This Shadow Follows Me PDF/EPUB ë This Shadow

Composed from true life events and personal manuscripts This Shadow Follows Me is a riveting fiction novel of Alec Andrews and the friends and family that faltered around himThe story begins with the death bed of Andrew's ex boyfriend Troy who was dying of AIDS complications Alec tries to tell his life story in hopes that he can make up for all that he could not tell Troy when he was alive Alec's life story lurks with the self destruction of a family that drove him to crucify himself in hopes they would be correct with their religious beliefs From a homophobic family to a homophobic upbringing Alec fights to find himself free from the illusions that capture himAlec is ultimately haunted by a dream where he took his own life In the dream he killed himself only to be told he would have to live his life over again without making the same mistakes but not able to remember the previous mistakes to stop them from coming true Will Alec and the ones around him find their way to claw out of the pain of the lives they create? Find out in this fictional and painfully honest memory of This Shadow Follows Me

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