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A weird, mildly entertaining little book full of short stories only a few pages long each Not particularly stood out as amazing or anything, but then I don t think the author was going for depth,weirdness The odd little morals at the end of every story were probably the best parts. Didn t finish edit That s not to say it s atrocious, it s just not for me Imagine a short story, fairly well written though some could have used an editor and typically fantastical This tale lives for three or four pages, wraps up in an abrupt end, and then the reader is given a moral that s technically somehow relevant to the story but absurdist in nature.Repeat that until you ve finished the book.The humor, or whatever it was, just didn t sit or flow with me, and that s fine I can envision some people loving this book I m not one of them. Please humor me as I begin this review with a rather long run on sentence It seems the only way to aptly describe how I felt about this book Are you ready Brace yourself Bears, Recycling and Confusing Time Paradoxes was a book that had me reading fervently, in between bouts of pausing to exclaim Wait.what , and then bursting into raucous laughter at the absurdity at was on the page before my boyfriend would look over and demand to know what I was laughing at, to which I could only exclaim The dragon has wooden teeth Vampire..wooden teeth HA and go back to reading.Each and every story in this anthology is worthy of a very loud and well placed, WTF What s hilarious to me is that they are all fantastically written It s as though the book makes fun of itself The humor is so dry in places that there is nothing to do but just laugh Your mind is working so hard to try to figure out how that moral, that little gem of information, links to the story that all you can do is laugh It feels good my friends It feels good.Were you ever curious how certain alien races chose their next leader Why Bigfoot really exists if he exists at all How about what would happen if you were the most unlucky person on Friday the 13th If these questions have plagued your mind at all, you ll need to pick up Bears, Recycling and Confusing Time Paradoxes I ask you, what could be better than random laughter Yes my dear readers That about sums it up Greg X Graves has compiled a set of short stories that is nothing less than confusing and brilliant, at the same time Think of it as an utterly random, tongue in cheek, tribute to the fables of old After all, each story does come complete with a moral I admit that this isn t going to be for everyone definitely not man suit wearing lizard people and I m okay with that You have to have a certain kind of weird in your brain to appreciate this brilliance Am I calling myself weird Why yes I am Thank goodness there are authors like Greg X Graves out there who can cater to people like me. I wasn t quite sure what to expect with this, and it definitely wasn t what I thought I was pleasantly surprised It was laugh out loud funny.When your family comes to investigate the source of your raucous laughter, you know it s good stuff.Here s the thing the stories are COMPLETELY ridiculous There s not a shred of logic in this book That s definitely a part of its appeal Seriously hilarious.I mean really, who HASN T worried about Lizardmen wearing Mansuits Who HASN T wondered what they do when they sleepwalk This book answers those questions and all with a moral.Seriously, this is hilarious Pick it up for a great, quick laugh side note if you re sensitive, you ll need to watch for some language about halfway through Now, I like odd and weird books, but this one really just confused me Each story was only a few pages long and had a moral of the story at the end It seemed like the author was trying to write stories with advice that should have been funny in the context of the story but completely missed the boat and simply ended up with morals of the stories that had me scratching my head.I will admit that there are a couple stories that managed to just barely hit the mark of funny in context, but the rest were so bad that I almost didn t finish the book despite it only being 168 pages long.I think the concept could have been very entertaining as the synopsis promised all sorts of strange and silly situations, but it just completely failed to deliver.First published at Sniffly Kitty s Mostly Books Crazy, bizzar, silly adult version of Aesop s Fables Several short stories that all end in interesting morals. Do You Want To Recycle But Aren T Sure How Are You Concerned That A Potential Suitor May Be A Vampire Have You Attended A Job Interview Only To Be Greeted By Hideous Telepathic Space Faring Lizardmen In Mansuits The Guide To Moral Living In Examples Educates On These And Many Common Moral Conundrums, Offering Bite Sized Advice For Nearly Every Improbable Situation Fueled By Years Of Unintentional Research On The Connections Between Robotic Bears, Talking Tattoos, And The Best Type Of Soap To Remove Irremovable Rings, Greg X Graves Gives Simple, Friendly Yet Essential Guidance On The Twisted Path To Moral Life With An Introduction By Brenton Harper Murray And Stunning Illustrations By Jeff Bent, This Anthology Is A Must Have For Young And Old Aspiring Moralists Alike If the brothers Grimm did a collaboration with the Animaniacs something like this would be the result Oo It s a collection of some of the strangest fable friendly short stories you will ever read.Sometimes the utter absurdity of each tale kind of gets to you, but by the time you find yourself thinking OMG WTF This person is deranged you re already at the end That each story is very short and self contained keeps the WTFtry from burning you out I put this book down and came back to it several times when I was sick of pretentious ultra serious literary shitScattered throughout the book are nice and equal strange illustrations like robots with buzz saw arms did I mention that Buzz saw arms. I was given this book as an ebook ARC by the publisher for review.I wasn t 100% sure what to expect when I turned the first page of this book, but in the end I found it an enjoyable read.The stories are a bizarre and eclectic collection, each only a few pages long and each ending with an amusing moral.I liked some of the talesthan others, but I appreciated the overall humour of the piece and found myself smiling as I read, which is always a good sign This may not be to everyone s taste, but you ll appreciate it if you are looking for a light hearted, tongue in the cheek, humourous read. As short story collections go this one is unique, it is laugh out loud funny and seriously confusing without being annoying The stories themselves are strangely entertaining with morales that are unique, well thought out, occasionally useful and loosely connected to the story preceeding it Graves certainly has an original way of looking at the world and this is is a superb glimpse into that view, you will either love this or hate it, either way it s well worth a go.