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I should not exist But I doEva and Addie started out the same way as everyone else—two souls woven together in one body taking turns controlling their movements as they learned how to walk how to sing how to dance But as they grew so did the worried whispers Why aren’t they settling? Why isn’t one of them fading? The doctors ran tests the neighbors shied away and their parents begged for time Finally Addie was pronounced healthy and Eva was declared gone Except she wasn’t For the past three years Eva has clung to the remnants of her life Only Addie knows she’s still there trapped inside their body Then one day they discover there may be a way for Eva to move again The risks are unimaginable hybrids are considered a threat to society so if they are caught Addie and Eva will be locked away with the others And yet for a chance to smile to twirl to speak Eva will do anything

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    Actual rating 45 starsDystopian novels have been disappointing me left and right these days I don't know why I'm not that hard to please Yeah I see your eyes rolling at that grin But seriously give me likable characters solid world building and a good conspiracy theory and I'm good to go Well I guess there are only so many ways to tell the story of a deranged society killing off its children for the greater good So I went into What's Left of Me with how do I say this? Er low expectations And wow I was not expecting to love this book but wow I absolutely LOVED it I mean geez Where do I even begin? Should I start at the premise? How about the realistic characters? Or maybe I should just make this entire review into a fangirl's shrine of amazing prose? This book is all of those things and Let me start with that gorgeous cover for a minute I have a confession which is or less public information I'm a cover whore There I totes said it Yes yes I know the drill BOO YOU WHORE It's just that I get a peek of a beautiful cover and my eyes gloss over with desire I know I should heed the advice and not judge the book based on the cover but I can't help it I'm a judgy little judger Usually this just sets me up for a supreme let down when I actually get a chance to read the book But occasionally I find those diamond in the roughs like What's Left of Me where not only does the cover scream Pick me up dammit and read me but the story fully captivates me That is the bread and the apple butter my friendsAnd not only does the cover look stunning but it truly captures Eva and Addie Eva the recessive soul that should have disappeared according to her society was born and marked for death And Addie the dominate soul destined to forget her best friend and other half But they share a secret They are hybrids a title coined to those with recessive souls that refused to just fade away To the government they are deemed a threat to society and therefore must be locked up contained fixed or be killedThe best part of What's Left of Me was the relationship between Addie and Eva I have to sit and applaud Zhang's skill at crafting two very different characters who share the same body yet they struggle to portray just one person to everyone else Against her better judgement Addie agrees to practice letting Eva take control of their body She knows what this could mean for them if they are caught and discovered However she also knows how much it means to Eva to not just be the soul everyone else thinks is gone Eva wants to be real So they take the risk and their worst fears are unfortunately realizedWe'd been born with our souls' fingers interlocked What if we'd never let go?The bond and love these two sister had for one another was phenomenal and at times tear jerking Though I should say I did not cry during this novel But I will say it was deeply emotional when the sisters internally struggled to fulfill both souls' needs without depriving the other Of course this was nearly impossible Eva is the recessive soul and as such is used to literally taking the backseat to whatever Addie needs or wants At times that frustrated me to no end because I could just feel Eva ready to burst free and be her own person but Addie would take those moments away from herI was caged in our body and caged in his arms and somehow the former was the real prisonAnd while I remained angry at Addie for her selfishness Eva not once blamed her sister for the way she felt That is not to say they always got along There were uite a few times they stopped talking to each other in the novel but I just loved how they made up Side note Can you imagine having a fight with your sibling in your head? I mean if my sister and I shared one body let's just say it'd be WW3 up in there There'd be major ass kicking Bet on it Probably something along the lines of this Any whoNot only did Zhang have to keep track of Addie and Eva's characters but she created two characters in one body in several different instances Now I know from reading that sentence that may A not make a lot of sense or B not sound very difficult But it fascinated me how Zhang pulled it off There were times where Addie and Eva would be talking with a character only for himher to switch mid conversation to their other soul So you have two different mannerisms facial expressions tone ect for this one person and you have Addie and Eva able to not only tell the difference between the two but to also convince the reader of the switch And I'll even take it a step further to say that after a certain point I could tell which soul was who before Addie and Eva confirmed it for me I think this is a testament to just how well these characters were craftedAnd that is where the pacing and plot come into play At first I thought the book was moving too fast in the beginning because I was getting introduced to a bunch of new characters and STUFF was happening very uickly but I think it works well that way Looking back What's Left of Me doesn't really have much downtime because something is always happening but at the same time it doesn't read like a thriller either because it's not exactly action packed Oxymoron? Why yes But it was riveting and I felt I NEEDED to figure out the mystery to why the hybrids were treated so badly Interestingly I would usually take this time to point out and complain about world building flaws There is very little mention of the outside world and how they deal with hybrids BUT and you're going to have to trust me on this it works in this instance The reader is intentionally kept in the dark until a few plot twists are revealed Even after completing the novel I feel like there is so much to comeSo yeah I rambled there a bit but this novel was so fascinating and awesome After all that I just have one last thing to say More now pleaseARC was provided by the publisher via Edelweiss Thank youMore reviews and other fantastical things at Cuudlebuggery Book Blog

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    When compared to most other dystopian novels I've read this year What's Left of Me is pretty good overall I found it very easy to get into and the characters uickly became ones I cared about But once again there's just too little explanation for this to get than three stars The dystopian genre was born with novels like Nineteen Eighty Four which so expertly explored the political and social implications of having a society under strict government control and surveillance More modern examples from the genre often fail to give us any idea how the society came about or the details of why things are like they areIn this story people are born with two souls in every body But as time progresses one soul becomes the dominant and the other will fade away and eventually disappear usually by age ten However some never lose the weaker soul and they remain paralyzed inside their shared body unable to move or speak and completely controlled by the will of the dominant soul Addie and Eva are one example of such a case they are called hybrids and must hide their secret from society or face being institutionalised When the possibility of restoring the control of Eva to how it was when they were younger arises the girls face tough decisions harsh realities and risk putting themselves in danger of being found outWhat I most want to know is why the hybrids are such a massive threat to society? There was a brief discussion about this on one of my status updates and one of the suggestions seems to be that the government feared that two souls would heighten the risk of insanity and therefore lead to possible chaos I'm sorry but after completing the novel I'm just not buying into that I like this whole idea of bodies having two souls and the problems it would cause but I can't really see it as a threat to society I also think that Hally's arrest wasn't very smooth and the reasons for it weren't convincing; it felt unnatural and an obvious ploy to get the plot to move in a certain directionOne of the best things about What's Left of Me is the relationship between Addie and Eva they have such distinct personalities but work extremely well together too I could feel Eva's frustration and sadness but I also could feel Addie's doubt and reservations The romance thankfully is very much in the background and is almost non existent until the end which I think works far better in this kind of life threatening scenario It also begins to raise uestions which I've always wondered about in Siamese twin relationships what do you do about having a romantic relationship when you share your body? What happens when you like someone but your twin doesn't? I may have to read the seuel just to find out some answers about thatI liked it I did But there were too many of the same old issues that I just get sick of writing about now The personal level of the novel was brilliant even though I would uestion the behaviour of the girls' parents but on a bigger scale it just didn't deliver We know very little about this alternative United States beyond the government's obsession with hybrids we are told vaguely something about the rest of the world being overrun with hybrids and we are also told that hybrids are sent off to special clinics where they are never seen again Hopefully there's some upcoming twist about this reason for the fear and hate of the hybrids because I'm not believing it so far Even forgetting the fact that it's uite a weak explanation they're saying that being a hybrid increases your risk of insanity right? This belief must either be correct or incorrect right? So they should obviously be observing the hybrids they have in captivity right? What I'm saying is there's an answer to this uestion and the government must know it are the hybrids at risk of mental illness or not? The only way I can see the author rectifying this little issue is if she has a big twist up her sleeves about some other real reason the hybrids are seen as a problem So I shall read on and find outA copy of this was provided free in exchange for a review from the UK publisher

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    In the world of What’s Left of Me children are born with two souls One of those souls is dominant and the other is recessive Within a few years of the child’s life the recessive soul will fade away settle leaving behind the dominant soul But what happens when you don’t settle and are known as a Hybrid? Addie and Eva are faced with that problem being fifteen and having not settled yet In a world where being a Hybrid is considered dangerous and a threat Addie and Eva have to keep the fact that they have not yet settled a secret But as obstacles get in their way can they? What’s Left of Me was amazing and I absolutely loved it but still I’m torn on whether to give it five stars or four stars I want to give it five stars because the pace was crisp; the plot is brilliant and original beyond belief and the concept that the story is told from the recessive soul Eva was a great twist on the common narrator Everything was refreshing fun and there was never a dull or boring moment when reading What’s Left of Me but it just missed something In What’s Left of Me we’re told right off the bat that Hybrids are dangerous and if you have suspicions that someone might be a Hybrid report them immediately for they are a threat to everyone But we’re never actually given a reason as to why Hybrids are so dangerous and whenever the book said how dangerous Hybrids were I just thought “ Why?” I suppose maybe they aren’t dangerous and it’s all a prejudice thing and that's why there never was an explanation? Again I’m not too sure but I hope everything is cleared up in book two As well as that little world building flaw there was a flaw in the writing for me that while little at first grew to be an annoyance the I read the book Zhang’s prose is beautiful and like the plot the writing is crisp and it makes for fast reading although it took me a staggering eight days to finish this but unfortunately Zhang uses an overwhelming amount of repetition when writing At first this was something I was able to look over easily but like I said as I read and and the use of repetition became and freuent I became annoyed but not overly so that I was unable to enjoy the book And lastly in the things that make me conflicted on whether I should be giving What’s Left of Me four or five stars was that the ending felt too anticlimactic given all the buildup for it throughout the novel and it was a bit too neat for my likings Now onto less ranty things about What’s Left of Me’s rare flaws and much praising on everything else that’s in What’s Left of Me because everything else was amazing Right from the start actually right when I finished the prologue I knew that I was going to cry at least once when reading this book I cried three times Eva’s voice and experiences or lack of were heartbreaking as was reading about her longing to talk to move her fingers even—all of the things we normally take for granted—but she was physically unable to do And although for most of the book she couldn’t even move her fingers she was still stronger than half of the heroines in YA literature and that’s saying something Another thing to absolutely love about What’s Left of Me is that all of the characters are flawed and believable as are all of their relationships especially the sisterly relationship between Eva and Addie which was portrayed expertly And while there is some romance in What’s Left of Me it takes up a very minor part in the actual story and you might even forget there was a romance to begin with like me Overall despite the problems I had when reading What’s Left of Me and when next to the things I didn’t have a problem with they seem very minor I absolutely loved this book and recommend it to anyone looking for an original and refreshing new YA novel After I finished writing this review I've decided that I’m giving What's Left of Me 45 stars This review also appears on my blog Finding Bliss in Books

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    Brilliant heartbreaking and absolutely unforgettable I adored this book

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    Two people one bodyTwo personalities one outward appearanceTwo minds ONE person in control It's not very often that I am excited to jump enthusiastically into a book because the first few paragraphs hooked me right from the start After only a few sentences I was raring to go What's Left of Me started strong and kept me wanting chapter after chapterThe book's very first words Addie and I were born into the same body our souls' ghostly fingers entwined before we gasped our very first breath Our earliest years together were also our happiest Then came the worries the tightness around our parents' mouths the frowns lining our kindergarten teacher's forehead the uestion everyone whispered when they thought we couldn't hearWhy aren't they settling?SettlingWe tried to form the word in our five year old mouth tasting it on our tongueSet Tull LingWe knew what it meant Kind of It meant one of us was supposed to take control It meant the other was supposed to fade away I know now that it means much much than thatI read those first few words and immediately had to know about these two girls sharing one body Oh and one thing All children are supposed to settle or elseYes the dreaded or else We'll just say that it's not a good thing if the dominant personality can't kick the weaker personality's ass out of the picture Picture scary hospitals and terrifying medical procedures and you'll have a small clue of what we're dealing with uick Summary Eva and Addie have lived a lie for years not telling anyone that they share a body When they cross paths with a couple of other hybrid people like themselves their uest for knowledge leads everyone down a dangerous path What I liked the most about this book was that the voices of the weaker personalities were the ones pushed to the forefront Perhaps in future books we'll get to explore the flipside but I thought it was a great start for a series to see the world through the eyes of the people who were fighting to have some shred of control within their own bodies There were several moments as I read in which I found myself asking the uestions What would it feel like? What would I do? Any time a book can drop me in the middle of a situation and have me imagining how the scenario would go if I was having to make the decisions this is a good thing What's Left of Me did have a character body sharing experience similar to The Host but the story itself was not the same There were no aliens and no body snatching in WLoM However I found myself perfectly content with the condition of the people in this story happening because of a genetic occurance I've never uite read about hybrids like these Two enthusiastic thumbs up for a promising start to a great series concept Book 1's adventures left me wondering what's in store for installment number 2 I can't wait to find out This book was provided from the publisher through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review

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    I don’t get it I mean yeah I understand the premise the plot the characters the problems the basic story behind What’s Left of Me but even after the last page I’m struggling to figure out what the point of this book is and I really don’t see one Pity because otherwise there’s a lot of positive things I can say about the story highly original thought provoking well written but what it comes down to is I sort of feel the entire thing was rather pointless so I really can’t say I liked itI guess that’s the downside to all the originality Thoughts provoked but they didn’t really go anywhere Yeah the concept of hybrids people having two souls in one body is fairly uniue even in today’s glut of dystopians and Addie and Eva have some pretty tough choices to make over the course of the story But when I’m reading a book I’m really interested in the why particularly with a setup as uniue as this one and it’s here that I’m sorely disappointed Why have hybrids? Why persecute them? Why is Addie and Eva’s world the way it is? And after going through the entire book trying to figure out the point to this uniue premise the only thing I got out of it is thanks to some sort of government conspiracy hybrids are bad Must be eliminated Oh and view spoilerthey’re also apparently the norm whereas non hybrids are the unnatural product of the conspiracy? hide spoiler

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    Imagine never being alone in your head always having someone else tag along wherever you go never ever getting any privacy Kat Zhang has created this alternate world where humans are born with two souls until one takes over and settles Except Eva and Addie never did Eva and Addie two completely different personalities are sharing one body or like Eva is stuck in Addie's head as Eva has not been able to take control in years I found this very thought provoking as well as fascinating For someone who has always been especially curious to know how Siamese twins live I found myself uite taken by this premise The simple thought of never being truly by yourself is scary having to share every single thing with another self It's intimidating to say the least I wish it had gone deeper however Since this book takes place in the Americas where souls eventually settle meaning one leaves or dies however you want to look at it we don't necessarily observe how those who do keep both souls hybrids actually live out their lives So many scenarios come into play when you uestion this way of living I was a little bit let down to see this not explored further Another world building issue that became a pretty big factor in my not truly loving this novel is how we never really get the motivation behind the whole plot To realize the dangers of being a hybrid to feel the intensity this novel tries to evoke I need to be able to understand why hybrids are treated as a threat and a danger to society The minute explanation we do get that hybrids being constantly on the outs with themselves can become unstable is weak and unconvincing of the threat these people make them out to beAs far as characters go the ones we meet in this novel are all fairly well developed and enjoyable I was especially impressed with how different yet how fitting both of the main characters were Told in Eva's POV the soul hiding in Addie's body what we get is a very peculiar narration Since Eva isn't in control of their body she narrates mostly by going over what Addie is doing referring to things as ours Our hands our face we walked etc I was sometimes thrown off by it but it's a uniue way to position a story and also a great method to get us to understand a bit profoundly what it means to have to share a body with another This psychological aspect is extremely enticing leaving us with a sense of curiosity and wonder As much as I enjoyed Eva's considerate personality never blaming Addie for her selfish ways I found Addie herself to be a little less pleasant While I understand that it must be extremely hard to live this kind of life she can come off as very self centered because of which I can't say I particularly liked her With a very intriguing start What's Left Of Me soon loses its flair around the half way mark when things start to slow down exponentially Due to the lack of world building I mentioned I never got a big feeling of restlessness or foreboding from this novel making their foray into the hospital a little long winded Some chain of events felt like a go around to try to work in some deeper characterpsychological aspect into the novel which is fine but unfortunately it also caused the plot to become stagnantWhat it comes down to is a novel that has a highly thought provoking plot with fascinating character relationships and a promising start to a series With a little world building a little answers behind the hybrids the severity of it all would have been much poignant turning it into a stronger compelling novel It is definitely a series that I will continue as for the most part it did keep my attention fully As well I'm sure we will get some further examination into what I'm dying to know in the next installments An advance copy was provided by the publisher for reviewFor of my reviews visit my blog at Xpresso Reads

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    The first time I saw this I wasn't really that interested Although the premise does sound intriguing it wasn't that enough for me to be very excited about this one So when I saw this in Edelweiss I wasn't really planning on reuesting it however my fingers have their own minds and took the liberty to click it and started typing why I wanted a review copy And to my surprise I actually got approved Then comes the glowing reviews from my GR friends and I was like maybe I should thank my fingers for reuesting this this could only be so good And so I read it and boy I couldn't thank my fingers because this book is just great really greatThe originality of this book is one of the major aspects that made this book so good and very intriguing The concept of this book was definitely a first for me; I never encountered a book with the idea of a world where people lived with two souls That idea although made me interested also made me anxious to read it; wouldn't it be difficult? How can I like the MC if there are two personalities in them? How could there be a romance in this one? Wouldn’t that be awkward? Can the author pull it off? But all those worries soon fade away as I find myself gradually being devoured by the author's writing Kat Zhang is an amazing writer and she definitely pulled this one off Her writing was simple but gorgeous and the pacing was comfortably fast The world and the characters she created were all very well thought and written The world building is one of a kind and although I had some little issues with it view spoilerI wish there were further explanations as to why the government think the hybrids are very dangerous I wasn't really convinced with what they let the citizens think about it but hide spoiler

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    45 stars ABSOLUTELY AMAZING My half star complaint is for the somewhat anticlimactic end see belowWhy did I love this book so much? Because the concept was actually mind blowing To be born with two souls and to become the dominant soul and to have the other naturally fade away I can't even imagine how it feels to lose a part of myself like that The prologue had me hooked and the rest of the story sure didn't disappointBut what made the book so great was that Zhang let Eva be the narrator even though she was the recessive soul To let herself just fade into the background but never totally fade away is so heartbreaking knowing you could never BE But instead of feeling resentment Eva supported Addie in places where Addie fell short but with reminders and words of encouragement rather than taking action The bond that Addie and Eva have and the dialogue that goes on between them is just indescribable Zhang did a truly amazing job putting readers there making us sympathize with both Addie and Eva Both girls had their strengths and their weaknesses and they compliment each other very wellI'm really curious to see what direction Zhang plans to take this series Of course readers would naturally want things to work out with Addie and Eva where both will be able to have their time in their body But we already see how different the two are and how this can cause a problem in their future if they were both to survive view spoilerie Ryan hide spoiler

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    This one had such an interesting premise which is the sole reason why I picked it up but the execution was on the bland 2012 dystopia side Which yes this book is excused for It is a 2012 dystopia ish release after allI know that if I read this book around that time I would've liked it so so much And I do still think there are things to enjoy about this especially the original premise but as of now it was rather likeable but bland story for me overallIt's basically sat in present AU universe People are born with two souls in their bodies Both souls can control the body one at a time Past a certain age they are expected to settle one soul is expected to remain and gain total control while the weaker one slowly fades away to nothing Sometimes though the weaker soul doesn't dissapear it stays Those people are perceived to be a danger They are scorned hunted down and locked in facilities Of course this story focuses on such a case Eva and Addie The idea of the two souls and how it will be executed interested me I was especially intrigued that the whole book was told from the POV of the weaker recessive soul Eva who can't control the body at all only communicate with Addie internally I think I would've liked the differences and similarities of Eva and Addie's personalities and voices a bit polished For them to be contsructed in a complex way I think there so much that could've been done with this idea The look into the mind of these two girls in one body What makes them different and what makes them similar to each other due to being so close Psychologically it could've been done in so much fascinating way I think overall they were their own distinctive characters by the end and this book did try to touch on the themes of self identity too I just hoped for from this The characters aside for Addie and Eva I didn't really care about any of them They were pretty bland and I only partly cared about the main protagonist and he sister I feel like the seuels could benefit from dual POVs from both Eva and AddieThe overall world building is lacking and doesn't answer many uestions It has some of these typically dystopian ish vibes and I feel like the seuels will only stray into that territory This book was very easy to read though It was predictable in terms of plot but entertaining enough and easy enough to get throughAll in all I may give the seuel a try to know if it will go into an intresting direction or dystopian ish one This was one of those books that had loads of potential but the exacution was pretty bland And ok book but also a book I'll forget fairly uickly