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When Hollywood It Boy, Reid Alexander, Arrives On Location, His Intentions Are Simple Film Another Blockbuster Hit While Enjoying His Celebrity Status To The Fullest While Doing So His Costar Is A Virtual Unknown With Whom He Had Blazing Hot Chemistry During Her Auitions The Universe Is Lining Up Nicely To Grant Whatever He Wants, As Usual, Until He S Confronted With Unexpected Obstacles On Location Like A Bitter Ex Girlfriend And A Rival For The First Girl To Spark His Genuine Interest In YearsEmma Pierce Just Got Her Big Break After Than A Decade Of Filming Commercials For Grape Juice, Department Stores And Tampons, And Recently, Bit Parts In Made For TV Movies Nailing The Lead Role In A Wide Release Film Sent Her Agent, Father And Stepmother Into Raptures, And Should Have Done The Same For Her The Problem Emma Is Experiencing A Building Desire To Be Normal, And Starring In A Silly, Modernized Adaptation Of One Of Her Favorite Novels Opposite The Very Hot Reid Alexander Isn T Going To Advance That AspirationIndie Actor Graham Douglas Isn T Overly Picky When It Comes To Film Roles If It Pays, He Ll Do It Besides, His Friend Brooke Cameron Snatched Up The Role Of The Bitchy Hot Girl And Could Use His Help As A Buffer, Because Her Ex Is The Star Graham Has No Problem Keeping A Handle On The Situation, Until He Finds Himself Attracted To Reid S Costar, Emma, The Girl Reid Is Pursuing Full Throttle With His Standard Arsenal Of Charm, Good Looks And Arrogance

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    I m the author of this YA New Adult novel, the first in a series of four.

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    I am a bit shocked that I ended up liking this book at all in the end I was convinced that I was going to 1 star it for much of the story And, honestly, it probably deserves 1 star.Reasons this book enraged me 1 We are stuck inside the brain of a huge jackass When I first started reading this book, I thought Reid was going to be this bad boy that got reformed by the goody goody girl That isn t what happened I kind of want to give props to the author for having the guts to write a character that is such an unabashed douche He is spoiled, obnoxious, self aggrandizing, rude, and just the kind of male character that I love to hate Yet we are stuck reading from his ignoramus point of view for half of the story It was sometimes laughable how much I hated Reid At least he wasn t homophobic or racist, he had that going for him2 The love triangle Made popular by Twilight, the love triangle rears its ugly head in this book The whole story is a wishy washy back and forth between Reid and Graham and Emma just can t make up her mind wails 3 The miscommunications Did Emma ever hear the saying, don t assume, it makes an ass out of u and me I think not If she had just asked some simple questions, much of the drama of this book could have been avoided So clearly I hated this book, right Wrong.I think it was the narration that won me over in the end I really enjoyed listening to the audiobook, and even when the characters annoyed the crap out of me, I remained entertained I also liked the addition of the surprises towards the end of the book, one of which I saw coming from far away, the other less so It added a bit of intrigue to a otherwise mundane story I suspect that I should have hated this book but I didn t I enjoyed it and might go as far as to read the next in the series.

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    I guess some books you simply don t enjoy and no matter how it seems cute, you just don t think its that cute after all So yeah, i ll cut straight to the chase I think This triangle, sucked Sure, it was different considering one was actually a douche and that the characters which got first introduced didn t end up together, but i think it was plain stupid The main character did nothing but let everyone grab her and kiss her and she was never truly honest with neither She just needed them to fail at some point and she d be satisfied with that i don t know, I was really disappointed while reading her lines and it ewas rather boring then comes the guy which is a movie star, who s an ass and doesn t really change either Sure, he begs for forgiveness in the end but that s kinda late after sleeping with god knows how many, I do hope he tested himself regularly I honestly didn t like any of the characters in this book and he ewas probsably the least one I enjoyed if you look past the main Some books just truly disappoint you and this one brought me into nothing but boredom I think I just read really quickly, and skipped msot of the books content because of how I don t remember much, but it wasn t good From the beginning I was bored and everything which happened, it went so slowly It wasn t because of the characters actions, it was how we always had to read how they went to bed and how they kept on doing this and that A lot of repetitions too. Things happened than once over and over and that s honestly rather frustrating and boring I don t even know why I decided to use my time on this book, I guess the storyline seemed interesting and in the end it wasn t at all I m sure people like this one, but the only reason i m actually giving it two starts and not one, is because I liked that the good guy from the sideline got the girl and not the obvious choice Then again, I still didn t enjoy much of this book.

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    3.5 huh stars Dual POVs Emma has been chosen to play the leading lady in an adaptation of Pride and Prejudiced Reid is he leading man The remake is set in the high school scene Overall feel for the book was a group of teenage movie stars are on location away from family and during their free time they behave in adult mannerisms Partying, sex, going to clubs, etc I m Team Graham and hope he is in the next book SERIES No cliffhangers but each story follows the previous one.

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    I really enjoyed this warmly engaging read from start to finish It s of an acoustic singer songwriter piece than a senses assaulting rave no crazy teen lingo or wacky style devices , and the pace and your engagement with the characters builds slowly, but intensely, as the story unfolds It s a POV of two characters, the somewhat naive Emma, a young actress appearing in her first major film, and Reid, a mega teen idol playing the lead, and he hopes, playing Emma as well To me Emma was the main attraction of the book, and it seemed like it was really her story Other reviews have even questioned what Reid s POV added, but although he does seem like a classic Mr Wickham style cad, he has a backstory and lots going on that make him relatable and interesting, if ultimately unappealing There s enough to him that you can see why Emma is attracted, even beyond the obvious I did feel like shouting Don t go in there, Emma, than once, but that just added to the fun A sequel is planned, and I suspect we may see him working out some of those issues therein, I hope so, his story with his parents, and Brooke, the naughty image co star with a secret, are definitely worthy of further exploration Emma s friend Emily is a great character too, not just as a foil for Emma s thoughts and lots of backstory , but as a charming and quirky person on her own Graham, the other main male character is everything one could hope for in a YA mysterious indie loner dude, and Emma s struggle to understand him, and her feelings for him and his for her are unrolled at just the right pace to build tension and interest, without being downright frustrating This has been one of the best books I ve read this year, right up with favs like Lauren Barnholdt I hope it does well, it is a self publication on Kindle and Nook I read it on my Nook , and though lots of people do have access that way, not everyone does, so I hope it works out for the author For the.99 price tag, I definitely got 99.00 worth of enjoyment Did I mention that it s long enough to be satisfying, too Super short novels are fun, but this is a main course, not just a couple appetizers snagged from a Wish catering tray as Kristy sashays by Congratulations to Tammara Webber, and here s hoping for a long and happy writing career.

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    Couldn t put it down

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    If I met you last night, and brought you back to my place, or followed you to yours, and we had sex, that s what we asked for from each other It s what I got, and what you got I don t know you You don t know me Thanks for playing, and we re done If by some fluke anything was said at some point during this entire exchange that made me curious enough to see you again, I would.Has that happened before A couple of times Did it last Clearly, no Sorry that the starting quote was a bit longbut it really was one of my favoritesMay we all apploud to Tammara Webber and her beautiful piece of art that she delievered on publishing such an amazing book I think this is one of a few series of books in wich I love exactly ALL THE CHARACTERSeven the ones that are supposed to be either, the mean guy or girl, Emma, Reid, Graham, Brooke, Tadd and oh so many A book that s set on the set, lol, of a movie in progresswhere the hot guy is obviously a celebrity and the girl is becoming oneThe complete insight that this book has on the lifes and hearts, minds and lines, that happens while making a script come to lifeleaves you wanting than just to read between the lines Everybody has secretsevery single one of us, there isn t anybody that doesn t have oneeither bad or not We all have our own wild side in usjust waiting for the call to come up and take the stage of our lifes We all always get to see the final result, and even some behind the scenes , but this book takes you exactly to the core of it all Gives a whole new pov of Pride Prejudice Love can struck you either if you want it or not Never give up on your familyno matter the circumstancesreallyeven if your life wasn t all unicorns and rainbowsor cars and trucks back thenyou wouldn t be where you are exactly right now if it weren t for them Don t take your true friends for grantedlisten as much as you like to be listened You can t go on in life just reading in between the linesalways come straight forward with what you say, want, or think if not you might loose than you had before.With twists and turns that I really didn t see coming at allA beautiful book that had me grabbing the monitor of my computer either from madness or sheer happinesssitting on the edge of my seat because of the mistery of Grahamor the craziness of Reid, or from the mess in Emma s mindyou either love or hate the book.But all in allWhat this book really is.is A WINNER thanks Rachel from Fiktshun if it weren t for you I wouldn t have read this now excited for the next one Now I won t ever see a movie with the same eyes againever 5 5

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    4.5 stars I don t know what it is about characters who are movie stars that intrigue me Maybe it s cause I don t find this concept in everyday reads and it s refreshing, but what ever the reason I was really curious about Between the Lines and I m happy to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book Angst and all.I m gonna start by saying I don t really understand why one of the point of views was Reid Alexander It s hard to explain unless you ve read this book, but it almost felt unnecessary to hear his POV since I basically wanted to slap him upside the head from minute one I m gonna guess there is a reason, maybe in upcoming books, but still He s a complicated guy Okay scratch that He s pompous, a player and pretty much your standard jack ass But beneath his daddy issues and the obvious good looks, sexy smile and killer lines I can tell that he wanted to be then what he is and that it scares the crap out of him at the same time I think Emma could have changed him, been good for him, but we ll never know and for once I m not complaining Emma Pierce is a great character She s levelheaded, doesn t let this fame thing mess with her head and actually wants to be something then just another Hollywood meg star I can see why she was so confused Mixed signals were everywhere in this book which was both frustrating and exciting As for Graham Douglas sigh I really loved that guy Which goes back to why I don t really understand why Reid was one of the POV S and not Graham I would have really really really wanted to get in his head with this book He confused me the most, but oddly I wasn t as frustrated with him as I should have been I loved his friendship with Emma and I loved how much he looked after Brooke, but what I really love was the real reason behind everything I gotta say, I nevah saw that coming Very well played, Webber I think for a first novel, Tammara Webber does a fabulous job I was completely absorbed in the plot line, reveling in the all the delicious angst while taken in with the Hollywood coming and going s In short, this was a really fun book to loss yourself in.All in all I kinda loved this one It s different, it s exasperating, and it has some of the best chemistry you could cut with a knife.But I think the very best thing about this book is that it wasn t predictable At all I kept waiting for that moment where all my hopes and dreams for what I wanted to happen dash in utter disappointmentbut it never came Which is a very very good thing.Sweet, sexy and sensational Loved On to Where You Are

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    Let s get down to it, shall we The NegativesIt s mostly Reid The need to drop kick someone has never been so great as with this boy pig Seriously What was there to like Sure, he is a highly sought after actor given a face body to die for, as well as his seemingly bottomless pocket Oh OK But still His personality desperately needed some attention The way he went through one girl after another unapologetic, had me wanting to punch him HARD Did the delusionalromantic in me want him to be better Did I envision a love so great as to move him to better himself Sure, I did AT FIRST But one humiliation heaped on another and one self involved internal monologue after another of a how hot this or that girl was or b what a douche his daddy was, just proved that there was just nothing there Daddy Issues Seriously, daddy issues, that s all you ve got, Reid I He had me seeing red This feeling was present fro say 90% of the book He needed to grow up, I thought at first But grow up into what A bigger douche Nope He needed to grow another personality grow out of what he was But there was Emma too She d raised herself, was very inexperienced so I could not completely count her out But her vacillating from Guy A to Guy B no matter how hot one was and how good the other was had me clenching my teeth That blow up with Emily made perfect sense to me And yet, I do not dislike her as much as I do Reid Because it , is her story and unlike the former she does grow up and she does prove that she s got a spine, that she thinks and that she could change That daddy issues or no, she s shaped by her choices And that she acted Good on her.The Positives It s all Graham He is Matt from FOL He s there, he s present and like Matt, not as uncomplicated as he initially thought to be But what s there to love Everything I mentioned AND the last ten percent to the book I didn t see that coming and Oh My Gosh Drama is OK, I m a take it or leave it kind of girl when it comes to drama, but that final reveal has me needing the next one And since I cannot stop myself I am reading the next one right now This is a very high 3.5 5

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    If you harbor a guilty pleasure for reading about the private lives of your favorite actors and don t we all, sometimes you ll be able to appreciate the appeal of this novel 17 year old actor Emma, a mostly unknown, lands the lead role in a teen chick flick opposite the hottest teen male actor going, Reid Alexander What girl wouldn t lose her head a little when said hottie actually takes a off screen romantic or at least sexual interest in her Webber doesn t sugar coat the Hollywood life, that s for sure This book confirmed what I already guessed namely, I d advise most teens to run as fast as they can away from a life of movie based fame These kids drink, swear, try drugs, and have sex some way than others on all counts, but still, everyone takes a taste of those behaviors , and have to suffer the ridiculous speculations of tabloids on top of it all The thing that really shows Webber s writing skills is that I liked all of them Even Reid, who I often wanted to shake violently for being such a thoughtless slut, had his charms and his moments of depth It was an interesting choice for Webber to use him as one of the two POV characters but now that I m done, I see why she couldn t use Graham, and in any case it did help me not hate Reid, which I might ve done if I hadn t seen life through his eyes Poor Emma is mostly an innocent, and gets blindsided by the nasty side of fame at the same time that she s getting dazzled by the perks of it I found her thoroughly lovable, and even understood when she got tempted onto unwise paths with Reid.But naturally it s Graham in which role I would cast Joseph Gordon Leavitt who we all really swoon for, and are impatiently waiting for Emma to get together with I won t give spoilers on that, except to say that there s a really unexpected and bittersweet twist at the end, despite which I was left with a warm glowy feeling about the future of the characters So glad there are sequels to look forward to