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Flannery Culp Wants You To Know The Whole Story Of Her Spectacularly Awful Senior Year Tyrants, Perverts, Tragic Crushes, Gossip, Cruel Jokes, And The Hallucinatory Effects Of Absinthe Flannery And The Seven Other Friends In The Basic Eight Have Suffered Through It All But Now, On Tabloid Television, They Re Calling Flannery A Murderer, Which Is A Total Lie It S True That High School Can Be So Stressful Sometimes And It S True That Sometimes A Girl Just Has To Kill Someone But Flannery Wants You To Know That She S Not A Murderer At All She S A Murderess

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    The Basic Eight are a group of teenage friends Flannery Culp is our neurotic narrator The novel is about love and murder and friendship in high school This review of THE BASIC EIGHT features my very own Basic Eight from Los Alamitos, Orange County Photos circa 1988.KEY WORDS REALISTIC PRIVILEGE SARCASM SAN FRANCISCOUNREALISTIC PRETENSION FRIENDSHIP Jeff On a technical level the novel is somewhat impressive, given that it is a first novel from a novice author I enjoyed the dark, intelligent humor because I gravitate towards darkness and intelligence when it comes to my entertainment I particularly enjoyed the character of Natasha She s the sort of chick I also gravitate towards Overall the novel felt somewhat realistic to me because I engaged in many Basic Eight activities during high school such as talks about The Arts while listening to classical music over a sophisticated dinner Unfortunately, I was a 1 to that group of adjunct friends my own Basic Eight mainly indulged in binge drinking on our parents various boats Sigh.I grew up to be a Website Developer I make money than you can even imagine Kathy OH MY GOD THIS BOOK MADE ME LAUGH SO FUNNY IT WAS FUNNY BUT WITH A SAD AND SORTA DESPERATE CORE TO IT, JUST LIKE ME HAHAHAHAHA I M NOT SURE I UNDERSTOOD EVERYTHING BUT I LIKED WHAT I UNDERSTOOD HA OK I M JUST KIDDING, I UNDERSTOOD EVERYTHING BUT SOMETIMES I PRETEND NOT TO UNDERSTAND THINGS BECAUSE, WELL, I DON T KNOW WHY JUST BECAUSE ANYWAY, GOOD BOOK I GREW UP TO BE A SCHOOLTEACHER AND A MOTHER TO A WHOLE LOTTA RUGRATS PLUS I FELL OFF OF A WATERFALL AND SURVIVED Mike Wow, reading this book was like reading my life story, well, not my whole life story and not the whole book either Just the part about the gay kid, that really spoke to me, I understood where he was coming from and I admired his courage in coming to terms with it so young But honestly, a lot of the book annoyed me, it wasn t laugh out loud funny, it was of the sarcastic sort of humor that Marcy Mark like so much and I think that kind of humor gets boring after a while, just the same sarcastic tone of voice over and over again, constant sarcasm which is really just being mean disguised as being funny So I loved the gay character and I loved some of the girls, they were fierce but I can t say I loved the book too much.So after graduating I went on various Christian missions around the world until I came to terms with being gay Getting it on with another closeted Christian missionary can be an eye opening experience Now I m married, to a man Life is good Kelly I have to admit that I didn t understand many of the references in this book Also the author mixed up Oprah and Dr Phil and that didn t make sense And one other thing really confused and bothered me this is set in San Francisco And a schoolteacher in San Francisco had his house burned down because he was gay Okaaaaay Well that would never happen I love fantasy but I don t love things that are set in the actual real world that don t bother to get their facts straight Facts are important.I grew up to be a Senior Accountant for Pacific Gas Electric Craig The girls in this book sucked So neurotic Why complicate your life with so much bullshit Sometimes I just wanted to slap them all, they were so fucking pretentious FUCK THAT ATTITUDE Why couldn t they just get drunk and relax, have a regular high school experience, why be such snobs, what s the fun in that BORING A boring book about boring, angsty teenagers who don t realize that they live lives of complete privilege And goddamnit, they should be enjoying that privilege Kids like that should be having a good time and getting drunk on boats, not hosting boring dinner parties and whining to each other all the time about their boring lives STUPID Only a liberal with too much time on their hands would write something like this.I grew up to be a high school Vice Principal Marcy I agree with Craig these were some whiny, pretentious types who loved talking about themselves Real twits the sort of people that Jeff Bill Mark snuck off to hang out with because I guess they were just too cool for getting drunk on boats with the rest of us every weekend What kind of teenager wants to talk about classical music, what kind of teenager prefers theatre to sports The lame kind But I will give it this it has the sarcastic, nihilistic humor down pat I loved that I also enjoyed how it took sexual harassment seriously and I really, really enjoyed the comeuppance that one teacher experienced I hope that scumbag stays in a coma for the rest of his life I also didn t mind that Adam State was beaten to death with a crochet mallet Some guys deserve that He was one of them.I moved to Alaska and became an Assistant District Attorney Later, I had a change of heart and became an Assistant Public Advocate From one side of the courtroom to the other Funny how life turns out Bill Eh The book was self indulgent It was entertaining, but by the end all of the characters annoyed me Although I did laugh a lot It didn t make me think, but it did make me laugh And laughing is good Right I dunno Whatever.I grew up to be a Physical Therapist And a Jazz Musician Mark I quite liked this one It was a breeze to read and I liked the mind games it played on the reader although the tricks it played were predictable, they were amusing tricks all the same The author perfectly conveys a certain kind of voice sarcastic, highly intelligent, mordantly funny, angsty, insecure Flannery Culp is a striking and surprisingly loveable creation The book started off fun and the fun only increased as the narrative darkened Overall smart, lightweight entertainment One caveat absinthe acid Really No I ve tried both many times when much younger Very different effects Come on, Handler.Anyway, I grew up to be a Goodreads Troll view spoiler I m pretty annoyed with a lot of the Goodreads reviews of this book Some people need to understand that KIDS LIKE THIS DO EXIST For real, people, they truly do Just because their lives are foreign to your own personal experience, it does not mean that those lives aren t possible Your teenage years are not everyone s teenage years I mean really, duh, get your heads out of your asses My friend Greg s review was particularly condescending in how it posited that Daniel Handler was probably an outcast in high school and so the kids in this book live lives that the author wished he had been able to live It is all basically Handler s fantasy of an enjoyable high school experience, one where the outsider has a clique of intellectual friends and is finally able to get back at those who supposedly spurned them when in reality he was probably just a lonely, friendless little loser UGH, GREG, UGH I think that since Greg was apparently a jock in high school, it is hard for him to imagine that people who weren t like him and his friends could ever have Basic Eight type times in high school That they could have even enjoyed high school at all people who weren t like him and his friends must have been completely miserable, right Unfortunately that is a common jocko misperception I remember coming across that attitude in high school I sneered at the arrogant cluelessness of that attitude while drinking on boats with my own Basic Eight I also sneeringly recounted the cluelessness of such attitudes over many a sophisticated dinner, in between discussing the theatre and other arts, while listening to classical music, all with my Adjunct Eight, where I was a 1 hide spoiler

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    Karen may disagree with this theory, but I came up with it while reading The Basic Eight and I ll expound on it here I was going write a second part to this review, but it was going to be chock full of spoilers, and I kind of hate spoilers And some book reports This book is part of the Secret History tradition of contemporary literature But, as the cover of this book would seem to allude to for anyone who grew up in the late eighties, it also points towards the movie Heathers This book, Donna Tartt s and the movie all can be summed up by Winona Ryder s line from Heathers, Dear diary, my teen angst has a body count They are about kids who are smarter and cultured than their peers who end up killing someone Add lots of other examples of books into this Look up Karen s Like Secret History shelf for examples The obvious reason why books are continually being compared to Secret History is that it s a pretty successful comparison Just look at, well this book was pretty hip in the early oughties, or how Special Topics in Calamity Physics did, and then there are other books that have done pretty well too but I haven t read them It s not secret conspiracy rim shot that when something makes publishers money there are a gazillion knock offs busted out in a feeding frenzy of sucking on the tit relatively limited amount of money consumers are willing to shell out on books relative to say movies If you disagree with me on this idea just pretend I m talking crazy and keep on being wide eyed and innocent but don t venture outside alone too often I d argue that this particular sub sub genre of fiction is propagated by another reason This is where Karen doesn t agree with me I think some writers are anti social people who have to have suffered some kind of social trauma in their younger days Now this isn t all writers, but some I m guessing that in their teenage years they had ideas of their superiority to the masses of people in their, say, school and while they sat alone somewhere say the library instead of subjecting themselves to the humiliation of sitting along in a crowded room of 500 people reading or doing whatever they did Or maybe they had their small group of friends, but they weren t really in But they were smart And in their fantasies they were part of an exclusive clique of very smart outsiders who were so above everyone else, but the violence of repression of course comes through even in fantasies and murder of those who spurned them comes eventually to the forefront Where else except in a fantasy world such as these would someone be cool for knowing Ancient Greek, or because they listened to 18th century Opera instead of to the incessant droning guitars of cretinous rock music In a slightly modified manner this archetype is present in Twilight Or say in Buffy although interestingly in Buffy the image of the fantastical is destroyed when seeing what the non supernatural real world thinks of The Scooby Gang.I think there are lots of writers who would like to re write their teen years to be cooler for what they were really like And I think that there are quite a few readers who also find something endearing about this type of narrative Or maybe they just relate Karen for some reason disagrees, but what does a former Prom Queen know about this kind of stuff anyway

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    How do I love The Basic Eight Let me count the ways I love the delicious untrustworthiness of the narrator I love the cheerfully horrifying violence I love the snarky questions for the reader at the end of each chapter, textbook style, that don t just remake the points but cleverly further the plot I love the dizzying revelations at the end and I love the physical descriptions of the clothes, the disastrous party, the drunkenness I think I ll go read it again right now.

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    Dark, devious and intoxicating This book pulled me in with some sort of twisted, magnetic force, until it was 2 AM and I realized I had finished it in one go Full review to come.

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    Well, damn, this book is smart I m not talking about the ending I don t actually think all the mechanics work out perfectly so much as Flannery herself, in all her glorious unreliable narrator ness The book is her diary, which she s editing for publication from prison the treatment of time is beautifully messy and fun You ve got 1 traditional diary style storytelling, 2 annotations at the original time of writing i.e Flannery giving her friend her journal instead of telling her a story and then stopping and saying, wait, I m only writing this now, that won t work , 3 annotations during the editing process, 4 entire anecdotes added in and acknowledged as dramatized i.e a scene in which her friend gives her a ride and they argue briefly about their group s new nickname The Basic Eight and then Flannery gets out of the car and tells you that she walked to school that day, but she knows a conversation like that happened at some point, and this seemed like as good a place as any to include it , 5 conversations repeated word for word, between different characters actually my favorite part of the book Flan talks to Adam, and then repeats the conversation with Gabriel, this time taking Adam s role it s identical, down to the descriptions of expressions and such , 6 open acknowledgement of all of it She wants you to know she s unreliable She wants you to see the seams where things were pieced together, and not care, because it s her story, damn it And it s SO GOOD.

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    OH MY GODSo many people have compared this to Donna Tartt s THE SECRET HISTORY, and definitely there are lots of similarities In THE BASIC EIGHT, an exclusive group of friends who are super rich and pretty pretentiously into high culture enter their senior year of high school There are crushes, drinking, drugs and teachers involved, and yes finally a murder not a spoiler I love the whole unreliable narrator editing her own diary after the crime format and mode It s been done a lot, but not in this fresh and funny way, which probably can only be done by a teenager What I love about this than THE SECRET HISTORY is that the characters in THE BASIC EIGHT feel so real, like they re really speaking from the pages to me When I wasn t reading I was thinking about them like they were in this world, what they could be doing now and all that I don t know people like them personally and sometimes they talk and behave in ways quite dramatic I can t really see people talking and behaving, but their personalities were so much fleshed out than those students huddling over their Greek books in THE SECRET HISTORY Handler s dialogue is not only so witty and funny, but so sharply real At so many points in the story I truly felt like I was reading a girl s story, not written by a man This is crazy strange to me because I love the author s A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS books, and his writing here is SO wickedly different I mean, there are clear traces of his style and plotting ideas that go into ASOUE too, but gosh the voices are very different, kudos to Daniel Handler, that s some great talent Anyway, the characters feel real to me mostly because they re the true kind of pretentious in the way that they re aware of their acts and mock themselves They love how the high culture life of opera, classical music, lawn furniture and wearing suits to school looks, and they want it While some of them have some of it, they know they re not perfectly prim people and don t try to be they still listen to annoying indie pop bands, they re not really that smart with Flan failing so many classes, even admitting she doesn t know every American poet and willing to learn While THE SECRET HISTORY gang feel like the cold perfectly white marble Greek statues the book s cover reminds me of, THE BASIC EIGHT gang are colourful messed up teenagers.Some things I didn t like so much were the blurry understanding of some characters like V___, JRM and Lily they re pretty vague to me, like they could do anything anytime And the drama leading up to the climax was a little far fetched and confusing But I guess that all makes the first person diary POV genuine I m lucky that I didn t guess the big twist until, like, one page before the revelation Lots of people did not enjoy it because they knew it early, but Flan did drop quite a few clues when I think about it, so maybe she didn t mind people guessing it way beforehand Anyway I still didn t find it OMG shocking, the ending was pretty abrupt I closed the book with a sense of awe and loved it not really because of the twist, but because of how everything tied in together the writing, style, characters, plot in a really complete kind of way that shows the author s efforts and mastery.

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    seriously what the actual fuck

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    Before I read this, I thought it might be like the movie Heathers not that I ve seen it But because I enjoy Handler s and Lemony Snicket s humor and morbidness and wit and his narrators being pedantic language snobs, I read it It s his first novel for adults and despite this being about high school kids, it s definitely for adults and maybe the oldest of teens.I like the not subtle at all skewering of pop TV psychologists, and the narrator s merging of the past of her journal entries with the present as she revises it for publication In the beginning she tries to explain away, or at least point out as she revises, how she knows something before she should, but eventually she just abandons the whole pretense Is she a confused teenager or is this another skewering, this time of tell all books To say what else I like and what other book movies I thought of would give too much away About halfway through I knew what was coming and then I thought I was wrong and then there it was Knowing it, though, just means being a careful reader and doesn t take away any of its power Something that happened when the narrator was much younger and that gets only part of a paragraph holds the answer to one of the questions a literal question there are study questions and vocabulary at the end of several of the journal entries That paragraph is about the only subtle thing in the novel this is satire after, and above, all.

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    This book had me thinking back to the film Heathers 1988 Comedic, darkly surreal and utterly unforgettable, The Basic Eight is as lovable as it is morbid.

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    A friend recommended this book to me, and while I usually trust and agree with her literary opinions, I hated this book so much It was so pretentious the narrator constantly corrected her sentences ending in a preposition for example Just write it the right correct way in the first place I think it tried to be funny, but it was hard to tell, and it wasn t funny anyway There were digs at the reader s intelligence and ejaculations of Dear reader that only works in like, classic novels The Satanic thing, as well as the absinthe thing, was talked about throughout the entire book, yet ended up being really downplayed The characters meant to represent real life people had annoying and stupid names like Winnie Moprah Lastly, are there really high school students wearing suits to school and throwing dinner parties Ugh I just couldn t find anything to enjoy about this book.