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Drunk, And In Charge Of A Bicycle Introduction By Ray Bradbury The Night Homecoming Uncle Einar The Traveler The Lake The Coffin The Crowd The Scythe There Was An Old Woman There Will Come Soft Rains Mars Is Heaven The Silent Towns The Earth Men The Off Season The Million Year Picnic The Fox And The Forest Kaleidoscope The Rocket Man Marionettes, Inc No Particular Night Or Morning The City The Fire Balloons The Last Night Of The World The Veldt The Long Rain The Great Fire The Wilderness A Sound Of Thunder The Murderer The April Witch Invisible Boy The Golden Kite, The Silver Wind The Fog Horn The Black Black And White Game Embroidery The Golden Apples Of The Sun Powerhouse Hail And Farewell The Great Wide World Over There The Playground Skeleton The Man Upstairs Touched With Fire The Emissary The Jar The Small Assasin The Next In Line Jack In The Box The Leave Taking Exorcism The Happiness Machine Calling Mexico The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit Dark They Were, And Golden Eyed The Strawberry Window A Scent Of Sarsaparilla The Picasso Summer The Day It Rained Forever A Medicine For Melancholy The Shoreline At Sunset Fever Dream The Town Where No One Got Off All Summer In A Day Frost And Fire The Anthem Sprinters And So Died Riabouchinska Boys Raise Giant Mushrooms In Your Cellar The Vacation The Illustrated Woman Some Live Like Lazarus The Best Of All Possible Worlds The One Who Waits Tyrannosaurus Rex The Screaming Woman The Terrible Conflagration Up At The Place Night Call, Collect The Tombling Day The Haunting Of The New Tomorrow S Child I Sing The Body Electric The Women The Inspired Chicken Motel Yes, We Ll Gather At The River Have I Got A Chocolate Bar For You A Story Of Love The Parrot Who Met Papa The October Game Punishment Without Crime A Piece Of Wood The Blue Bottle Long After Midnight The Utterly Perfect Murder The Better Part Of Wisdom Interval In Sunlight The Black Ferris Farewell Summer McGillahee S Brat The Aqueduct Gotcha The End Of The Beginning An old housemate I had scratched with an indelible marker a paragraph out a story called Kaleidoscope on his bedroom wall What s that I asked He showed me this gigantic book I read the story Men were drifting into the oblivion of space as it began One of the men told the captain how he had betrayed him, and now there was nothing either of them could do about it Another struggled to fasten the valve on his wrist because a meteor had calmly ripped away his left hand One man had gone mad on impact while another nearby sacrificed precious energy to reach him and put a hole in his glass face When the story begins, you learn immediately every character is doomed to die I was feverish as I read Dialogue ensued through a shared channel that some wished they could shut off, and words heated their tempers as everything drifted further and further I was locked in from then on Through odd circumstances I obtained the book that once belonged to someone else I have read most of the 100 stories in its covers and have never experienced fiction like Bradbury s The stories are whimsical and charming with their humor, or often captively mysterious Bradbury s prose like stories never fall away from their theories into pieces Though absolute in their fiction, they remain attatched to the reality of their individual circumstances. Bradbury s short stories are quick reads The story starts from the very first sentence setting up minimal context and in most of the stories, he holds off on the punch line till the very end the factor that changes the tone of the story completely With this style in place and the way he titles the story, the narration is already half there Witty, colloquial and often banter styled dialogues moves the stories very fast to an eventual conclusion Even in this small space, he insists on start middle end format that works to his benefit The collection scatters across various genres, science fiction and fantasy being a constant recurring theme Though themes vary, the characters remain utterly humane and almost every story is these humans salvaging sense of morality Without an explanation as to why or how, Bradbury delves into wonderland of Science fiction especially involving time travel or some variant of it Any story involving technology has elements of crime, dissolution of common sense and void of basic human emotions be it building a robotic body double or finding a machine that makes people happy When there are children involved, the theme is almost always adult and deeply disturbing a baby that kills to a boy who lives with an entity that shape shifts The underlying theme in this case however is juxtaposition of innocence and experience, and the knowledge that lies in the middle Though Bradbury explores various themes and genres, the foundation of his stories always lie in everyday human emotions relationships between various familial and social structures, parenting, friendships, alienation, ambition, survival, adaptation and so forth The basic human emotions drive Bradbury s stories and aren t easily visible at a superficial glance These stories make one think and feel entertained at the same time When the theme of a story is examined in the context of the characters, familiar emotions can be recognized The most enjoyable format to read a collection like this is to read a story or two everyday With the number of short stories under his belt, there is enough to go around an entire year s worth 1 The Night 3 52 Homecoming 3 53 Uncle Eniar 3 54 The Traveler 4 55 The Lake 3 56 The Coffin 5 5 7 The Crowd 3 58 The Scythe 4 59 There was an old woman 3 510 There will come soft rains 2 511 Mars is heaven 3 512 The silent towns 3 513.The Earth Men 4 514 The Off Season 3 515 The Million Year Picnic 3 516 The Fox and the Forest 3 517 Kaleidoscope 3 518 The Rocket Man 3 519 Marionettes, Inc 4 520 No particular night or morning 4 521 The City 3 522 The Fire Balloon 3 523 The last night of the world 3 524 The Veldt 3 525 The Long Rain 3 526 The Great Fire 3 527 The Wilderness 3 528 The Sound of Thunder 4 529 The Murder 3 530 The April Witch 3 531 Invisible Boy 3 532 The Golden Kite, the silver wind 3 533 The Fog Horn 4 534 The Black and White Game 3 535 Embroidery 3 536 The Golden Apples of the sun 3 537 Powerhouse 3 538 Hail and Farewell 3 539 The Great wide world over there 3 540 The Playground 3 541 Skeleton 4 542 The man upstairs 3 543 Touched with Fire 3 544 The Emissary 3 545 The Jar DNF46 The Small Assassin 5 547 The Next in line 3 548 Jack In The Box 3 549 The Leave Taking 3 550 Exorcism 3 551 The Happiness Machine 3 552 Calling Mexico 3 553 The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit 3 554 Dark They were, and Golden Eyed 4 5 55 The Strawberry Window 3 556 A scent of Sarsaparilla 3 557 The Picasso Summer 3 558 The Day It Rained forever 3 5 59 A medicine for melancholy 3 560 The Shoreline at Sunset 3 561 Fever Dream 3 562 The town where no one got off 3 563 All summer in a day 3 564 Frost and Fire 3 565 The Anthem Sprinters 3 566 And so Died Riabouchinska 3 567 Boys Raise Giant Mushrooms in your Cellar 3 568 The Vacation 3 569 The Illustrated Woman 3 570 Some Live like Lazarus 3 571 The best of all possible worlds 3 572 The one who waits 3 573 T Rex 3 574 The Screaming Woman 3 575 The terrible conflagration up at the place 3 576 Night call, collect 5 577 The tombling day 3 578 The haunting of the new 3 579 Tomorrow s child 3 580 I sing the body electric 3 581 The women 3 582 The inspired chicken motel 3 583 Yes, we ll gather at the river 3 584 Have I got a chocolate bar for you 3 585 A story of love 3 586 The parrot who met papa 3 587 The October game 3 588 Punishment without crime 3 589 A piece of wood 3 590 The blue bottle 3 591 Long after midnight 3 592 The utterly perfect murder 4 593 The better part of wisdom 3 594 Interval in sunlight 3 595 The black Ferris 3 596 Farewell Summer 3 597 McGillahee s brat 3 598 The Aqueduct 3 599 Gotcha 3 5100 The End of the Beginning 3 5 6 The Coffin One of the best short stories I ve come across in recent years Bradbury manages to deliver a powerful story without indulging in banality of backstory 7 The Crowd Minutes after a traffic accident, bystanders gather and discuss the nature of life s promiscuity and the jarring opinions that rip out of them without filter 8 The Scythe A man tied to the scythe and as he harvests the ripe wheat in the field behind his house, all the souls that are neither living nor dead move out of their limbo.Made me wonder is he moving the souls from limbo or is the scythe reason for their dying in the first place 9 There was an old woman Only Bradbury can make death so funny 13 The Earth Men Where Martian Chronicles began, in a not so cute meet greet setting 16 The Fox and the Forest A suspense thriller, a statement on war, a love story and sacrifices All done in a span of 12 pages 19 Marionettes, Inc Bradbury mixes romance, science fiction and crime in a neatly packed little story which ends with a punch that s obvious with its arrival from the very first paragraph but still manages to surprise in the way it gets delivered 20 No particular night or morning Bradbury s brand of existentialism 21 The City The City, an anthropomorphic entity, avenges its people who were left in destitute by people of Earth during time of mass epidemic and eventual extinction Its a revenge story is like no other 28 A sound of Thunder Time machine, butterfly effect and end of rational thinking 33 The Fog Horn Probably summary of every superhero story ever A hero is as heroic as evil the villain is Without a villain, what purpose does a hero serve 41 Skeleton A fantasy horror rendition of Stephen King s Thinner where a man loses his skeleton to a weird doctor for 2 after complaining about invisible bone aches 45 The Jar The shifting tone of the story as short as it already is made a confusing start evenconfusing and three pages later, I gave up 46 The Small Assassin Before there was Children of the Corn, Child s Play, Chucky and plethora of other children based horror movies, there was Small Assassin Excellent mood setting that plays on post natal exhaustion, new baby excitement and the overwhelming sense of responsibility that hits new parents when they take new born in their arms 51 The Happiness machine Incredibly melancholic, the characters discover happiness through various moments of joy 54 Dark they were, and golden eyed Surprisingly charming with mutability of a species and the way nature, even in mars, forces adaptation on everything encompassing it Including humans 76 Night call, collect An intelligent way to address the paradox of contacting one s future self and dealing with the aftermath, RB narrates a stellar story of man on Mars contacted by his younger self who resolutely makes different choices than his future self, thus meeting another future self of his Though it sounds complicated, narration is incredibly simple 92 The utterly perfect murder A man plans a perfect murder to save his younger self The story feels choppy with first person narrative but the murder is, perfect. 3.75 All right I m not going to sit here and say I read this whole thing, because I didn t However, I read the majority of it and from what I read, it was pretty good Now, I m not much of a short story reader because I love getting to know characters and their backgrounds and whatnot s, and you just can t do that with short stories Regardless, there were a few really good one s in here that actually made me feel concerned for the characters So that was cool On the flip side, there were a handful of stories that were not for me And I mean they were so very boring I almost felt like I was reading something dreadful for school So yes, those particular stories are to blame for the non whole 4 stars, because they were truly quite terrible.Overall, this is definitely something I will pick up from time to time, because why not, and I recommend it to those who enjoy quick reads This has many good stories in it although some are better than others Some of the science fiction tales are still enjoyable while others haven t held up as well over time For instance the stories set on Mars convey a feeling of desolation and insidious, insanity inducing weirdness which still works for me, in spite of details which may have been proven wrong by subsequent scientific discovery The Venus stories, on the other hand, are a little too out to left field this planet is presented as a giant hyperactive ian rainforest But many of the stories which take place down here on the home planet are just as interesting There are a few recurring themes and it s interesting to see what Bradbury does with them There is a preoccupation with machines which in later science fiction would be called androids, and these are used to explore what it is exactly that makes us human There are people who get stuck in eternal youth, which, it seems, is not all it s cracked up to be There is some exploration of deep seated human depravity children and even babies can be ruthless killers, teenagers harbour festering resentments and adults try to perpetrate the perfect crime There are zombies, vampires and other monsters lurking on the fringes of society It is possible to travel backwards and forwards through time, and even across dimensions but let the traveler beware, for the results may be bizarre Not all is doom and gloom, however There are some light and funny stories, such as the one about the hen who lays oracular eggs, or the the one about the young man obsessed with chocolate Ray Bradbury was a man of great vision who looked not only up, down and all around, but also within His writings attest to a certain nostalgia for the past and intense speculations about the possibilities of the future.