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Who Says Youth Is Wasted On The Young One Thing I Have Learned From Being Alive For Seventeen Years Is That People Like To Touch Things Very MuchThings That People Like To Touch Vaginas Expensive Things In Shops Jelly That Is Not Ready To Eat Yet Cigarette Lighters Necks Dead Things Dogs Piercings Toddlers Cheeks Each Other S Knees People Also Like To Touch DeathJasper Wants To Get On In The World, But He S Got A Lot On His Plate A Levels, His Mother Pushing Him To Overachieve, Weekly Visits To His Psychologist, Comedowns, YouTube Suicides And Pregnant One Night Stands Then There S His Stepdad The MurdererHilarious And Heartbreaking By Turns, Grow Up Is The Ultimate Twenty First Century Coming Of Age Novel It Paints A Vivid Portrait Of The Pills And Thrills And Bellyaches Of Growing Up Today Funny, Smart And Twisted, It Is The Story Of One Young Man Transformed

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    20 year old Ben Brooks wrote this book about being a teenager in England when he was 17 His mastery of the novel is stunning The writing is fucking amazing.His vivid depiction of sex, violence, confusion drugs rules Jasper is very funny and insightful and totally mixed up all at once, like a real person Half genius half idiot Grow Up is entertaining and moving Disturbing and hilarious Like being a kid This English perspective on teenager dom is existential and fraught and tangled and not at all fake or sentimental or moralizing or sappy.WARNING If you don t want to be inside the mind of a fucked up white middle class teenage boy this book is not for you I like this review

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    Much better than expected really stylish and confident nowadays it s getting harder and harder to trust blurbs, but that is an accurate one Brook s literary skills and insightfulness at such a young age made me feel stupid thinking of my own adolescence He knew far about life, the world and people with 17 than me with 23 He was into drugs, sex and parties while I was into French poetry, languages and working out, and I cannot stress enough how intelligent he sounded as a teenager living his youth, a person making it with a novel and a talented writer through all the book to me Ben deserved the hype but, sadly, his career has gone downhill from here, and the older he gets the ludicrous his juvenility turns out to be paradoxically, I think this is his mature work to date, along with Fences , being Lolito and Hurra worse than Grow Up and Fences in almost every way I can think of Favourite parts in the supermarket, metaliterature in the last pages and in the dream, happy while partying on drugs, the rape scene Houellebecq calls rapists and pedophiles the scapegoats of our sickening society, so I think Ben portrayed well a dark side of many people s hearts , modern metaphors and comparisons pacman Worst thing English dry humour Oh, the moon because a girl, rightfully so, says that she loves the moon One of the cheapest and sickest ways of posing as clever and hurt other people s feelings ever created.P.S I have the feeling that Ben is lucid enough to be cursed, too insightful for his own sake, and or maybe just somebody who matured way too fast and stopped way too early his last book points out on this direction All things considered, I m glad he made it with his art in order to live better, or just survive, but, but I hardly doubt that he is going to artistically age well, meaning that I don t think he ll ever write a book as good as this one again, because this is what he had to say and it was needed, cause Submarine sucks only watched the film, and really hated it , what time has shown he s good at teenage stuff Bittersweet but true.

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    This book was really easy to read and the characters were likeable Jasper was a bit off but I liked him His way of thinking was a bit mad at times though.Funny at times too.

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    1.5No s Simplemente no s.Me gusta el estilo del autor y al comienzo sent a la historia como un El guardi n entre el centeno conoce Skins y eso me entusiasm porque amo ese tipo de historias que te interpelan e incomodan, con personajes rotos y excesivos Que todo sea pol ticamente incorrecto Pero no, lo que parec a que iba a ser un libro duro pero cargado de significado, termin siendo la historia pretenciosa de un chico con muchos problemas que no se deja ayudar y causa mucho da o a los dem s da o en serio, a nivel criminal Se puede dislumbrar una veta buena y reflexiva por lo bajo, pero creo que al autor se le fue de las manos y de tanto romantizar una juventud corrompida, cre un personaje nefasto Aunque disfrut del estilo no creo volver a leerlo Todos sus mensajes est n torcidos Desde el mal trato que le da a la salud mental hasta terminar minimizando una violaci n Disculpe, don Brooks, pero queda cancelado.

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    Conversations I had about this book me im reading grow upseems pretty good spencer i read like the first several pagesseemed engagingbeen meaning to order it seems like i d have an unfair biaslike who the fuck does this guy think he is re him being my ageme yeah seems really bleak that he s younger than me and already has multiple books spencer yaand is also likesuccessful attractiveseemingly healthylike. me yeahfuck spencer god damn itben brooks wtfme its because of his alliterative name Carolyn what r u reading me Grow Upby Ben Brooks Carolyn nice how is itme im enjoying itseems lighter than what ive been reading recently i am reading grow upive read almost 100 pagesim enjoying it I saw Grow Up in a bookstore today It is now on the Staff Favourites shelf So I guess it s out in NZ now.I want to email Ben I just finished reading Grow Up I liked it a lot me i just finished reading grow up Stacey oh man, i really loved that book how did you find it me i enjoyed it a lot the end was really good i thoughtStacey i loved it all felt like i just pictured ben brooks as the protagonist in my headme i did that too but at the same time i was thinking not all of this is true Stacey i wonder what was true and what wasn t heh i was looking at ben s facebook page once and a girl called tenaya wrote on his wal hehei really liked their relationship in the book i liked when they were in that hot water cupboard together me yeah their relationship was really great Stacey you shoulf write a review of it me i was thinking this is a amplified version of a certain aspect of ben ben seems really intelligent wanna email himlooking for his email address nowStacey yeah, he seems interesting to me me have you ever interacted with him Stacey once he said hi to me on facebook chat but i don t think it progressed much further me crispin bb can you give me ben brooks email address Crispin yehhe is cernisdead gmail.com me thanks Crispin me i just finished reading grow up Crispin taking aus nz by stawm me sure ishe s like the queen or something Crispin i love iti got drunk with him just last nightme fucking swag yoyou will be in the sequelCrispin heehee me i almost wrote sexual instead of sequel because you are so sexual me i read grow up by ben brooks today Jonathan was it good me very enjoyable Jonathan thats gooddo you know ben at all me i talked to him on fb chat oncehe seemed cool Jonathan i have never spoken to him me have you read anything by him Jonathan no me i would reccomend it he s a good writerJonathan I thought he prolly was HiHiHiHiHiHiI just finished reading Grow Up I enjoyed it a lot It made me really happy when you referenced Biker Mice From Mars I also liked the end a lot a lot It feels weird listing everything I like about the book so I m just going to leave it at that Actually no I m not The knockknock disco disconnect joke was great I ve had a copy of An Island Of Fifty for like a year now I ve started reading it three times Each time I was thoroughly enjoying it but then stopped reading for some reason I do this with about half of the books I read I feel motivated to read it again now.Why were you only giving money to Americans Hope you re well.SwagSwagSwagSwagSwagSwagSwageverything is fantastic

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    I recently went to a friend with the following statement about this book Good golly I read a coming of age book last night that was so foul languaged and filled with sex, drugs and alcohol that I don t know how to talk about it on the blog. because I actually enjoyed it Then I realized, that s exactly what I wanted to say about Grow Up by Ben Brooks Frankly, I needed to grow up and face the fact that, in spite of its numerous moral deficiencies, this book tackles tough, hard issues teenagers are facing every single day and it doesn t give them a hero to make them feel as if they are losing some kind of battle because they can t measure up.Grow Up is the story of a boy and a girl, best friends, who make mistakes left and right They lie, they do drugs, they have sex, they drink, they party, but most of all, they are hurting and it s so transparent it made my heart ache Because in the middle of all of these harsh realities and the foul language, the boy and the girl, they are there for one another in a bond of friendship so strong it gave me hope.When I found myself faced with star ratings on review sites, I honestly struggled with myself because, in terms of how potent this book is, and how hard it made me think, and how quickly I devoured it, it rates off the charts But the other messages being flagrantly broadcast, and here is the deciding factor on that, the lack of consequences for those actions tilts the rating factor to the opposite side so I end up right in the middle.Grow Up is not a book for the faint of heart Don t go into the book expecting warm and fuzzy emotions and tears Go in expecting to be offended and disgusted but don t let those emotions overwhelm you because no matter how offensive the teens are in this book, just like the teens you will, no doubt come into contact with, they have something else buried deep in side of them just crying out to be heard.

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    This book is weird Not good weird or bad weird, just weird It s a snapshot of today s hedonistic youth taking drugs, attending parties, getting laid, acting as if they ll be young forever with barely a thought given to the future If you ve watched the TV series Skins, you ll have a fairly good idea what this book is like It s also a meta literary exploration of self While I m not a fan of metafiction, Ben Brooks somehow manages to pull it off his writing is simple, his imagery effortlessly fresh, his choice of wording unusual For his age born in 1992 , Ben Brooks is a great writer who kept me engaged despite the lack of any clear plot.I wouldn t recommend this for the faint hearted Being in the mind of a male teenager who indulges in all sorts of substances is certainly strange But it was also amusing, touched with a whimsical humour It reminded me of A Clockwork Orange, if Alex was a good kid instead of a violent thug.Ironically, Grow Up isn t the type of novel that will age well There are multiple references to popular culture whether music Los Campesinos or websites Twitter, Formspring which might make this novel rather dated in a few years But for now it feels very fresh and very current Recommended for fans of drug fuelled literary explorations, or those nostalgic for the careless days of youth.

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    This book s excessive uses of vulgar words and crude humor make it impossible to enjoy reading I m sure many 7th grade boys would love to own a copy of Grow Up, but personally I found the constant pervy sex jokes to be annoying than anything else The main character was a self absorbed immature little creep who is near impossible to care about or even like, and the writing style of Grow Up was void of any imagery or originality.

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    Definitivamente me flipa este autor, Lolito ya me gust pero este es todav a mejor, esta es una de las mejores novelas de realismo sucio que yo haya le do, el toque decadente, escatol gico y depresivo que lo envuelve todo me fascina, est claro que este no es un g nero que sea para todo el mundo, pero es uno de mis favoritos.

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    Adornado con una bonita edici n, liado con escenas hilarantes y mucho humor negro, divertido hasta que soy consciente de lo que me cuenta Jasper Ben y se me hiela un poco la sonrisa Y Sobre todo buena literatura