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I fell in love with Graham in Between the Lines He was hard not to love I even liked the bad boy image of Reid even though he was so not right for Emma She wasn t the one to make the bad boy come to heel Where You Are wraps up the story between the Emma, Graham, Reid and Brooke From the sneak peek you get of the next one in this series it looks like Reid is going to meet his match There is emotional drama that has you ready to pull Brooke s blond hair out of her head and cry out in frustration for Emma and Graham I loved every minute of this book Even so than the first one in the series Graham and Emma take the heat up a notch in this one and I m all about the spice Fabulous job Ms Webber Can t wait for the next one. I ll begin by stating that I enjoyed this book than the first one If you haven t read book one than you might not want to read this review.The story picks up right where book one left off Instead of two POVs like in the first one this book has four POVs intertwined throughout it I personally hate love triangles and this book takes it one step by creating a love square Emma and Graham have a chance meeting in NYC after their filming was done They decide to rekindle their relationship In the meantime Reid and Brooke both want Emma and Graham Brooke starts scheming with Reid on how they can each end up with the person they want Brooke s devious plan to manipulate the love birds, Emma Graham, isn t full proof I belong to you There is no one else All I want is to be where you are SERIES No cliffhangers but each story follows the previous one. School Pride has wrapped up, nothing left for the cast to do but some promotional events and interviews, and of course, the premiere So Emma Pierce, soon to be star, has been back home, trying her hardest to live that normal life that seems so appealing and yet elusive At the urging of her bff Emily, she s even dating a regular boy, albeit somewhat unenthusiastically, and trying to put the emotional uproar of the past few months behind her And then she meets Graham Douglas again This sequel to Between the Lines picks up where that one ended, the morning after Emma and Graham s chance encounter at the coffee shop As they come to recognize and acknowledge the depth and intensity of their feelings for each other, they have to deal with the obstacles of a long distance relationship, their own somewhat reticent natures and history, and, dramatically, the attention and nefarious intentions of Brooke and Reid, who aren t finished with them yet Brooke s plan to nab Graham for herself, with the assistance of Reid, who she enlists in her scheme with the promise that he can pick up the pieces of Emma when she prevails, is the main story line, and it is one that will keep you reading, biting your nails, and cursing that bitchy, brittle and broken Brooke, well beyond the time you promised you d turn out the lights, stop reading and try to get some sleep before work in the am Good luck with that, my friend, it won t be easy This one is told in four shifting POV s Emma, Graham, Brooke and Reid This is a relief, after the opacity of Graham s thought processes in BTL It retains the closeness we feel to Emma and Graham, and continues to hold out the tantalizing possiblity that there s to Reid than he lets on Brooke s point of view, while revealing the world of hurt she s coming from, doesn t for me at least make her a whole lot sympathetic or relatable Maybe the subtitle of this should be Hoping for Brooke s Comeuppance, because I spent a good part of the book wishing for that But, back to POV s While the first book felt to me like it was Emma s story, this one feels like it s Graham s turn We come to understand the basis for his hands off, non possessive attitude whether we like it or not, or feel like yelling Use your powers, Superman , as he hurtles ever closer to the ground And learning his history and spending time with Cara and his family is really enjoyable, too.The story of this one is fun, despite the almost overwhelming tension created by the machinations of the two antagonists, but again for me, there s an elusive something beyond the plot, characters and setting that makes these books special Tammara s writing is seductive and immersive you re reading along in the regular way, and suddenly realize that you ve been drawn into her world so deeply that hours have passed, you re hungry, and that bathroom break you ve been postponing is long overdue, and still you don t want to stop It s a kind of dreamy but vivid style that I wish I were astute enough to analyze, but prefer to just enjoy There are three teaser chapters for the next book, Good For You, included, and they promise a different direction, focusing on Reid this time, as he meets someone different than the actresses and society girls he usually hangs with The suggestion of sparks between them makes me look forward to this one, as much as I anticipated Where You Are.So, just to be perfectly clear, I loved this book, the characters, the story, the writing and look forward to enjoy Tammara s exploration of this lovingly and richly imagined foursome Could there be someone who can heal Brooke s hurts Or is she so bereft of the capacity for real love that she ll have to just make her own way in the world, without the tender touch of Tammara s obvious affection for her little cast Time will tell, but I, for one, would love to read about it Even better than between the lines I love emma and graham Brooke made me so mad in this book what a bitch I can t wait to read book 3 from Reids POV. Funny, romantic, and teen celebrity drama and I loved it Warning This is going to be spoilery if you haven t read the first book in this series Between the Lines.Directly continuing on from the last book, the story begins with Emma in New York checking out colleges, where she just happens to run into Graham, and the two of them FINALLY open up to each other about their feelings I love these two together, and in this book we finally get Graham s POV, so there s all kinds of swoon and excitement as they begin what will be a long distance relationship until Emma moves to New York for school months later.And just to complicate matters, Emma is about to start a mad run of publicity events for the movie where all of the drama started and the production team have asked her to appear like she is in a relationship with her on screen love interest, Reid Alexander, the boy she almost hooked up with while filming before he proved himself to be a spoiled, carefree, manwhoring ass So whatever is developing with Graham has to take place in secret And then, just to make things REALLY interesting conceited, glamourous star, Brooke has decided that friendship with Graham is no longer enough for her She wants him, and what she wants, she gets So she teams up with Reid in a diabolical scheme to break Emma and Graham up, so that they can be there to claim them on the rebound.It s a wicked setup, and the potential is there for misunderstandings, communication issues, stupid behaviour and intense angst, but this book is really well done, and I m happy to say that I didn t get annoyed or irritated at all We get both Reid and Brooke s POV intermingled with Emma and Graham throughout the book, and I thought it was a fantastic mix Emma and Graham are happily falling in love while Mega bitch Brooke s determination to win Graham at all costs is such a contrast to Reid s hilarious WTF ever attitude, and as much as he hates Brooke, he s willing to go along with her plotting so that he can get another shot at Emma I should feel sorry for Graham, but I don t really know him, he s got a girl I want, and I m in the mood to be petty. Aaaaahh, Reid he s still an arrogant, selfish, entitled asshole, but he grows on me and He s a douche, but there is something about him that is just so appealing And I love his inner monologue Sorry, boyfriends everywhere you re doomed to sit through an hour and forty seven minutes of syrupy drivel The payoff Between my face, Tadd s abs and Quinton s biceps, your girl will be ready for takeoff as soon as the credits roll You re welcome. He s a great mix of funny, inappropriate, and surprisingly deep, and he s obviously got some issues from his past I m really excited for the next books in the series, that will focus closely on him.Loveis just the name of an emotion It s likeon steroids It s lustwith ethics.And through everything, Emma and Graham continue working towards their plans for their future and being there for each other, focussing on making their relationship work They are open, honest and completely trusting of each other Sure, they get pushed, and they get hurt, but I love the way they handle everything that happens, and their romance is absolutely beautifulI belong to you There is no one else All I want is to be where you areI really enjoyed this book It s funny and sweet with a touch of drama and a gorgeous romance and the audiobook is fantastic It s a fantastic finish to Emma and Graham s story, and a great continuation for Reid I m loving this series, and looking forward to 4 stars. EXCELLENT Loved it Managing to write first person POV is not always easy From 2 different POV s harder still, but Tammara Webber managed quite nicely in Between the Lines In this book we have 4 different POV s and she pulled it off again very impressive It might seem that it would be hard to keep track, but the story transitioned smoothly from one person to the next.This time around we have Reid, Emma, Graham, and Brooke s point of views This is a book about manipulation, on the part of Reid and Brooke She wants Graham, he wants Emma and they devise, or I should say Brooke devises a plan to break Emma and Graham apart They are spiteful, hurtful, and my like for Brooke turned into hate Reid just annoyed me, but I always felt that he just went along for the ride and his heart wasn t really into it I was a fan of his by the end of the book, not a big one, but I liked him nonetheless I wanted Emma to have a little faith in Graham, but she s young and it s understandable that she could be so easily swayed I am a Graham groupie RAWRRRRR there it is again, my inner cougar roaring for this wonderful, charming, kind, sweet, sweet boy Or man, depending on how you look at it He certainly assumes the responsibilities of a man, and is mature way beyond his 20 years, but because he is Emma s and she s only 18, I see him as a boy The story made me happy, sad, and anxious and in the end I smiled, I just wanted to smile a little bit longer The ending came way too fast and I m hoping that Good for You Between the Lines 3 might bring about some updates for two characters that I grew to love Again I say major cuteness with Emily and Derek and I want to read about them too hint hint It s okay that we know they are together, but it would be fun to see how they got there I know I m just plain annoying, but I can t help myself I love them Terrific job Tammara Webber, you have yourself a new fan One word GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM Okay that s many repeating words but seriously, I wanna fill this review with just his name instead of explaining how much this book made me obsessed with him pulled on my heartstrings and left me giddy, fuzzy and warm all over because of that effing sweet, adorable and definitely hotastic boy named GRAHAM DOUGLAS Two words Eeeeepppp I can t even begin to describe how much I loved him in this I just can t OMG Asdfgjkqwertyuiop a,najudban schavhgahs I m just caught speechless which results into squealing and swooning in delight whenever I think of him.So before I scare you off with my fagirling, I m gonna go on with this review.Where You Are picks up where Between The Lines left off Starting off with a Prologue in Graham s POV I mean, YOU GUYS When you start a sequel in one of the sweetest scenes in Between The Lines with Graham s POV, you know it s gotta be awesometastic And hell, it is In Between The Lines, we have Reid s and Emma s POV, but in WYA, Tammara Webber added up Graham and Brooke in the mix And yeah, I love it It was nice USUALLY to be in their heads and now how they feel about things happening in the book And yeah, as I have already in like an annoying number of times now mentioned, my love for Graham has deepened because I got to get to be in his mind, not that I can say that much with Brooke, because oh boy, that girl is one heartless, evil, manipulating I was beginning to like her at the end of BTL, but she most certainly backtracked that to the pits of flaming hell I felt strangling her senseless in most parts of the book I m like..Someone slap some sense into her Reid, on the other hand, has redeemed himself for me towards the end of the book And I m looking forward to understanding him in Good For You And as one of my twitter friends, Thamy, had said Once you ve read 3 I will tell you about my ideas of bathing Reid with a hose in my back yard LOL That s her exact words And I m looking forward to what inspired that bathing Reid with a hose in her back yard idea XDAnd now we move on to Graham and Emmasqueeeeeeeeee Oh dear, this two got me hyperventilating and sweating with their scenes Their chemistry could burn down a town And it doesn t help that Graham is just so swoony, that it amplifies the scene to galactic level of hotness Dammit, Graham, Y U SO PERFECT He s just so everything that a girl could want in a very realistic way If only you were real, I would be flying to New York by now and runaway with you and Cara and hide you and Cara in a secluded place where there is no Emma and we can be one big happy family in paradise with sunset and rainbows BUT YOU AREN Tle sobs to infinitySo maybe, I ll just find the 17 year old, Real Life Graham that Tamara is talking about LOLI JUST LOVE YOUUUUUUUUU.But of course, you already now that And I m gonna shut up now before I start saying senseless things about about how much I love you AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAINNNNNNNNNNNN.I just love this I love Tammara Webber A must must MUST read seriesI belong to you There is no one else All I want is to be where you are I think I liked this one even better than the first Loved Graham And Emma too Brooke infuriated me but made an excellent villain and I was pleasantly surprised with Reid which was nice Looking forward to the next one Graham Douglas Doesn T Do Romantic Relationships, But He Was Knocked For A Loop When He Met Emma Pierce On The Set Of His Last Film As They Grew Closer, He Did Everything In His Power To Keep From Falling For A Girl Being Pursued By Superstar Reid Alexander Now Home In New York, His Life Is Once Again Under Control, Until Emma Appears And Shows Him How Not Over Her He IsEmma Pierce Is Forsaking An Up And Coming Hollywood Career To Embark On A Life She S Only Dreamed Of The Life Of A Regular Girl After Spending Months Burying Her Feelings For The Two Night And Day Guys Who Vied For Her Heart While Filming Her Last Movie, A Twist Of Fate Puts Her In A Coffee Shop In The Middle Of Manhattan With The One She Still MissesBrooke Cameron Was A Fresh Faced Texas Girl When She Arrived In LA Now She S A Beach Sitcom Star Turned Conceited Heiress On The Big Screen Having Just Survived Three Months On Location With Her Ex Hollywood S Reigning Golden Boy She S Older And Wiser And Has Set Her Sights On Her Close Friend Graham The Only Thing Standing In Her Way Is The Girl He Can T ForgetReid Alexander Can Sum Up His Life In One Word Boring Between Film Projects, There S Little Going On Outside Of Interviews, Photo Shoots, And The Premiere Of The Film He Finished Last Fall The Next To Last Thing He Expects Is To Get A Second Chance With Emma, The Girl Who Rejected Him The Last Thing He Expects Is For His Still Bitter Ex To Be The One To Offer It To Him On A Platter Mature Young Adult New Adult Only a couple months