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10 Second Favorite Book of all Time STARS My love is upon youThis isn t your ordinary romance It s real It s dry It s cold.like winter The perfect book for curling up in a big comfy chair with some English breakfast tea my favorite while it s raining or snowing outside or you can just read this book all year long, like me Sometimes the fractures in two separate souls become the very hinges that held them togetherLord Sebastian St Vincent is not a good man He is a man whore He is a spoiled rich boy He is selfish He is mean His is penniless and must marry for money He is desperate enough to attempt to kidnap a friend of Evie s to force her to marry him the previous book in the series After this attempt fails, Evie realizes that Lord St Vincent is as desperate as she Thus begins the Devil in Winter He looked like a fallen angel, replete with all the dangerous male beauty that Lucifer could deviseSebastian has a dirty mouth, and I love it He is sex on a stick I just want to run my face up his body and purrrrrrr He broods and smirks at the same time swoon He doesn t just walk.he prowls yum Everything he says is sarcastic and hilarious oops My panties just fell off.My Sebastian Evangeline Jenner Evie has been physically abused by her Aunt and Uncle since she was a little girl She stutters and is considered a wallflower Her father is a gambling club owner and is dying, but her Aunt and Uncle refuse her wishes to see him Ever since she was promised to her cousin for marriage, she is desperate to get away from her abusers and will do anything necessary to see her father before he dies, including asking Lord St Vincent to marry her Evie is a fabulous heroine She is shy but also strong and intelligent She has had to depend on herself her whole life I love that she is the one to make the marriage proposition to Sebastian, knowing that it would only be a marriage of convenience She does what she has to do in order to survive My Evie The story begins with Evie and Sebastian fleeing to Gretna Green, Scotland to get married in haste Because they are traveling from London, it is a long trip This trip is very significant because Ms Kleypas quickly shows us a side of Sebastian that we had not seen in the previous book, a softer side while still keeping his callous, sarcastic side When they return as husband and wife, they hurry to Evie s father before he passes The rest of the book takes place in the gambling club in the streets of London If my love can hold you, I ll keep you with meThis is not your typical story of man whore meets innocent and they fall in love and she doesn t think twice about his past and he doesn t think twice about his past Trust me It s so much better than that This book is much like Jane Eyre which is my favorite story of all time It has a darkness to it, and when you are least expecting it, a ray of light shines through It shines through the characters as they grow and learn and love As high as the fire in me burns, Evie, I will stoke it in youI want to fill every part of you breathe the air from your lungs leave my handprints on your soul I want to give you pleasure than you can bear I want to make love to you, Evie, as I have never done with anyone beforeI love you so much that I m drowning in it I can t defend against it I don t know who I am anyMy prize my pleasure and pain my endless desireIf you are looking for epic love, this is the book to read Find me on 5 Reformed Rake Stars Spoilers Devil in Winter was AMAZING I loved it It s my favorite book of the series Evie and Sebastian s story was even better than I expected and I expected a lot From beginning to end it captivated me The plot was entertaining The hero and heroine charming and their love epic Devil in Winter is now tied with Seduce Me at Sunrise for my favorite Lisa Kleypas book I m offering to marry you, she said I want your protection My father is too ill and weak to help me, and I will not be a burden to my friends I believe they would offer to harbor me, but even then I would always have to be on guard, fearing that my relations would manage to steal me away and force me to do their will An unmarried woman has little recourse, socially or legally It isn t f fair but I can t afford to go tilting at windmills I need a h husband You need a rich wife And we are both equally desperate, which leads me to believe that you will agree to my pr proposition If so, then I should like to leave for Gretna Green tonight Now I m certain that my relations are already looking for me Evie Sebastian was absolutely delicious and swoon worthy in every way My God he was perfect He was a sexy, charming, dirty talking beast OMG the things he would say Damn but he could melt the panties off a nun Sebastian wasn t just a sexy rake there was so much depth to him I loved how protective, possessive, and caring he was with Evie He tried to act like he was a villain that didn t care for nothing but his actions always showed what a great guy he was Evie was a perfect match for Sebastian I loved the growth she goes through in this book A super shy, stuttering wallflower at the start Evie really comes into her own Evie discovering her self worth and being brave enough to love Sebastian was a wonderful thing to read Sebastian and Evie s love story was a beautiful one It s one of those stories that sticks with you long after you have finished the book There was such a strong connection between them Watching them both slowing lower their walls, and start to love and respect each other I loved the way Sebastian supported his wife and took care of her Even from the start he set out to make her feel special and protected her And I loved how Evie made him work for it She didn t just fall into bed with the sexy rake She let him know she wasn t just going to be one of his many bed partners I want to fill every part of you breathe the air from your lungs leave my handprints on your soul I want to give you pleasure than you can bear I want to make love to you, Evie, as I have never done with anyone before Sebastian You can s send me away, but you can t stop me from running back to you I want to spend every day with you I want to watch you shave in the morning I want to drink champagne and dance with you I want to mend the holes in your stockings I want to share a bed with you every night, and to have your children EvieBesides the awesome relationship between Evie and Sebastian in this book you have the supportive and sweet friendship of the wallflowers I loved how all the women stand by one another The way the other women came through for Evie even thought they didn t like her husband I also loved how Westcliff and Sebastian started to rebuild their friendship You know after Sebastian kidnapped Westcliff s wife Pff water under the bridge lol I enjoyed this book so much I think I have a touch of book hangover I am on to Daisy s book and though I m sure I will enjoy it I think this book will go down as my favorite of the series Ah, Evie, she heard him say softly, I must have a heart, after all because right now it aches like the devil Only your heart she asked ingenuously, making him laugh He lowered her to the bed, his eyes sparkling wickedly Also a few other things, he conceded And as my wife, it s your duty to ease all my aches Sebastian and Evie Librarian S Note Alternate Cover For This ISBN Can Be Found Here Four Young Ladies Enter London Society And Band Together To Each Find A Husband Has The Third Wallflower Now Met Her Match A Devil S BargainEasily The Shyest Wallflower, Evangeline Jenner Stands To Become The Wealthiest, Once Her Inheritance Comes Due Because She Must First Escape The Clutches Of Her Unscrupulous Relatives, Evie Has Approached The Rake Viscount St Vincent With A Most Outrageous Proposition Marriage Sebastian S Reputation Is So Dangerous That Thirty Seconds Alone With Him Will Ruin Any Maiden S Good Name Still, This Bewitching Chit Appeared, Unchaperoned, On His Doorstep To Offer Her Hand Certainly An Aristocrat With A Fine Eye For Beauty Could Do Far WorseBut Evie S Proposal Comes With A Condition No Lovemaking After Their Wedding Night She Will Never Become Just Another Of The Dashing Libertine S Callously Discarded Broken Hearts Which Means Sebastian Will Simply Have To Work Harder At His Seductions Or Perhaps Surrender His Own Heart For The Very First Time In The Name Of True Love Sebastian is one of the sexiest heroes ever written Gosh the man just makes me melt Out of all the Wallflowers, Evie is my favorite, hands down I thought she was an interesting character and I wanted to know about her, although she didn t seem to say much But what she did and didn t say sparked my curiosity about her I knew I was eager to read her book I was overjoyed that Ms Kleypas paired her with Sebastian I saw a possibility there between them, don t ask me why Literally, I said, Yes when I read the excerpt for this book and saw that they would be paired together I loved how at first Sebastian kind of didn t see Evangeline, but when he saw her, he really saw her He is the most considerate, divine husband for such a former rake He is crazy about Evie and can t seem to keep his hands off of her He sees to her every need and is very honest about his shortcomings I was glad that Evangeline didn t just give herself away lightly to Sebastian She treated herself with worth and that was what Sebastian needed from a woman, for a rake who could have any women he wanted except for Lillian, a lesson he learned well in Autumn This book has a very wonderful transition in character Sebastian doesn t all of a sudden become a golden boy He ll always be acerbic, and devious But he puts those traits to excellent use I believe that he had the ability to be a decent person deep inside, but he just needed purpose St Vincent found that purpose in marrying Evie and taking over her father s gambling establishment And it was great to see that incredible mind of his, and his energy, and creativeness go to work His keen eye sees the opportunities in things, and good comes of it One of the reason that Lisa Kleypas is one of my favorite authors is the way that she can write such wonderful heroes They are not just dukes and earls, and even if they are peers, they still have an industrious core and the desire to be about something They have depth and integrity and a core of strength that I find very attractive Another reason is her divine touch with romance This woman understands the power of a love story Both traits of hers are clearly evident in this story We also see Evie grow and become self confident She went from being the shy type with a stutter although she had to have a lion heart to approach the worst rake in London and proposition him into marriage Go Evie We see how she has supported her friends and been there when they needed her It s great to see her get something for herself and be cared for in return Evie sees something in St Vincent, and isn t afraid to work toward bringing that out Watching this relationship unfold between these two very unlikely people was a divine pleasure for me If there was any shortcoming with this book, I wish it had love scenes the passion is fiery between Evie and St Vincent, I wanted of those scenes , but otherwise this is a wonderful book and my favorite in the series Evie image error 5 Stars AUDIO book review Sometimes the fractures in two separate souls become the very hinges that held them togetherWhy Why have I not read historical romance Because if they re anything like this book happy sigh A ruthless, immoral rake that does whatever he wants no matter the cost A beautiful wallflower in a desperate situation, willing to make a deal with the devil This book was absolute perfection.The narrator was fantastic with doing various accents and intonations, which I loved My biggest complaint is when she did Sebastian s voice She made him sound like some sort of pompous ass villain from an episode of Monty Python It did manage to kill the mood at times, admittedly.However, I adored this story so much that I couldn t even be bothered to mind that I loved everything about it Watching Sebastian slowly and unwillingly fall for the beautiful Evie Watching Evie slowly grow into her own and become a strong and completely endearing heroine.I m going back and reading yes reading I don t think I can handle another pompous ass voiced hero LOL every other book in this series and the spin off because I need Cam s book If you haven t read many historicals like me and want to dip your toes in the genre, you really can t go wrong with this one A beautiful, touching and wonderfully written romance that will stay with me for a long time Find me on How is Sebastian St Vincent today was the text message I had received this morning after my boyfriend had left for work He s fine thank you Was my reply with a huge grin on my face Fucking bastard Are you moaning his name was his next reply No, boyfriend, just yours with his picture in my mind He s blond, you don t like blonds This was beginning to look like a full attack on my fantasies I m on models.com trying to find myself a face for him Have a nice day sweets, I love you very much, don t forget to eat your lunch Yeah, this book really is that good. Colour me baffled Why does everyone love this book At least finally we have a genuine rake here meaning a total selfish, overbearing asshole He is a rake alright He is also a rake in need of money And then we have a shy, stuttering, abused heroine who has grown up in a family that can be described as dysfunctional In a way it all makes sense, she would gravitate towards overbearing assholes, while he enjoys being one AND getting praise for being a little better than her fucked up family.So the shy, stuttering heroine who slips in and out of her character throughout the whole book approaches the vicious rake and makes him an offer he can t refuse She would share her inheritance if he promises to marry her and take her out of her messed up domestic situation So far, so good.And then, inexplicably, England s number one playboy falls in love with her Why Honestly, fuck knows, The book hardly makes it clear It is finally his best friend who makes a guess that it is because the heroine is so sweet and innocent or something along those lines I think I just threw up a little in my mouth Please spare me this virginal nonsense, I beg you So he whored around for the better part of his life but now he wants to settle down with an innocent flower He never knew love because how could he love those slutty women he banged They were spoilt goods But there is his virgin and he is gonna love her the best he knows how, meaning, by being a controlling, overbearing asshole Ideally he would lock her up in a country house, where she could be safe , you know How romantic Because there are men out there who take a rich heiress, drug her, try to rape her and force her to marry them Oh wait, that s the hero of this book in the previous instalment of this series But he apologized in this novel, so it s all good even though he apologized to the woman s husband, not the woman herself, but that s normal, as women belong to their husbands. TOP 5 TRAITS OF A GREAT ROMANTIC HERO Like Sebastian, Lord St Vincent in Lisa Kleypas Devil in Winter 5 A Great Romantic Hero Doesn t Share His HeroineI can t think clearly I ve got knots in my stomach, and constant pains in my chest, and when I see you talking to any man, I go insane with jealousy Do as you please But when you re with Rohan or any other man, keep in mind that you belong completely to me4 A Great Romantic Hero Views Sex With His Heroine As A Life Changing EventHe felt as if he were the one who just lost his virginity instead of Evangeline He thought there was nothing new to experience He was wrong For a man whose lovemaking was a practiced blend of technique and choreography, it was a shock to find himself so mindless with desire that he d been unable to control his body That never happened before He experienced the longest, hardest climax of his life memories of other women were banished permanently from his mind there was only Evie, her playful fingers and frolicsome mouth causing him an agony of pleasure like nothing he ever felt before3 A Great Romantic Hero Knows His Heroine Is Unique IrreplaceableI m tired of countless evenings of repetitive gossip and tepid flirtation I m tired of meaningless encounters with women who bore me senseless They re all the same to me I ve never given a damn about anyone but you2 A Great Romantic Hero Makes Love For The First Time In His LifeI want to fill every part of you breathe the air from your lungs leave my handprints on your soul I want to give you pleasure than you can bear I want to make love to you, Evie, as I have never done with anyone before1 A Great Romantic Hero Loves His Heroine Beyond ReasonI love you so much that I m drowning in it I can t defend against it I don t know who I am any All I know is that if I give in to it entirely He tried to control the anarchy of his breath You mean too much to me BOTTOM LINE If you re looking for a romance with depth you won t find it here If you re looking for a romance with originality you won t find it here If you re looking for a romance with drama you won t find it here However, if you re looking for a low angst, sweet romance featuring a leading man that possesses all the traits you dream of in a romantic hero then The Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas is the romance for you The Devil in Winter Wallflowers 03by Lisa Kleypas 4 Perfect Romantic Hero Stars. Oh Your GOD. What a truly beautiful, romantic book, with so many sigh worthy moments, so many humorous moments, lots of wickedly sexy dialogueand featuring some very satisfying emotional growth from both the hero and heroine I ve always loved the stammering, shy, yet beautiful red headed Wallflower character of Evie Jenner, and could hardly wait to read her story But when the hero of this book, 32 year old Sebastian, Lord St Vincent was introduced in It Happened One Autumn, I had my doubts about him Sure, he was wickedly handsome and he knew it with his blond, fallen angel looks, and he was funny and charming, but he seemed to have no ambition in life except to go about seducing anything in a skirt spoiler ahead And then when he betrayed his best and only friend, Marcus, by abducting his fiancee Lillian, I was so pissed at him end of spoiler Now how was Lisa Kleypas going to redeem this devilish rake and make me fall in love with him And how was he ever going to find love with shy, timid Evie Well, after reading It Happened One Autumn and seeing how she transformed Marcus, Lord Westcliff from a stuffy, uptight arrogant know it all, into a sexy, to die for hero, I should ve had a little faith I totally fell for St Vincent I knew after his sad past was revealed that all he needed was a little lovin , a little mothering a little encouragement, and a whole lot of expectations from the right woman to be all the man that he could be And the formerly shy, timid Evie was just the right woman to turn this bad boy around Sure the transformation at times seemed slow, and painful, but fascinating to witness Sebastian went from uttering lines like I rarely like to bed a woman than once A crashing bore, after the novelty is goneto saying after a few month s time My God I love you so much that I m drowning in it I can t defend against it Now that s progress A little plot summary here Evie 23 is the shyest of the four looking for a husband wallflowers Annabelle, Lillian, Evie, Daisy and is about to inherit the gambling hall owned by her infamous but on his deathbed sickly father, Ivo Jenner Dreaming of You But Evie s dastardly relatives want the inheritance for themselves, and have been doing everything in their power even keeping her locked up to keep her under their thumb and away from her father They have plans to marry her off to her corpulent and repulsive cousin just so they can keep the money in the family Evie is desperate to break free from her abusive relatives, and figures if she marries a man who is powerful yet in dire need of her money, she would stand a chance That s when she thinks of Lord St Vincent he s so desperate for money his father has squandered their fortune that he may agree to marry her She doesn t care about his reputation as a skirt chaser she wants nothing to do with him once they re married she just needs his protection from her greedy relatives So she propositions him, he accepts, and then we the reader get to see whether this will be a marriage of convenience only, or maybe something will happenand these two lost, lonely souls will find the greatest happiness in their lives.Some of my favorite moments in the book possible spoilers the interesting story behind Gretna Green, Scotland, and why so many English marriages occurred there the Scottish marriage ceremony, with the joining of the wrists hands when we get a glimpse of Sebastian s compassion carrying Evie over the threshhold bringing the warming brick on the coach for her cold feet the inscription on the wedding ring you know we ll see that again Sebastian s treatment of Evie on their wedding night sigh the care he shows towards her dying father the jealousy over her relationship with her friend Cam his protectiveness of Evie Evie coming into her own, showing tremendous strength of character Evie getting St Vincent to agree to a 3 month period of celibacy how did she ever manage that Sebastian finally getting off his duff and working at something other than bedding oh so willing women the sexual entendres throughout the book the pool cue stick, etc Evie s utter devotion when Sebastian needs her the most the renewing of the friendship with Marcus the bedroom scenes steamy , especially when Evie takes the initiative seeing St Vincent totally fall under Evie s spell Evie s refusal to take no for an answer, forcing Sebastian to face his feelings for herAnd finally, some of my favorite lines No one could fail to observe that whenever Evie entered the room St Vincent practically vibrated like a tuning fork. Evie, putting her cold feet on the hot brick that St Vincent providedOhn nothing has ever felt so goodSt VincentWomen say that to me all the timeEvie s declaration to St VincentYou can s send me away, but you can t stop me from running back to you I want to spend every day with you I want to watch you shave in the morning I want to drink champagne and dance with you I want to mend the holes in your stockings I want to share a bed with you every night, and to have your childrenSebastianMy love is upon yousniff To sum upromance lovers everywhere, do yourselves a favor and read this book no read this series The writing, the plot, the little tidbits and factoids about 1840s England the food, the dress, etc the wonderful characters, the smokin hot love scenesso far I ve enjoyed each book of this wonderful series What makes me sad is that there s only two to go This one rates another 5 big stars St Vincent