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From New York Times bestselling author Jacuelyn Frank comes this first book in The World of the Nightwalkers—an exciting and sensual new spin off series in which the Bodywalkers an ancient race of the night battles the evil forces who prey on them The unexpected happens in an instant On her way to work secretary Docia Waverley hurtles into a crashing crossroads and she uickly begins to suspect that things will never be the same Then when a tall blond muscular stranger intervenes on her behalf telling her it is his duty to protect her at all cost what is just a feeling turns to proof positive That is as long as Docia’s savior doesn’t turn out to be a crazed kidnapper When Ram finds Docia he has no doubt that she is his ueen But as this golden warrior sweeps in to protect her he feels something than body heat every time they touch He is overwhelmed by a searing connection that goes deep into the twin souls inside him A desire rises in him that is forbidden—this woman is his ueen the mate of his king his leader his best friend And yet Docia is so vulnerable and attractive that she awakens a hunger in Ram that is undeniable a carnal craving he cannot yield to not without risking the very survival of the Bodywalkers

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    Just one kiss on my lipsWas all it took to seal the futureJust one look from your eyesWas like a certain kind of tortureJust one touch from your handsWas all it took to make me falter OMG this was so great A blend of paranormal ancient Egypt pharaohs and mythology Wow Well first you have to understand that I'm a big lover of ancient Egypt and the myths and everything related to it Well not just Egypt anything ancient is awesome to me and 'The Mummy' is my favorite movie of all time that says a lot Ok now back to the bookThe mythologyWell this was my first book by this author and I was thrown in this world knowing NOTHING about anything damn but lucky me a lot of things were explained and those that weren't I just went past them D So in this series the mythology is Egyptian love love love In ancient Egypt the priests performed mummifications to preserve the body and help the spirits cross to the afterlife By chance they stumbled upon a way to keep the soul forever in the Ether being able to return to the living world in another's body And basically those people who were mummified are now either in the Ether or living among humans How it works? Well the two souls blend to one Not totally but there isn't one that is all there and another totally surpressed There's a sort of partnership there There are the bad guys or course again and they keep the original surpressed so only one contience rulesWon't say it's all explained in the book so well explained that even my puny brain could understand so no worries The storyAfter being thrown from a bridge and dying from the rocks and ice cold water Docia finds herself in a strange place The Ether A woman approaches her and offers a second chance in life the only thing she's to do is let the other person inside her to act as a vessel in the living world Docia accepts of course She heals uite miraculously and that attracts the attention of all the freaking bad guys who live there After being attacked in front of her own house a stranger rescues her a beautiful strong perfect sexy whatevergreatwordthereis stranger Having no other choice she goes with him and his warrior friend to their safe house where she begins to learn about what happened to her and why everyone wants her dead DociaShe's a bit of a shy person but makes up for it with her wit and sharp tongue The only family she has is her brother Jackson and they are both strongly connected After her Ether experience she doesn't remember anything and can't really believe what those strange men are telling her But one thing is for sure she can't help but feel the incredible attraction between her and Ram the man who rescued her I liked her A LOT She has some very funny lines and I liked her character she was never boring But after the blending it was all kind of weird of course that's to be expected but I got used to her being one way and she kinda changed Oh well RamHe carries the soul of an Egyptian pharaoh and is fiercly loyal to his king Menes When Menes' wife ueen Hatshepsut arrives in the body of Dacia he must protect her as he had done for thousands of years The only thing he didn't expect was this fire between them every time they touched it burned brighter untill he wasn't able to keep his hands off her He's torn by his loyalty to his king and his soul's yearning for this strange little female Dacia forbidden to him His other personality is Vincent an ex navy SEAL who has as much a strong personality as Ram Both of them are linked to Dacia and they'll do anything to keep her at their sideThe two persons in one body thingWell it kind of bugged me at some points There were essentially 4 people in those two bodies all in love with each other Hmmm But I guess that's the way it goes if the souls are blendedconnected Lucky me I watched the show Stargate there were Simboits there uite similar to these with two minds in one body So now I'm cool with that The insta loveNot a big fan of this one but it was done really well here it was like they knew each other for ages and their souls were meant to be together so yeah surprisingly wasn't bothered by thatAnd so my conclusion is that I really really really liked this there were some times when it was weird but not enough to spoil anything and I want to read Jackson's book NOW and I can't believe I uoted Madonna here but I wasn't allowed to put any uotes from this ARC ARC courtesy of Random House Publishing Group via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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    ARC provided by Random House Publishing Group Ballantine Books in exchange for an honest reviewimage error

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    Cover title 4 out of 5 Favorite line Oh co'mon Did the red sea part even just a little bit? She held up her thumb and forefinger an inch apart Favorite character Singsing the Djinn I think the fact i haven't read any other Nightwalkers books made this harder for me to get into Maybe if i had i might of enjoyed the book ? I did not like the idea of someone else's soulRa being in your body changing your personality taking you over i found that seriously disturbing It is invasion of the body snatchers or something Creeptastic I also did not like find it sexy them having sex i found that kinda gross a 4 way internally What if one of them had not wanted too or had hated one of the four what would they have done then? I didn't like that element of it Was the story good? shrug Yeah i guess i know the problems i mentioned made me like it less There was drama action sex etc a paranormalfantasy element so if you are into that sort of thing don't mind like i do about the body sharing then I think you could enjoy this book It just was not my cup of tea at all

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    Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Talesuick Dirty I want book 2 NOW enough saidOpening Sentence “Ow Ow Ow And did I mention ow?”The ReviewThought I would get a head start on this book for my next review yesterday at 5 pm and when I look up next it was after midnight and the book was finished I literally couldn’t put this book down I missed dinner and even forgot to put a load of clothes in to wash So you have been warned up front that this story is enough to get absolutely lost inNow some people might see that this is a spin off series and wonder if they can jump head long into this world with out the original series Yes with no ualms or stipulations I am sorry to say that this is my first Jacuelyn Frank book and boy what I have been missing out on if this is the caliber of writing that she is giving to readersDocia our heroine is minding her own business headed to work when she is pushed off a bridge and killed As she is dying she is taken to The Ether which is a place where humans are granted the opportunity to host a Nightwalker After Docia accepts that she wants to live and will host this Nightwalker she is granted a second chance at lifeRam our hero comes charging in to save Docia as she wanders the streets after being released from hospital He informs her that he has been sent as her guide and protector Then tops it off saying she is his ueen Sweet introduction if I do say so Ms FrankBoth of these characters are so well rounded and developed there were times that I could nearly anticipate their actions because I felt I knew them bothDocia’s brother Jackson is a nearly overwhelming secondary character but I’m pleased that he will be getting his very own book Forever The exchanges between Docia and Jackson at the beginning remind me very much of exchanges I have seen in tightly knit families Ms Frank knocked this one out of the parkI appreciated the glossary and pronunciation table at the beginning of the book because I didn’t have to wonder if the words I was hearing in my head were correct or notSo finally should you add this to your book collections? Absolutely Will I read book 2 in this series? Absolutely Am a a Jacuelyn Frank fan now? Most definitelyNotable Scene“My ueen?”He was addressing her she realized stifling a bit of a giggle Yet there was something thrilling and empowering to hear one so beautiful and so obviously powerful address her as though she were somehow greater than he as if he were possibly subservient to herShe opened her mouth but she honestly didn’t know how to respond–not only to such an address but to the way he had come to her assistance overall And then there was a moment standing there in the golden aura of strength and hardness that was emanating from him when she wondered if her attacker had been the frying pan and her savior was actually the fire It kind of felt that way Just a little Seeing as how he now stood over her with a bloody knife in his handFTC Advisory BallantineRandom House provided me with a copy of Forbidden No goody bags sponsorships “material connections” or bribes were exchanged for my review

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    I give up This shit is boring I can't get into it and don't feel like forcing myself to read

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    I really really tried After about 40% I just did not care At All It was confusing and boring And the body sharing thing was too creepy for me

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    An interesting twist and a new spinoffcontinuation seriesI should have believed in her Jacuelyn Frank had never truly disappointed me until “Adam” the sixth book in the Nightwalkers series was done I thought that she was done with the story Not so and thank goodness You knew there was to the story and she has introduced us to that with “Forbidden” Forbidden introduces you to a part of the Nightwalkers world we did not know existed and she has created a new type of character Bodywalkers Bodywalkers are a blend of two souls one an ancient Egyptian and the other someone from recent times I guess the Egyptians knew what they were doing at least they thought they knew when they embalmed their deadThe story begins after the end of “Adam” with Bella and Kestra discussing an ancient scroll found in the Nightwalker Library written in Egyptian hieroglyphs that mentions “ twelve nations” Since to this point they only know about six maybe seven they figure the others must be extinct since if they were around they would know about them Enter the Bodywalkers One of the twelve nationsIf you know anything about Egyptian history then you will have a little bit of a head start on the personalityhistory of some of the characters RamVincent aka Ramses shares a body with a former Navy SEAL and who doesn’t love a SEAL CleoDesiree aka Cleopatra shares a body with a prophetess who is fun uirky and a uick friend to Docia the main characters of this book Then we hear about Menes and Hatshepsut the rulers who are coming back and need a body to inhabit There are also the non blended characters Jackson who the second book “Forever” is about and Leo his best friend both of who are former militaryI’m not going to repeat what others have already said about this book they did such a good job restating all it is about I’m just going to tell you that if you are a fan of Jacuelyn Frank and especially of her Nightwalkers this is a book you will want to read It starts out a little slow but many books that are setting up a new story line do but once she lays down who is who and what is what you will not want to put the book down until you are done and I am already waiting with bated breath for “Forever” due out in the spring of 2013

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    I have enjoyed Jacob Night Walkers #1 and Drink Of Me a stand alone novel by Jacuelyn Frank Also have a few others in different series sitting on my shelf just waiting to be read I really have no idea what I just read It starts off good but when the characters started blending with in each other I was lost I felt too much was happening Too much going back and forth between the host human names and the original names The story for me also dragged after awhile and was too easy to put down Jacuelyn is known for writing some sweet yummy alpha male possessive protective heroes but was not always feeling the main character The sexual tension was ok in the beginning but I felt it got lost sometime in the novel and the sex scenes did nothing for me I enjoyed Forbidden towards the end with a twist and the prologue was good I like the idea for this series but at this time I do not know If I will continue Maybe someday I will as I would like to know how it all plays out from the prologue but if it is like this where it was too confusing then I do not think soRating 2 stars okARC provided by NetGalley for an honest reviewWickedly Delicious Book Blog

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    This one starts up right where The Nightwalkers left off and I'm Not gonna lie I'm TOTALLY bummed that there's no nightwalkers but from reading book one this series definitely promises to be an interesting spinoff to our beloved nightwalkers in which we're now talking about Bodywalkers And you dont necessarily have to have read The Nightwalkers to understand the concept The prologue gives you enough background info on the Bodywalkers to understand what's going on My only uestion about the series would be WHY she named it World of the Nightwalkers instead of The Bodywalkers Can I just say I'm LOVING Jackson? I LOVED that she did that with Jackson at the end Its gonna be interesting seeing his blending with Menes For those that haven't read them yet DROP WHAT YOU'RE READING AND GO

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    Just when they thought because of the Nightwalker library that all who still survived were revealed this story says otherwise Hiding in plain sight are Bodywalkers but as in all races good ones and bad ones and this is the beginning of there story Docia delightful girl gets first introduced to and agrees to be used Her brother Jackson hero to the core is what lands him in the forefront and racing to save her becomes one with her new life with one of his own Docile though meets and oh gets to keep one hunk of a guy in being sent to find and protect who he thinks her to be no one could of known he might of needed protecting from love of course Always good and evil battle in these stories but it is all how the writer weaves the the tail and this was woven well Discover these guys and their relations to the Nightwalker World and how they have survived this long Great read