goes to the heroine,they will marry and live happy ever after.Gah.The whole book was just too much EVERYTHING was so extreme The heroines troubles, the heroes marriage, every last bit of this book And when the hero told the heroine Panelope was not his kid I just exclaimed WHAT She is not even his Man The DRAMA I love this author As a given But this book was just too much for my taste.What can I do.

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    On the run, accused of murder, Fleur is alone and scared on the streets of London, slowly starving, she only one thing left of value her body So when a man picks her up for sex, the experience leaves her changed, stripped of her virginity and sicken with herself Thinking the life of a whore would never be for her, she tries one time to see if she can find work When a blessing comes from a Mr.Kent looking for a governess for his daughter She finally thinks her life is on the mend, little does she know the Mr.Kent is the Adam Kent, Duke of Ridgeway and the man who took her virginity and bought her that night Adam is a scarred after the Battle of Waterloo leaves half his body and his face with scares, in a loveless marriage, he finally gives into desire and has sex with a whore Little does he know she was a virgin Trying to get her out of his mind, he forms a plans for her the have a respectable job as his daughter s governess, thinking that would be that as he ll never have to truly see her as he s away from home The attraction between the two slowly grows from fear, to understand to friendship into love Adam a true man of honor knows he can t betray his wife or family again and Fleur still runs for a past that could have her hanged As that night between the two set into motion huge changes in both their lives The first chapter of the book is so dark that I was surprised I was reading Mary Balogh The first meeting between Adam and Fleur is to put it lightly Bad A all around miserable sexual experience for both of them Don t give up though, because the hidden reward is great The first impressions you get from the leads are very misleading Fleur comes across as a strong woman at her limits, you have you applaud her for her courage, when many would have laid down and died, she kept on going But inside is a scared woman, ashamed of the one night The shame starts to transform itself into a fear of not only what would happen when she s caught, but of Adam himself I could understand Fleur fear and shame, raised in the time where if you gave your virginity out of wedlock, you re a whore Period But I felt Fleur dwelled on it to much throughout the book, causing it to somewhat drag through the thought monologue Although she had a lot weighting on her shoulders, I felt if she just open her eyes, she would see the truth staring her in the face sooner then later Making her come across a stubborn and not thinking ahead Adam was the one I was most curious to see how he would be redeemed, if he could be The theme of adultly is a touchy subject for many But how the story unfolds your seen beyond the adultly and the scars on Adam s body and to the scars he has on his very heart and soul You start to see Adam and the goodness in his heart A true man of honor Many would have buckled under the pressure, Adam stood up and carried the heavy load of the betrayal of his wife with and his brother I don t think many people would have done what Adam did, he wasn t without his faults, but he went above and beyond to take care of his daughter and his wife I don t feel there was any true villain in this book, only those selfish to think of only themselves Adam s wife was selfish and truly only thought of herself, but you also pity her when she finally tells Adam along she knew the truth which he tried so hard to hide from her The ending for Fleur s cousin was very fitting after all he put her though, he ran like a dog with his tail between his legs The pace of the book only somewhat drags through the middle, but it s the ending chapters that are solid gold in their profound moments between Adam and Fleur as they finally admit their love to one another through bittersweet tears Their second and true love scene, is so touching between them, knowing at dawn they would have to part and to never seen one another again How they end up together is also very heart wrenching sweet it brought tears to my eyes Overall a very hard book to review without spoiling it, with so many moments that draw you closer to these complex characters as your slowly shown what their truly about A beautiful and deeply meaningful romance between two people with deep scars and how they heal one another.

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    I was reluctant to read this Adultery is not a good basis for romance, but the story is so much than that and the adulterous parts are handled seriously and not glorified or lengthy It is a very beautiful love story and a tear jerker I d encourage anyone hesitant because of the content to take a chance.It s important to note, that while the hero was married, his marriage was in name only His wife loved another man and was disgusted by the hero s scars from the Napoleonic war He had loved her once and it was heartbreaking to read about his joyous return home from war only to find that his betrothed didn t want him back and found him disgusting Still, he tried his very best to make a good marriage out of what they had.Honestly, I would never have had the patience with the wife that the hero did I realize part of it was because of the daughter, but still he was far forgiving of her selfish, self pitying behavior than I would have been I pitied her as well, but it was of in a how sad that you re so self centered and weak that you can t make the best of life and pay attention to your own desperately lonely child A disgusted sort of pity, I suppose you d call it I don t believe I could have been as gentle with her as the hero was.When you read the first bleak chapter, you will find it hard to believe that the hero is actually a very honorable and selfless person Balogh painted a great portrait of the complexities of the human psyche and the human failings even the best of us have.The heroine was a strong, very courageous and honorable character as well Obviously there is HEA or this wouldn t be a romance, but expect to cry quite a bit before you get there.

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    This book, a Mary Balogh classic from 1991, is gripping, dark, and ultimately uplifting In the opening chapter, a man hires a young, sad looking woman outside Covent Garden and proceeds to have swift and rather brutal sex with her, realizing only after it s too late that she is a virgin Afterward, he is haunted by the memory and sends his secretary to track her down Upon his master s order, the secretary hires her to be a governess to the master s five year old daughter It s hard to know what to think of this man, who turns out to be Adam Kent, the Duke of Ridgeway We gradually learn, however, that he is a kind, caring, morally decent man married uphappily to a woman who loathes him and cares not a whit for their daughter.Fleur, our heroine, does not realize who her benefactor is until after she s ensconced at the duke s country estate Her reaction to him is one of loathing and fear, but gradually she learns to trust him and eventually to love him The story is sweet but filled with obstacles not just romance novelly frivolous obstacles but serious problems The ultimate HEA is so touching that I found myself puddling up, which almost never happens to me when reading HR Highly recommended.

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    PopSugar 2019 21 Un libro con una pieza de ropa o accesorios en la portada D nde est mi EP LOGO Este libro tiene una de las mejores premisas que te emociona PERO con una protagonista que no me agrad tanto.Al contrario del prota que es un DUQUE, es un amor pero tiene alma de m rtir todo mundo hizo y deshizo con l era demasiado buenito pero a m me gust mucho y la prota no se lo merec a se porto demasiado perra con l y no me cre su amor de la noche a la ma ana.Aunque al final me lograron convencer tuvieron escenas demasiado tiernas.

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    No le doy las 5 estrellas porque le ha faltado un ep logo Y me hac a mucha falta uno Pero por lo dem s, y como siempre que leo algo de Mary Balogh, me ha encantado la historia.Partimos de un comienzo poco convencional, m s bien valiente, muy valiente, es un comienzo duro, real, en donde piensas c mo lo va a desarrollar al autora para que acabe bien.Adam Kent, el duque de Ridgeway, un hombre atormentado, herido tanto f sicamente se recalca mucho sus heridas f sicas durante todo el libro como una enorme herida emocional que vas conociendo e intuyendo a lo largo del libro Pero lo maravilloso de todo esto, es que ese tormento no le transforma en una persona irascible, antisocial, soberbia o c nica, sino que es un hombre que sigue creyendo en el amor, ya sea de la clase que sea Lucha por lo que cree correcto y mantiene su tica hasta la ltima p gina.Fleur, es una mujer que tambi n ha sufrido y sigue sufriendo durante la mayor parte del libro Pero no es una pusil nime, sino una mujer valiente que se enfrenta a cada problema con la cabeza bien alta y asumiendo sus actos con una valent a extraordinaria.La relaci n entre los dos, se ha desarrollado perfectamente Con los tiempos necesarios para que cada uno vaya asumiendo sus miedos, y al final, el amor surja entre los dos No me ha parecido forzado, teniendo en cuenta, que Freu se ofreci en un primer lugar como prostituta a Adam, sino que ha permitido, sobre todo a Freu, curar ese momento duro, e ir asumiendo sus propios sentimientos, adem s de ir conociendo mejor a Adam Ha habido momentos preciosos entre los dos, sencillos pero maravillosos, donde han podido ser ellos mismos y les ha permitido conocerse m s y sobre todo, respetarse.Nos da la imagen de una sociedad, cruel, regida por las apariencias y las normas sociales Donde estas mismas normas te imped an conseguir la plena felicidad Merece la pena leerlo, es un viaje maravilloso, donde conoces lo peor que puede hacer una mujer para seguir viviendo y c mo, al final, ese dolor inicial, tiene la mayor de las recompensas

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    It s 2 20am and I have to be up in 4 hours, but this story was so fucking beautiful I don t regret a thing Mary Balogh you are magic Holy shit I loved this story.

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    No entend el t tulo la verdadFue una buena historia pero ella me cay muy mal y l era demasiado lindo, demasiado bueno y demasiado TODO para ella hahahA mis amigas les gust mucho m s que a m pero quiz s es que no me agarraron en buen mood.2.5LE FALT EP LOGO

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    The goodreads blurb and the library blurb, and probably the back cover blurb definitely downplay some of the major themes of The Secret Pearl Here s a accurate description, I think Adam is a scarred veteran Duke, who hires a rather dreary looking prostitute for an evening of forgetfulness one late night in London Upon taking Fleur to bed, he discovers that she was a virgin GASP, HORRORS, GUILT So he hires the prostitute as a governess for his daughter And finds himself even attracted to her BUT WAIT NOW THAT HER HAIR IS SHINY AND VOLUMINOUS AGAIN, COULD IT BE THAT IT IS FULL OF SECRETS WHY YES ALSO SHE S FUCKING TERRIFIED OF HIM Therein follows a novel of angst and sturm und drang and drama before we get our damned HEA.1 HERE S THE THING THOUGH, THAT AIN T ALL OF IT view spoiler Six years ago, Adam got back from Waterloo all scarred up He shows up to discover that everyone thinks he s dead and his brother the heir Thomas is now engaged to his former gf Sybil , who can no longer stand the sight of Adam Sybil discovers she is pregnant and tells Thomas so they can get married Thomas decides that responsibility without the dukedom is kind of whack and bolts Sybil takes his desertion to mean that Adam sent him away and decides she hates him but ends up agreeing to marry him anyway because she s pregnant SIX YEARS LATER this is where the book starts up I KNOW , the marriage has not been consummated, Adam is lonely and sad, and he stays away from his wife as much as possible because she hates him So he hires a prostitute And everything listed above NOW FOR FLEUR Her parents died when she was 8 and her cousins take her in But then they abandon her with her creepy second cousin Matthew, who maybe wants to marry her Or make her his mistress Basically he threatens her and she fights back and shoves his valet into the mantle Thinking him dead, she flees to London to escape the noose.SO NOW THAT FLEUR IS A GOVERNESS, Sybil throws a big ass party and guess who shows up Thomas, with a scary new friend The scary new friend is Matthew, the creepy second cousin THIS IS LIKE SOMETHING OUT OF A GODDAMNED SOAP OPERA THIS IS LITERALLY LIKE THE FIRST THIRD OF THE BOOK IT S ALL SET UP AND CHESS PIECES AND JUST TENSION TENSION TENSION hide spoiler

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    The Secret Pearl is another book where Mrs Balogh uses a different, and for many authors and readers, forbidden theme as a plot device At the beginning of the story, the heroine decides to work as a prostitute This is not a spoiler as it does happen in the first pages The hero is leaving the theatre one night when he sees a prostitute in the shadows, he asks her her price and he takes to an inn where the consummate the act However she touches him in some way and realising she had been a virgin and seems starving he buys her dinner.Fleur, our heroine, decided on prostitution as a last resort to feed herself and pay her bills but she had no idea how she would feel about it afterwards After spending a few days closeted in her room she decides to look for a job again Meanwhile, the hero, the Duke of Ridgeway has spent some time thinking on the young prostitute he engaged for the night, he realises that she has refined manners and is probably just down on her luck and decides to send his secretary to the job agencies to see if he finds someone by the name of Fleur looking for work He does and that is how Fleur, quite unexpectedly finds herself as the new governess of the Duke s daughter.Fleur has no idea who hired her She is immediately sent to the country, where the child and the Duchess are, and she applies herself to her new duties When the Duke finally decides to visit she is shocked and scared when she recognises him She has to live side by side with the man who knows her shame and hurt her and he seems to want some kind of relationship with her Adam, the Duke, is trapped in an unhappy marriage and now he feels responsible for the young woman he ended up ruining and hurting without meaning to, he wants to give her a chance in their world again but she has a natural distrust of him that is not easy to overcome Besides this very bad start both Adam and Fleur have situation and people in their past who trouble them This accounts for some of their choices and behaviours Adam seems cold and remote but you see that he really loves his daughter and that he tries to be fair in all his dealings with people Fleur is easier to like although for a time you just don t realise what made her act like she did Although this may seem like a very convoluted story the fact is that Ms Balogh makes it all work And I appreciated the happy ending all the because it seemed so difficult to reach.I suppose some readers might not like the prostitution thing and the adultery associated with the first scene but, if you can overlook that, this is an intense, poignant story where two people find love It s not easy to read, it is emotional and sometime heart wrenching but I found it a very worthy read Grade 4.5 5