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One Day While Watching The Interstate Exit For Her Dad S Long Awaited Return, Libby S Life Is Rocked When Peter Jamieson Steps Off His Tour Bus And Into Her Life After A Couple Chance Meetings With Peter, Libby Breaks Away From Her Rule Abiding Behavior And Her Life Changes Course Peter Longs For Normalcy Away From The Screaming Fans Who Know Nothing About The Real Him He Is Amazed To Discover Libby Has Never Heard Of Him Or His Band Soon Their Friendship Turns To Love While Peter Battles His Family S Growing Interference So He Can Spend Time With Libby, She Struggles With Her Eccentric Aunt Who Turns Bizarre Each Day Their Lives Are Torn Apart When Peter S Family Intrudes And Libby Disappears Peter S Desperate Search For Her Comes Up Empty Can They Find Their Way Back To Each Other While The World Plots Against Them

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    Oh, this book, this book, this book What can I say about this book Surprisingly, I have a lot to say about this book considering I only read 4% of it I hadn t meant to start reading it at all, but I hit enter on my Kindle instead of the over key while I was trying to sort titles into their designated folders, and up popped the first page So I started reading aloud to my younger brother, who began cringing after only a few sentences This girl, Libby, reads like every other emoriffic, depressed, misunderstood outsider douchebag girl who s supposed to be interesting because she s artistic and deep and awkward and lives in a shite house area Oh, throw in some scars and a dead parent or two, as well Might as well While you re at it, make it so she had to move away from her home and now she hates absolutely everything about where she lives It s taking angst to a whole new irritating level because, on top of being an asshole, the girl doesn t have enough wattage in her brain to make a light bulb flicker Seriously, I didn t like the girl at a measly %1, her odds of growing on me are slim Especially after lines like this Let s just say I live an unconventional life without all the modern trappings of society Yeah, OK Then you throw in some teen heartthrob rockstar Jonas Brothers wannabe who s all like and these two idiots start having what I suppose is their estimation of a conversation, and I kinda wanted to blow my brains out I might have, too, if not for the intervention of my older brother, who had shown up after only having missed the first page and began trying to give the book new titles The first was Between Iraq and a Hard Place, the second, Hard Boiled Love the story of a boy obsessed with eggs and a girl, who writes an entire hit record about, you guessed it, hard boiled love Then he somehow turned the entire thing into a story about a girl who believes she s a dandelion, answering to the name Dandeliah The only way I can explain how it got to that point is to tell you that some of this story is completely nonsensical When Peter first sees Libby, the reader is treated to this He wasn t supposed to notice her She s the only other person there besides his family Likewhat Then, She worked hard to blend in with her surroundings Thus, Dandeliah was born We re thinking of writing an entire story about Dandeliah, her arch nemesis Clover, and Dandeliah s most faithful servant, Marigoldor All I know for certain at this point is that Dandeliah will lure dumb, unsuspecting teen heartthrobs to her park, force them to fertilize her, then invade their bodies with her powerful roots, shredding them from the inside out, cackling maniacally and shouting loud but breathy phrases like, Join my weed circus and Welcome to my jungle club So anyway, the story is complete rubbish I don t have to read the whole book to know this, and I m not about to try Poor loner moron meets handsome rock god and it s instalove, both of them wanting to jam their pollinators into each other s mouths I m sure the entire thing will culminate into them being like, totally in love and stuff, but then like, it ll get to be too hard and stuff so they ll like, break up and shit But then they ll be like, I don t want to live without you and if we re lucky it ll be like Romeo and Juliet and they ll both die But we won t get lucky And I doubt they ever get lucky, either, so what s the point Yeah, I said it I m tired of reading about these chaste, blushing, eye fucking virgins Anyway, the book will have a Happy Ever After You know it will And if by some seriously bizarre twist it doesn t, who cares Maybe it will be someone mega famous like Celine Dion The family appeared to be on vacation and just happened to ride in a huge tour bus, but they didn t look wealthy They wore blue jeans and t shirts and argued Just what the fuck is that supposed to mean He held a portable sound system You mean a boombox Geez, he talked too much This was after he greeted her and asked maybe two questions She didn t know exactly what guys in a band would look like, but not like these guys You see Do you see what I m talking about I ve gotta go, but maybe later Sohe doesn t have to go right now He s not sure when he has to go It might be later She didn t ask him to do anything, he just says this Libby So what s the name of your band Peter You like to change the subject That is a really weird band name.By the way, how would one torpedo a disc I m not sure it s possible But I guess if I can believe in Dandeliah, I can believe in anything.

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    2.5 starsThis was a bit of a Cinderella tale poor girl with wicked aunt falls in love with handsome rock star Someone interferes and they lose contact, and he then moves heaven and earth to find her again, with a questionnaire that only she can answer correctly Very predictable and pretty dull unfortunately Even the romance was too cheesy 5 out of 10

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    I think I would have liked this book if Stanton hadn t gone overboard and made it way too complicated She should have kept the story about Peter finding a girl who wasn t after him just for his money and fame Or she should have focused on Libby s life, which was a pretty heartbreaking story Bombarding readers with the whole story was too much at once, and I think it robbed each character from the full sympathy and emotional impact he she would have received if his her story would have stood on its own.Aside from that, the story started a little too cliche and a bit cheesy Some of the lines made me groan a bit, but it s a typical contemporary young adult romance And Stanton wanted to portray Peter as the shy rock star who wanted so much , but his first encounter with Libby asking if the drawing wasn t of him or just his whole demeanor would probably be of what you would expect of Garrett or Adam And even Libby has said Peter had a bit of arrogance and confidence in the cute way of course I mean, yeah, he s a rock star, but there were a number of instances that I just felt was out of character for someone like him.And Libby Her story breaks my heart But I felt it was a bit too much First of all, why did it take so long for Stanton to explain what happened to her family Also, I understand being thrown into a situation where you have to live with a relative who just doesn t want you, but Stanton went a little overboard with Libby s aunt Could Libby s situation happen I don t doubt it, but all of the extra elements that Stanton throws in makes it really unbelievable not in that it hasn t happened but it s too extreme Throw in the rock star, and the story was too Cinderella ish.Overall, the story wasn t bad It wasn t one of those stories that made me smile or cry from memorable lines or blew me away with giddiness or heartache And it would have been great if I didn t feel like Stanton tried too hard to weigh us down and ended up making it way too complicated Makes me you wonder what she has in stored for the sequel if she s already pulled all the tricks out of her hat.

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    Wow, I started this book this morning, and could not put it down I ended up finishing it in the same day My husband asked me how it was, since I apparently barely looked up from the pages My first response was that it was so so sweet but then I started thinking about it, and this book is actually almost anything but Though the story is overwrought with horrible occurrences that keep bringing our main character Libby down, I couldn t help but fall in love with it, and was an emotional train wreck while reading it even if it was only for 1 day.Libby has lost everything, her family and any semblance of the normal and happy life she once had She is now stuck with her verbally abusive and alcoholic aunt, who clearly hates her, and does everything she can to keep Libby away from anyone who might care about her One day while at her favorite nature spot, she meets Peter, who s on a break from touring the country with his incredibly successful band, while they stopped to have a picnic They hit it off immediately, and an incredibly sweet and loving relationship begins I don t want to continue to give too much of the plot away, but the young couple does encounter some major setbacks especially Libby Though through a series of events they are finally able to figure things out Be warned, this book is incredibly emotional It s a hard look at the real situations that so many unfortunate young people are facing, and facing it with no one to help them I think that s what hits so hard, though the story is fiction Somewhere out there is a girl living through an extremely similar situation but with no rockstar to come and save her This book is definitely worth a shot Although it s not going to go on my can t wait to re read shelf, as of right now I think it s climbing its way to being one of my favorites Just be sure that before you begin, you have tissues ready and are prepared for the emotional journey you re about to begin.

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    What are these books doing to me This book is for all us silly girls who still believe in romance The easiest way to describe this book is using Disney fairy tales Cinderella in first place Now put that story in our time somewhere in America and you pretty much got it There is a girl and a boy, they meet totally accidentally and the rest is a legend The thing is it doesn t matter how much silly this story is, it will make you cry And therefore, I recommend you to pick up this book, make yourself comfortable and enjoy.

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    Oh My Lord This book is A M A Z I N G I simply couldn t put it down So I didn t I started it at about 11pm and thought I would read a chapter or two before I went to bed HA I think I finally fell asleep sometime around 4am because I just couldn t get it out of my head So here I am today after having 3 hours sleep last night and I still can t help the grin every time I think about it I m so happy that I was home alone when I read it because there were times when I had the biggest grin on my face as I fell in love with this book and it s characters, and then there were times when I just couldn t stop the tears from flowing Libby has a crappy life And really, that is putting it mildly As you read the book the layers of crappiness that have occurred and continue to occur in her life are revealed And your heart can t help but ache for her But by the end of the book, she has grown so much it is amazing She becomes this incredibly strong woman And I was so proud of her And then we have Peter Jamieson The rock star Now we would all be lying if at some stage we ve never dreamt of some huge rock star falling in love with us and being swept up in the romance of it Well Libby never has She s never heard of the band Jamieson and has no idea who Peter is And that s one of the things Peter falls in love with Peter s love for Libby was addictive I couldn t get enough of it But then his family and her circumstances rear their incredibly ugly heads and the two are torn apart And it s during this time that we really see the depths of Peter s love and the lengths that he will go to to find Libby His suffering broke me But oh, how I loved the ending Alright, so I loved the whole book There is not one thing I could find fault with So, I think by now you may have guessed that I adored this book And I can guarantee that from this point on I will be picking up and reading anything that Angie Stanton writes

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    4 of 5 starsYay I m done And its awesome I didn t think this would be really good During the first parts I thought it would be a struggle read Libby being the kind of girl who lack confidence due to a tragic past, becoming an outcast in school, and getting stuck with a psycho aunt and then meeting Peter, the popular good looking lead singer of the famous Jamieson band, which is a really nice guy who just wanted a little normalcy in life aside from screaming fans With their situation like that I thought it would be a bit heavy dramatic Which I don t like because I get too frustrated easily and I might end up not finishing the book But thank goodness, it wasn t really like that Though during the first parts, I spent reading it getting all worried and anxious I was used to have heroines who were strong, no maybe not really strong but at least they kind of moved on easily, they make decisions for themselves, they don t make themselves an outcast and they have friends or a best friend Which wasn t like Libby She became weak because of some tragic accident in her past She stayed on her grief for a long time and let other people decide what she has to do Then she met Peter, which in some way had the opposite situation from her But that made Peter exactly what she needed As the story progress, Libby start to loosen from her griefs Through Peter she lets herself be happy again and see a nice future What I really like about this story was how Libby let go of her griefs and finally decided to move on How independently she took care and made decisions for herself despite all the things that had happened to her Though things between her and Peter didn t work that easily but that actually made her strong Another thing I like was how much Peter loved Libby He was just so nice that when things went wrong its like you know how devastating it was for him And so when things turned right you know he really does deserved it, you know they both deserved it I love how everything turned out, how the ending happened I didn t know I would like this novel so much I recommend this one Such a really good read.

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    Once she had the perfect family but when a car accident takes the life of Libby s mother and sister her happy life is forever changed Suffering from depression, Libby s father leaves her with an abusive and neglectful aunt Her only solace is to escape to a local park and draw.Peter is a lead singer in the new hot, boy band When his motor coach makes a recreational stop at a park his life is forever changed by the beautiful artist he meets Surprised that she doesn t know who he is, he rallies in Libby s pure and honest opinion of him as a person and not as a rock star As Peter s family interferes and Libby s life gets complicated the bond that they share will face the ultimate challenge.This story did start out a little slow but then BAM I was completely sucked in and didn t see it coming The twist, turns and then the ultimate independence achieved by the characters was amazing.This was a wonderfully romantic story Heart felt emotions and heart wrenching circumstances had me crying, laughing and totally invested in this storyline Rock and a Hard Place altogether WOW d me, it was an utterly gripping story sure to enrapture the young adult HEA romance fan I received a copy of Rock and A Hard Place from HarperTeen in exchange for a honest review This book is set for re publication September 24, 2013.Written by Angie StantonSeries A Jamieson Brothers NovelSequence in Series 1ISBN 13 9780062272546 ISBN 10 0062272543Rating 5 StarsGenre Contemporary, Romance, Young AdultAngie Stanton s Website For reviews check out Tome Tender s Book Blog or find us on Facebook.

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    Brief summaryLibby has had a hard couple of years She lives with her aunt who is always drunk and smoking and seems to hate her guts Peter is a famous rock star who bumps into Libby at a nature preserve and it changes both of their lives.ThoughtsOk, so this is one of those reviews I don t want to write because I didn t really enjoy this book There were a small number of scenes that were sweet, but that s about the best I can say for Rock and a Hard Place The book was mostly from Libby and Peter s POV, but every once in a while we d be reading from Peter s mom, or Aunt Marge, or the school counselor s I can t remember her name POV and the way it was done didn t flow well to me This book had a BAD case of insta love and while that doesn t always bother me if it s done well , it drove me crazy here There really wasn t much interaction between them before they were both claiming love Oye view spoiler I really didn t think it was believable that Peter would forgive Garret so easily for breaking him and Libby up And Libby seemed to completely give up on their relationship She didn t seem all that heartbroken while they were apart, and then he spends so much time looking for her and after a day back with him SHE breaks it off because they re better off without each other What the h hide spoiler

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    Been reading a lot of books on rock stars lately well, what can I do I can t help but love them I know you guys are gonna agree with me on that one and I would say this book is definitely one of my favorites as well.Libby lived a sheltered life Well, way too sheltered She has no TV, no cell phone, no internet and lives far away from everyone from town But then she meets Peter Jamieson a famous rock star along with his brothers without any idea of who he is And immediately Peter was enthralled He found serenity being with Libby and in turn Libby breaks her wall and some rules just to be with him.This is not a simple story of a hot rock star meeting a simple girl falls in love with her and they live happily ever after But rather this is of a journey on how a boy falls deeply in love with a simple but complicated girl with a dark background and mostly all the people around them are against it How to prove to other people that what they have is real How they went against the odds, how they were separated from each other and the lengths they have to go through to find each other again well Peter did most of the finding and damn, what he has to do to find Libby was quite amazing for a guy.I fell in love again with Libby and Peter s story I felt how deep their love runs for each other Though they were separated for a long time, they never gave up on their love well, Peter never gave up on finding Libby again and they hope in time they would find each other again This book is not only about finding your one true love but it is also a book on hope and believing in finding one s happiness A must read for everyone